And now, un petit peu de Corgitude: [Corgage looks up in field of clover]




And now, rompage…


OK, the tongue on the side has not been lost on us, Hannah S.!



  1. lymerae says:

    Sometimes I seriously think cuteness of this magnitude is going to make me hyperventilate.

  2. awwwwwww isnt that just cute look at da little tounge stickin out of his minni mouth

  3. You know why I will never be bleen? It is because I am not awake at 1:51 am!

  4. Szilvia says:

    Oh my SWEET mother of *splode*!

    The second pic made me puke rainbows.. seriously! *Wipes mouth and screen*

  5. i love puppy..:)

  6. Puppies are shameless n__n
    check a far more classy attitude right there :

  7. ka9q's wife says:

    nothing like corgi tocks running over the lawn. They get so fuzzulent.

    This must be a fairly young pup. Look at his widdle toofs. Look at that doggy grin.

  8. That’s a corgi? Looks like a beagle pup to me. Either way, I WANT TO EAT HIS EARS!!!

  9. I would like to take a bite, but…if I bring him to the restaurant with me, is there a corgage fee?

    [too subtle?]

  10. yummy yummy yummy!

  11. Snorgle Pup says:

    Looks beaglish to me too.
    Still, I want to frollic in the clover with him!

  12. OMG!!! The feets! lookit the feets!!!!

  13. hey-h, the corgage fee (hehehehehheee) is rolling over & over in the clover with this pupple, without eating him …

  14. Awwwww, cute widdle puppy. I needed some cute badly this mornin’ thanks to y’all. 🙂

  15. zosterops says:

    the happiness – that’s the best part, the grinning happiness : ))

  16. Awwwwwwww. I wants to snorgle!!!!

  17. Yitzysmommie says:

    DANG I want to play in a field of clover with this McPupperson – never mind taking care of homeless kids today, my work can do without me for today, dontcha think?

  18. Kiragirl says:

    To “ina”,
    great bunny flopitute pic!

    to Y’all, Happy Independence Day!

  19. redbone says:

    Man, corgis are cute little things. It’s an exceptionally intelligent breed, too.

    I’m trying to stay logical, here. I’m THIS close to having a cute-related stroke over these pics.

  20. Oh man, I totally needed a CO fix this morning after going through a horrible traffic jam.

    “Her BP is skyrocketing! Cute puppies, STAT!”

  21. jackie31337 says:

    This puppy looks so much like the puppy my parents rescued. They had no idea what kind of dog it was, and at this age it didn’t really look like a corgi yet. The vet’s best guess was “it’s a dog”. They thought it was going to be a large breed and fed it on that assumption. Whoops… now my parents have a very cylindrical corgi mix, who is the sweetest dog ever.

  22. redbone, I have to ask. Coonhound? Only cause we have a redbone coonhound.

  23. JEALOUSY is eating me alive.
    I want! gimme gimme gimme.
    You sure that’s a Corgi? I need to see tocks to check the lil tailage!

  24. very very cute, but so not a corgi. the legs are way too long and not squat enough. but i love the wreckless abandon with which he’s running at the camera. too cute.

  25. awww…so cute!!!

  26. He looks so soft I can’t stand it.

  27. pat_the_bunny says:

    Which is cuter? The “one second before breaking out in full speed laps around the yard” look, “the attentively watching master look,” or the “all out gleeful romp with tongue and ear flapitude”?

  28. volgrrl says:

    Yup. That’s a corgi for sure. The cutest thing evah is when their ears finally start standing up -one at a time.

  29. *le squeeeeeeeze*

  30. I can’t write out the sound that came out of my throat, looking at this series… Theriouthly CUTE! Wook at dose widdle WEGS! Definitely Corgi not Beagle. I can’t take it…. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!111!!!

    … and I’m a cat person. Shhhh!

  31. leah b. says:

    This puppy may want scale peeps but we are looking at him or her want the big picture cuz you be a cute corginess….

  32. pat_the_bunny says:

    Note teh spraddled stubby front paw toesies in the “gazing with adoration at master” pic.

  33. meacu1pa says:

    ‘scuze me fer sayin’- but that nose needs NUVINS! Smooch right on the top.

    I adore the glee. Sheer bliss of puppiness.

    Gah, I love this site so very much.

  34. OK, I am officially ::ded:: from the Qte! Great pics! #1 is just the perfect expression of puppy joy! *splode*

  35. It almost looks like a beagle/corgi mix to me. Wouldn’t that be the cutest puppeh ever? Still, this one’s pretty cute…

  36. cutelover says:

    cuteoverload never fails to make me smile… even on a bad day.


  37. Silly Sally says:

    Pembroke Corgi face, Beagle ears.

  38. i second that emotion–this website is just the best antidepressant ever. stuff like this just fills me with glee!

  39. rpennefe says:

    Are you sure it’s a corgi? I mean, look at the ears in the second picture. Those ears say hound dog to me.

