Um, [barking over counter] I ORDERED A LATTE




Lappix, I didn’t know they even HAD a Starbucks at Sea World San Diego. Go figure.



  1. Poor sealion… he looks well narked.

    Somebody serve him a codochino!

  2. Or even a Herring Frappe?

  3. I love the attitude!

    Perfect for a Monday morning!


  4. And a slippery/slidey Monday morning to you, too!

  5. Christine H says:

    The caption totally makes this picture.

  6. The “so tie-tie” eye capsules suggest a double espresso might fit the bill better.

  7. holy disapproving seal! i know a bunny he should meet.

  8. Peg of Tilling says:

    Yes, sir, not too much foam, sir, and a little fresh nutmeg too?

  9. Is he really that smooth and fur-less? Squee!

  10. DumBunny says:

    He has lots of fur, it’s just really smooth.

  11. dandy_warhol says:

    give him a beret and a cigarette to go with the attitude and he’ll be the epitome of French.

    “garcon!!! une feeesh, s’il vous plait.”

  12. is the sealeh wearing swim goggles or have his eyes closed? What is up with the eyes? They are freaking me out.

  13. seanf, they are called *EYE CAPSULES*

  14. Somebody needs a trip to Decaf Land.

  15. Bite your tongue!

  16. Huh! Here in San Diego, there’s a Starbucks every ten feet!

  17. Lurves me the heart shaped nose, and um I’ll skip the coffee thanx. I’ll take a large Ice Tea with lemon & you can bring the sugar bowl & leave it thanx.

  18. Robbie, San Diego?
    I’m jealous!
    I still miss it.

  19. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Colonel codpiece here. Look, I ordered a Latte because you Yanks can’t make a decent cup of tea and now you cock that up!

  20. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Everyone knows that I do not take sugar in my coffee, but like a touch of sea salt, instead. I’ll also take a side order of kelp, freshly caught, thank you!”

  21. Caitlin says:

    hahaha, he looks like most of my customers! jk.
    (yes, I work at Starbucks :))

  22. The scotch on the rocks (from the puppy rug post below) for McSealersons might help?
    At least, the rocks (ice) would be appreciated?
    (the seals at the Boston Aquarium were really hot yesterday)

  23. Robbie — I don’t think he’s measuring in feet. Flippers, y’know. Hence the confusion.

  24. Hello Katie says:

    OK, did you see on the SeaWorld website, that they have programs where they put you in a wetsuit and you can swim with the whales and dolphins? I am SO TOTALLY THERE!

  25. Robbie? Every ten feet? Hmmm….Here in Starbucks land, aka Seattle, there’s a Starbuck’s or a cart on almost every corner downtown. We’re VERY caffeinated here. (I have the Starbucks beans in the kitchen at this very moment). I think Mr. Sealio would love it here: swim around in Puget Sound, hang out with the other wildlife, high five the otters, then come in for a cuppa whenever he wants! 😀

  26. MC2 — there’s that, and then there’s “Seattle’s Best” too, eh?

  27. Metz,

    Don’t miss it. I hate it. Can’t wait to move back East.

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    I dunno…what I hear him saying is “Pleeeeeese scritch my muzzlepouche and give me a beeg wet kees on the nosie”

  29. Robbie, oh I do. I do. I live East (NY). Lived in SD 2 yrs. MISS it terribly. Probably the biggest mistake of my life leaving there.

  30. Theresa says:

    My mom (a teacher) took a class trip to the aquarium one year, and one little girl reported “I didden like it when the seal kissed me.”

    I was like “The seal kissed you!!??!!!! Damn, girl!!”

  31. Yeah I got a pic of my daughter getting “kissed” by a sea lion at our local aquarium. It was kinda stinky, but nice.
    Since she was so young I had to stand next to her, I was nearly 9 months pregnant. I wuz afraid they’d think I was a beached whale & try to put me in the tank. 🙂
    It was funny though, they had all these rules, you had to stand at a specific spot, look at the camera and NOT move a muscle. (or you might startle the sea lion and he could bite you.) that’s comforting.

  32. Metz,

    Too bad we can’t up and trade places! The biggest mistake of MY life was moving to San Diego! It doesn’t suit me at all. I would love to live in your current neck of the woods. Oh, well. That’s always the way it seems to go, huh?

  33. OHH! I see it now, those are (mostly) his eyelids. i was seeing the entire bulging “eye” areas as his eyeballs no eyelids. squinch up your eyes (and maybe your mind) and see if you can see the same illusion. Freaky!

  34. The pool! That’s what I want! Fehgeddabout fires and scotch, let’s go swimmin! I’ll bring some chips and my inner tube! Who wants to come?

  35. The nostrils are killing me. They so add to the overall “po’d about his coffee” air.

    Peet’s > Starbuck’s.

  36. AuntieMame says:

    Anything > Starbuck’s. Pleh!

    And I wonder if they call this a “sea lion mustache.” He does NOT approve…

  37. I love Sea World SD SOO much. I’m trying to get a job there now… I love san diego. <3

  38. I like his heart shaped moist nosicle

  39. “Yeah? Don’t like my attitude? Don’t try and flip me off, my friend, ‘cos you’ll be getting that back WITH INTEREST.”

  40. FYI–I feel that it’s my obligation as an Italian-speaking Seattle-ite to let you know that the delish beverage is spelled “cappuccino”. I’m sure our marine friend would like it either way, though.

  41. Amalia — fixted!

  42. that sea lion is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!