Complete and total disapproval

I totally disapprove of this post.

Please take it down.



Angela S., you better do what he says.

Oh, and Angela says: "You’ll notice the very convenient built-in pillow-bib that his chin rests on. You know, the pouch of fluff that almost totally obscures his paws? That’s six years of too many cheerios and yogurt-covered bananer treats from "grandpa" right there!"

‘Pillow bib’—I think I like it.



  1. Blearn?
    I like this bun, even if he is disapproving.

  2. This bun looks like he belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

    Mt. Bunmore?

  3. Too Many Maureens says:

    I have my own *ahem* pillow-bib. But I don’t talk about that in polite company.

    *brushes crumbs away*

  4. Oh TMM – I know what you mean there, honey! Everything I own has a coffee stain on my “pillow bib” – and it ain’t half as cute as Mr. Bun’s!!

  5. Pat Trenner says:

    Female bunnehs often develop what’s called a “dewlap” after giving birth. It’s very like a pillow bib. When my bunneh vet would address gatherings of bunneh owners, he’d always harumph, “Males are NOT supposed to have dewlaps!” (‘Cause we all overdo the bananer treats.)

  6. what a handsome gentleman.
    i wanna squeeze him and hold him and brush him and hug him and kiss him and hold him tell him i love him.

  7. a different Laura says:

    “Pillow-bib”? That’s a dewlap, and I thought only female rabbits had them, but I may be wrong.

    Bunny disapproval is always cute! I have two buns disapproving at home right now!

  8. Jay Fry says:

    My first thought was, “What IS that?” Followed by, “Wow – what a huge bun!” 😉

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    So, I need to make this into a leetle flag to wave at my beloved when I disapprove of him. Would also be a great thing to wave at our street teen clinic when the teenz act out 🙂

  10. Cassandra says:

    Pat, was your vet bychance a dissaproving rabbit? The harumph leads me to believe so. Nobody can harumph like a dissaproving rabbit, and I’m pretty sure this one here takes the cake on the dissasproval scale. Love the pillow-bib though 😀

  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    Now I know what those big cubby things are under my chins – dewlaps!

  12. I like to call it Floopy Pooch instead of pillow bib, but I know what you mean.

  13. He’s all, “I COULD shred you with these impressive claws I’ve got peeking outta my pillow-bib, BUT it’s much more lethal to shred you with my glare.”

    Eeeeeee! He’s gots wiskas everywhere.
    I want to be teekled by his wiskas!

  14. I wonder if Birdchick has seen this fellow yet. He totally belongs on her site!

    I have a, um, “pillow-bib” too. They’re great for storing those late night snacks… easy access. 😛

  15. Y’know, I think it’s the ears. Yeah, the ears.
    And the furry nose.
    And the eyelashes.

  16. a different Laura says:

    One of my rabbits, in addition to an impressive dewlap, also had a sort of back-end dewlap that I used to call her “butt-ruffle.”

    I think I’m getting one of those now, too…

  17. karebear says:

    New Rule?!
    If your neck doubles as a personal pillow, IT’S CUTE!

  18. *giggles* I usually refer to girl-buns’ dewlaps as “bunny cleavage”.

    Which means that plump male buns who have dewlaps are the equivalent of a pudgy guy with man-boobs….

  19. Kritter says:

    The most disapproving bunny ever!

  20. You know, Em, the ears are a big factor in making this such an utterly astounding disapproval. I mean, it sort of gives him a “Sam the Bald Eagle” kind of look, doesn’t it?

  21. “butt-ruffle”

  22. Pat Trenner says:

    Cassandra, my vet specializes in “exotics,” so if he resembles anything, it’s probably a bird. He’s a sweetheart. As far as disapproving rabbits go, I have the Queen Bee at my house, a black Silver Marten name of Willow, who disapproves 24/7 except twice a day when she gets a graham cracker sliver. Har-UMPH.

  23. zeldapie says:

    I’m gonna call Liz “Lenny.”
    Don’t squeeze him TOO hard, ya hear?

    Gawd, is he EVER disapproving!

  24. R. Moore says:

    Wendy, around my parts we call those “moobs”

  25. Sometimes male rabbits do develop a fold of skin/fur under their chins. It’s not abnormal. It could be from being overweight, or just develops in some male bunnies. Females generally have dewlaps with a specific purpose – they use the fur to line their nests.

  26. thedistractor says:

    I’m going to go all nerdy here for a second, but does this bunny remind anyone else of the Face of Boe from Doctor Who?

    Bunny of Boe.

