Juuuuust chillin’ + Xtreme beadiness

"Speedy" the ham, rudely awakened by the sound of the camera.

Check it, he’s all: "whuuuuuuuuh?" [re-adjusts ‘pillows’]


How COULD YOU, Kim V.?



  1. Poor baby ham! So sweet so tie tie!

  2. Huhhh? I think I’m just gonna stay here and….. (snore)

  3. He looks kinda scary, actually. Like, if I saw that face floating at my bedside…

  4. MaliceAlice says:

    Honestly, if I saw that floating at my bedside, I would expect it to teach me some mad kung-fu skillz. Tell me he doesn’t look like ham Mr. Miyagi!

  5. Yitzysmommie says:

    Sppedy, you are the Qte-est! I am still laughing…

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    He just needs the ham-sized TV remote…

  7. it’s one gang-looking hammi hahahaha

  8. jazmella says:

    Rofl! He has a big head, tiny eyes, and adorable feetsies!! Hahaha, he’s so gosh-darn cute!!

  9. gloom raider says:

    Teeny tiny sumo hamster!

  10. Gary Fixler says:
  11. He’s adorable!

  12. sundriedbagel says:

    Love the tiny beady eyes!!! lol. sometimes, the cutest things are the ones that defy the usual rules of cuteness! 🙂

  13. This ham’s face reminds me so much of an uncle of mine it’s almost scary… but it made me LOL anyway!

  14. acelightning says:

    The pinkness! Nosicle, mouth, paws, ears!

  15. Just Chillin.
    Catchin some ZZZ”s
    Why you Disturb the Qte WOMAN

  16. lookit the shnoz…

  17. those feetz!!!! OMG another inhaler picture for me…

  18. Juniper says:

    Someone should photoshop a bowl of popcorn on his lap!

  19. “Soooo…wuzzup?”

    Hees leeps, I lofs dem.

  20. *beeps* the belly!
    So soft an’ floofy. I must pick heem up and loves on heem!

  21. leah b. says:

    He is so PINK, does he drink pale beer , lol or even better pink champange on ice ( eagles referance peeps)

  22. It scares me ;~;

  23. It sez up there “readjusts pillows” — Him doesn’t need pillows, him *IS* a pillow!

  24. TIIIIINY eyes.

  25. Jabba the Ham.

  26. This ham looks uncannily like my high school biology teacher. Scary.

  27. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hey man, quit with the flash its blinding.

  28. Duvdevan says:

    Speedy looks just like me on a regular monday…

    “I DON´T WANT to wake up!!!! leave me ALONE”

  29. ‘speedy’ the ham


  30. Dood- he looks like teh godfather- he is all like whatta yer doin wif dat camera, pass the cannolis…

  31. His eyes are sooo tiny. He’s adorable…

  32. Purple Belt says:

    Now THAT is a funny picture!!

  33. You should not use that kind of bedding for a hamster, it can harm the hamster. D: Use toilet paper instead, and shredd it into strips. It’s safe for hamsters and it’s cheap.

  34. I swear this looks like my husband!

  35. This is the best morning face I’ve seen in a long, long time! ROTF!

  36. ohnonichole says:

    he totally looks like a character out of narnia!

  37. Does anyone else think he looks like William Shatner???

  38. chanpon says:

    If Mr. Potatohead were a hamster, this is how he’d look. :-/ How come its head is about the same size as his body?

  39. Whoa, who knew hamsters could have down syndrome?

  40. cubbybutt says:

    i want to snorgle this ham’s belleh.

  41. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Squinty-eyed sleepy hammy! Oh, and the FEET!! The tiny li’l pink (VERY PINK!) feet!!! *thud*

  42. Aww. My first dwarf ham was named Speedy too.

  43. So wait a minute, are you saying Shatner has Down’s Syndrome? There’s no way, he just isn’t sweet enough:)
    I’m going with Narnia. I ken hear his little voice saying, would you mind terribly much if we turned out the lights?

  44. OMG It’s George Burns!!!