Almost NSFW

I’m sure the Fathers of the InterWebs had looping evil-otter-undulaishe-dancing-vids in in mind when they developed it so long ago. [sighing head tilt]Their dreams…finally came…. true! [gasp]

Josh N. AND C.S.O. insisted we post this IMMEDIATELY. Also on CuteCast, natch.



  1. Chopster says:

    Umm… I can now safely say that I have seen it all..

  2. Bleeny McBleenerson Esq. says:


  3. BAhahahahahaha.

    Shake it!!!

  4. That’s one sexy otter.

  5. Shannon says:

    Oh my goodness. Ze otter, she is divine!!

  6. *jaw drops*
    *rubs eyes*
    *looks again*
    Did I see what I think I saw?
    Where do these people find the time to do these things?

  7. Pole dancing I’ve seen. Log dancing, not until now.

  8. Oh, and where do I put my dollar tip?

  9. pat_the_bunny says:

    Oh my garshk! Naughty, naughty otter. She probably left the pups home with dad and got caught partying the night away on a phone cam.

    Yikes, wait’ll the little Chippendale male otters come out wearing nothing but bowties!

  10. I hope this is not a gentleman otter who is trying to make baby otters.

  11. excellent dancin’ capabilities.
    But I’m thinking that is more of a butt-rub on the rocks then a hula. 🙂

  12. Naughty otterz.

    This is goofy, but the craziest animal sexual behavior I’ve ever encountered had to be turtle sex in Keramikos, the cemetery in Athens. My mom and I heard a “clunk, clunk, clunk,” followed it, and lo and behold. Turtle sex.

    And just like this videographer, we took pictures.

  13. That otter is bringing sexy back.

  14. ADifferentPaula says:

    I don’t know. It was cute the first loop, but after the edit cut, meh.

  15. BenPanced says:

    Cue porn-tar.

  16. R. Moore says:

    I would say “oh my,” but this is just how my family dances. Hips were made for shakin’ people!


    My family is obsessed with latin and ballroom dance. I can never watch Strictly Ballroom with them again.

  17. Shake it.. Like a polaroid picture Ayeheheh ayeh ayee,
    Shake it sh sh shake it sh sh… LOL go dancing evil otter go.

  18. I once read a series of Science Fiction/Fantasy books called “Spellsinger”. I immediately thought of the randy otter Mudge when I saw this.

    OK, I’m a total dork.

  19. Golden Phoenix says:

    Baby got back!

    *does the happy otter dance*

  20. You’re not ready for this Jelly!!! LMAO!!!!

  21. Shannon Johnson says:

    Wow, dancing otter, It’s not everyday you see one of those. Oh well, they’re cute.

  22. Seriously now. I’m really rolling on the floor here. The music is the perfect addition. Splodes in hilarity (I don’t get out much, ok?).

  23. There’s one at every wedding!

    Seriously, it’s been awhile since I had a chance to shakeit shakeit shakeit like a Polaroid pikcha. 😉

  24. chelonianmobile says:

    Amy: SPELLSINGEEEEEEER! *squee* Finally, someone else who has heard of it!

    Did you get up to the third book, with the unicorn?

  25. nightbird says:

    Otters can pole dance….Who knew? Guess you learn sumthin’ new every day. Take her over to the Dayton Mall and turn her loose at Pizzazz Gentlemens Club…WOOHOOO!!

  26. BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!! Gawd, that’s perfect!

  27. I believe he’s scratching his back. Or her back. Whatever.

    That was hilarious! XD

  28. Brak_Silverbone says:

    It would be cute with belly-dance music in the background too!

  29. firefinch says:

    Amy and chelonianmobile, my favorite book in the series was “The Paths of the Perambulator,” the one with the koala. I even have a signed/numbered print of the cover art hanging in the next room.

  30. I want that 45 seconds of my life back.

  31. oh my, this has got to be the cutest thing I have seen in awhile….I’m still smiling.

  32. This cute moment interrupted for a reminder: do NOT shake a Polaroid picture, as it will cause the pigments to run and your photo to blur.

    We now return to the awesome otter boogie.

  33. omgpmsl! an otter getting down with it!

  34. Lauraborealis says:

    I had to watch this three times — I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks! If I could be reincarnated as an animal, I would SO be an otter.

  35. BAaaaahhhhh Haaaaahhhhh!!! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!!!!

  36. Lizzy — what’s a Polaroid?


  37. **Off topic**

    I just learned a new phrase: “charismatic megafauna” via the new Tai Shan video at the Washington Post ( ). You’ll have to sit through an ad though.

    Definition: noun. Animals that have popular appeal and so can form the basis of conservation campaigns and fundraising drives.

    Example Citation:
    “Giant pandas are ‘charismatic megafauna,’ a category that includes whales and other sea mammals, salmon and other inspirational fish, eagles and other flashy raptors. In each instance, the creatures help spotlight the hundreds of humbler but equally endangered species: the black-spored quillwort, the longhorn fairy shrimp.”
    —”Birth and Rebirth,” USA Today, August 23, 1999

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming: wiggling otters.

