This just in: A sweet outfit

The geniuses over at Yahoo Photos  have just posted  this anerable puppeh wearing a fur heart. [Falls over]


Gracias, Sparky-Pants… 😉



  1. EliottM says:

    Get Hallmark on the phone!

  2. Well, technically that was posted hours ago, but we’ll forgive you. 😉

    Still, I want him. Fresh or not.

  3. CarrieM says:

    Reminds me of the cow at Disney World in Orlando that has a mickey mouse symbol on her… appropriately enough, her name is Minnie Moo. ha

  4. Awwwww….

    I wonder if that’s real…it sure looks real. Either way, it’s adorable. Totally reminds me of a story my second grade teacher told me. She was such and amazing, wonderful person. She said that she was sitting in a restaurant and mulling over her life years ago–trying to decide if she wanted to become a teacher; what she wanted to do with her life. Then she accidentally dropped her water glass and it shattered on the floor, and one of the pieces formed a perfect heart.

    She followed her heart, became a teacher, and still has that little piece of glass.

  5. awww man! sparky pants beat me to it! I submitted this for consid this mornin too. 🙂 Sweet puppy.
    There’s more if you click through the slide show including a head splodin one of the puppy sleeping on a heart covered blankie.
    Figures it’s in Japan right?

  6. This was linked on The puppy’s name is heart-kun, and is a chihuahua born in Japan.

  7. EliottM says:

    Am I supposed to make some comment about being the first to post a comment on this pic?

  8. Okay, that is just the cutest damn think I have ever freakin’ seen! I luff heeeem!!!!!

  9. I want eet!

  10. Talk about puppy love!

  11. ka9q's wife says:

    A friend used to have a dog with a heart on her forehead. Her name was Valentine. She was a Malamute. She and her sister lived to a ripe old age (15 or so) and died around the same time.

  12. donutbill says:

    That’s gotta be photoshopped. The heart is too perfect.

  13. Elliote M only if you want to. Otherwise you are good. or you can go Bleeny bleeny bleeny and do the tuna dance cause you were FIRST 😉
    (waves to Theo while ROFL)

  14. Golden Phoenix says:

    Awwwwww! *splode*

    *slumps to floor in a puddle of cute*

  15. Suzanne says:

    Annie…what in heaven’s name is the “tuna dance”…it must be good if it irks Teho.

    Going for my insulin shot as soon as I recover from the cute.

  16. Awww so cute
    I found this video:

  17. tuna dance is what cats do while you open a cat of tuna gosh….

  18. Shannon Johnson says:

    That’s like my puppy Toby. He kinda has a spot shaped like that. Although it’s black.

  19. The leetle matching ring on her tailio is the perfect accessory to go with that divine leetle fur coat.

  20. Grumblecakes says:

    That heart is TOO perfect! Doesn’t mean it’s not real, but still. Wow.

  21. browngrl says:

    Thank goodness my head just exploded from the cutes – now I can’t possibly brood over what a really bad day it has been. Once again puppies save the day!

    *grabby hands*

  23. no! effing! way!

  24. Duvdevan says:


    That is one perfect chihuahua!

  25. to cute for words or side of dog yes some get hallmark on the phone gotta trade,mark the side of the dogie

  26. tahnkgawd4puppehz says:

    aww puppeh. iwant heem

  27. OH! So cute my heart hurts! And I REALLY don’t like chihuahuas, but he is just too sweet and liddo and helpless and snorgle-able! *gently snorgles puppeh, taking care not to smoosh heem*

  28. Suzanne the tuna dance isn’t what irks Theo it is the word First. (He prefers Bleen) But the Tuna dance is what metsakins said.

    See attached Video for why First is irksome.

  29. beenclawed says:

    Oh. My. Gah!!!!!!!!!
    As if the heart wasn’t enough, the expression in his eyes is too moishe! “Um, I’m getting a bit tired of the flashy thingy on the silver thingy. Can’t you see the wrinkles under my eyes peoples? I’m just a wee one and I’m tie tie. Go ‘way now.”

  30. caitlin black says:

    what the heck thats the same dog that had a disease! i am not kiding u!

  31. FIRST!! Bleeny bleeny bleeny! *does tuna dance*

    And waits for 16 ton weight to come down.

  32. Laurie H says:

    That’s like my puppy, who has a perfect white star print on her chest. I mean…perfect if it was drawn by a 3 year old. Awww, my puppy’s perfect.

  33. …”tuna dance”?

  34. Theo you could call it the cat goushy food dance too but the tuna dance sounds better. see Metsakins entry
    tuna dance is what cats do while you open a can of tuna gosh….

    Posted by: metsakins | Jul 10, 2007 at 02:56 PM

  35. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Can’t believe nobody’s said this yet…

    This puppy’s got a heart-on!

