I leeck you so moishe…

I shall leeck you

and leeck you

and leeck you.


I leeck you so moishe.


Katrina B. adopted these two kittehs from the local Humane Soceiteh. I think they’re getting along, don’t yerhe?



  1. tastydlite says:

    nyam nyam, u haz a flava!

  2. Yitzysmommie says:

    We are babysitting my son’s cat BattleAxe this weekend, who bears some resmblance to the lickee here. My Yitzy is a black & white kitty who looks like thi licker. This is NOT what is happening in our house!

  3. longtail says:

    Ooo, this is borderline indecent, judging by the orange kittie’s face! But anerable anyway!

  4. Sooooo perfect. These pictures make my day.

  5. joodster says:

    the zen of leeecking…so anerable.

  6. Katrina says:

    I’m the Katrina in question — the kittehs are Ruby Belle (gray and white) and Sheriff Buford T. Pussy. They’re still as friendly as ever…


  7. Ruby – don’t take ur lurve to town … drools Sheriff Buford

  8. My cats do this, but usually they roll around play biting until one has the other pinned, then the winner starts cleaning 🙂

  9. aw… a marmie and a tuxie wif twu wuv.

    I wish mine got along so well.

    Also, the names are great! Well done KATrina!

  10. The licker looks enough like my cat that I had to look reeeeeel close. Even the facial markings are the same!

    Rygel’s more of a fighter than a lover, though. 😉

  11. Katrina. The names LOL they are the best.
    The kitty being liked is all ahhhhh can you lick a little under my chin…..
    Yeah right….. There. Thanks evah so much.

  12. awwww. so much like my bubbsy and solly used to be, only bubbsy was black and white…so sweet…..

  13. Awww! The sweetest things ever!
    Also-I like the tiny fangs on the Sheriff…

  14. Also-“BattleAxe”???
    Too funny!

  15. fish eye no miko says:

    longtail said: “Ooo, this is borderline indecent, judging by the orange kittie’s face!”

    I know what I mean. Uh, shouldn’t we give the kittehs some privacy…?

  16. Caitlin says:

    indecent indeed. but I lurrrve the fangs 🙂

  17. Nicolletta says:

    Borderline kitty porn.

  18. leah b. says:

    My cats don’t do this real well, they prefer the self do-it job. But One of my kitties thinks he should bath a 100 Ib retevier-chessy mix tnak god he does not try and do the whole dog, hey would be too tired to well do anything…lol

  19. Awwwww.

  20. ritabby says:

    This is what you get when you adopt!
    Terminal cuteness. And then the humans die! ; )

  21. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My cat Stan does this to me, mainly going for the nose. But I am not too fond of the fang up the nostril.

  22. Lve the little fangs sticking out of the orange tabby!!!

  23. Make that first word “Love” in my previous post. Sorry.

  24. Katrina says:

    About the fangs — yeah, Bufie is a total love bug so when he’s rubbing my hand asking for pettings, it can get a little scratchy. He’s worth it, though! And Ruby licks me even more than she does Buford; whenever I brush her, she goes for my free hand and starts working away. (I tell myself that at least she doesn’t have to worry about getting hairballs from me.)

  25. When ever anyone sits on one of my high back wing chairs, my kitteh Nairobi jumps up there to play hairdressers. She will leeck yer head six ways to Sunday, It is hilarious when you have long hair. When she is done, you look like thees:

  26. My kitty also licks me. It disgusts my husband – but I realize its a form of affection from my kitty. He licks my neck – always the same place – he also gives me kitty “kisses” with his nose.

  27. Kudos to Katrina B. for adopting these two adorable kittahs! So, so dirty, so so cute.

  28. HeidStar says:

    Hey…I know that orange kitteh’s um, expression.


  29. I feel like I just intruded upon an intimate moment.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Deluxe Cat Wash: Rated “R”
    Ah, the ecstasy of it all!
    “Could ya lick just a little lower, and to the right please? Ahhh, you’ve hit my ‘C’ spot! You do know how to please a cat!”

  31. Simonsmom--nomore says:

    Aww, this pic makes me feel sad — not because these two aren’t adorable, but because we lost our Simon last week, and he was the head “lick-or” for the rest of our four kitties. Our two girls came to us as tiny kittens, and right from the beginning they would cuddle with him and he would wash them six ways from Sunday. Simon died suddenly (he was diabetic), probably of a stroke. Last night Desi came to me to be brushed (she had never done that before). She wouldn’t let me put the brush down–kept poking at me and butting my arm with her head. She misses her Uncle Simon, I think. So sad.

  32. MESSAGE TO SIMON’S MOM: So sorry for you. When my cat died, I went to the SPCA 4 days later – I needed to nurture something, to help me heal.

    The 2 cat-sisters I adopted play, but they don’t cuddle like this.

  33. CBF: Aw, I wish my bebehs were kissy. But they’re only leeeck-y with each other. Not with me. 😦 I get the little mouth-sniff “kiss” and lots of lovies though. Can I come over and be “groomed” by your kitties? (I wonder what my new hairdresser would say…LOL)

  34. Oh my! anerable to the absolute max, the other is all ‘ooh babeh ooh babeh ooh babeh yeah!’

  35. Yay for giving forever homes to older kittehs!

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    You’re still his Mom,even though you can’t see him anymore. have you heard of the Rainbow Bridge?

  37. Aww. This sort of peaceful scene never lasts more than about 5 seconds in my house. It usually goes “lick, lick, CHOMP” and then we’re into Kitty Wrestlemania Two Thousand aaaaand SEVEN!!! (which, when the kitties in question tip the scales at 12 and 16 pounds respectively, gets a bit noisy!)

  38. Tina Rhea says:

    Dang, guys… get a room! (Very cute when they’re lovely like this.)

  39. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Oberon loves to “reciprocal groom” too. It’s hard to brush him because he cranks his neck around and starts with the *lurrup lurrup lurrup* on your hand that’s holding the brush.

    Hooray for you, Katrina–Ruby and the Sheriff are gorgeous and obviously well-loved!

  40. Aww Simons Mom so sorry to hear of your loss. Our special friends become such a part of our lives that it is hard when tehy pass on. Hugs to you and snorgles from my kitties.

  41. MC2, Nairobi is very umm, firm. If she is giving you a good lickin and you move an inch, she will put a paw on yer head, like watch it hooman, don’t move a muscle. If she is lickin the other cat, the Stupid Bup, she will wrassle her to the ground, sit on her and then lick her upside the head ferociously. If it was kitteh porn, it would be the bad bad kind. (as opposed to other porn which only gets one “bad”) You don’t mess with Nairobi when she has decided to lick you.

  42. omg, lol, kitty foreplay!

  43. “Kitty Wrestlemania” LOL! I call it Kitty Karate b/c they like to bat at each other. These two could be twins of our two cats, except our orange kitty, Rascal, has white on his belly!

  44. I lurve the faces on the orange one!