  38. Teho:

    Polaroid (n): the camera or photo produced by the camera Polaroid, which is the old-school instant-gratification film version of modern instant-gratification digital cameras.

  39. LoL DPOI! I learned that phrase during Zoo Camp training. Our new grizzlies Kiona and Kachina are considered charismatic megafaua. Hence the gigantic new exhibit and all the press and the nifty staff t-shirts (which we edu staff got TOTALLY legitimately *shifty eyes*)

    Would the otter, then, be considered charismatic macrofauna? Or microfauna? Or maybe just fauna…

  40. Martha in Washington says:

    Is there a “Cute or Bizarre” category?

  41. Of all the cuteness I’ve seen here, this is the one that was cute, anerable, and almost made me pee my pants from laughing…

  42. Invisible hula hoop?

  43. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! break it down now!*does humiliating dance*

  44. francesca says:

    That is sooo cute!

  45. Nobody else just a little weirded out by the humpage? I mean, that *is* what’s going on, right?

  46. Alice Shortcake says:

    Someone get that otter a pole and a slutty costume!

  47. They could teach strippers some moves there. Nice hip rolling!

  48. shollia says:

    OMG that was so unexpected yet hilarious

  49. Charlie says:

    Maybe it’s just me but that otter looked a little on the fat side.

    My money is on the otter being pregnant and is trying to help things along.

  50. Belly-dancing otter!!!

  51. emmy no it is scratching its hip or bottom on a rock or tree trunk…or both.. hard to see which and then they looped it four times.

  52. I was kinda feeling depressed… this TOTALLY fixed that! and I had to Keepvid it. I love you silly otter

  53. HIGH-larios.

    Gotta go, I otter be pole-dancing (hyuk, hyuk…groan…)

  54. I think that otter is distracting us while other otters are reading our mail and making plots

    dun dun duhhhh!

  55. ah…erm…what the heck.

  56. I am laughing out loud! That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. That Otter needs a pole if its gonna dance like that. What moves!!!

  57. Where is the outrage for this poor otter being so horribly exploited? I mean, I laughed so hard all my kids came runnin to see what was so funny! For shame, Meg, for shame! Who knew being an otter was so degrading…

  58. Yitzysmommie says:

    HAHAHAHA breath HAHAHAHAdeep breath HAHAHAHAHA wipes tears of hilarity aming down her cheeks HAHAHAHAHA….

  59. Yitzysmommie says:

    um “streaming” not aming…

  60. *sings*
    ilike big butts and i cannot lie
    you other otters can’t deny….

  61. Theresa says:

    “Where do these people find the time to do these things?”

    People or otters?

    Metz, she doen’t dance to live, she lives to dance!

  62. a different Laura says:

    Actually, you *can* shake (or rather manipulate and transfer) a polaroid image with some cool results; just google “polaroid transfer” or “polaroid manipulation” to see what some artists are doing with this technique.

    Oh, and that otter is *such* a slut 😉

  63. shake it like that

  64. thanks annie. now I can watch without fear. I, too, scratch my leg/bottom on unsuspecting pieces of driftwood. *shake it, shake, shake it*


  65. ShelleyTambo says:

    I’ve been back several times to see this now and I laugh hysterically every time.

  66. HeidStar says:

    Otter needs go-go boots and an elevated cage!

  67. Umm, is that Otter pole dancing?

  68. Man, this just made me shoot Diet Pepsi out through my nose!

  69. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the YouTube video of the guys and the ottoman yet. There’s certainly a pun in there somewhere.

  70. chelonianmobile, I still have the first six books in the series and have read them all.

    firefinch, my favorite character, besides the randy otter, was Roseroar, the white tiger.

  71. Hannarrr says:

    ohh yeah baby! work it!

    lock it
    drop it

  72. mike weber says:

    Puts me in mind of that great Pinkard & Bowden country number, “Don’t Pet the Dog”…


  74. gweneris says:

    MUST HAVE MORE OTTER DANCE!!!!! Seriously, I’ve watched it like 8 times today. It could be the pregnancy (mine, not the otter’s), but that otter is freakin’ hilarious!

  75. I wouldn’t call it charismatic megafauna, exactly, and microfauna seems like it would be on the mouse scale and smaller (krill? jellyfish?). No, for this, I’m going with charismatic minifauna. Bigger than micro, smaller than mega. Juuuuuust mini.

  76. No, I am not addicted. (Ack, who am I kidding?) says:

    All I can say, really: SHAKE IT! That otter has the rythm in his blood.

  77. VitaminJ says:

    I danced along! I can’t have been the only one. C’mon, admit it, all you Intarweb rumpshakers.