  40. RPenn — they start droopy, then perk up as puppy turns doggish.

  41. I dunno. I’ve seen corgi pups and before their ears stood up they were those little folded-over triangle-type-ears, not droopy hound ears. And this guy’s legs look way too long in the third picture. Maybe it’s just the angle…

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    The body looks corgi, but the face looks beagle-ish.
    Whatever he is, he’s absolutely the sweetest and I want to clone him!!

  43. Blacksheep says:

    That is mos def a beagle pup. I have a beagle and he looked just like that when he was a lil pup.

  44. We have a corgi, and now I wish we would have seen him as a puppster becuase this guy is so cute! If’n it *is* a Corgi, peeps, keep in mind that his legs will never get any longer!!!

  45. I thought Corgis had pointy ears…

  46. bob loblaw says:

    picture of some corgi puppies here…

    Their ears do droop in a beagle like fashion.

  47. Corgipups can have phloppy ears.
    Pembroke Pups:

    Cardigan Pups:

    I luvses me them puppies.

  48. OMG!! DOGGIE!!!11!!

    Welsh corgis(like the Queen’s dogs) have pointy ears and are a bit longer haired.
    Perhapsing this fella is a different type of Corgi…or a cross.
    Nevertheless he deserves teh puddin’ fer bein’ so edibuls!!!!

  49. Hi Kim,
    I followed yer links and did a google search too. Gawsh Corgis come in all types, I had no idea.The do look Beagle-ish when they’re puppies. I always imagine them like the Queen’s chubby dogs with pointy ears.
    Thanks! Ya lern sumpin’ noo evry day :-).

  50. Looks like a baby Corgi to me whose ears haven’t perked up yet. That might be why it looks beagle-esque with scrummy ear flopitude. The face does look a little bit like a Beagle though.

    When it gets older, its Corgi ears will stick up. You should see my Corgi/Chihuahua mix. She’s got ears like Dumbo jutting out from her petite head.

  51. Verily–I also have a Corgi/Chihuahua mix (I think). Do you have pix?

  52. Pic 1: Heyhihowareyawhatsthatinyourhandwannapetmehuhhuhwanna?

    Pic 2: Yo! How’s the weather up there?

    Pic 3: Wheeeeeeeeeee!

  53. 1.YAP! Wheres my bone?
    2.I loves you!!!
    3. Wheeeeee bark bark bark Wheeeeeeee!

  54. Bagpipe Mouse says:

    Beagle…corgi…maybe it’s a borgi…”You will be assimilated into the cuteness. Resistance is futile”

  55. very adorable, although I’m not sure the dog in picture 2 and picture 3 are the same. notice the ear floppage followed by the ears at attention.

  56. is it wrong that I want to kronche the end of his nose?

  57. oh Andy! so skeptical!
    that is Pure windage, super fast running with ears flown back and a giant smile!

  58. We’ll take that as purely rhetorical, Norty.

  59. Yer kidding right? His ears are flyin cuz he’s runnin

  60. Maybe it’s a corgle (rhymes with snorgle) — how cool would that be?

  61. Alice Shortcake says:

    First pic: “Daddy, daddy, I found a four-leafed clover DADDY DADDY DADDY!!!”

  62. I… I… I.. think i’m going to cry. Must not go to work but stare at photo all day

  63. Gorgeous Corgi (?)
    Puddin’ n pie
    Overloadin’ the Peeps ‘n
    Makin’ ’em cry…..

  64. Dr. Science says:

    These Corgi photos are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen on here in a while. Great job Hannah!

  65. lmao Just thinking out loud here, but can you imagine if we put all this creativity (the songs, witty comments, poyems, everything) into our jobz? Just kidding, some of you are lucky enough to have this job. . . other of us have to sneak snorgles whenever & however we can.
    *jealous of Meg & Theo & anyone else who has my dreeem jobz*

  66. Me eyes! They popped right out of my head. I volunteer myself to be this pupper’s personal chew toy.

  67. Corgis’ ears take a while to perk up; prior to that they do look kinda beagly. However, he isn’t quite as fluffy as most corgi puppies, who are furballs. Maybe he’s a mix.

  68. Oscar…Mike…Foxtrot…Golf.

    That first picture is so unabashedly joyful, the second is so full of love and adoration and the third has an incredible sense of freedom.

    And I..well, I am ded…a lot. Many times.

    Who knew a trifecta of Qte could be reached in this way?

    (Oh, and to the girl who was a few rows behind me before a showing of ‘Ratatouille’ last night at the Tallahassee Mall, trying to explain to her friend what ‘snorgle’ meant…hello :))

  69. I have spent more than ten years around corgis, and this little guy is different in too many ways. His muzzle is way too long for his age, his neck is WAY too long and he doesn’t have nearly enough fuzz, especially around his neck and on his sides.

    He’s cute and all, but there’s no way this is a purebreed corgi.

