Foxes!!! [Say in Festrunk brothers voice]

Look, I know what you’re thinking. These foxes don’t adhere to the ‘tiny ear’ rule #17. In fact, their ears are like, bigger than their heads. I think we might need to make an AMENDMENT (for the first time ever) to that rule—something about proportions. I’ll work on eet!


Meanwhile, um… jeaaaaalous of this girl!!! [singsong]


This snout-a-thon is the best… They have built-in guyliner, too


Yeah, Kids, I’d be screamin’ too.


Eugene K. found this tewtelly sweet Korean site with Fennec fox pix.



  1. Jaxotea says:

    Rule 17 rebels demand an amendment. 🙂

    from: Fennecs, Carcals, Long Eared Bats, Baby Elephants….

  2. Snowpea says:

    Oh. My. God. The. EARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRZ! They KEEL me! They KEEL me!


  3. Now I want one of these little guys too! Damn!! They are adorable!!! I want to nibble their ears!

  4. AuntieMame says:

    Love the flying nun ears!

    And the children are as adorable as the foxes are.

  5. teh ears are lovable but totally <3 the black whiskers!!!

  6. Jaxotea says:

    And remember, they stack for easy storage….

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    Is it just me or do these little guys look very disapproving?

  8. Just delightful–but you actually remember the last name of the Wild and Crazy Guys?

    Step away from the television, sir…easy now, no sudden moves…

  9. ladecho says:

    These guys look like Gremlins to me, but cuter.

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    I endorse the amendment of the ears to head ratio rule to say BIG ears are also cute!! We’ve seen the fennec foxes before. I love them!!

  11. Back when I worked in the photography Studio, one client brought in their OWN fennic fox! Sure, she did work for the local zoo, so it was probably the zoos, but the fox was very happy to be in this ladies arms.

    I abosolutely love their soft looking white fur.

  12. Linders says:

    Aw. That is cute.

    Actually I’m glad to have seen that I’ve been tramatized reading/seeing about fur factories in Asia…..seeing the cute foxes there made me smile but sad at the same time.

    No one buy fur! *says the anti-fur advocate*

  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! i so want to be that girl snorgling the little floppy foxy!!! EEEP!!!!

  14. KarenAnn says:

    Any hope I had of accomplishing anything today is now gone.

    Also, the only sound I am capable of making is “gah!!!”

    I want that first pic printed on the insides of my eyelids 🙂

  15. Just wondering…if this is in Korea, and it would certainly appear to be, why is the sign in background in English? Anyone?

    That aside, though…I’m now officially in love with baby foxes.

  16. I swear, these are the cutest creatures on the planet.

    Screw Meerkat Manor — I want an entire show dedicated to fennec foxes.

  17. Peanutcat says:

    Are they tame?!

  18. re: ammendment, don’t furget the tufted ear squirrleys
    (they made me say that–they’re in league with the otters you know)

    Re the sign in English, it’s supposedly a big deal to learn English over there. Also they want the tourist dollars too ya know and with thees guyz well…*opens wallet*

  19. I was looking on the original site.
    Who thought this was a good idea? lol

  20. Yes, Jaxotea, they do. They are related to these kittehs who also conveniently stack:

    And as a Corgi owner, I would say the “large ears are cute rule” is looong overdue.

    Look at the boy in the back, he is like WT…?
    because these foxes didn’t make his ovaries explode…

  21. JenThang says:

    How about: “If your face is cute, it doesn’t matter how big your ears are–you’re still cute.”

  22. OMG! SOOOOO cute. I love the last one with the screaming kids. *dies*

  23. “If your ears are big enough that you might take flight in a strong wind, you’re cute.” (Unless you are a human being, that is…)

    Also, if your ears are long enough to step on, as in basset hound puppies for example, you’re cute!

  24. if your ear to head -size ratios are >normalHEN< for short?

  25. oops.. that didn’t work


  26. SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE. I can’t take it anymore. *Head ‘splode*

  27. errr… it ate most of what I typed???

  28. Aw, I love Fennec foxes. I did a project on them in 3rd grade and made a diorama of a Fennec in its natural habitat – which is not, unfortunately, in the hands of an Asian girl.

  29. musta been hungry norty. Mebbe its full now.
    after all we’ve got dogs & buns & bowls of kittehs, & & & … to nosh on

  30. This type of fox has always absolutely epitomized cuteness for me. They are UNBELIEVABLE! It’s hard to believe they exist.

    Giant ears are cute!