  78. Persephone says:

    This one gets a belly dancer’s seal (ha ha) of approval! 😀

  79. Major OMG! moment.

  80. This clip reminds me of the video for Morrissey’s “November Spawned a Monster”. LOL

  81. It reminds me more of “It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky, for fun it’s a wonderful toy”…

  82. Weeze- I was trying to never remember that damn ottoman video ever again. I am scarred.

  83. I wish I could say “Ottoman video, what is that”

    alas, I can’t say that

    let us never speak of it again

  84. I really don’t think that that otter is “dancing,” unless that is a new “euphemism”. Whatever it is, and whether he otter or not, it looks like it feels g-g-g-goooooooood!

  85. And he looks like he should be wearing leather pants.

  86. And, he dances just like the goofy brother in Little Miss Sunshine.

  87. Harmony says:

    I hope I’m not the only one who feels like they should be paying for this “dance”

  88. ahhhahahh awesome

  89. SeaBreeze says:


    … the first two loops. Then it’s like “Hey, where’s the rest of the vid?”

  90. Is she giving birth? Because that definitely looks like a pregnant and/or lactating otter. Is she trying to wiggle the little otterettes out?

  91. Amy et al teh SpellSpinger fans – are you suggesting that this is what happens in book #7, The Tautology of the Turtle, when Clothahump finally gets fed up of Mudge, changes his gender, and sentences him to a couple of years of pole-dancing down at the Elegant Bitch?

  92. PS And my favourite character is the Marxist dragon Falameezar 🙂

  93. haha not exactly cute

  94. Candace says:

    Shake it!
    Watch yo’ self!
    Shake it!
    Show me what yo’ workin’ wit’!

  95. I’m pretty certain that otter was humping, not dancing

  96. Otters are related to ferrets and badgers and other mustelids so I can definitely say that’s a boy and it *isn’t* work safe because what looks like a belly button is infact his … *cough cough*

    So there’s no humping going on in that vid, he’s just showing off or rubbing his bum :p

  97. Is it me or does that go on FOREVER?

  98. I have watched that video twice a day since it was posted. Once when I wake up to get that happy buzz going and right when I head to bed. My husband now hates me!!!! ROFLMAO

  99. ShelleyTambo says:

    I keep coming back to this–oh, about ever half hour. I sent it to a bunch of people, several of whom replied with “Oh my god I needed that today!”

  100. LED — if only.

  101. the absolutely NSFW version:

  102. I think I would have liked to see that video with the song “Tootsee Roll” by the 69 Boyz.

    “To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right
    To the front, to the front, to the back, to the back
    Now dip baby dip, come on let’s dip baby dip baby
    Dip baby just dip, baby dip baby dip
    Just Dip, Cotton Candy sweet and low
    let me see that tootsie roll”


    “Da Dip” by Freak Nasty.

    “I put my hand upon your hip
    When I dip you dip we dip
    You put your hand upon my hip
    When you dip I dip we dip
    I put my hand upon your hip
    When I dip you dip we dip
    You put yours and I put mine
    And we can get down low
    And roll it round”.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  103. forget that dancing baby now we have the dancing otter!!!!!

  104. ::spews drinks all over the screen::

    OMG, Just what this World needs… a Pole Dancing Otter?!

    ::runs screaming for the hills::

  105. This is awesome and I plan to watch it every morning to start my day with a laugh!

  106. What’s next? Pole dancing beavers?

  107. Aaron I am totally disgusted with myself that your joke made me laugh really hard. Does no one (except P.O.O.) care for the fate of this poor exploited otter? You people are heartless!

  108. I don’t get it.

    (and if you believe that…)

  109. Wind your body, wiggle your bel-lee …

  110. awesome. made my day. thank you.
    heeeeeeyaaaaaa! oh, oh!

  111. that is fun

  112. I have had a preeeety crappy day, and this made me laugh and LAUGH. Thanks!!!

  113. The rock sings:

    Ain’t gonna bump no more
    With no big fat otter

    …with apologies to Joe Tex.

  114. My favorite posting ever:) Love this cite

  115. Theresa says:

    Oh my, Joe Tex! Bwahahaha!
    “ain’t gonna bump-
    No more-
    With no bigfat

    I do think I love this more than any more CO posting. I certainly have come back for more rpeat viewings.

  116. kit kat says:

    holy poo on toast

  117. Kevin L. says:

    Great Jupiter, I can’t stop watching this. It’s… It’s… I don’t even know. But I can’t stop. I CAN’T STOP!

  118. Weirdly enough, this is not the first time the genius minds of the internet have paired OutKast and mustelidae. See:

    for some hot stoat action.

  119. CarolinaFern says:

    But why is the otter evil? Just because a girl is a little on the wild side or is employed in a shady industry, they aren’t inherently evil.

  120. OMG! I’m still laughing at this today…For those too young to know about Polaroids. Back in the ’60’s, Polaroid made a instant print film. You took the picture, the print came shooting out of the camera, then to develop it, you had to rub this glue-like stuff from a stick onto the face of the print. You then shook it so it would develop over a few minutes. It really smelled funky, too! Hence, the words “Shake it like a Polaroid picture”.