Kitteh Charleh Chapleens

Listen, I know what you’re all thinking. This cat looks like Hitler.  But I’d like to revise that and say he looks like Chaplin. It’s much better, and makes more sense anyway since he’s black and white… 😉


Lucinda N., Did you have any idea this site existed?



  1. Peg of Tilling says:

    I think this kitty has gone to full-on Groucho.

  2. Well, Hitler often appeared in B&W footage, but you’re right, he does look more like Chaplin. He’s skinny, for one thing.

  3. W1inc3y says:

    I agree — Groucho has the bigger moooostache. Totally kewt kitteh!

  4. All mustachioed cats are Mexican – didn’t you know that?

  5. holly Van Voast says:

    GROUCHO kitty.

  6. Poor kitteh looks sad, like “Why you laffin’ at me, Momma?”

  7. I agree, it’s GROUCHO for sure!

  8. Natalie says:

    I did know that site existed thanks to a John Vanderslice concert!

    Ahhh that site is hilarious.

  9. Natalie says:

    P.S. Don’t you love it that they call them “Kitlers”?

  10. I was logging to agree with the Chaplin assessment, but I saw that Peg the genius has referenced Groucho. O yes. I endorse Groucho.

  11. charliewabba says:

    Add another vote for the Groucho kitteh. Just give that meowster a cigar and a straight man and stand back. “Last night I caught a mouse in my pajamas…what he was doing in my pajamas, I’ll never know…”

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    I think he looks like the Frito Bandito – just needs a sombrero!
    ADORABLE KITTEN – YM jumps in, grabs him & makes a run for it.

  13. I’ve got one of these as well. My cat is even NAMED Chaplin:

    Although I will admit, when he bit my mom when she was visiting, she started referring to him as Little Hitler.

  14. “Kitteh Charleh Chapleens”? Ok, these captions are really going to far. Spelling things right is less annoying and no less cute!

  15. That being said, I should’ve spelled ‘too’ right in that last post. 😀

  16. Julie Raven says:

    The mustache is totally Groucho, but the eyes scream Chaplin, since he had those really distinct eyes with eyeliner.

    What a cutie 😀

  17. Bill, you must be new here.

  18. That `tasche is much wider than either hitler nor chaplin’s – I vote

  19. Haha, I’m not new here. It’s just a cumulative effect over months of coming to this site that I can’t take the intentional misspellings anymore.

    [Hope you’re prepared to be overwhelmingly overruled… – Ed.]

  20. I’d say more like Stalin myself, but the Chaplin comparison is waaaay more cuter 🙂

  21. Kitlers, bound on WORLD DOMINATION!

    But I like the positive switcheroo. Chaplin or Groucho Max? Hmmmm…

  22. awwww, lol. he’s groucho-ish. cute cute

  23. but Bill, she doesn’t do it for the misspellings. She does it for the sound effects, the pronunciations… You have to be able to *hear* it to get the full impact of the cute/funny…
    And besides, Meg is High-Priestess of the Qte, and we all think she is as funny as all get out!

  24. StormCat says:

    Bill, Megs does a great job of getting us all to talk in the qte way!!

    What’s great is that there are thousands of us sitting in offices around the world, saying these words out loud, then laughing out loud!! What’s better than that? I’m a stickler for spelling and pronunciations, but this site is worth the digression for the qteness!!!

  25. This is my favorite Kitler :

    Hope he gets lots of love, the markings are not his fault. I almost feel sorry for the poor cat.

  26. headscratcher says:

    Bill, it’s called phonetic reproduction, not mispelling. Two different things. Phonetic Reproduction is the attempt to write with an accent, generally used in playwriting and some ficton and hotly debated.

    In a humour website/blog about animals, there is no debate. It’s funny.

  27. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Could it be Saddam cat?

