Tie-tie from surfing other kittens

[Yawn] surfing is so tiringks.

I can only look at so many other kittens. [Sigh.]

Cici, originally uploaded by Jeremy_K

// UPDATE — got an RCF versionfor ya… thanks, Jaypo!  – T. //



  1. It should be illegal to be this cute.

  2. jinxtigr says:

    SO SAD! 😦

  3. Nooo! Don’t pay attention to the internet when you have a kitten clambering all over in front of you! Look at the grasping pawsies! Sooo cute!

  4. awww, look at the cute little belly!

  5. mel – i was *just* about to say that!

  6. Theresa says:

    Kittingks. We are lookingks at kittingks.

  7. Sweet baby!!

  8. kittens love macbooks. 🙂

    I bet Apple would sell a lot more if they sold the laptops home with cute little furballs with glossy black eyes like this little nyahm-nyahm!

  9. That kitten’s forehead marks are interesting. Beautiful kitten, and it’ll be a beautiful cat.

  10. Check out the flickr page that Cici’s picture comes from. Jeremy K’s got some wonderful shots, and the story of Cici and his other adopted strays is sweet and sometimes so sad. I’ve got a crush on little Cici, ever since I first saw his pictures about a year ago. He’s already a beautiful big cat, btw.

  11. Longtail says:

    Somebody get me a napkin? I spilled kitten all over my keyboard!

  12. Kitteh sez: Play wif me or I weel scratch you wif my ginormous clawz. I r fierce!

    Yes little kitteh, you are a good guard kitteh.


  13. haha.. spilled Kitten all over your keyboard… That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time!!

  14. I also was about to comment on the belly but it was already done. Also paws was mentioned. So I just agree! Yes, yes, adorable!

  15. I just let out a rather loud “AWWWWW”! What a sweet little baby!!! Look at those big eyes! Love da kitten!

  16. Kitteh wants to play compooter games. “Log me in to WoW, queeekly!”

  17. Someone rub his tummay!

  18. Sooo cute! I recognize this pose. It’s, “You want your home keys back? Pet me. Now.”

  19. awww, Cici! I was wondering when he’d make it here, he was , indeed, so freakin’ cute!!! For those enraptured by this little guy, check out Jeremy_K’s other pictures of him–it’s too much!

  20. Awww! I saw the whole set of photos, he’s a rescue baby. So sweet.

  21. Is anyone else having trouble counting the toesies?

    When they can tear themselves away from those eyes that is. How beautiful.

  22. lymerae says:

    Those eyes are HUUUGE!

    Also, this kitteh kind of looks like he has bangs!



  24. Eyes…drawing me in…can’t look away…Big Eye Factor…swirling into the kitteh vortex…going…going…

  25. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this. Little darling!

  26. Look at the flexitude on those pawsies!
    So sweet!

  27. Omg!!!!

    That is so cute, when we used to have a rabbit, it would sit by my monitor like that, but then he passed away, he was 13, It was really sad.

    It inspired me to build my new site http://www.livingadspace.com

    With him gone and so many crappy sites out there, I figured I would start something useful and share my knowledge,

    Well once again, see you guys soon , and of course thanks for sharing!

    Oh Ps. Subscribe to my rss as well !

    I am also going to add a link to cuteoverload on my site!!!!

  28. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cat like typing detected. nu[pea bghou

  29. Hon. Gladys – set tabs for tabbie typing!

  30. That kitteh is all claws and eyes. And belleh. And stripes. And key-oooot.

  31. acelightning says:

    What a lovely little sweetie-kitten!
    Unfortunately… when a cat gets used to lounging on your keyboard when s/he’s an Itty Bitty Kitty, they don’t stop when they get bigger. And while it may be cute to have a “kitten on the keys”, it STOPS being cute when the cat weighs fifteen pounds and is longer than the keyboard is…

  32. Aww! Ees so tireds! LOOK AT TEH WEE BELLY. I EAT IT? NOM NOM.

  33. I will DIE without this kitteh. I MUST HAVE EET!!!

    Also, belly spot alert!
    Belly spot alert!
    woopWOOPwoopWOOP (sound of alarm going off)

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    CiCi: “You will do as I say. You will bring me tuna and nip. You will not surf the net, you will play with me until I’m done”.
    Vurry cute kitty.

  35. Just wondering – does Cici [CC] stand for “cute cat”?

  36. I see pouting:
    Why can you has all these digital kittehs when you can has me? Look at meeeeee! I’m Gawjus! No? Very well, I does scratch you, meow!

