QUICK! where is the nearest fireworks store!?!?

Oh, when the other buns find out about this, I’m HOSED!

Jason M., Will your bun survive the embarrassment!?



  1. Bleen? Sooooo cute those itty bitty pawzzzz!

  2. phew I thought I was the only one home tonight….what a cutey

  3. DumBunny says:

    That is one cute bunny!!!

  4. ‘Cuz I’m Canadian. Sorry hope that doesn’t make you feel bad. 🙂

  5. A future version of me after the 4th, listening to fireworks go off, you know the big kind, outside my window a month after the fact -_-

  6. bfl – no..*dabs at tears* no not at all bad…excuse me now I’m going to cry myself to sleep….

  7. SeaBreeze says:

    I think the Roman candle would be toooo big for this bun.

    How ’bout a pomeranian-sized sparkler for this little one?

  8. AliceTanzer says:

    Its raining here. No fireworks. 😦
    I don’t even think there was a parade.
    How lame!?

  9. aww, don’t worry little bun bun! your friends will forgive you. just be cute and watch.

  10. How could anyone ever possibly be mad at such a cute widdle bunnums!?!? *grabs bunny and smooshes him muchly*

  11. I told you. No pictures!

  12. misscrisp says:

    OMG! I forgot that scrolling downwards can result in LOUDER snorking and chuffling! What will the neighbors think?

  13. i just finished lighting 20+ bottle rockets inside city limits. Was fun.

    sorry little bun. I woulda let you borrow some.

  14. turbofloof says:

    aaahhhh bunneh, i geeve you keeses on your soft bunneh nose, and we’ll snorgle and forgeeve…

  15. Awwwww.. I feel so sorry for him. Everything’s gonna be alright, bunneh! I promise!

  16. Just an off the wall thought, since most buns seem to be the disapproving type, could they be in some way related to the Auditors?
    Advanced scouts perhaps?

  17. I ‘tink maybe he’s about to cover his eyeses ’cause the fireworks are SO BRIGHT! And cuz his widdo arms aren’t long enough for him to cover his earses to block out the “booms”!

  18. I thought he was a Canadian bun, too. What with him feeling hosed an all. You hoser bun, eh?

  19. acelightning says:

    Awww, it’s okay, little bunnikins… nobody expects you to carry such a big load. You just sit there and be adorable, and try not to get too scared by all the loud noises, and then we’ll all take turns petting you and telling you how adorable you are. (Because you *are* unbearably adorable.)

  20. Christine H says:

    Awww. Now that it’s the 5th, this teeny bunny is perfect for my birthday :D. *cuddles it*

  21. Cat Feral says:

    Awwww! That’s so perfect for the 4th!

  22. “Three thousand bottle rockets, please – one for each of my family…”

  23. Christine H says:

    Awww. Now that it’s the 5th, this teeny bunny is perfect for my birthday :D. *cuddles it*

  24. mandykw says:

    I LOVE this bun and I think I might die because this is just too freaking cute.

  25. Snorgle Pup says:

    Happy birthday Christine.
    Fireworks here will go off Sat. Rainy here too.

  26. So so cute.

    I didn’t experience fireworks last night. I live in a quiet, conservative neighborhood. It was also raining here in Philly, I don’t like large crowds of people and parking 10 miles away from an event, and frankly, I’m not much big into fireworks.

    Instead, I watched 1408 with people I just met on the internet. The movie itself wasn’t scary, but man do things like to “jump out” at you! Hehehehehe.

  27. awwwww. its ok, bunneh! nobody could be mad at you.

  28. Such a cute little bunny! Check out that fluffy belly. snorgle snorgle snorgle the belly

  29. Pscaley says:

    Oh! I had missed the fluffy belly!! Thank goodness someone was there to point it out.