  28. I endorse the Chaplin kitty, he just needs a little hat and bamboo cane to complete the look

  29. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, please. Anyone knows that it’s the infamous Charlie Catlin, a well-known feline Chaplin impersonator. Just look at those beautiful black-rimmed liquid eyes. He does, however, have trouble manipulating his cane, but has no trouble putting on his bowler hat, and spiffy black bowtie. Unfortunately, he was born around the same time as the feline dictator, Adolf Kitler, who wishes to take over the dry food industry. Charlie, on the other paw,is the polar opposite, and believes that all cats should live in peace, and share their food and water with less fortunate felines.

  30. Yitzysmommie says:

    Beel, eet ees phonetic speeshe, so we can all have owtrayjush Fronsche accents.
    Sorries, dahlink!

  31. headscratcher, I’m glad I have a technical excuse for Qte spelling. See, you learn something new everyday. Does spelling for slang effect fall under phonetic reproduction? i.e. wuzzup beyotch (per the stoat)

  32. Animalphiles annie says:

    I keed you not – I’m getting my Masters in Human/Social Communication (socio-linguistics if you will) and I’m seriously considering doing a thesis on Web site-specific grammar/spelling conventions such as these owtrayjush Fronsche accents (as YM rightly calls it) in addition to lolcats etc. How cool would that be – studying the language of Qte and getting college credit for it!!!

  33. Ponygirl says:

    I mentioned that website the other day:

  34. If I had this kitteh I would giggle for the rest of my life.

  35. Sieg heil! Hee.

  36. 3 words people….

    young tom selleck

  37. Mustachio!

  38. headscratcher says:

    brinnann: Yup, it does. Would also fall under just slang or colloqualizm (did I even spell that word right?)

    Animalphiles annie : I would LOVE to see that thesis! lol.

  39. Animalphiles Annie — don’t forget this in your bibliography…

  40. R. Moore says:

    He he, I like the positive spin 🙂 It was reading about WWII that first got me interested in Modern History (now my major). Of course, I want to go into cultural studies withing this, not war studies…

    I think the most offensive thing on that site is some of the hate mail. Wow. I was expecting the righteous indignation, but “you should fall into a gas chamber?” Wow. Way to spread the hate, people.

  41. R. Moore says:

    Animalphiles Annie-

    if you do write this thesis, be sure to link to it here and send it to Meg!

  42. Long Time Listener, First Time Poster says:

    Cats that look like Bob Kervoian of Bob and Tom fame

  43. Long Time, etc.: Bob & Tom, radio show?

  44. harveyrabbit says:

    I fully endorse Groucho.

    “I would never want belong to a club that would have someone like me as a member.”

  45. hrh.squeak says:

    Groucho Kitteh: “Say the secret word, get a snorgle!”

  46. Peg of Tilling says:

    The secret word!

    There, I’ve said the secret word, can I get a snorgle?

  47. Our MN friend Theo(!) had a Groucho cat, which spawned our beloved Harpo and Zeppo…
    “Outside of a cat, books are man’s best friend. Inside of a cat, it’s too dark to read.”

  48. Would the owner of this adorable baby please respond. What kind of a kitty is this? I adopted a kitten six months ago who looks like this sweetie, minus the mustache. Dewey has a black back with a skunk stripe halfway down it and black and brown tiger stripes. His undercoat is all white and super silky soft. Dewey has the black eyeliner too. I’m so curious because I’ve never seen another until today!

  49. It is a Groucho cat. Charlie Chaplin’s moustache was much smaller.

    Hey, why a duck?

  50. AWWWW… these are my favorite type of kitties. We call ’em “smudgers.” I think they are referred to as “cow cats”?
    The Groucho reference is hilarious!

  51. Yes, yes, he looks like Chaplin, but the real question is, does he walk like he has water in his shoes? Can he do a ballet dance on a table with nothing more than forks and rolls?
    Beel, darlink, from someone who used to win spelling bees, dust off your funny bone. We r knot gunna stop- eets teh funnies…

  52. Joools — another Theo in MN??

  53. lymerae says:

    For all the debate about phonetic spelling–
    I was taught that in a serious piece of fiction, one should only attempt a phonetic trascription of dialect and slang if one is a studied expert with the dialect in question, along the lines of Zora Neale Hurston.