  37. Will go look at Brad Pitt now, just to get revenge on you, hooman.

  38. leah b. says:

    I once saw a kitten it was a surfing the net, it was looking and watching all this stuff. But after a while it got kinda tired cause getting all warmed up.

  39. leah b. says:

    Cause it was getting all warmed up.

  40. He has alien eyes. Who knew aliens could be so precious? Why yes, you may take me back to your mothership for research, sweet alien kitty.

  41. I see Brinnann, this kitteh just uses Brad Pitt as bait to lure in unsuspecting womans to teh mothership!

  42. how adorable.
    and check the bread-makin possibilities of this lil baby! I want. please send overnight express fed ex.
    thank you.

  43. faunampls says:

    Stretchy toesies!

  44. good grief.
    that is the first photo i have seem of Brad Pitt and Shilo.
    i guess the ol’
    “2 beautiful people = 1 ugly baby” wives tale is all blown out of the water.
    what a gorgeous child.
    that lil kitteh aint bad either. and neither is Shilo’s Daddy.

  45. zeldapie says:

    This sweet lil’ kitteh has a bad hairpiece, looks like to me.

  46. It’s not a hairpiece, it’s a mohawk! Rock on, kitteh!

  47. ThreeCatNight says:

    Computer Kitteh Fatigue, a growing problem. What a shame to see it in one so young and adorable! He can snurgle on my laptop anytime.

  48. dandy_warhol says:

    look at the size of that tum-tum!! looks like it is in dire need of a zerbert.

  49. tummeh!!!! I know its been said….

  50. i can haz barcode on hed.

    no other kittens as cute, little cici!

  51. omg. I want to kiss deh belleh! I <3 kitty bellies.

  52. that’s what teh headmarkings are…I see

    can I take him home and swipe him, can I, can I?

  53. Cubbybutt says:

    Beyond cute:

    -The kitty mohawk
    -The glassy sleepy eyes
    -The word tie repeated and strung together with a hyphen to express the concept of pooped. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  54. wow, almost creepy at first, gives the impression of close encounters of the alien like side, but on closer examination….awwww its so cute, kittens and laptops are funny, they always like to be the center of attention don’t they.

  55. AuntieMame says:

    Who’s cuter than Brad Pitt? Pretty much anybody, if you ask me… Even before I found out he’s a creep, I thought he was ugly.

    And what you do, acelightning, is buy TWO laptops. One for you to use, and the other for your kitties to lounge on. And when they come to lounge on the one you’re using (as they inevitably will), you just move to the other one.

  56. i would be tie tie from searching for other ppl on line to

  57. I think I can fit her whole belleh into my mouf! Num-num-nums!

  58. SOOO cute! Looks a bit like Stitch if you ask me… Adorable

  59. Can I really be the first to say it? Well, okay.


  60. Right you are, Pheas Aunt. Let me see how ambitious I’m feeling. (Got a houseful of napping people & cats here, though, so the magic 8-ball sez “Outlook Not So Good” for bursts of creativity.)

  61. Everytime I see OMG PON1ES!!11! now I think “Planet Unicorn, Heeeeyy!”

  62. leah b. says:

    I was having a bad day outside my house today now I will stay inside and be checking cute overload and smileing all afternoon. But my house is somewhat like theo’s sleeping kitteh part it might not be long for sleeping human too…. lol

  63. beenclawed says:

    Another comment on “the belleh!” He must have just eaten, that’s one round tum tum. Thank goodness I can see Cici and his two mates on Flikr since The Daily Kitten site is not available at this time. 😦

  64. Cassandra says:

    This keetay was so absolutely adorable that I had to go the petshop to look at real live baby kitties, and now I want one (but if I got one it would be from the shelter). Cannot…resist! Darn you CO!

  65. jaypo! Barcode! Ah-ha-ha! From beeping noses to the beep, beep of barcodes. You are funny.

  66. pyrit, I beep thy nose from afar. 😉

  67. Pscaley says:

    acelightning, you made me spit tea out at work when I read your post! Thanks for the giggle.

  68. what’s MFBT?

    is mf what I think it is?

  69. RCF perpetrated! Hehehehe.

    (PS — comment #69 is MINE!)

  70. acelightning says:

    AuntieMame, I only wish I could *afford* two laptops – or even one. My cat does that to my desktop keyboard.