  31. Norty — if you use the angle brackets (“greater than” and “less than”), then TypePad thinks you’re trying to write HTML code, and strips it out. I just use regular brackets [like this] instead.

  32. No amendment…make a new rule for big ears!!!

    That will include these foxy foxes, baby Bassets~n~Beagles, Corgiliciousness, wee ellyfants, etc!

  33. The earses are fabulous!! And doesn’t the fox in pic 2 look like s/he’s laughing with the girl?? aDORable!!

  34. Batfoxes

  35. more baaaaaaaaaaaby foxes please!!!!!

    they’re the feline canine! they make everyone happy!

    (well, except herpetologists…)

  36. Those little kids’ faces pretty much sum up my daily reaction to The Qte. 🙂

  37. Rule 17 Reformers Unite! Prick up your ears!


  38. Khadouj says:

    nooo pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease this is the second time today the ambulance has to come pick me up from the floor killed by incredible cuteness. oh where can i get one. i wana have one pleeeeeeeease

  39. I WANT TO GO TO FRIENDLY RANCH!!! now, please.

  40. Chris B. says:

    All for a new rule, raise your hands. These guys are so snorgable. I want her job or at least the foxes…

  41. pat_the_bunny says:

    Okay, Meg. I want to see you down THOSE earses!

  42. meacu1pa says:

    I FLIPPING LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!! gah.

  43. Chris B. says:

    Actually the third picture looks alot like my dog, Kujo. Except his ears are smaller.

  44. ThreeCatNight says:

    It’s Fennec Fever, and their ears are ready for takeoff! How wonderful to see adults and children loving and appreciating these beautiful little foxes, instead of wearing them! Kudos to the Koreans! Start young, and the love and respect for the natural world grows with you. It’s something we could all learn by.

  45. Shannon Johnson says:

    i love the foxes, can I have one?

  46. *pouts* I want one!!!

  47. gusisgreat says:

    definitely an amendment is needed Big ears/small face ratio must be what? 10:1? 10:3? for the amendment? Who bloody cares? Just be tewtoally cute!!

  48. The fox looks like Wile E. Coyote in the nose snorgling photo.

  49. *runs in, looks around, steals bebeh fox and escapes!*

    I want one. NOW.

  50. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Can I have all of them please? I’ll hug them and love them and squeeze them George.

  51. Amend rule 17? Create a new rule? Whatever….just give props to my furry friends with ginormous ears.

    (and ginormous is now officially a real word according to Merriam-Webster)

  52. bats :[ says:

    FOX – ezzz!

    They are three wild an’ crazy fennics!

  53. OMG. They also have binturongs!!!

    I bottled raised two of those little rascals–they have crazy prehensile tails.

  54. Plus, three cubs and a peep!!!

  55. Kiragirl says:

    Regarding cute ears, yes…big, yes…small. And don’t forget, one up and one down.

    “Lions and tigers and chicks, oh my!”

  56. Who reads Korean? WHAT is UP with the tiger bebehs and the chicks?

  57. Tina Rhea says:

    Susan, there is a species called the bat-eared fox, but they’re not as cute as these little folks. (Well, maybe the cubs, but I can’t find a photo of cubs.)

  58. Between the adorable foxes and the links to tiger cubs…I am officially ded. That’s it, no more work for me today, have to go home and recover from the cuteness. Too bad I don’t have anything fuzzy at home to snorgle! Can I have a fox then?

  59. This is the CUTEST! I love the 2nd picture too…it’s adorable and somehow sort of symmetric….

  60. miss h. says:

    adorable! the kids are sweet, too.

  61. Thornapple says:

    There should be some sort of mathematical ear size to head size ratio. The further away from 1:1 in either direction, the cuter it is.

  62. Sabella says:

    EEEEEEE! I want eet! I need eet! GIVE! I must have theem all! Or at least one. I shall hold my breath until I get one. *takes deep breath and holds*

  63. Fennec Fox tummy rub!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Sabella says:

    Also, I want to put their noses in mouf.

  65. OH MY GAWD!!! soooooo CUTE!

  66. Cassandra says:

    Oh picture number two, you have slayed me with your double “wheee!” face action. I am ded from teh qte!

  67. Cassandra says:

    P.S, I love the pic with all the kids, they all look so happy, but I especially love the little dude in the background who’s all like, “huh, what?” Sooooo cute!

  68. pat_the_bunny says:

    The “ear to head ratio” rule has just been inverted!

    Look how teeny their lil faces look by comparison!