  30. It’s the “see nothing evil” bun! 🙂

  31. Such an interesting color for the pawses too!

  32. bun snorgler says:

    I want to take the smallest of nibbles of those ittle bittle pawsies and then the softest of kronshes of those bun ears…. and while I’m at it a little snorgle on that fluffy little forehead

  33. Is this the “after” version of Monday’s “before” cotton ballio?

  34. (Pheas) Ewwwww! Thanks for the mental imagry there.

    I think that he/she saw their own disapproving look in the mirror and it was just too powerful.

  35. Metz they are definitely in the emply of auditors! Just feed him some chocolate! And Run! (You do mean *those* kind of Auditiors doncha?)

    Anyways bunny, do not despair. Thees bad boy has gots plenty of fireworkinks for you. (Just count yer ears when yer done.)

  36. Yay! Finally someone picked up on my Discworld ref! *patting self on back*
    Maybe that’s what happened to this bun/auditor it got ahold of some chocolate. 🙂

  37. Sweet Lady says:

    “Oh, what a cruel world!”


  38. Suda Nim says:

    Metz —

    Buns can’t be Auditors. No matter how disapproving, they have too much personality.

  39. hmmmm, mebbe the auditors planted that thought in my head, then…. 😉
    I think you might be right after all, just remembered my old buns how they’d have so much FUN flinging their hind feetsies and little pebbles in the air as they ran around the room.
    Wheeee! Wheeee!

  40. See? I told you Metz, we are kindred spirits- I can tell.

  41. laura m. says:

    you make bunny cry!

  42. I wish my bunbun just spread his pellets when he kicked his paws around while “hippity hopping.” However, he preferred to impersonate a lawn sprinkler. Didn’t get it that he needed “new turds.” Quite the amorous feller, too.

    Man, I miss my Karat. He was the bestest bun around. Large and in charge. He ruled the house more than my cats do now. Ate everything under the sun which probably contributed to him only living 7 years. *sigh*

  43. Karat, how cute!

    I didn’t have a sprinkler, but sheesh when I got that second bun… it was deep watering time. Puddle here, puddle there, puddle over in front of the TV… oh, did I miss over here? No, got that spot, but hey it could use a second coat… oh, here’s mom — I think I’ll give her a puddle on her arm…

    Ah, I miss my Hollybunny.

  44. I need to hold and comfort this sweetie bun!!

  45. Awwwwwwwww – it’s okay behbeh bunneh! Comfits wit fuzzeh wuzzies on de fuzzeh bunneh tummehs!

  46. My bun HATES fireworks!

    BOOM BOOM *thump* BOOM *thump* all evening long.

  47. bunny_soooo_cute! says:


    Soooooooooo Cute!! It would be 2 ickle 4 da fireworks do!

  48. harli lawson says:

    that is so cute i <3 that picture

  49. aaaaaaawww the wittle bun is 2 cute! (-3

  50. I will give you a dozen Roman candles if you sniff me with that bunny nose.

  51. Now that is cute. 5 Stars 🙂

  52. (\__/)
    but i do
    ( ‘.’ )
    ( () )
    (“) (“)Big feet!

  53. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That’s a very pretty color–I’ve never seen a bun with such pretty chestnut-brown legs combined with that roany-brown body color! And the “D’OH!” gesture is priceless!

  54. It’s ok bun–we’ll detour thu S Carolina to get you some more.

  55. Evie again says:

    ( (__) )
    Its a mix!
    Other Bunnies:Count too 30!
    Bunny:1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10………..
    Bunny:Ready or not here I come!
    Other: bunnies he he he ha ha ha (LOL)
    Bunny: I found you guys, try not to all hide in the same spot then I find you to fast1!!!!
    ( (_) )
    (“) (“)

  56. Am I the only one that comments:Evie says:

    Hello again…..
    ( ‘.’ )
    ( () )
    bunnies are on my top fav

  57. ........You know who it is come on........ says:

    Hi you know who it is i commented way to much….
    it is actually 9:41 not 6:41 the time is wrong!!

  58. time not wrong time zone different they’re out west….