Iron Chinchilla Chef

Just WHAT THE HECK am I supposed to do with this?! Serve up 17 plates of tempura? Oh, the judges will love that.

[Waving teeny Tyranosaurus-Rex-scaled paws around] this is just GREAT!


Bork Bork Bork [Swedish Chef dialect] to you, Andrew L.!


  1. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO! COXCU please!

  2. disapproving chinchilla?

    “please sir, could you dice this squash for me, I’d be evah so gratefull”

  3. So cute! He does look like he’s trying to figure out what to do with for dinner!

  4. Thanks for nothing.

    After looking at this poor perplexed face I will never be able to wear a chinchilla coat.

    Not that I could afford one anyway.

    [You're quite welcome. - Ed.]

  5. OMG look at him holding the label in his leetle pawsies!
    (having visions of Hamilton in the giant pumpkin patch)

  6. OMG – you had me at waving T-Rex scaled paws. Totally.

  7. My god, did anyone notice his little spread apart toesicles?!?!?!? Gracious!!! What a delicious little dumpling of a chinchilla:) I think he makes an excellent spokesperson for Kabocha Squash!

  8. tinybubbles says:

    Oh! That chinny looks almost like my Julie!

    I know exactly what that chin’s next move is – hopping away and chewing up that label. Their cuteness masks their naughtiness!

  9. The toesies don’t get me so much as those whiskers. I just want to stroke them!

    I think they’re half as long as he is tall.

  10. “Chinchilla” = air-conditioned beard


  11. What a cutie!

    Chincerella…is this my pumpkin carriage?

  12. No no no, he is going to live in the pumpkin! He is saying, This squash ees too small, I weel take the pumpkin!
    Peter peter punkin eater
    had a chin and couldn’t keep her
    Put her inna punkin shell
    and there he kept her very well!

  13. He looks like he already ate a pumpkin or too. He just took the label off and devoured one.

  14. LOL, Holly.

  15. do labor laws allow for hiring of innocent chincillas for labeling squash and the like? he just looks perplexed as to which on to put the label on… (maybe some more training is called for)

  16. iomg poneis!!!!!!!11~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ he”s got th elittle 4hndz and he”s Gto tEh labEl in his little ahnDs,,, gak im dead..

  17. Can’t you see lil chincerella? Either in her headscarf or her ball gown?

    I do love the label holding fingers!

  18. oh geez, thanks alot CO! Now I need a chincilla too!

  19. ded

  20. Holly chincerella it is… and where are those little mice and tiny birds to help put on her ball gown, and turn into coachment and horses to take her to the ball.

  21. opps I mean coach men. (Shakes Head) you would think I would learn by now to proof read.


    I see my requests for more chinnies have been heeded. Thank you thank you.

  23. Look at those toes! I can’t take it. Now I want a chinchilla too!!! TOO CUTE!

  24. Sooooo soft. A kid I went to high school with brought a chinchilla into class one day. So very adorable and one of the softest furs I’ve ever felt. Lots of cute!

  25. cinnabon says:

    reminds me of remy from ratatouille!

  26. Theresa says:

    “Never eat anything bigger than YOUR ENTIRE BODY.”

  27. Moar chins!!!!!!!!!

    They are the cutest of all rodentia

  28. Jacq-aline says:

    **mouse voices**
    “Chincherelly, Chincherelly, night and day, it’s Chincherelly . . .”

  29. Chinchillimney, chinchimbelly,
    Chin chill cheroot,
    There’s way too much squash here to shake a stick oot…

  30. *gah!* Disney earworms!

  31. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Oh, dear me. Where does this go? What am I to do here? Good heavens! I know – - I’ll try a new recipe ‘Chin-chilled Pumpkin Soup’. Yes, that sounds delicious. Hand me the Santoku knife, I’ll get on it right away!”

  32. mjr chapin says:

    His ears are droopy. His nose is droopy. His whiskarz droopy. His little mouth is droopy. But we do need an COXCU of the little hands and feets.

  33. Theresa says:

    Theo, if that’s your idea of a good time. ;)

  34. Desdimona says:

    More Disney earworms for you:

    A chincilla’s as lucky,
    As lucky can be . . .

