Kittensnesday: Hidingks

[schnozzle peeks out] Is that dastardly otter……done yet? [shivers]


Stheriously—I’m not coming out ’til that belly-wriggling Dewd is done!


Bliss A., I think you can let the cat out of the bag no—OMG THERE HE GOES AGAIN



  1. Ok maybe I have too much Harry Potter on the mind, but with that bag on his head, doesn’t this kitteh look a little like a Death Eater? We should check him for the Dark Mark.

  2. I don’t think the otter is wriggling his belly. I don’t think he is – ahem – dancing, either.

  3. awwwww…i love the red nose…anymore pictures of the whole kitty?

    And No, that oter was not “dancing”. What he did o that rock or stick wasn’t even tender…I hope someone got a dinner and movie out of it.

  4. POO! UNITE! There can be only one!

  5. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    No worries Ronica, you’re not the only one with Harry Potter hysteria! lol

    I just love the shifty eyes! Too cute!

  6. Trader Joe’s rocks! This kitteh has great taste.

  7. Collie Girl says:

    I want to see a picture of the whole cat. His face is remarkably beautiful… he even matches the Trader Joe’s bag!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    The “dancing” otter only “danced” for a couple of seconds.. that video replays over and over and over. Watch carefully’ll see. Of course that has nothing to do with the beauty of this kitteh. The white striped nose is TOO much.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    not to mention the beautiful green eyes.

  10. Alright Peeps for the Overprotection of Otters, we are goin in, make sure you got yer helmet on…

  11. What a beautiful babeh kitty with wonderful coloring and besides I would rather look at you all day than some dumb otter !!!!!!!!!! ^..^ merowwww

  12. I really need to see that cat’s nose is person..beep

  13. I work for Trader Joe’s…thanks for the plug!

  14. Black and orange — I think this is a girl kitteh! Tortie! I want to skritch the white stripe on her nose.

    Yay for Trader Joe’s!

  15. Pyracantha, in which aisle at Trader Joe’s do you stock the kitties– fresh produce or dairy case?

  16. Pssst! Hey, kid! Wanna buy a “B”?

  17. Shannon Johnson says:

    That’s exactly what my cat Diamond does.

  18. Learned Theory: Kitteh climbed in the bag because there is a picture of a fisheh on it, and he thought he could find dinner in there.

  19. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a beautiful kitty! And a smart one, too! Heaven knows there’s days I’d like to crawl into a sack and stay there till it all blows over.

  20. he’s ugly

  21. Tiffany says:

    Hmmm! I love Trader Joes!

  22. would you look at the muzzlepuff/poof???!!!!! ahhhh, i love the behbeh kitteh

  23. ***

    “he’s ugly”, Posted by: anony

    pardon ???

    this handsome puss is UGLY ???

    * light goes on *

    anony is a troll


  24. Instinct Theory: kitteh climbed in the bag because he believes that if he can’t see you, then you can’t see him.
    This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal is the antithesis of Cat (or 1 over cat, if you will), given that the Beast believes that if you can’t see it, then it can’t see you (daft as a brush, but very ravenous).

  25. warrior rabbit says:

    What a pretty kitty! And she looks very wise, too. I guess it’s the way the bag’s framing her (not that she isn’t wise).

  26. I lurve her muzzlepuffs!

  27. Juniper Jupiter says:

    PeekeeBoo! I see yoo!

    Now go away while I plot your demise in my paper bag fortress!! MUUUHHAAHAAAHAHH!!!!!!!!!

  28. The second picture looks a little like that famous picture of Sharbat Gula:

  29. Uh, not to inflict more Disney earworms on people, but I was thinking he was a dead ringer for Scar.

    Well, maybe the scar’s not exact, but that “no patience for cretins like you” expression certainly is.

    Lay off his bag!

  30. Devilicious says:

    Dewd, am I the only one who thinks that this beautiful kitteh bears a striking resemblance to the luck-dragon in “Never-Ending Story”?

  31. Lindo!

  32., can I join P.O.O.? I’ve got my helmet!

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hee hee he – the schnozzle poking out of the bag pic is how I feel this morning. “Don’t wanna deal, wanna just hide in my bageh.”
    Pretty kitty.

  34. me too, is there room for me in there kitteh?

  35. Oh! Someone poo-poo’d this kitteh?
    *puts on helmet*
    Ok CBF I’m here!
    Let’s go POO!

  36. jennifuh says:
  37. That cat looks like my Cricket kitty man!

  38. Jennifuh, totally cute!!

  39. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Hey! My Trader Joes is always out of stock of kitties! Where’s yours?

  40. This kitteh is beautiful! I can just imagine a famous artist painting that wonderful face! Reminds me of one of the actors in “Cats”. 😛

  41. awwm cute kitteh! love the white dash on forehead and beautiful green eyes!

  42. He’s a boy actually. Max. Short for Maxamillion Von Thunderpaws (but he only gets that when he’s in trouble) for pics of our baby:

  43. i’m so proud of max! he’s the most famous kitty i know! next time i see him he’ll be sipping champagne and wearing sunglasses inside the apartment. prolly with tons of girl kitties fawning all over him.

  44. AlbertaGirl says:
  45. looks like one of the bad gremlins

  46. Thurston says:

    Not quite a kitten anymore, he’s nearly 7 and half maine coon, weighing in at 15 healthy pounds!

