Is that evil otter still dancing? Hold…me!

Karen: "I can’t stop seeing tha evil, evil otter dancing! he won’t stop dancing! Oh, Tim, Hold…me! Make it go away!"

Tim: "Karen, Honey, you’re going to be OK. The Ativan should kick in any minute." [shivers]


LOL, Super-submitter Eva H.! Rokkin’ photo, Jeremy K.!



  1. Bleen?

  2. Yay! Bleen!

    These look JUST like my two cats. It’s freaky. I thought that it was them at first.

    They spoon too.

  3. R

  4. This is what I was talking about! The degrading otter vid! Look at the damage it has done! The pain and suffering of these animals is unconshunable! This must stop people… I am forming an activism group named Peeps for the Overprotection of Otters..or…POO…for short..

  5. omg, *too* freakin qte!

  6. CBF, so if we join we can say we’re “In POO”? Will our slogan be “We are POO!”?
    or “POO on you!”? 😉
    Will our rivals be PEE? “POO Eees Eeeky”?
    Will they have a slogan “POO stinks!”?
    Sorry I’m gonna just stop myself now. I’m sure others can come up with better ones. (it’s too early for me yet-i.e. before 3 pm)

  7. fatkittymomma says:

    (sigh) spooning kitties make me swoon… (falls on floor and passes out from teh qte)

  8. I wanna cuddle, too…pwease?

  9. Cat on Left: “Baby, are you always gonna love me?”

    Cat on Right: “Sure thing doll” *checks out hot kitty in whiskas commercial*

  10. Alice Shortcake says:

    Cute, but did Tim still respect Karen next morning?

  11. Thanks Metz. I almost spit my coffee on my screen because of your comments. lmao.

  12. Whoa… those look just like MY two cats. Now THAT’S freaky.

  13. Geez people, concentrate on the big issue here!

    Karen is obviously underage here. Hasn’t even grown into her ears or sprouted adult whiskers.

    Tim, and whatta ham-pawed man he is, is obviously lying to her about his intentions.

  14. ahahahah, i like the beholded

  15. The tabby – if (s)he had *any* breath left! – would probably be saying “galg!” Are we sure he’s not trying to boa-constrict her?

  16. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Darling be gentle with me. Sure honey, sure.

  17. sigh

    i know exactly that pose

    she’s all “zzzzzzzz…”

    and he’s all “letterman is such a repeat; i wonder if she’d be mad if i woke her up for a little snog…”

  18. firefinch says:

    kitty Heimlich

    [oh noes, UR DOIN IT RONG!! – Ed.]

  19. Way to start off the day the cute way!

    I wish I could curl up with my kitteh like this. So cute and soft!!

  20. 100%snuggles says:

    Ohh Tabby,
    Mmmm Tabbikins,

    Ahh Mr Tuxie you keep me so warm

    Of course Tabikin toes!!

  21. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so cool. That’s kinda how I hold my kittehs

  22. “Tim” and “Karen”??? Seriously? Or are ya pullin’ my leg?

  23. I agree, Tim and Karen are great cat names.

    My cousin had a dog named Mike, which was also fabulous.

  24. So schweet da spoonin’ and huggin’. My guys do this too. It’s a Kodak moment every day! 😀

  25. pat_the_bunny says:

    Wish mine would do that! So schweeeett!

    Look at his PAWSES! They are HUGE! My kitty has paws like that and she likes to swat people with them, HARD!

  26. my cats are named kevin and steve.

  27. Ah yes, Ali, but do they spoon??? Too qte!

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    Tim: “Honey, you can’t keep this in. You can’t suffer in silence. Tell me, please!
    I’m ALL ears!”
    Karen: “Okay, Tim. It’s just that it’s that time of the month and I’ve got a splitting headache. Midol doesn’t seem to help.”
    Tim: “Just let me hold you and rub your belly, and you’ll be feeling better in no time. There now, doesn’t that feel good?”
    Karen: “Ah, Tim. You’re so understanding! Thank you sweetie. Now, let me get some rest.”

  29. tcn: In WHAT universe does this happen cause it t’aint happn in mine!

  30. I believe that’d be the universe where we’re all talking cats, Metz.

  31. Ativan – ROFL

    TCN here’s what would happen in my house…

    Marc – what’s amatta, you don’t look so good.

    Barb – well I have terrible cramps and … Marc where are you going?

    Marc – didn’t I tell you I’m meeting the guys at the pub tonight?

  32. Metz you know what I am talking about today and I want to join the hugging and spooning kitty group any opening’s in the very near future ??!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I will wait my turn ……….

  33. spoontaneous c-attraction

  34. best caption EVAH!

  35. Tim: How long am I supposed to hold her after having sex?

  36. Snorgle Pup says:

    Cover me in fur and send me to their universe. Please…

  37. Isn’t it the best proof of friendship?! So cute!

  38. I also thought these were my kitties! I did a double take. They cuddle too! It’s bizarre how similar they are to my babies.

  39. PTOD!!!

  40. Er, that was Post Traumatic Otter Disorder.

  41. what a cute site, its realy superb..

    Two enemies join as a same pool its realy cute


  42. rubber duck says:

    heheheheee I love the look on the black cat’s face xD “My lovely woman…all mine…purrrrr”

  43. Awwww…..I know, I couldnt help myself.

  44. Lovely

  45. Ahh. Tux n’ tabby. That’d be my guys if I had to have two cats.