  27. Oh, no! it’s

    Zen and the Art of Being a Bunn

  28. Suzanne says:

    Distractor – Totally Bunneh of Boe action going on…only I seem to “hear” this bun’s disapproval in a Winston Churchill type of voice. That or Walter Cronkite.

  29. Distractor is right, as is Suzanne. I’m hearing a Churchill HRMPH from this bun… “We shall never surrender our bunneh treats!”

  30. LOL @ wendy & R. Moore! MOOBS. that’s funny. 😀 and of course.. that’s some pretty awesome disapproval-ness. I want to poke his moobs..

  31. Pillow bib, eh? Looks more like bunny breastasus.

  32. Karebear has my vote for a new cute rule !!!! A dewlap a funny name but hay I guess I gots ’em too
    I love the expression of this bun-bun I just roared with laughter till my sides hurt. Guess that will not change the buns expression anytime soon. uh-oh can he read ? ….LOL

  33. Ever read Watership Down? That’s General Woundwort if ever there was one. Lovely.

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    This bunn disapproves of me wanting to nawm his nummy mocha earses. Too bad, bunnbunn of doom! I shall nawm thee!

  35. Mt Disapprovingmore

  36. It’s the Face of Boe!

  37. …in the days of yore, Lenore, before the great big jar?

  38. buhtterfly says:

    Hee. This bunny is awesome, and I’m not normally a huge bunny person. The photo made me “Hee” out loud, it’s like a big tower of fluff!

  39. Oh, sure, you kids all know about the Face of Boe —

    but isn’t this bun also a bit like The Mighty Favog? (“It’ll cost ya two chickens.”)

  40. sensate says:

    OMG that rabbit is Nixon.

  41. thedistractor says:

    Teho, if you’ve watched the new season of Doctor Who, you find out, in a way, what the Face of Boe looked like pre-jar.

  42. leah b. says:

    Don’t call him Nixon he is not htat bad looking, good greif !!
    An unhappy bun-bun does not diserve that disrespectful name ….By the way what is the Bunny’s name ????? Can some on please let us know ??? I kinda Like the Cronkite Idea and that s the way it is thursday July 12, 2007 Hu-rump. Could be he knows tomorrow is the 13th anyone think of that ????

  43. waterdragon687 says:

    I just showed my husband this picture, and his comment was:

    Jabba the Bunny!

  44. I are serious bun, and this are serious post.

    Serious cat’s got a run for his money!

  45. Pat T.–for disapproving bird archetypes, there is only one: Sam the Eagle of the Muppets.

  46. Shannon Johnson says:

    So fluffy, I want bunny right now.

  47. I have to agree, that is the grandpa of all grandpa disprovals.

    Seriously Angela, whatever you did, apologize and apply treats.


  48. Kricket says:

    Face of Boe! 😀

    Of course, the BoeBun’s great secret might have come out a bit differently.

    “You… are… not… approved.”

  49. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Zis merely portrays Monsieur Lapin’s decollatage.

  50. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Pardon moi zat should be decolletage.

  51. darkshines says:

    If this dude isn’t called Bigwig, there is something wrong with the world….

  52. acelightning says:

    This bunny must have a post-doctoral degree in disapproval!

    Pat Trenner – is your “bird-like” bunny vet anywhere near the Jersey Shore? If so, it’s probably the same vet I used to take my bunnies to.

    Lurkertype – I thought my brother and I were the only people left who remembered The Mighty Favog! Tawk ta me! 😉

  53. “Ask not what your bunneh can do for you, but what you can do for your bunneh”

    Nuf said!

  54. leah b. says:

    Lils, YOU ROCK

    I fell to floor laughing again …LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Sorry Mr. Cronkite or who every you are

    [That’d be President Kennedy. You kids. Harrumph. – Ed.]

  55. Khadouj says:

    i LIKE this bun so very much, he looks so authoritarian

  56. he’s like: “why bother, victory comes to me, I’m Lord of the Carrots, Sire of Parsley”
    looks like it’s a Timothy Hay day for him

  57. Posh Tater says:

    Wow. Queen Victoria in rabbit format. Awesome…

  58. Thought I’d toss in this definition….

    This bun is c-u-t-e with lots of t-u-d-e! 🙂

  59. Maybe the bunny’s not being overfed, but the sender-inner’s note certainly suggests that the bunny is overweight as a result of overfeeding, and if so, that’s totally Not Cute. That’s human laziness lowering the bunny’s quality of life, hurting his health and shortening his lifespan.