  47. Kallisto says:

    Oh my, not only floofy paws but whole floofy kitteh. And I have to say, Max is a really, really handsome boy cat! He looks great, congrats to the two owners.

  48. Cassandra says:

    My goodness, that is one expressive cat. He’s absolutely gorgey! Those green eyes are just lovely. This is a little off topic, but what is Trader Joes? I’m from the west coast (Canada) and we don’t have Trader Joes. Peez to explain?

  49. Cassandra — it’s this:

  50. Lizzums, Metz, Here’s the plan: we will dart to the left, tack to the right, and then we will be shakin our booties right along with the otter. This will definitely distract him. Then, while he is distracted, we will CHARRRRRGE! When he catch him, we will hug him thoroughly. Are you with me? Let’s go!!!!

  51. hug who? the otter? the kitteh? hunh? (Teho?)

  52. Oh and I agree, he looks just like a luckdragon. but the book is better than the movie…way better.

  53. i have no idea what you guys are talking about-
    “luckdragons” and stuff.
    but this is one beautiful kitty! i would like very much to see the entire cat, was there a link to more pics of him that I have missed? they eyes are amazing!

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    Liz.. there was a link a little ways up. Many more photos of the beautiful Max.

  55. Devilicious – That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! He totally looks like the luck-dragon when he’s flying through the sky in “Never-Ending Story” movie!

    Bliss – WHAT A CUTE KITTY! Love the mischievous shifty eyes!

  56. thanks mary.
    I checked it out.
    but what happened to that poor cat?
    there was some major surgery, drain tubes and other stuff that looks awfully painful~!
    Poor baby…

  57. Khadouj says:

    anony is ugly, this kitteh however is a very handsome dewd…

  58. C’mon Metsakins, y’know, we’re in P.O.O., Peeps for the Overprotection of Otters, who are highly misunderstood creatures, and very much exploited and maligned. Of course we would be hugging the otter, silly!(haven’t you ever wanted to hug an otter?) If you did IRL the otter would prolly bite your face off, but were using our redonkulous imaginations…

  59. *stumbling around helmet askew* Uhhhh, I tink I darted right and tacked left…*imagines stadium filled with roaring crowd watching otter dance & kitty play in paper bag.*
    *starts doing cheer*
    Gimme a P!
    Gimme a O!
    Gimme another O!
    What’s that spell?
    Goooooooooo POOO!
    (sorry after lunch brain dump)

  60. Okay, I’m still having a little trouble with POO. I, perhaps, am one the people maligning the otters…

    (and guys, I’m ready for whatever you’re going to dish out on “trouble with POO”, just make sure its safe for work.)

  61. rpennefe says:

    Eieeeeee! SHIFTY EYES

    EIEEEEEE! Hitchhiker’s reference!


    POO jokes

    too, too moishe.

  62. Thaaat’s right, put the kitty in a plain brown bag and back away slowly if you ever want to see your groceries again.

  63. What a Handsome Young Man. The bag photos don’t do justice to his floofage.

  64. Kitty is not your Average Joe.

  65. thanks for all the compliments on our kitty! i’ll tell him all about it when i get home from work.
    and to answer liz, Max had exploratory surgery about 2 months ago. turns out he has some sort of gallbladder disease and has been in and out of the vet for 6 weeks:( he’s on long term meds but is back to normal now. and is not allowed to get sick ever again. our nerves (and wallet) can’t take it!

  66. pat_the_bunny says:

    Oooooh, gorgemoose kitteh face!

    He’s all “They can’t see me . . . they can’t see me . . . but I can see them, shhhhh”

  67. pat_the_bunny says:

    AlbertaGirl: Thanks for the white kitteh-pawses-poking-out-from-bag pix!

    And, oh yes, “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready from my paw floof close-up”

  68. That second photo did it: I’m adopting a cat or two. ASAP.

    Not kidding. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and that closeup effin’ killed me. Well done, CO.

  69. bliss- well i send my very best wishes for Max’s future health and long life.
    Trader Joes bags should help. no more veterinarian!

  70. weensicka says:

    The snout! The snout! I loves the snout!

    This kitteh looks like he’s been sketched by Edward Gorey.

  71. toborzgrrl says:

    I’m thinking more Obi-Wan Katnobi than luckdragon

  72. Thunderpaws indeed!

    I lof Maine Coons. Please ruffle his ruff for me and apologize for the mistake. What a handsome boy.

  73. At my Trader Joe’s we stock the kitties in the “Housewares” section, right next to the cat food.

  74. Bliss (and Thurston?) Thanks for the link to the other pics. What a gorgeous kitteh! And great photos, too. (I’m glad Max is doing well. I too had questions about the surgery.)

  75. Oh… and tell the vet that there’s a otter that desperately needs someone to take a look at the loose hips.


  76. I think we need an Extreme Close-up of that cat’s CHIN-so cute!!!

  77. ThreeCatNight says:

    A marvelous, angular kitteh face! The lower photo resembles one of the wizards from the “Harry Potter” series, but I can’t think of whom? (Valdemort, perhaps?)

  78. rubber duck says:

    First photo…tiniest bit of muzzle showing…and I’m thinking “awww cuuute”…then suddenly…second photo…and I go “OMG that cat’s too beautiful to be real!” :O That colouring, that face shape, those UNNATURALLY big eyes!…Looks like a drawing, for heaven’s sake! :O

  79. That cat DOES remind me of a wizard. Odd.