Sunday dump

The first cute thing about kitteh "Skuzum" is his tail.  He was named Skuzum (skunk+possum) even through his tail is moreracoon-y than skunk-y or possum-y.

The second cute thing about Skuzum is that he obvy has mad skillz:


Alexia V., [shaking head] you should really teach classes.



  1. Haifever says:

    Cats freaking rule. Too funny.

  2. TAIL

    The third cute thing about this is the title “Sunday Dump.”

  3. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’d watch my shoes if I were you Alexia. Skuzum will not be happy to learn his private moments are on the interwebs.
    I on the other hand am very happy to see his potty time picture which made me laugh out loud!

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Not exactly cute…but handy when it comes to not having to clean the cat box anymore…now if only you can get them to flush the damn thing!

  5. Hey, a little privacy, puleeaze! And where’s my “Cat Fancy” magazine?

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Allow me to rephrase….Obviously Skuzum’s a cutie…he just needs a wee bit of PRIVACY, PEOPLE!!!

  7. Cute cat, cute tail, great skills !

    But I’m wondering what’s the white ‘thing’ between the seat and the bowl ?!?

  8. moggyfan says:

    And…what’s that “pooper scooper” doing there???

  9. joodster says:

    Such concentration. I wonder if he’s ever fallen in.

  10. A potty trainer–filled with litter to train kitty to use the toilet. Once they’ve mastered that, remove litter pan and voila, potty-trained kitty. Just don’t ever forget to leave the lid up, though….>:o

  11. Now if only he would change the roll of TP when he runs out!!!!!!

  12. I was going to say, “Go, Skuzum!” but he obvy already is.

  13. Skuzum looks way cuter on his loo & his aim would be way accurater than most guys I know – the 2 and half-legged ones … *naughty snigger*

  14. Thanks to bfl – I found it!

    And it’s quite ingenious, I might add… Certainly beats the ‘clear plastic’ method I remember seeing on the ‘net a while ago!

  15. Sure, it’s working well now….but beware the dreaded splashback!

    It’s ruined many a potty-going career.

  16. That’s not cute, it’s gross.

    Doesn’t this owner ever clean that toilet? That “ring” is just disgusting.

  17. mjrchapin says:

    Umm…is that his food bowl right there by the toilet? And his scratching post? Does he like live in the bathroom?

  18. It’s not a “ring”, its part of the wood inner part of the potty trainer.

    What a funny picture!

  19. I want my ca to do that! Hack, my baby sister can’t enev do that!
    Skuzum got GAME!
    Fear it.

  20. Dang Kar…..Unclench a little.

  21. Juniper Jupiter you mean if your cat could flush the toilet like this you would consider Kitty Toilet training?

  22. DejaMew (tx-usa) says:

    I dunno for sure but the most inner part of the toilet seems to be a gradient. Has this been potato-chopped? I’m not dissing potty-trained kitties, I’m just asking, ya know?

  23. DejaMew that is the kitty toilet training tray it goes betweeen the bowl and the ring. Obviously a kitty in training here.

  24. mandysea says:

    I’m soo jealous! We have to keep the lid closed because our kitty fell in once during a typical mad-cat NASCAR rampage around the apartment. Bravo to those who have taught their kittehs to kick the box!

  25. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Aw, “crap”, Annie! I forgot that clip! Unfortunately, that kitty prolly in’t potty trained, just flusher happy!

  26. Constance says:

    …no really…how do I teach my cat to do this?

  27. he’s a little celebrity:

    ps: I think there are books out there about how to potty train cats. It does involve training them for a time with a pan of litter over the toilet, which possibly could be what the thingy between the bowl and seat is there… or it could just be a lift for humans who like a higher seat.

  28. Villeline says:

    I know cats who do that. ALL BY THEMSELVES! No human teachers involved.

    And, yes, you don’t crap that close to your food or eat that close to your crapping spot – ESPECIALLY if you are a cat. Gross.

  29. Constance here are instructions

    And a bit more detail and info to do it without buying the fancy kit are here

    If you want to go the kit way here are two different ones or

    Good luck

    Don’t try teaching to flush until much later.

  30. ug, I tried to teach my cat to do this!!!! We got all the steps figured out, and had huge sucess… then when it was just him and the potty….. he hung over the wrong side and pooped on the floor EVERY time!!!! silly kitteh

  31. Norty ROFL. hang on a sec I am still laughing. HEhehehe
    OMG that is so funny…

  32. LOL. Cute.

  33. haha my son(age 4) said “I bet he’s gonna fall in.” and then walked away.

  34. cubbybutt says:

    Disturbing that the cat’s food and post are in the terlet room. Yuck. “You will live in here until you learn how to use a toilet like a human!” Naaahhhh!!!

  35. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My cat Sid jumps up on the toilet but while I am using it,he’s facinated by water including er my water, the number of times I have peed on him.

  36. Oh shut up about the food – some people find any ol’ thing to bang on about. So “disturbing” – whatever. When I got my kit from the RSPCA, they said it’s quite fine to keep food and litter in the same room. Kitties aren’t the same as humans. And if they’re happy using the toilet – awesome. I’m sure they wouldn’t do it if they weren’t happy.

  37. i like the bathroom features like the kitty litter scooper but he didnt poop in the litter box in the toilet!


  38. We tried this a long time ago- It does not work with more than one kitteh- they get way confused about where to go, and go all over the place. Not Cool!