  70. “You will be assimilated into the cuteness. Resistance is futile”
    …LOL, Bagpipe Mouse! I was slowly working on a Borgi quote, you thoughtjacked me. It happens a lot here, especially with Audrey. Although the Corgle has its own charm…

  71. AuntieMame says:

    Better Borgi than Borgia, that’s all I’m sayin’…

  72. FRAP city!

    (FRAP = Frantically Running And Playing)

  73. Corgle!! Perfect!! Haahaa!

    Oh Bob Loblaw, luv yer name. Friend of mine used to use that one long ago 🙂

  74. fish eye no miko says:

    Awww.. little frolicking puppers!!

  75. holy crap! i seriously thought my family invented the word “corgitude”! i got to wallow in some serious corgitude today…met 5 of them!

  76. Will the owner of this manificently Qte corgi/beagle/borgie/corgle/hound dog please stand up and identify your pup.

    Thank you very moishe. That is all.

    Oh, one more thing… WHAT A HAPPY PUHHHPPEEEEEE!!!!

  77. Metz… absolute perfection in captioning.

  78. Allison says:

    OMG! Far too cute!!

  79. Allison says:

    “Jen!,” I read that FRAP meant “Frenetic Random Activity Period”…

    Not trying to be a pest or anything; just asking. 🙂

  80. *voice of Herve Villechaize of Fantasy Island-fame*


  81. Trixie Ricardo says:

    This is so unbelieve-ably cute. I can die now.

  82. Hannah Scott says:

    It’s a Corgie/Cocker Spaniel mix. A “Corker”. It looks a LOT like a Beagle, but it is what it is!

  83. Kathryn Ferris says:

    Quite possible the cutest thing ever.

  84. So cute! God, i am in love, this a real honey! CUTE! bye! Greetzz

  85. scoobie says:

    No cute overload today, I’m so sad 😦

  86. NEED
    CUTE !

    *say in zombie voice*
    Cuuuute ****
    Cuuuuuuute ***

  87. Me loves heem. Want to nibble.

  88. Tiffany says:

    I have a pet corgi. I looked into corgi’s for a good year before actually getting one. That dog, is not a corgi. Unless it’s a mix with a hound dog, or something. Where is the arrow shapped ears/head? the legs are too long. The ears aren’t sticking up.

  89. Scale pic is totally Snoopy circa late 1950s or so. And nevermind that he isn’t a Corker! The evidence is irrefutable.

  90. Scale pic is totally Snoopy circa late 1950s or so. And nevermind that he isn’t a Corker! The evidence is irrefutable.

  91. Miranda says:

    A Corgi-Cocker mix? Squeeeeeee! That’s frickin’ adorable. I wonder if his ears will come up, since Cockers have floppy ears and Corgis have erect ears. Hannah, more pictures please!

    Thanks for clearing things up. I didn’t think he looked 100% Corgi, but I wasn’t sure. (I have both Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, but I don’t consider myself an expert.)

  92. Miranda says:

    Hobbit wrote:

    “Welsh corgis(like the Queen’s dogs) have pointy ears and are a bit longer haired.
    Perhapsing this fella is a different type of Corgi…”

    All Corgis are Welsh. The two breeds are Pembroke Welsh Corgi (the ones the Queen of England has, the ones without a tail) and Cardigan Welsh Corgi (the ones with the tail). There are other, more important differences between the two breeds, but the tail is the most obvious. I have both, lucky lucky me.

  93. So, it’s a “Corker”, is it? Hmmmmm.

    Thank you very much Hannah.

  94. Hehe, “bob loblaw.”

    “Today in ARMY we learned how to…”

    Best television show ever.

    Cutest, happiest puppy ever.

  95. Afraid it’s not a corgi, sorry, but it really isn’t. Might be part corgi, but definitely not pure. The ears on a corgi don’t flop like that, the colouration doesn’t look very corgi, the legs aren’t stubby enough, and the muzzle isn’t pointed enough. I’d agree with those who say it’s a beagle pup, a hound dog of some sort certainly.

  96. Tymell – That mystery has already been solved – the puppy’s owner posted and said it’s a corgi/cocker spaniel mix. AND AN ADORABLE ONE.



  98. hey-h – Aha, gotcha, ta muchly.

  99. OH how cute!The second and the last picture’s are adorable!
    I love it! LOL when (s)he is standing next to the person you can really see how small (s)he really is and I can see his/her tounge in the last picture!

  100. This site is seriously gonna be my downfall. The boyfriend might have to have a few words with y’all when he finds a pup waiting for him one of these days.

  101. FREEDOM AT ONCE!!!!!!!! only for a little whyle!


  102. OH how cute!The second and the last picture’s are adorable!
    I love it! LOL when (s)he is standing next to the person you can really see how small (s)he really is and I can see his/her tounge in the last picture!

  103. AAAAAHHHH!!!!

    These make me explode inside.
    ‘Specially the last one.