What’s up with all the insane Ground Squirrelry lately?

I mean, first THIS GUY, and now this guy, below.

What is EVERYONE in a Mexican soap opera!?


OK, points for paws up, but still, insane in the membrane, Sharon S.

P.S. who is that awesome comedian who does the bit about the Spanish-speakin’ soaps?



  1. Ahn, he looks just like a Disney character! I’m waiting for his nose to wiggle and talk with a lisp.

  2. meshell says:

    Pablo Francisco

  3. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Squirrely so sad he ran out of nuts! “Can you spare a nut, pwwwease?”

  4. I’ve never seen such a melodramatic sadness! Oscar! Oscar!

  5. Yeah, squirrelies just naturally have that look, lol.

    Have you read the hovertext, people?!? ROFL! PERFECT!

    […and I didn’t do the hovertext this time; this one’s all Meg. – Ed.]
    [In fact, MOST of the hovertext lately has been Meg. – Ed.]

  6. “you’re going out in that dress? no, no, you don’t look fat, you look *ahem* good, very good”

  7. I think the Spanish-language soap opera comedy bit you’re thinking of is Pablo Francisco’s “Little Tortilla Boy.” Maybe. Here’s the

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Looks like a mighty Disapproving Squirrel to me – watch out, Buns, you may become #2 in the Disapproval Brigade.

  9. Hot spitting monkey batter, that’s awesome.

  10. it is Pablo Francisco, but it’s not the little tortilla boy bit… he does a whole scene from a soap.

  11. Hot spitting monkey batter?
    Thanks Theo!

  12. Theresa says:

    Is that monkey batter or butter?

  13. Just be grateful it wasn’t this:

  14. only you could find something like that…

  15. tinybubbles says:

    ITA, Yitzysmommie!

    That guy looks tewtelly disgusted, and a bit freaked out.

  16. I love mexican soaps- have you every played this game? You watch Spanish TV and fill in all the commentary yourself. Being extremely slap happy helps, but is not necessary. Suddenly, the heroine is preggers with an alien baby, the old granpa man is really a zombie, and whats his face, guido the main love interest is really a girl. It is freakin hilarious.

  17. OMG zombies again…

  18. What do you mean Maria. No no you cannot leave me for francisco. you cannot. I will die. My heart eet esss broken.

  19. Theo LOL monkey butt powder. How do you find this stuff… wait.. maybe I don’t want to know that;)

    [Annie — for your browsing pleasure… – Ed.]

  20. Jimmy Squirrelante.

  21. Don’t forget, “Noches de Passion con Senor O’Brien”1!11

  22. Totally disapproving!

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    (Squirrel, sounding like “Dr. Smith” from “Lost in Space”):

    “Get aweee, get aweee!
    Oh, young William, look — the spookies!”

  24. Theo, I didn’t get a chance to go check out the evil mad scientist blog last night but just went OF course while I am at work and on my bosses time LOL.. any way.. IT’s the best.. Thanks.. Experiments HEHEHE (rubs hands together and looks around shiftily) The hot dog one holds promise for explosions, fire, and electrocution.. this is as good as myth busters.. (Grins like a kid in a candy store) 😀

  25. pat_the_bunny says:

    Ah, Luisa! You cannot leef me! No, no! I weel die! Plees, plees, Luisa!

  26. “Madeeeea………. Por que?”

  27. fansmom says:

    When my motorcycle-riding husband told me about monkey butt, I thought he was making it up. (He frequently thinks he’s funny.) I never thought to google it. Umm, thanks, Theo.

  28. pat_the_bunny says:

    Gosh, instead of the crackling high-action drama of the Dramatic Prairie Dog, this guy looks like he’s one blink away from a HUGE crocodile tear!

    “Luisa, NO!” **SOB!**

  29. R. Moore says:

    The other day I saw a real live wild one in a field. It looked just like this. I think it was calling for its lost love.

  30. Skuze me people but Pat The Bunny is the onliest one who’s mentioned “Prairie Dog”. Can someone prove to me this is a squirrel? Looks just like a prairie dog to me. If I could smell it, I’d know for sure it’s a prairie dog.

  31. I don’t care what he is–he’s key-oot!

    If you were mine you’d never look forelorn again! *rodent love*

  32. There may have been a sketch on SNL with Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen et al as a Mexican soap opera with all the wild eyed camera “throw to’s.”

  33. I had no idea they were capable of so much drama.

  34. little gator says:

    I don’t know where it came form, but I’ve seen a description of Spanish-language soaps by the novelist Isabel Allende. She is Chilean but lives in the US and the description was in English.

    I wouldn’t exactly call her a comedian but she was hilarious.

  35. KittyPants says:

    It’s definitely Pablo Fransicsco. His Mexican soap opera bit is hilarious. He imitates all the different characters, esp. the macho man who walks in on his woman in bed with another man. Lots of tear-wiping and dramatic sound effects… very right on!

  36. KittyPants says:

    Here ’tis!

  37. anybody want squashes to eats with your soaps I know where you can find some ..lol cute expression on the face there dude or dudette which ever you may be chow

  38. Man, it’s a good thing observant cuteologists point out those hover-texts… I hardly ever have the mouse pointer over the pic, so I would miss them.

    Thanks, guys!

  39. p.s. nicely done, Meg.

  40. Three cheers for overacting!

    (psst, CBF- I have done that before. I thought I was the only one!)

  41. Don’t forget, “Noches de Passion con Senor O’Brien”1!11

  42. This groundhog is predicting bad weather … it shows on his Baroometer.

  43. gweneris says:

    That hog needs some serious Pantene. The split ends are making me gnawcious, for reals.