  39. leah b. says:

    My kittehs do not like to be anywhere near the toliet bowl, The male cat prefers the water bowl while my girls love to play at the sink,thank goodness for drippy faucets or they would look strange

  40. caitlin black says:

    that picture is so funny it would be funnyer if it went 2 the bathroom!!!

  41. caitlin black says:

    that picture is so funny it would be funnyer if it went 2 the bathroom!!!

  42. Yes, and I use the litter box.

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Hey, while you’re up, can you bring me the New York Times please?”

    (Thank God my cats don’t do this!)

  44. ShelleyTambo says:

    L2, this isn’t just in the same room, it’s right next to the toilet! What if Skuzum has the same problem Norty’s cat had? Besides, considering the germs potties kick up while flushing, that’s just gross. (, ). Not that

  45. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sigh. Ok, first link shouldn’t have the comma at the end.

  46. I agree with all the “food shouldn’t be that close to their potty” people. I mean, how would you feel if you walked in and found your 4 year old sittin’ on the potty with a sandwich in her hand? GROSS!!

    but the REAL reason for my comment: Has anyone tried any of these kitty potty training systems with success? I’m going to be moving soon and am seriously considering trying this IF it really works. Recommendations??

  47. Umm, OK? NOT CUTE (sing song).

  48. Just can’t get the scenes from Meet The Parents outta my head.

  49. Um, people? They lick their own behinds. Does it really matter if their food is in the same room as the toilet?

  50. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hmmm. Ilism, you have a point; however, kitty is also being exposed to all of the human crap (pun intended, if that really is a pun) that goes on there and that might not sit well digestively.

    I’m also thinking in a more practical sense. My cat doesn’t even like to eat out of a bowl a few feet from the trash can because of some unpleasant odors. No way would she eat next to a toilet.

    And is it odd that I’m more grossed out when my cat licks her nose after a sneeze than when she licks her butt?

  51. musicchick2 – yes, I tried this with my two cats, Ben & Xena. They were doing great until the part where the center of the litter tray started to get bigger and they could see the water and hear the litter dropping into the water below. It freaked them out, so one of my angels decided that using my husbands pillow was a much better spot to relieve himself. After that my husband said THAT’S ENOUGH! And needless to say, I’ve yet to try it again. *sigh* It was going so well!! They only had one little slip up! Patience is the key!

  52. Hmmm… You know what else are cute? The sea otters that are going to get Toxo and die because of this cat’s business ends up in the water supply.

    Let’s just hope it’s no where near the coast.

  53. I’m currently using the Citi Kitty to potty train my two cats–we have a small center hole, and all is well. I think we will be successful, as long as we go slowly.

    We also moved the food into the bathroom–I think it helps remind them not to go on the floor.

    We keep a tub of Clorox wipes next to the toilet, for wiping off the seat.

    There are many benefits; decreased cost, decreased mess, easier to have someone watch your cat. And only a small amount of work!

  54. AuntieMame says:

    Tork…toilet water isn’t simply dumped in the ocean. It goes through the sewer system where it is treated and processed, then more than likely goes back into the domestic water supply. YOU are more likely to catch something toxic from kitty than the otters are.

  55. AuntieM — I Googled it (sea otters and toxoplasmosis)… apparently the toxo parasite eggs don’t normally get killed or filtered out by sewage-treatment plants. Sux.

  56. opie_jeanne says:

    Auntie Mame has it right, except the treated water is then used for “gray water” applications, such as landscaping, even though it is much cleaner than what originally came out of the faucet.

  57. Then the run off water from the landscaping goes into the drains and into the ocean.
    If you don’t believe me then google it..

    On a different note. I think it’s pretty sad day when a cat crapping on a toilet is considered CO material. What’s next? A bebeh puppeh expressing it’s own anul gland?.. *gag*

  58. OK, Tork. I’d say that’s about enuff.

  59. Tina Rhea says:

    I’m trying to figure out what the cat does after it uses the toilet. Most cats feel the need to scratch around trying to cover what they just did, and some are kind of fanatical about it, carving up the sides of the plastic litterbox… so what do they scratch…?

  60. Alexia V says:

    Ok guys, First, yes, CitiKitty. It’s worked so far! He’s really pooping!
    Skuzum’s food/water is in there because it’s the only place not on hardwood that’s out of sight of the windows. See, the landlady wasn’t supposed to know about the orphan that wandered in the back door, so we tried to keep the evidence out of sight, although I’m sure she’s seen him sitting on the window sill over the past 9 months, still the food remains. Maybe we’ll move it to the kitchen to please you all. The cutest part is when he scratches the toilet seat to “burry” it. I crack up.
    Thanks Eileen!

  61. Errr, that was not cute to me! The automatic litterbox is the only way to go! No kitty potty training here!

  62. Hee hee – what a stubby tail!

  63. Little Nikke says:

    Tina Rhea – my parents cats (yes, they are both potty trained) scratch at the toilet seat like mad until you flush for them, or they get bored (about 2 minutes). They also LOVE to watch the water swirl around – that’s why you don’t teach them to flush!

  64. Little Nikke says:

    Tina Rhea – my parents cats (yes, they are both potty trained) scratch at the toilet seat like mad until you flush for them, or they get bored (about 2 minutes). They also LOVE to watch the water swirl around – that’s why you don’t teach them to flush!

  65. ayla rose says:

    hi james and alexis..i love skuzum.he is so cute.

  66. My cat can do that too!