Tail, ‘tocks ‘n’ toes

People, this is a bebeh sea lion’s tail, tocks and toes.

Eef you look real close, you’ll see the tiny toenails too. Fascinating. [Say in Spock voice]


Otherthings, way to gerhe.



  1. OMG you right, I can see them. 0__0

  2. Wow! Who knew they had toenails?… Learn a little something everyday!

  3. Why does it look like his flippers are painted the same blue as the boards he’s laying on? Am I missing something here?

  4. o meeee god! toenails!!! at their best!!!

  5. AliceTanzer says:

    Wow. I never new they had toenails o_O Huh.

  6. joodster says:

    i am humbled by his weeee toenails. really.

  7. Valerie says:

    Uh, so does that mean the nails are vestiges of a past life on land or that this is an animal that has evolved from having webbed paws into one with flippers?

    I’m confused!

    Too cute, the pic, though…

  8. Weird!!! Valeria iz right, though. How in heck did sea lions evolve to have toe nails AND webbed feet? and why are they even CALLED sea lions in the first place! They aren’t even CATS! Neither are ant lions. They are’nt even MAMMELS!!!!
    I am really mad now. Those stupid scientests! they clearly do not even know a lion when they see one!

  9. acelightning says:

    All aquatic mammals, whether they are from the fur-bearing family that includes seals, sea lions, and walruses, or the family that includes whales and dolphins, are descended from land animals that went back into the water. The rear flippers of the fur-bearing ones are feet, and the front flippers are hands – they’ve just evolved skin “webs” to make them more efficient in the water. In whales and dolphins, the rear legs fuse during fetal development, and form the tail and flukes, but there’s still biological evidence that they were once feet. (And sea lions are called that because of the roaring noises they make.)


    Like that.

    That’s the noise they make.

  11. Ace lightning Nice explanashe” Their roar is much loader than you expect too. and when you see one on the dock remember it is a wild animal and they do bite.
    this is the end of our public service announcement!

    Now back toour regularly scheduled program of sea lion appreciation.
    Aren’t his blue feet just so adorable 😀

  12. Jen.

    Perfect. I heard the roar.

  13. so I didn’t read before I looked at the pic… and I thought I was looking at some demented bird with really bizarre wings. And I thought it wasn’t cute, but rather mutant-like.

    Now I see it’s a sea lion’s posterior. And that’s much cuter.

    Thank goodness.

  14. I have a warped mind. I thought it was a poor headless penguin!!! I was horrified, thinking “what site have I come to instead of CO??!??” Now I know what it is, I still can’t stop thinking about the poor penguin.

  15. aclarwen!!! Glad I’m not the only one!!!!

    (and jinx!)

  16. leah b. says:

    Annie you’re too much but having to wait until sunday night for new posts well…is to much too but watcha gonna do about it.
    One thing though did any get a picture of the front of this critter or what ???

  17. I won’t say exactly what I thought the tail was at first, but it was definitely not something I expected to come across on CO! Can’t look at it again.

  18. I love the hint o’ pink on the tail!

  19. well, this is just terrible [whine]! who put the swim flippers on this poor cocker spaniel? you would think [tosses head haughtily] that a site which prides itself on posting cuteness [rolling eyes] would cease posting such flagrant abuse of animals!

    /end nuff rant

  20. must… not… paint… toes… hot… pink….

    who am I kidding?

    *runs off to get the nailpolish*

  21. miss h. says:

    not cute … it just creeps me out.

    *scrolls for kittens*

  22. Stheriously … who knew they have toes? Veddy eenterestingk.

  23. LurkingCute says:


    Taaaails, ‘tocks
    Knees n’ toes
    Knees n’ toes
    Taaaails, ‘tocks
    Knees n’ toes
    Knees n’ toes

    Everybody now!

  24. actually, whales and dolphin legs dont fuse and turn into the tail and flukes. they actually have vestigial limbs inside them beneath all the blubber. A dolphin was recently caught that had its vestigial limbs quite apparent and visible. The tail and flukes are actually just an evolved specialized tail.

  25. i say actually a lot. sorry.

  26. Fuzzybutt says:

    What a glorious rump!

  27. LurkingCute, I was thinking the very same thing! ^_^

  28. Oh, and if anyone’s interested, the rest of the sealion pics are here:

  29. Snorgle Pup says:

    Actually, Ulises,Acelightning and all my highly intelligent peeps;
    On the fifth day of creation, God filled the waters with all the awesome creatures we share the world with today. That includes dolphin and manatee: my personal favorites.
    The sealions and us other land animals, He created on day five; right down to the tocks and toes. He smiled and said “it is good”.
    Look it up. It makes much more sence, and far less faith than to believe in billions of years and freak accidents involving primorial ooze.

  30. Check out the deck of blue fabulousness! All it needed was some tocks- now it is complete!

  31. SnorglePup – Science and religion can live in harmony. Who’s to say that God didn’t plan evolution?

    He made our glorious bodies to work in wonderful and mysterious ways – makes sense that he would build in a way for lifeforms to change when needed…….

  32. I thought this was a Mutant Pup with flippers instead of paws.

    …Could be kind of an underwater UnderDog?


  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    Uh Oh, I’m thinkin’ my bifocals are failing me. I don’t see any nails 😦
    Nice ‘tocks though.

  34. YM they are in the middle of his flippers not at the ends:D

  35. What a GREAT photo… ;D

    Awwww. Thanks!