A kinder, buttery-er background

AeiPeople, I changed the background color to yellow. I could NOT DEAL with the blue any longer. It hurt my eyes! Also, my good pal Wendy complained, and she was RIGHT!

I need you People to FOCUS. FOCUS on the Qte, and not be DISTRACTED! [shifty eyes]


[whip crackingk]



  1. Woods Walker says:

    I think I am finally frist post.-Woods Walker

  2. Yellow kills meh.
    Make it pastel purple! =3

  3. acelightning says:

    Well, purple is my favorite color. But I’d find it much easier to concentrate on the Qte if the background was just something that tiled, simply and subtly, instead of those silly hamsterpants.

  4. hamsterpants rulez!

  5. I think this color is commonly known as “goldenrod.”
    Ahhhhh….easy on the eyes…

  6. Hooray for hammypants
    They’re screwy, ballyhooey Hammypants!
    Where any hamster boy
    can sprout some wings
    and fly with out strings
    and meet hamster girls by chance!

  7. Posh Tater says:

    It’s so much more summery than the blue, I love it. Good choice.

  8. I like the color change its a wonderful color thank you Wendy for the isperataaationsto the overloadedness ok time for me to stop ….

  9. I love the yellow! Although I liked the blue as well. But the yellow is warm and much more summery. The blue would have been nice for a late winter/early spring transition, though! =)

  10. Never argue with Wendy.

  11. moo.

  12. Yay to yellow!! Happy, cheery, summery, beachy yellow!! *turns on fan*

  13. Wahhh! I liked the blue. The goldenrod looks good, but prefer the blue. Love the hammyster payants! Pudurple is fave tho’.

  14. I liked that darkish purple one before everything went screwy for a while.
    Meg don’t hit me wtih that whip…yellow is nice, yeah, yellow is nice…*runs*

  15. The background is lovely; warm and summery, and the overall effect is really nice. Thanks, both to Wendy for the prod, and you for taking the advice ; )

  16. Definitely keep the hammy pants. They always look like they’re about to fall off. The yellow is nice.

  17. Yitzysmommie says:

    Love the hammy pants & the wings. Loved the blue, love the yellow.
    Megster, short of a black & red Goth theme you can do no wrong in my book.

  18. Uh…I still have the blue with hamsterpants…is something wrong with my computer? (shifty eyes) I gotta go check out Chinchilla Iron Chef again!

  19. Lizzums says:

    I would still visit CO regularly with a black and red goth theme. *imagines hammies with pigtails, short pleated skirts, and studded collars* 🙂

  20. Goth theme would be awesome- hammies could have long stripey socks with skullz on, and black nailio polish. Maybe for Halloweenie… oh and eyeliner. They *need* eyeliner…

  21. I like the yellow… and the hammypants!
    Personlly, I just don’t like blue and yellow *together.* It’s a Spartan thing…
    Right, AmyH? :o)

  22. I’m in full agreement about the blue/yellow combo, ceejoe! Perhaps Meg’s next color blend will be green and white? *fingers crossed*

  23. magichead says:

    Hmmm, I still see the same blue background.

  24. I preferred the blue. =(

  25. *said in the voice of feathers from planet unicorn,despite being female. and not a unicorn.*

    i like blue. blue makes me happy. i am sad now -_-;;

  26. I like the yellow because I hate the color blue.

    But the puddles at the hamsters feet made sense when they were touching the water. Now our hamsters look like they are dancing on a pool of urine.

    Could we ditch the ripples?

  27. Laura-K — ripples?? They’re hardly there at all, and completely covered once the main body of the page loads… but what’s wrong with ripples?