    However, 1) I doubt there is such a thing as a studied expert in “Qte speak” and 2) this is a website, not a serious piece of fiction. Soo… um, yeah, I don’t think anyone should get their panties in a twist over it 🙂

  54. zOMG! He needs a big pair of glasses and a false nose!!!

  55. He looks ridiculous.

    Get the whiteout.

  56. Lucinda N. says:

    Actually I named the kitty Lil’ Stache. I wasn’t going to call it Hitler and Charlie Chaplin doesn’t work either because she is a girl!
    The name Lil’ Stache sorta just happened.

  57. R. Moore says:

    Hey Theo, we’re going to need a clean-up on “Just like the office”

    [ba da bing – Ed.]

  58. “… Ahhh that site is hilarious.
    Posted by: Natalie | Jul 05, 2007 at 06:59 AM”

    “P.S. Don’t you love it that they call them “Kitlers”?
    Posted by: Natalie | Jul 05, 2007 at 07:00 AM”

    Umm, no, Natalie, I don’t think it’s hilarious; no, I don’t love it that they call them “Kitlers,”; and by no means do I think that website is cute. The kittehs, yes, the website and its premise, no. And no, I don’t think I’m being oversensitive, I just don’t find cutifying an evil mass-murderer amusing. I guess some of us have more reason to be wary of this sort of thing, than others. If you want to call them “Chatlins” or “Groucho Katz”, cool. “Kitlers” is offensive — and not cute.

    The kittehs are mucho snorgleable, though!

  59. It looks like he has a Dirty Sanchez!!

  60. Kitlers are fuzzy little dictators in the country of love.

  61. awww, li’l Stache! That’s pretty durn cute…

  62. Florida Fran says:

    Instead of got milk. She is saying got chocolate milk!

  63. No one else sees Cheech?

  64. Interestingly, Charlie Chaplin parodied Hitler in a 1940 film (The Great Dictator). He played a Nazi-like dictator called Adenoid Hynkel.

  65. The Great Dictator is a hysterical film.

    I guess we should hate him though…

    Nah, it was funny.

  66. Whoa, wouldn’t want to mention the holocaust, would we Jaye? I think We should go with who ever said Young Tom Selleck. That was priceless. Now he just needs a hawaiian shirt, a perm and some chicks!
    C’mon Theo, it is reality optional friday tomorrow, surely you could do something?

  67. I say Groucho 🙂

  68. Totally a Chaplain. To-tal-ly.

    Perhaps the ‘stache is a bit big, but the rest of the face looks way more like Chaplain than Groucho.

  69. AuntieMame says:

    Actually, I don’t see how cute pictures of kitties with Hitler mustaches is any more or less offensive than stuff like Spike Jones’ “Springtime for Hitler.” It’s all a form of mockery, and that’s all to the good, IMO.

  70. The ‘stache is tewtelly Groucho, but the rest of the bebeh is Chaplin.

    But I think he’d look fab in a Hawaiian shirt as Young Tom Selleck. Go, Magnum Cat!

    (Auntie M, I think you’re mixing up Spike Jones’ “Der Fuhrer’s Face” with Mel Brooks’ “Springtime For Hitler”. Same idea, though.)

  71. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, yeah, that’s what I meant.

    And the reason I really intended to post was to warn Bill from visiting I Can Has Cheezburger if he doesn’t like the spelling here. 🙂

    Anyway, criticizing CO for the phonetic spellings is like criticizing Hamlet for the iambic pentameter. It’s sorta the whole point.

  72. gravyboat says:

    My friend had a pitten that looked like him. She named him “Kitler”.