  69. SarahR, they are 4-week-old Bengal tiger pups, which just opened their eyes. Apparently they have zero ideas:

    Pup A: “Mommy, today we saw small, yellow furry things and they did things like this!” *flaps forelegs*
    Pup B: “And cute too!”
    Mom: “Oh dear, they are not just cute, but /delectable/ too!”
    Pups: “We eat them?! Noooo wayyyyyyyyyy!” *cries*

  70. What about “If your ears are way out of proportion to your head, it’s cute” as a possible edit for the new, improved and now fennec-friendly Rule 17 ?

  71. I gasped! I did not expect to see foxy foxes, but I am so glad I did! Le thanks!

  72. They are so adorabley cute. It just makes me say awwwwwww!

  73. I agree with Thornapple & Cassie, ETH(r) +/- 1:1 = QTE!

  74. eikoleigh says:

    Wow, those foxes are so cute. I love those huge satellite ears.

    I wonder how many cable channels they can receive…?

  75. calilly says:

    ok i am obsessed. do you know they domesticate these things? and they suspect they might be in some way related to a chihuahua – i swear that’s what wikipedia says! (ok so sometimes wikipedia lies but i’m going to pretend it’s true!) i have a chihuahua – i must have a fennec fox. must must must.

  76. I don’t know which is better – the floppy ears, or the lazy, “Yeah, we’re cute and we know it” eyes.

  77. quite a similarity in this pic:;_ylt=AvyUKiERvd7Xj20oTwyKacMZ.3QA

    but these foxies are foxier than their human counterparts

  78. my favourite is the boy kid at the back going “cute babies!?!? ewwwwww how grooooooooss.. where are the spiders and scorpions!!” the only other boy is.. “meh”.. of course, they’ll grow out of their cuteness indifference yes siree.. ^_^

  79. quite a similarity in this pic:;_ylt=AvyUKiERvd7Xj20oTwyKacMZ.3QA

    but these foxies are foxier than their human counterparts

  80. The children are all screaming “NO, DON’T EXPOSE THEM TO SUNLIGHT!!!”

  81. Ahem…

    (straightens up, speaks with very serious, formal tone)

    I agree with Jools, Thornapple and Cassie. Rule 17 should be amended to say (in one way or another): If your ears are tewtally out of porportion with your head, it’s QTE.

    Oh, and ear-chewing at my place at 9.

  82. Cassie is right. And I like Kaya’s wording for the new Rule 17. Long overdue, I say.

    That out of the way: eeeeEEEEE! FENNECS!

  83. beenclawed says:

    Well that’s it, my head asplode! Ok, 2nd pic, note how fox’s arm/foreleg is pushing up just a wee bit on one of the cutest cheeks evah!!! And pic #1, the guy on the right, w/o the paws showing it looks like he’s being held by his neck (his eyes are way too relaxed for that to be happening!). And “flying nun” ears hits the nail on the head! Can I get a Sally Field please?!
    sorry, don’t know how to make it a working link…

  84. beenclawed says:

    OMG how did i do that?! lol

  85. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    Is it easier, or harder to stuff giant earses into your mouth?

  86. fish eye no miko says:

    The way that lady’s holding the poor dears…
    “Stand back! I have foxes and I’m not afraid to use them!”

  87. unbearablecuteness says:

    Here are some stacked (well, two) desert foxes

  88. Michelle says:

    Have mercy. The first pic was plenty cute enough to cause severe light-headedness. The rest did me in. I know this isn’t a site for people cuteness, but I honestly can’t decide if the foxes, the girl, or the kids are cutest.

    Then I see “Friendly Ranch” and it was all over.

  89. Brak_Silverbone says:

    So gosh-darn cute, you’ll wanna scream!


  90. Miranda says:

    As the owner of three Corgis, I’ve long felt there should be a rule of cuteness that ears proportionally too large for your head can be cute. Corgis, Fennec foxes, Gizmo from “Gremlins,” etc. Big ears are cute!! (So are little ears — I’m all-inclusive when it comes to ear cuteness.)

  91. It’s the inverse square rule #17

  92. They seem so ‘chill’! They must be handled a lot. I want won.

  93. Harrumph, I (on behalf of my Corgi Chihuahua mix)suggested this very rule modification months ago in one of the threads. Oh well, genius is never recognized in its own time.

  94. Also, if anyone wants to see more cute foxes, and a good movie to boot, I recommend Grizzly Man.

  95. sweetmisery says:

    Omg they come in white. Those ears.

  96. fluidstatic says:

    J’adore the fact that the girl in picx #2 and her fox friend have the exact same squinty eye-thing going on. Happy snorgle moment! Made me “awww” out loud.