  35. Natalie says:

    Why, oh why does the tiny darling have to be holding the label, as if it’s a tiny plumed hat he has just whipped off in order to bow to the queen? I can’t stand it. Too cute.

  36. Will you look at those EARS and those WHISKAS? He’s a capable chin who will figure-it-out.

  37. Excuse me, suh? Sorry to disturb you, but I am een a conundrum. Thees label ees for Kabocha Squash, but eet was clearly attached to thees punperkin. Please to be finding me a squashes? For I am making a deesh that requires squashes. I really need a squashes. Thank you suh…

  38. Jumping up right NOW to put squash on the grocery list…

  39. BenPanced says:

    He looks like he’s playing a pricing game on “The Price is Right”. “Hmmm…which is the Kabocha squash? A new Corvette rests on this!”

  40. pat_the_bunny says:

    Oh my frikkin G! Teh teeny weeny, itty bitty, pawses!! Teh BEF!

    *slumps to floor unconscious*

  41. gravyboat says:

    I love thee cheencheellas! Somebody pleeeeeeeaaase post a picture of a chin taking a dust bath!

  42. I love holdin a chin up to my face cuz their leetle whiskers are so tickly!!

  43. oh good lord.

  44. Cassandra says:

    You guys are goofballs. Thanks for the multiple Disney earworms…I shall leave you with this (to the tune of Cruella DeVille).

    Chinchilla is chill
    Chinchilla is chill
    If he does not please you
    No furry thing will
    He’s going to make that squash into a meaaaaaal
    Chinchilla, chinchilla, is chiiiiiiiiiilllllll

  45. Satan sucks, but you’re the best
    holy smokes you past the test
    when I’m with you i feel blessed
    my chinchilla
    Satan sucks, but you’re okay
    since you came things go my way
    here tomorrow, here today
    my chinchilla

    one day i woke up and everything was beautiful
    my troubles had all fallen out the window

    Satan sucks but you’re divine
    sitting pretty by my side
    oh my oh my, my chinchilla

  46. Seriously, in like ten seconds that chilla will so be eating that sticker. Chillas love paper. :P

  47. Wow, that cute lil chin is, like, a celebrity! That same picture is on Wikipedia! Wiki rules! :-P

  48. Shannon Johnson says:

    OMG!!! I would love to have a leetle chin-chin like that. Can I please?!?

  49. I does not like to get hot under dee colleres here peeps but I don’t thinkss me will cook dess squasshhess……I love the label in the hands….cute to the overloads

  50. Allison says:

    OMG tiny hands! Yayy!

  51. That is totally a cross between a bunny and a mouse. The best of both worlds!

  52. leah b. says:

    that chin is gonna get torked at all or your chin chillering their… Theo and Cassandra and Desdemona

  53. SQUEEEEEEEE! He looks like a little pumpkin himself!

  54. doesn’t he look like he just won a little chinnie wrestling match and now he is holding the award buckle?


  55. so cute, i wish there were more pics of chinchillas on this site!

  56. Kritter says:

    He looks like a disappointed little kid on Christmas morning–”What, no pony?”

  57. Awesome pic.

    STELLAR captionwork.


  58. Jessekins says:

    Holy GODZILLA, this is one of the cutest pics ever! :D

  59. Oh. my. God. That is the cutest thing I have EVAH seen!!!!!

    My head just exploded.

  60. mom to 5 chins says:

    muahaha… chinchillas wield cuteness but they are little troublemakers :p

    I’m surprised that one didn’t eat the label!

  61. Heehee, yes they are troublemakers. Mine is always getting into something.

    The best thing ever is the way they push things with their front paws. “This does not please me, remove it from my sight.” *Shove*

  62. I luv this, I keep coming back to it and the comment.

  63. OMG it’s Remy’s cousin from Ratatouille!

  64. Kimberly says:

    My roommate in graduate school kept two chinchillas. Sooooo soft – hate to say it, but after holding one you can see why people want to wear coats made of their fur. Not that I would EVER buy one.

    My favorite thing with chinchillas was watching “bathtime” – when they roll around in the dust to clean their coats!

  65. How adorable!!!