The Tired Toupée

Nah, don’t pass the Pomade—my day job as toupée will have to wait. I’m beat.

How about hand-feeding me some yogurt treeeeeeatsaaaggghhhhh [sticks tongue out]


James V., I think you better turn the AC on. [sigh]



  1. MamaDawn says:

    The first day back at work after a holiday flattens me too. Yogurt treats for all!!

  2. guineapiggin9 says:

    What a sweet baby…kinda looks like my piggers! Sleep tight lil guy!!! ZZZZZZZ…

  3. OMG… (S)he looks like I feel… How sorry is that!

    Can I borrow him for my husband?

    Tray qte!

  4. bunny?
    Wow could he get any flatter? Poor worn out *critter* (*insert correct species ere*)
    I feel xactly the same right now.
    Whomp! Flattens self to floor, ahhh that does feel better, bring me some chocolate stat!

  5. Why are we working todayyyy???

    Working after a holiday should be illegal!

  6. Who said I’m working?
    (looks over shoulder for boss)
    er, yeah I’m working yeah right. work work work
    working here!

  7. Metz – GP fer sure!
    I’d know that piggeh nose anywheres!

  8. Dang whatta pig. So furry and smunchy. He’s a guineafrisbee!
    I can see him whirlin over a field of alfalfa now, making this sound: Whuyaayayayayayuhhhh!
    head’s up!
    Over to you, Metz!

  9. *catches piggy & tosses to whoever posts after me* 🙂

    Actually wanted to say I think that the real estate agent who sold us our house had this exact same toupee.

    *snickers* without the fancy smanchy accent mark that word looks funny. toupee *snickers*

  10. Piggie look broke! Piggie look how I feel!!

  11. MamaDawn says:

    I think he looked out of his cage and saw it’s raining AGAIN here in Oklahoma. My backyard ark is about half finished. All fuzzy critters welcome!

  12. What a flat, fluffy piggie!…say that 3 times fast.
    Can’t wait to get home from work and lie that flat myself.

  13. poor piggie.
    looks all worn out and whipped like I FEEL after i have a stupid wednesday off and get 1-1/2 hours of sleep. at least he doesnt look grumpy. just sleepy. and sweet.

  14. Loves Cute says:

    ok, this is now I’m feelin’ now today. Not grumpy, just wupped. Like I’ve been rode hard and put away wet. Neeeeeeigh.

  15. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

  16. michellemybelle says:

    I would totally wear this piggie on my head. It would make work much more exciting.

  17. Aww, I love piggie pancakes. I remember my Zippy doing this when he was alive and we lived in Philadelphia. Warm and smooshy…(Philly in summer and flat piggies both).

  18. Leilani says:

    That’s not a guinea pig–that’s a flat cat. Just ask Robert Heinlein!

  19. Awwww….! So cute. Looks about how I feel, too… (Not only did I work today, but I worked yesterday, too! Soooooo tired!) I just wanna pet it, it looks so fuzzy!

  20. Did the fireworks keep you awake too, Misser Piggles, after you had to work ALLLLLLL day on the 4th and were trying to sleep cuz you had to work ALLLLLLLL day today, too?

    *slumfs down with the piglet* Me too, Misser Piggles, me too.

  21. The deflated tuft has brought a bit of joy to my feckless existence.

  22. Sam Donaldson says:

    Has anybody seen…oh, THERE you are!

  23. Aw, Zach. Here´s hoping that tomorrow is more feckful.

  24. How refreshing to see the word “feckless” used here in this century. It’s not even in my Webster’s Dictionary (Revised and Updated). What this century needs is to apply the word “feckless” to all the feckless SOBS who are taking up space in what could be a perfectly good century.
    P.S. Love the GP

  25. Not in the dictionary, Anne? What the feck?

  26. What a gorgeous pinnie gig!! 😀

  27. I hereby declare a de-feck-tion to the feckless faction.

  28. Effecktive now.

  29. Well now, you don’t need a defective to tell you who said THAT.

  30. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a lovely syrup. Syrup of fig=wig, or should that be syrup of pig?

  31. how very flufferly

  32. acelightning says:

    Watch out, piggle – here comes William Shatner!

  33. Book_monstercats says:

    Eoyore, we have called our GPs “pinny gigs” (“pinnies” for short) ever since the day my husband came out with it as a genuine Spoonerism. Aubrey and Dale, if you get the chance to pick up a TV show called “Father Ted”, about three dysfunctional Roman Catholic priests living on an island in Ireland, you should watch it; Father Jack’s favourite expression is “feck” (you need to watch it)!

  34. What an animal my grandma has one of those and those things stink!! EWEWEWEW

  35. Yogurt treats? Awwww, my little guinea peeglet used to love those yogurt treats! 😦

    I miss little Thumbelina.

  36. “I’m melting! I’m mellltiinnng. aaargghhh”

  37. This must be the best caption *ever*. Made me squeak.

  38. ok so my cat is a blob says:

    We’ve been watching Lost in Space reruns lately. And the thing is, June Lockhart is a lovely woman, but I keep thinking her hairdo looks a bit like a guinea pig on her head.
    I didn’t know that guinea pigs were commonly accepted head covering.

  39. Carlisa says:

    New category—“Piggies as Wiggies”

  40. Awww, Piggy-wiggy-poo looks so tie-tie.

  41. Lerrinus says:

    Lucky me, Zach/Dale/Anne/Aubrey, I just happen to have an old dictionary by my computer: a pocket Oxford Fourth Edition 1942 – it’s spine is missing and it’s my mom’s!

    It says:

    feckless, Lacking purpose or resource, helpless, futile [effectless]

    *beeps GPig on nose*

  42. Very cute guinea pig … just chillin’! [A note, guinea pigs should not eat yogurt treats since the sugar content could upset their digestive tracks and cause serious health problems.]

  43. Evie the Commenter says:

    ( ‘.’ )
    ( () )0
    () ()
    Sorry i just like making bunnies they are the closest thing that i can make realated to guinea pigs!
    He looks like he was just at a party!
    (you know those parties were you come home at 2:oo in the morning(LOL)!!!!!!!!!!)

  44. I can’t stop looking at this picture!

  45. chiquitia says:

    i like thiss lolz hihi haha