Trying to get comfortuh-buhls

Everything is OKs… Just let me beeee—ehn!

I’m just gettingks com-for-tah-buhls… [curls paws up]


Moishe… betters!?


Yays. Moishe bett-torrs, Megan… 😉



  1. “You need to brush your teeth? Tough luck, kiddo. *comfortablesquirm*”

  2. rpennefe says:

    Meh, you didn’t want to keep all of your teeth anyway, did you? Really, think about where your priorities should lie.

  3. Dis is my nice cool sink to sleep in human! Turn on that water and you will be regretting it late tonight. I guarantee dat!

  4. awwwwwwww, get squished-kitty a soft blankie – it is her sink, afterall

  5. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Aw. How loverly. My cat sleeps in the sink, especially when it’s hot. I will wash my hands in the tub so I won’t disturb him.

    I do know who’s boss.

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Kyle XY got a cat!

  7. constance says:

    socrates does this…I find it fascinating…

  8. That Kitty is darling!

    Can you use cute lizard pics? I have some here if you can use them.

    Have a great day! Stay Cute!

  9. Suda Nim says:

    One of the prettiest Cats In A Sink I’ve seen!

    (, by the way)

  10. Peg of Tilling says:

    I think the kitty’s squirming ’cause the drain plug is poking her in the back.

  11. Theresa says:

    I lerve him (or her). I am crazy about tabby-and-white– it looks like cat jammies!

  12. You’re all missing the point–his name’s Moishe (Moses), he’s just using the sink to practice for the Red Sea!!

  13. Jelly bean toesicles!

  14. acelightning says:

    When the weather gets hot, sometimes I wish *I* could curl up in a nice cool porcelain sink – as a matter of fact, when I lived in an apartment with no air conditioning, I *did* occasionally sleep in the bathtub. Alas, porcelain is too hard… but blankets are too warm…

    And, Theresa, that *is* “the cat’s pajamas”!

  15. Now take a picture AFTER turning on the water…

    *evil grin*

  16. The name Moses, according to the Bible, means ¨to come out of water.¨ No word about wanting to go back in…

    I think he´s practicing his delivery of the Ten Catmandments. (¨Thou shalt have no other pets before me.¨ ¨Thou shalt rest on the Sabbath…and the other six days too¨ ¨Thou shalt not steal…that´s my job.¨ etc. etc.)

  17. lazytown4 says:

    Just turn that faucet on, problem solved!

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    Lizzy- LICORICE jelly bean toesicles! YUM!

    “Thou shalt not covet my cool porcelain sink.”

  19. My kitty loves the sink too. Wonder why that is, because sink is cheap fiberglass, not cool porcelain. She will only drink out of the tub, not her bowl.

    Personally, I think all cats are crrrrazy. Maybe that’s why I love them. We can be crazy together.

  20. Awwwwww. Cats curled in sinks are wonderful.

  21. “Bet you wish yoooou could curl up like this.”

  22. Dale, if you want to consult the final words of Moses to the Isrealites, I believe you will have to read Cuteronomy.

  23. MaliceAlice says:

    @fish eye no miko: Hey! Get out of my head, you! I really should wear a tin-foil hat so people don’t steal my comments. 😛

    That being said: “Go away hoo-mon. I’m in the middle of my sink yoga workout!”

  24. Aubrey–not the Dead Sea Squirrels?

  25. No – I’ll go old school and read Leviti-puss, or possibly the works of the Apostle Pawl.

  26. The Apawstle Pawl, you mean? I prefer the Apawcolypse (although of the Pawphets, Baroo-ch is definitely best).

  27. Hymmmmnnnn…..we’ll have to discuss. Let’s meet at vespurrs this evening – we’ll sing a few
    cat-icles…surely we can come to a decision.

  28. So are you a boneafide Cat-holic or a Pawtestant?

  29. Cats in sinks are hands-down cute. And the colors on this one! So pretty!

  30. ooooh! Rubber sink-kitteh! How bendable and cute!