    Ah hahahahahahaha..!

    *ahem* Sorry.

  36. MilkyWei says:


  37. How cute ohhh sooo cute!!

  38. CoolXterior says:

    Can’t believe no one has posted these yet. 3 more pics of this puppy:,23599,22050638-2,00.html

    p.s. His name is “Heart-kun”

  39. I sent a similar pic awhile ago

    But I think the one posted is cute 😦

  40. Brak. Aorta smack you.

  41. Haha… good ol’ Aubrey, you’re all… um…

  42. fawn lust says:


  43. Don´t give her compliments, Theo. She´ll become vein.

  44. Oh, let the compliments come: I can’t beat them away, nor can I re-pulse them.

  45. Karebear says:

    that’s all I have to saw
    *heart melts*

    and I thought I was lucky to have a dog with a bone shape on his forehead.

  46. Yay Aubrey. Here you go one more Heart felt compliment.<3

  47. Want!!

  48. Don´t pay any at-tension to those bloody puns.

  49. Peg of Tilling says:

    They’re all corn-ary anyway.

  50. SO cute. Saw him and thought of Cute Overload, but my fellow readers beat me to the sharing. So glad he’s out there cheering the world up!

  51. I once had B&W “Hitler” cat with a nice white star on her back. She had a black “saddle” and in the center of her saddle was a white star.

    I named her “Star.”

  52. aaaaawww,this would be a great valentines gift! 😉

  53. Anyone who pumps puns out so frequently should be locked away in a private chamber – where they can no longer circulate amongst right-thinking people.

  54. Juniper Jupiter says:




    I see I was too late!!!


    Ah, well…

    He is a kootie pie pupling, tho!!!


  55. That puppy is really UGLY.

  56. Google “mismarked labs” to view some unusal markings on laboradors from a breeder (Woodhaven). Photos cannot be used without permission, but there are some remarkable markings (as it were). I like the musical note on a yellow lab pup.

  57. Tessa, NYC says:

    Perhaps there could be a new category for animals with unusual spots. I think the best one I’ve ever seen was a white cat with black spots in the shape of another cat.

  58. That’s the cutest Chihuahua pup ever!

  59. Good idea, Tessa. Spot on, in fact.

  60. Looks like one of the lattes we dish up @ work. Is he soy decaf I wonder?

    nup. caffeinated, skinny!

  61. The honorable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Be still mon coeur.

  62. OMG.



    Saw this on down here in Oz yesterday, and said to my workmate, “We should tewtally send that in to CO (She is a CO convert thatnks to moi)”. And, egad, here ’tis.

    Too, too, too cute.

  63. I can’t take it…….

    I hope when he grows bigger it stays that shape. This really is Cute Overload and with that adorably sad look.

  64. Espilonarge says:

    Awwww.. isn’t it a sweet-heart. 🙂

  65. This puppy has given me a heart attack- I am ded. And Annie, I thought it was the “can opener dance”, which covers all sorts of foods- heck my cat does it when I’m openin beans- she can dream, can’t she?

  66. k, just passed out.

  67. That heart on his back may be cute, but it’s the heart-shaped nose and sweet eyes that’ll break your heart.

  68. well it OUGHT to be on his SLEEVE.

  69. yochanan says:

    i like dog

    korean style

  70. hiddenpsyche says:

    this exact pic was used in the front page of DAILY INQUIRER newspaper…is this HEART-KUN from Japan? if not…then wither this pic is fake or the Newspaper has a lot to answer for….sorry for this

  71. gravyboat says:

    I heart that poopie!

  72. Hiddenpsyche–
    Yahoo said that the puppy is Japanese too. There was a link posted above by Andrew for a youtube video…

    in case you missed it… that is also in Japanese.

  73. Elizabeth P says:

    Put it next to my kitty with the diamond on her back, and we’re half a deck of cards!


  74. pat_the_bunny says:

    Dang, that’s a cute pupster, even widout the heart!!

  75. It’s a shame that it won’t be as visible when her long hair grows out….Unless they keep her shaved or something… Which I would tewtally do to preserve the qte.

  76. that dog is sooooooooooooooo cute

  77. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Aubrey, I’m deeply honored to be the subject of your punnage! *bows deeply* Saw it this morning at work, where I look at CO but don’t comment, so I could not join in the fray.

    So thank you–from the bottom of my heart! <3 Haw!


  78. I am just really, really disappointed that this puppeh is not mine.

    I expect this deep sense of disappointment to follow me all the days of my life.

    *heavy sigh*

  79. Than longen folk to gon on pilgrimages…get ready, Emiko Sakurada!

  80. Tor — wut?

  81. Reuters Oddly Enough
    Japan smitten by puppy love

  82. what a adorable little face and body!! i can look at the little face all day!!! *sigh