  28. I mean, aside from the whole pond-full-O-pee thing.

  29. Totally just the pond-full-O-pee thing. I dunno — I’m just nitpicky and detail oriented, I guess. 🙂 I know that sometimes when my computer is laggy, which is frequently, all that’ll load for a little while is the background and then poof! a minute later, I have stuff. But I get to watch the hamsters dance on Tinkle Lake for a minute or so first? 😛

    I’m also a little traumatized because I had to go to Wal-Mart last night for something and when my boyfriend and I walked through the toy section, some little kid had peed all over the floor. 😦

  30. Laura-Kathleen – oh man, the Wal-Mart story is *disgusting.* At a vet’s office, I could deal with it. And would probably think it was funny… But at Wal-Mart??? Uh… no. Why would the parents not have the kid in a diaper???

  31. Haha! Now that’s all I’m going to think of Laura-K! I just thought of it as a lake at sunset before. But now? Pee Pond. Oh well…I still like the color!

  32. LOL. Hamster pants dancing on Golden Pond! What’s not to love??

  33. It is the attack of PEE! All you of you who have joined POO unite in defense! Run Away!!!!
    Metz, you got mah back, right?

  34. My my, all this excitement! Let me sit for a moment, I’m flushed.

  35. Oh crap. Could somebody please toss a new TP roll through the door?

  36. Jules and magichead – you just need to clear your cache.

  37. What have I started? 😛

    Down with ripples! 😀

  38. And up with ni…
    oh never mind

  39. *sticks head in room*
    Um, CBF ya here? I heard the call of the POO!
    now why do I have the old alkaseltzer theme in my head? hmmmm
    Actually the pic background t’aint that bad to me, totally looks like a lake or ocean at sunset or sunrise depends (HA) upon your point of view I guess.

  40. Christine H says:

    I still see (and like) the blue.

  41. Christine H says:

    …but now, after commenting, I see the yellow.


  42. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Tinkle lake, sounds like something from a naff fairy tale.

  43. Yellow hurts my eyes! Wah.

  44. they call it Mello Yello…

    I like this much better. The only problem is it makes me feel hotter, instead of the nice cool blue.

  45. joodster says:

    i luff the hammypants dancing on yeller.
    it’s like budda! 🙂

  46. Shannon Johnson says:


  47. Queasly says:

    I still see blue for some reason. huh.

  48. Oh, THERE’S the yellow…Thanks, Smitty!

  49. Furbabies says:

    Thanks Meg! Hurted my eyeballs too!

  50. we still see the blue too.

  51. for those still seeing the blue:

    (that’s a “hard refresh” in most web browsers)

  52. fish eye no miko says:

    Woo-hoo! Just like Bumblebee!
    Hey, I liked the _Transformers_ movie, ok…?

  53. R. Moore says:

    fish eye… you DID?

    Oh well.

    Anyhow, this yellow is intensely yellow! My mum would love to paint the whole house this color, I’m sure.

  54. I like this color better. So much more summery.

  55. altho I liked the blue and pink combo and the purple was also very nice I really like this yellow and the green pants on the hammy boys. Change is always very good.

  56. GAH! Now whenever I see the background, all I can think of is pee. Lots and lots of pee.

  57. jackie31337 says:

    I love the hammy pants. My daughter, on the other hand, is afraid of them. The closest thing I’ve gotten to a reason why is “because they have pants, and they fly”. I had the Happy Spring picture as my desktop background for a while, but I had to take it down because my daughter wouldn’t go anywhere near the computer while I had it up.

  58. Jackie – has she seen Wizard of Oz? Those monkies scared the crap (or should I say poo) out of me when I was a kid.

  59. I prefer the blue. Just sayin’

  60. Sorry… but I like the pink/blue better.

  61. FCDA65 isn’t pee color!

    [spends several minutes trying to find pee color]

    err..hey, i know it when i see it!

  62. “Lake Tinkle” LOL!!!

  63. I like dees butter-y yellow.

  64. I don’t usually complain about things like this, but I HATE the new colour scheme. Not so much the pic at the top [I don’t like it, but I can ignore it] but the horrible yellowish colour going down the sides. It makes me feel sick. If we couldn’t keep the nice, peaceful blue, couldn’t the yellow fade back to pink before going down the entire length of the page? Please?