    Love the toes. 😀

  31. StormCat says:

    I’m SOOO glad I’m not at work today!!! The puns are killing me with qte!!!

    Did anyone else notice the little claw in the 2nd pic? She’s just getting it ready in case her human does turn on the water…

  32. this cat is adorable. I love the coloring on him/her. too cute.

  33. Detroit Snapdragon says:

    Very cute! but I’m a little concerned about kitty because I noticed the little shaved patch on his left arm (more noticable in second pic). Has he recently had to have an IV? I hope he’s okay.

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    Cat Origami…

  35. When my cat, The Stupid Bup does this, We turn the water on. She will sit there blinking at you like “Wha…?” for a full minute. The sink has to be nearly full with her at the bottom before she suddenly goes ballistic and jumps straight up in the air and away. We don’t worry about revenge, she forgets instantly. She has done this multiple times in the course of an afternoon, bless her heart. So Totally Stupid.

  36. I like how in the second picture kitty there is showing a bit of claw. He’s heard of this “turning on the sink” nonsense and intends to prevent it, clearly.

  37. cats in sinks ! this is the best one I’ve seen, she looks so erealaxed and calm. I hope noe big meanie turns the water on, that’s just not nice!

  38. *dies over religous comments*

    sometimes the comments are funnier than the pic.

  39. Sorry Dale. Mew-ish.

  40. donutbill says:

    (In my best Jerry Seinfeld voice, I say:)

    “What is the DEAL with cats and sinks?!”

  41. aaaaah, nice cool sinkie on zee kittay furrz. cue, cute, cute.

    lol donutbill

  42. Caitlin says:

    awww, he looks like my Geordie… back when he was a svelte little kitt-ahn 🙂

  43. Kate B. says:

    My cat hasn’t gotten in the sink (yet), but she was curious enough to hop into my empty bathtub.

  44. pat_the_bunny says:

    Therious curled-paw action!

    He’s all like: Ooohh, this nice oval is just the right size to pretzelize myseff in!

  45. aubrey – once again hats off to you.

    This mornin’ i’m sittin’ at home saying Moishe, that’s gotta be a Jewish cat. (to be said in a Brooklyn or Long Island Jewish accent.) But I says to myself, barbara, I says, I gotta think up a pun for Jewish. thought so hard my brain hurt but couldn’t come up with nuthin’, ya know? Oy vey, I’ll neva think of sumthin’. I goes to work and look and there it is…mewish. Brilliant!
    do you think the cat speaks kiddish?

  46. R. Moore says:

    I wrote an essay once, and I was trying to describe a character. The best fit was “chutzpa,” but I didn’t think it was formal enough.

    There is no formal English equivalent for Chutzpa. And when you search, it says “No entry for ‘chutzpa,’ did you mean ‘shut up’?”

  47. R. me? when I said kiddish? I was referring to Yiddish…

  48. R. I’m slow today, I realize now that asked u that question…duh

    *blushes*,*smacks forehead*

  49. Not kiddush. . .
    Not Yiddish. . .
    That language would, of course, be Kittish.

  50. ruth I thought if I said kittish no one would get it…

  51. little gator says:

    just add water and stir.

  52. Yitzysmommie says:

    Nu, can you say Kaddish (Catish) in Kittish? What about kiddush?
    Oy, I could go on & on with meshugenah words…

  53. And how could we forget the Book of Mewteronomy?

    My ketzeles are definitely Jewish: the lawyer is four and the doctor is two. . .

  54. Im in ur sink
    cloggin ur drainz

    pretty kitty, mischievous face, chillin the toesicles.

  55. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “I’m gonna fit into this sink if it’s the LAST thing I DO… *hgrmf!*”

  56. This is exactly why I think cats should be classified as a liquid.

  57. ThreeCatNight says:

    How many times have I gone into the bathroom to find a 10 pound cat squeezed to fit perfectly into a narrow porcelain sink? The coolness of the stone appeals to them, I think. That is, until you turn the water on…


  59. Oh!! That is the cutest cat ever! S/he’s so *tiny*!