  60. Crikey! at first sight I thought that was two buns.

  61. This guy doesn´t look he plans to move, much less dew laps.

  62. Wow, Dale, that comment could compete with some of Aubrey’s for best puns on CO.

    I’m normally not a huge bunny fan (bad scratching experience some years ago), but this guy is great.

  63. Pat Trenner says:

    Acelightning: WISH I were at Jersey Shore; I’m stuck in Washington DeeCee.

  64. I am not *a* harumpher, I am The Harumpher and it is Sir Harumpher to you.

  65. Christine Hughes says:

    I’m with the “Jabba the Bunny” comment. That was awesome.

    He’s so disapproving. But he’s also so FLUFFY!

  66. bunnyslave says:

    LOL dale!

    Of course the Big Fat Rex at my house has her own very own comfortable dewlap to rest on. The funny thing is my very skinny, wired little dwarf guy has a very tiny, pinky-sized mini-dew. It looks ridiculous.

    And to all those who don’t love bunnies with back– sometimes you diet and diet, and the weight doesn’t come off. Ashley’s been on 1/4 cup for a year, and she’s as squooshy as ever.

  67. Cephi, It is traditional that I offer you some puddin right now…
    I think the fat bunneh rocks! All he needs is a real supportive brassiere- That bra that Theo had…

  68. It burns. . . it burns!

  69. He’s all like – you better not take that picture!

    He reminds me of those eagles on the Muppets – they always had this same look on their faces.

    This made me laugh.

  70. hahaha he looks crankier than I today. One adorable disaprovin’ bunneh.

  71. I have to say, I LOVE the pictures posted here and I’m a complete CO addict, but I have just as much fun with everyone’s comments. Way to go peoples! 😀

  72. I think the bunneh is disapproving the belly-wriggling otter and the kaos s/he’s causing…

  73. We could call him “Jabba the Huff” and carve his face on Mount Fluffmore

    So fluffy!

  74. Alice Shortcake says:

    Makes Mr Burns look positively affable.

  75. leah b. says:

    Pooh Bear ate all my Honey again that darn bear

  76. Chris B. says:

    I currently have seven girls bunnies, one who gave birth (hence the seven girl bunnies) and none of them have a dewflap. My first big bunny had one but the rest of my bunnies have not. Currently my house has seven girls and two fixed boys. No more babies.

  77. Little Bird says:

    At first glance this rather stern looking bun reminded me of the teritorial mean buns in Watership Down. You know, the one that chases the good-guy bun and all that. Leave it to me to make a movie reference that is about 30 years old.

  78. bunnyslave says:

    Never seen the movie, but watership down was THE book when I was a kid. I think I read it about 87,000 times.

  79. I am currently rereading Watership Down and if that bun looks like any character from the book, it’s gotta be either Cowslip or Nildro-hain or any other one of the rabbits in the warren by the farmer [with the shining wire]. General Woundwort and Thlayli are too big and muscular to be that bun. He looks like he enjoys his flayrah and is very dignified to boot.

  80. Not meaning to offend anyone.
    I’ve never seen the movie.

  81. acelightning says:

    Pat Trenner – I had a local vet who took care of all my pets (rabbits, gerbils, and cat) for quite a while. But she sent me to the “exotic animals” specialist when one of my bunnies got sick and nothing the general vet could think of did any good. The specialist was *marvelous* with bunnies, although his primary field was birds. And he’s tall, thin, and a bit hyper, so you could say he was somewhat bird-like. Maybe *all* good bunny-vets are like that?

  82. Winston Churchill, folks. How totally, like, Winston Churchill.

  83. Aww! We call it a “furbib” but “pillow bib” is cute too!

  84. Is it me or he looks like the Face of Boe? (Yup, geeky Doctor Who reference, so sue me)

  85. Theresa says:

    Of course what she is disapproving of, is wildly-gyrating otterskanks.

    Of course, I think she is wrong. 😉

  86. Patricia Trenner says:

    Acelightning: Maybe so! Dr. Stahl is cute as can be to boot.

  87. Strawhenge says:

    Jabba the Bunny.

  88. The “Jabba” comparison was already noted, upthread… but *major* gold stars for the screen name “Strawhenge”! Sublime visual. Love it.

  89. heh, this bun looks like mr herriman

  90. It’s the Face of Bo!

  91. A grumpy pillow makes for a happy naptime.

  92. This disapproval nearly broke my neck!

  93. Reminds me of Mr. Herriman from Fosters.

  94. Bring me Solo and the Wookie. They will die for this outrage.

  95. hi