  97. Redonkulously anerable!

  98. Tiffany says:

    I think those are lynxes. CUTE!

  99. donutbill says:


  100. Woods Walker says:

    Four legged foxes are definitly cute. I personally prefer the two legged kind. I have seen foxes in the wild crossing roads in front of me. Once while I was riding a bicycle at dusk.-Woods Walker

  101. ……and don’t forget all those lil black toenails!

  102. Anybody here remember Sally Fields as “The Flying Nun” (1960’s sitcom)…The cute critters remind me of her LOL

  103. *has a heart attack due to extra-potent deeleeshus ears

  104. Ekiokitty says:

    Zomg! I love these guys. he he he. Found a vid on youtube that was just tooo cute not to share.

  105. Catsquatch says:

    Well, that makes it official.

    My next pet is going to be one of these ANERABLE little foxes!!!!

    “Dream dream dream…”

  106. Catsquatch says:

    Ok Ekiokitty, you have just kilt me with that WAY to cute video!


  107. Nicolletta says:

    I want to neeble those ears!! *nom nom nom*

  108. Those foxes look very fair and balanced.

  109. my claire (papihuahua) looks much like a fox or one of those dik diks on the african savannah. you’ll think she’s cute:

  110. didn’t we suggest that a LONG time ago? eh, at least it’s finally here. i suggest “redonk ear to head ratio”, but anything could work, as long as it happens. and now for teho’s song………. FENNEC FOX, FENNEC FOX, FENNEC FOX, FENNEC FOX!!!!!!!!!

  111. Sekrit Panda says:

    Is it just me or in the last picture does the lady have three arms?!?!?!!?

  112. Christine Hughes says:

    I’m with the rule amendment, and I definitely also remember it being suggested months ago. However, I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the most obvious reason to allow for big ears being cute: BUNNIES!

  113. nightbird says:

    Actually, the little boy in the back looks like me when I’m not wearing my glasses…someone get that boy some specs so he can see the extreme cute!

  114. Now playing in a double bil: _Fist Full of Fennecs_ and _A Few Fennecs More_!

  115. Argh.

    Now playing in a double bill: _Fist Full of Fennecs_ and _For a Few Fennecs More_!

  116. Darn you! Now I have to add these adorable little foxes to the list of animals I must have to cuddle and hold 😀 After the pika’s though. They are the top on my list right now but these foxes are competing for that spot!

  117. rubber duck says:

    Yes, WHY hasn’t the rule been changed yet??! We’ve been asking for it for ages! It’s BIG EARS that are cute! BIG EARS! Small ears are never, ever as cute as BIG EARS! No matter what Warner Bros. say…they didn’t understand True Cuteness!

    And, Christine Hughes, I mentioned BUNNIES already in early June! (“Saturday night prep”) And koalas!

  118. adorable! Animals of all kinds are so much better than people in my humble opinion. Animals need our protection

  119. Sekrit Panda says:

    Jackrabbits have bigger ears than this fox.

    ok i’m just sayin that because I’ve actually SEEN a jackrabbit and not a fennec fawx.

    sorry i’ll step off the soapbocs now.

  120. Awww, those are just too cute. I adore foxes, and these are especially cuteness overloaded! It does concern me many people are trying to make these wild foxes pets simply because of their cuteness and smallness.

  121. **explodes**

    More fennec fox goodness– this user has a whole page of fennec vids:

  122. little gator says:

    I have had various Coonhounds for almost 30 years(gasp), and big ears REWL!

  123. hap_ebun_e says:


  124. Furbabies says:

    OMG foxes! They are so adorable. Thanks.

  125. Carrington says:

    Isn’t there a Rule covering “Floppy” Ears? Ipso facto, these guys, while not Bassett Hounds, would have coverage under that clause???!!! Carrington

  126. guh …




  127. They look a little tired of being held by that last photo. “Put me down, already!”

  128. How did we not have a rule about big ears already? Foxes, lops, floppy-eared doggies… big ears are cuuuute!

  129. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A fenestration of Fenecs.

  130. Sarah in Brooklyn says:

    Sad to see these barely domesticated beauties on display in captivity, however cute they may be…

  131. sundriedbagel says:

    The boy in the back is HILARIOUS. His expression is priceless! Either he needs glasses so he can see or he’s totally against amending Rule 17. LOL. Cute baby foxes, cute kids, cute cute cute!

  132. Kristen says:

    Random mammal + Avril Lavigne = fennec fox.

  133. crystal says:

    I think we already made the ear exception the last time we saw these adorable little foxes!