  71. LOL, teho!! thanks!!

  72. Metsakins, MFBT= Mothers of Furry Babies Too.

  73. Jaypo Nice job 🙂

  74. Fantastic addition of jaypo’s good-looking little as… donkey.

  75. Ha! The wordage on this site just cracks me up!

    So, “tie-tie”.


  76. R. Moore says:

    Yay! RCF returns!

  77. You should definitely see what a handsome young man Cici’s turned out to be. (He was only 2 weeks old when they got him!)


    206 pictures of Cici. I’ve been in love with this kitty since I first saw him, months ago. And I love Jeremy K for taking care of him and other strays.

  78. Theresa says:

    BTW, that was not an OMG PONY!!!1!!1! That was an OMG DONKEY!!!1!!1!

  79. “Fantastic addition of jaypo’s good-looking little as… donkey.”

    Amy! Hardy.har.har.
    phhtththh! 😛

  80. Carlisa says:

    W1nc3y— cute pics, thanks for the link!

  81. *addendum to previous comment of mine*

    I must nibble his ears.

    There’s just something so tempting about cute widdle earses.

    We have a North American Screech Owl at the SF Zoo (I’m a camp intern) named FANCYPANTS! He doesn’t have external ears, but I wish to nibble his ear-like feathers. I wuvs you Fancypants!!!

  82. *DIVES into kitty belly*

  83. smokeyJoe says:

    i looked through the rest of the collection on flickr — what a bunch of darling cats! bravo!

  84. This kitten looks like he has fingers – I can see him typing at that keyboard.

  85. Those eyes!! I can’t look away. Don’t you just want to pick her up and cuddle?

  86. I need new QTE stat people! Having a bad day, need the QTE!! Rescue me please!!

  87. What a yummy wittle mouf’ full! One bite. My only lament is that they can’t stay itty-bitty.

  88. Er, Metaskins, Annie’s version is Qter, but I was thinking of this MFBT (NSFW):


    Re: the RCF pic, again, not believing I’m the first to say it, but clearly, it is re-DONK.

  89. okay I got the mf, it was the bt I couldn’t figure out. Did Annie lie to me? hmmmm

  90. Now I had to look up NSFW. But I got it. It’s not easy being the old……

  91. MEtsakins, Hmmm Being an oldster also, I guess I just wanted it to be the Qter version but Knowing it was friday and All I should have realised the MF meant MF and teh BT meant Booze time.
    Being ON CO I thought well maybe we were back to the MFBT of well Mothers day.. Silly me..
    See here

  92. Annie – LOL

  93. some guy says:

    where is our weekend CO update?


  94. Some guy-

    Whoa, calm down! Cute never takes time off, but Ms. Frost needs to. She deserves a break like the rest of us, dontcha think?

    Why don’t you snorgle one of your neighbourhood animals/ pets instead? Ees what I’m doingk.

    *wanders off looking for critters*

  95. withdrawal kicking in….

    to think that only two years ago i lived every day without regular doses of online cute. and now, can’t stop checking site…can’t kick the habit…good thing i live with cute creatures or i might spontaneously combust.

  96. Elizabeth P says:

    Wait…. you mean I have to get my dose from MY cat?

    That’s…. absurd!

    Almost as absurd as the new Die Hard movie I just came home from!

    (I’ve officially nominated it for the most ridiculous Movie OS ever)


  97. Oh I knoes that feeling ‘cept I am not covered in adorable warm fur with my fuzzie bellie showing..

  98. Psst..they’re are some wild bunnies down the road from me…..I’ll give you directions if you need them…

  99. OH!!!! How cute, what an adorable photo. Thanks for sharing.

  100. This kitty also has a fauxhawk. And he must be one of those newfangled tiger kitties – look at his stripy tail.

  101. Constance says:



  102. *SPLODE! SPLODE!*

  103. The eyes………and the wee belly welly!

  104. I am officially in FULL WITHDRAWAL mode. I can’t eat.. I can’t sleep. I have the shakes. I’m breaking out in cold sweats. I’m about to bust outta here and go down to the seedy part of town and get me a qte fix at Petsmart. Don’t make me do it.

  105. Oh, meollow there. You just caught me in my special keepin’ the kitteh pot belleh workout …

  106. You need to re-boot people! Then you will see the weekend’s Qte!

  107. I think his belly just made my head asplode.

  108. I am curious about CiCi’s claws. Do they have caps on them? It seems in all the pix they are extended.

  109. Awww, lookie the cutie patootie kitty witty! 😛

  110. the eyes are cute!!! If it does something bad i dont think i would be able to get mad at it!!!!!!