  73. Dr Science says:

    Charlie Chaplin had the stash first anyway so lets compare these kittlers to the Great Chaplin. (I didn’t know the site about “kittlers” had anything to do with John Vanderslice!)

  74. Kinda reminds me of el Guapo from cat town. Or Hitler. Anything with a square mustache looks like Hitler. It doesn’t mean we’re down with the Reich! It means we have eyes, can see, and notice that, why yes, the mustache looks like his.
    Hate the Hitler, but love the Kitlers, I say.

  75. Hello! I’d say it’s Borat-cat, everybody! Thats niiiice.

  76. alexandra says:

    RJ you’re way too uptight. Heil Kitlers!

    I love the kitler website!

  77. Michelle says:

    Phonetic spelling is

    “da bom”

  78. alexandra says:

    I wish my cats looked like hitler. Maybe we’d have some order and discipline around my house! stay off der counters ja!!

  79. Margaret says:

    Hitler cats freak me out.

    “Vere are your papuhs? You are not allowed to leef home vitout your papuhs! CATNIP! Mach schnell!”

  80. hola me from mexico

  81. yes, Teho, it’s twue! It’s twue! (Madeleine Kahn, Blazing Saddles…) South St. Paul, to be precise. Fostered my love of the Marx Brothers, and old time Mpls Wrestling (the Baron, Mad Dog Vachon…) – that is all the people need to know!

  82. threeCatNight, Stands up applauding.
    Love it and the kitty and her cute stacheo..

  83. I say it looks more like Chaplin anyways. It looks like that mustache could wiggle at any moment.

  84. I say it looks more like Chaplin anyways. It looks like that mustache could wiggle at any moment.

  85. Purple Belt says:

    The “hair” isn’t right for Hitler, so I’ll vote Chaplin, too. I have to admit though, that my first thought was Kitler. I think a cat who looks like ANY person (evil or not) is pretty remarkable and can be durn funneh.

    (can’t stop! HAHAHAHAHAHA etc.


    his name is Groucho and he is the CUTEST kitty ever!!

    he is not at all like hitler, and whatrs even more hilarious is that he happens to live in a jewish household!! ^.^

  88. Awwww. Chaplin kittehs are teh best.

  89. luckybug says:

    I read somewhere that Hitler grew his mustache to emulate Chaplin’s.
    In any case, a mustache as big and flat as this kitty’s definitely a Groucho look. (His mustache was painted on in the movies, if you look close you can see it’s paint.)

  90. Furbabies says:

    The very first thing I thought was “Charlie Chaplin!”. Not Hitler! It’s in the eyes. Sweet,sad and vulnerable, like Chaplin.

  91. Immortal says:

    It’s Kitler!

  92. Is that thing for real? Where’s the mouth? Maybe it’s a paste-on disguise.

  93. If I say the secret word, what will kitty give me? Why not a duck?

  94. Christine H says:

    Animalphiles annie, I love it when I can study/write about non-school-related parts of my life and get school credit for it. I plan on taking a “Christianity and Popular Culture” course next year, which means I get to listen to U2 and claim I’m studying :D. I’m looking forward to it.

  95. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Groucho is a god, but what about Borat? Niiiiiiice!

  96. Animalphiles Annie – don’t forget to include the deliberate mis-spellings on

  97. badgers we don need no stinking badgers…but weel stalk them cause they move

  98. I can see Chaplin or Cheech (of Cheech and Chong fame) for this babeh. How adorable is he!!!!

  99. says:

    Thanks for the pic It made me smile. which is a breakthroug.

  100. Posh Tater says:

    Totally Chaplin. Totally!! Hilarious….

  101. Kimberly says:

    No offense to some people, but he looks like hitler! in a cute way…LOL

  102. Kitlers should have a smaller moustache patch than that. For that matter, Chaplin’s ‘stache wasn’t that big, either. This kittah just needs some round glasses to complete the Groucho image and it’d be perfect. XD