Kittenesday: crochet cuddle central

1. Will you please check out this first kitteh’s gut, he’s all waddling to naptime
2. Meanwhile, whiter kitteh is all: "I Shall Sniff Thee"
3. And Gut-kitteh is all, "Make way fer naptime, Bro"


Everyone has been jonesing for C.O.X.C.U.s lately, so:



And after a toe snorf, it’s back to Snoozeville… With ears perfectly placed low on the head, and stubbular nosicles.


J.R.B., Right on with your hand-made mcblankersons. More of these kittehs HERE!



  1. [GRKKK!]

    ::: kerplunk :::

  2. argggh!

    I AM DED!!

  3. Awwwgghhhhh! Can’t these kittehs come to work with me?

  4. Proper Kitten says, “I cross mah pawz, jus’ lyke dis, and iz purty.”

  5. PS: Jealous that they have beautiful blankie AND new kittenz! (I only can live vicariously through my Mom’s pics of hers)

  6. Can we please discuss how in the linked photos the kittehs are sleeping in a mothergrabbin’ mini-kitteh bed? Pleae?

  7. ooo-
    brand new kittehs.
    shhh. be vewwy vewwy quiet.
    I’ll bet they smell wonderful.

  8. *runs over to local humane society, takes kittens out of cage and inhales deeply*

    I love newborn kittens.

  9. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I love there pink shnozes

  10. omg, my heart hurts now.

  11. Shannon Johnson says:

    OMG!!! Gimme Fimme I want one right now.

  12. zeldapie says:



  14. *runs off to make blankie*

    *checks new blankie for kitties*


  15. Oh they are going right in the bra!

    I’d love to have all three in a baby sling across my chest. Just so i could look down and coo at the tiny kitters! I’d never get any work done.

  16. that has to be in the top 3 best COXCU’s evah! has to. i, too, have clunked onto the floor and died. lethal kittens.
    maybe that’ll be the name of my metal band…

  17. Hi Everybody!

    Thanks for your sweet comments. These pictures were taken when the kittens were just two days old. (Right now they are are a whole four days old)

    My mom took in their mamma a couple weeks ago and is currently looking for happy homes to place mamma and the seven babies. Fortunatly, they are so adorable that we have no shortage of offers.


  18. Awww, adorables!! Their eyes are still closed so it looks like they’re sleeping even when they’re not!

    JR–great to hear they’re gonna have good homes.

  19. fatkittymomma says:

    baby kitteh’s is heart stoppin’ Qte… lovin’ the babies

  20. Whew, I hope kittehs toesicles smell nice!

  21. I have to go snorf my kitten’s toes now, brb.

  22. Check this out. You could hear the cuteness!

  23. browngrl says:

    Well now my head has gone and exploded. These babies are too too too cute. How am I going to finish my work now?

  24. didnt theo have kittehs and a mama kitteh just recently at his house?
    we wonder “out loud” how they are? Photos would certainly be lovely. cant get too much babee kittee.

  25. How purr-fect is this?!! Kittens and crochet. I love it!!

  26. I’ll probably get crucified here for saying this but I think supremely newborn kitties and puppies (like humans) are not really so adorable until a week or to after they’re born, once they’ve de-pinked some and opened their eyes. Until then they’re still kind of fetal and gross to me.

  27. Claire Z.,
    Nope no cruicifixions here.
    Only pudding.
    BUT: It’s ok to not think they’re cute. We only picks on the people who are mean about it.
    Fer the record I’ll stand by ya if anyone starts flinging puddingks although I do think the wee ones are cute. 🙂

  28. OMG, I’m pretty sure I just died looking at those prosh kittehs. *squeak*

  29. Moggyfan says:

    So adorable & comfertabuls!
    Liz, new kitty family at Teho’s had some medical problems and had to be placed elsewhere. Hope things are going better for them now.

  30. pat_the_bunny says:

    Awww, they look so McWobblesums!! I want to geeeently put them on my neck and feel the sweet bebeh kitteh breffs and feel their teeny lil clawsies!

  31. aw thanks Metz. I figure this makes up for the times that I don’t weigh in on the quote/unquote ‘controversial’ posts.

  32. Cassandra says:

    Oh I want to kiss the tender pink nosies. So very cute. Makes me want a kitten *sniff*

  33. Dang it.

    I have that afghan and it didn’t come with kitens in it!

  34. elizabells says:

    Very nice work up there, Teho.

  35. AAAAAAAAA! *poit*

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    Photos like this is what makes me wish I could have teeny tiny babeh kittehs. Maybe someday… (sigh)

  37. Theresa says:

    Oooh, look at the teeny-frowny-crease across the teeny nose bridge!!
    **drops dead**

  38. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Oh Oh – just made the doc & the resident look over to see if I am OK.
    I have died and am *ded*. THUD
    Those who are acquainted with SOMC will understand.
    These pics are bittersweet as they make me wonder how Bou and the crew are doing, and I have been in desperate need of kittayn pix since the brood left the CatCave…
    Man. Now I am not going to do ANY work ths aftrnoon, I am just going to SQUEE quietly at these picture…

  39. Oh Mah Gah tiny pinkatood nose!!!! sooo adorballlloffur

  40. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my….I kin only see two kitlings in that pile ‘o’ mooshy fuzz under the blanky…is that all? If so, they’re all my kitlings and none of you can have them so there. Notice I’m talking quietly, cuz you schmux are squeeing and squealing and dropping dead really loudly and it’s really bothering the bebehs…can’t you all see they’re sleepees? Go curl up in the corner quietly and die from their cuteness politely like I’m aboot to do. Honestly. 😛

  41. That’s not a gut on the first kitten, it’s the other kitten.

  42. R. Moore says:

    Oooh, I must make a blanket like that in the hopes that it will attract kittens! Mua ha ha.

    And JR, how do you know that the kitten is a time lord? And are you going to provide a tiny blue tardis for him to sleep in?

  43. beenclawed says:

    Thank you Meg, thank you. Horrible day at work. This pic lifted me up totally. Looking at this makes my stress melt like hot water on an ice cube. Ahhhhhh, much better!

  44. R Moore — there are no “tiny” TARDISes. 😉


  46. OMG! Cute babies! Wonderful Afghan!! This is CuteOverload * 10!!

    BTW – anyone have a link to that afghan pattern? It’s really beautiful!

  47. belphebe says:

    I keep coming back to see the kitties and *beep* their noses with my mouse.

    I can’t help it! Cute Overload has me reading street signs with an accent (crossed French street the other day and in my head I was pronouncing it Frawnshe Street) and now beeping nosicles.

    I think I may need help, but I’m not yet ready to admit I’m an addict.

  48. repeat after me “HI my name is belphebe and I am powerless over Cute Overload.”

    Hi belphebe! Welcome!

  49. I wish I could crochet, but I get peeved after the initial chain row. I CAN knit somewhat. I’ve knitted two baby/kitteh blankies for my hooligans. It’s quite interesting to do when you have three cats fighting over one ball of yarn.

    And, these babehs made me SQUEE myself. And I THUD’D. I should have brought over my THUD mat.

    Now back to breaking up catfights. *SIGH* Can’t my three get along?

  50. omg, and the tiniest of ears. great ear-to-head ratio!

  51. Who hasn’t wanted to be so tiny that such a blankie would look to you like an endless field of crochet? Who wouldn’t? C’mon, ad-knit it.

  52. sundriedbagel says:

    aww, look at the itty bitty cute pink nosies on these kitties!! makes me wanna grab ’em and PLANT A BIG ONE on their nosies! 🙂

  53. jackie31337 says:

    candice: “lethal kittens. maybe that’ll be the name of my metal band…”

    Awright! Can I be in your band? I’m a lyric soprano. We can be like Nightwish, only cuter.

    Mary (the first): “Photos like this is what makes me wish I could have teeny tiny babeh kittehs. Maybe someday… (sigh)”

    Um… Mary, I think it’s time we had a talk about the birds and the bees… Unless you secretly have some feline ancestry we don’t know about. 😉

  54. jackie that’s hysterical. Birds and bees LMAO!

  55. Alice Shortcake says:

    ur feets…they aneesthatize me

  56. I too am addicted to Cute Overlord, er load. Yeah that’s what I meant to say, yeah…(bowing & scraping)

  57. Michelle says:

    I want that afghan pattern too!!

  58. jinxtigr says:

    On the internets, nobody knows you’re a kitteh 😀

  59. jinxtigr says:

    Amazingly, they’re too little to go ‘meer! meer! meer!’. These ones go ‘…ih!’


  60. Mary (the first) says:

    err.. I didn’t mean, “give birth to…” tiny kittehs. I mean, allow my house to contain some who will own me (notice I don’t say, I will own them.) And the reason I can’t is the unwillingness of my current elderly cat to give up any part of the queendom that is her house (I only pay the mortgage) to another kitteh. SOOOO maybe someday I can have a tiny bebeh kitteh in the house but not now. Sigh.

  61. Check out also the Tiny Paw. I’m sure you understand my point of view; we know each other mentally….

  62. They r so cute I just wanna take em all home.

  63. Yitzysmommie says:

    mmmmmmm, still squeeing softly to myself, days later…..

  64. Last rites, again.

    I am ded.

  65. Oh. My. God. Umm.. Is it just me or does anyone else think that we should add another rule of cuteness dedicated to kitties? Er.. let me think.. If your like, really small and there are lots of other little small things and they are all cuddled up on a crochet blanket, it’s cute. And, sure enough these kittens are adorable/anerable/cute/little/LOVELY!



  67. OMG the little faces are sooooo cute!! i can look at the faces all day!!!!