Dee-lee-shous strawberries

AttackScarf scarf scarf

Nawm nawm nawm


C.O.X.C.U. brought to you by WBB 😉



  1. What beautiful colours! Very prosh.

  2. garfield says:


  3. Mmmmmm, that was good!

    What? It’s hard to wipe your beak when you don’t have any thumbs!

  4. That doesn’t look much like strawberry…

  5. the hen says:

    is that a blue quaker????
    he’s beeeyoutiful…

  6. Looks like pomegranate to me.

  7. Yummmmmmmm LOL

  8. what a beautiful picture, bird and berry!

  9. He looks like he’s smiling!

  10. pat_the_bunny says:

    Them are scrawberreh seedses – member, teh beak is tinee!

  11. shoddygirl says:

    you’ve got a little something on your chin.. a little lower, to the left, you got it.

  12. rainbow says:

    who? what? me? i know nothing!

  13. lovely color composiche!

  14. Theresa says:

    Ahhhh, summer!



  16. rpennefe says:


    That is teh awesome!

  17. pinkle, I was just thinkin’ OMG ZOMBIES!!!

  18. Dirty birdy!! 😉

  19. omigosh i was thinking zombies too! blaaarrrr

  20. R. Moore says:

    My sister had to look away. SOMEWHERE I have a picture of my step-sister’s duck after eating berries, and we all thought it had eaten a mouse or something 😛

    Zombies indeed!

  21. beenclawed says:

    Polly wanna berry? What a pretty bird, love the colors!

  22. fine shiny feathertude!

  23. Picklemom says:

    What a sweetie-face (literally)! Birdies are among the few animals who look cute with messy faces.

  24. Picklemom says:

    What a sweetie-face (literally)! Birdies are among the few animals who look cute with messy faces.

  25. Hmmm (Thinks a moment while considering the possibility of Bird zombies) It’s possible. But not this cutey patooty with strawberry seeds and pulp all over his beak.

  26. Great pic! So colorfuls!

  27. Hey Hen – I think it’s a blue parrotlet, what with the fantabulous eye stripe. Also, that would have to be either one ‘mongous berry, or one eensy quaker.

    There’s a good picture of blue quakers here:

  28. He’s definitely a blue parrotlet, I have one just like him….although he prefers watermelon to strawberries…:)

  29. His name is Sora which means “sky” in Japanese. He is a Pacific Parrotlet.
    He loves strawberries and corns very much. I named him Soracula when he eats strawberries.

  30. Bring on the tweet brigade!

  31. Oh and that’s a pacific parrotlet I think. It’s a parottlet, not a quaker. they’re a on the scale of budgies/parakeets. Wee little dudes.

  32. do you think bird zombies perch on your shoulder and suck out your brains?

  33. R. Moore says:

    Nightmares for weeks, Metsie. Nightmares for weeks.

  34. coughingpuppy says:

    This image scared the hell out of me for a second, until I realized it was eating fruit. >.> But pretty colors!

  35. bird zombies must eat eyes, too! like pirates, they always have eye patches, and PARROTS ON SHOULDER!!!!!! aaaahhhhghgh!! run from evil pirate zombie birdie!!
    *goes and hides under blankets, covering brains and eyes with pillows*

  36. um, excuse me. you’ve got a little something there on your beak.

  37. What? The strawberries you were going to make strawberry shortcake with?
    Nope, haven’t seen them.

    Actually this reminds me of the time my family went berry picking. We came home with a huge basket of strawberries. Mom put it on the table and took my brother & I to give us a bath. She heard a noise in the kitchen and went to investigate. There all four paws on the table was the family dog Sam, head buried in the basket of strawberries munching away. Never saw a dog eat strawberries before. He was a golden cocker spaniel and the fur around his muzzle was stained for weeks! Sad I don’t have any pics of that. 😦 Good memory though. 🙂

  38. Monsieur, mah I breeeng you a nap-keen? You ‘ave somesing on your beeaak!

  39. I was wondering why on earth the parrot was picking out strawberry seeds- seeds we don’t even think twice about (akin to those embedded in bananas) when we chow it all down. Of course, to the parrot, those seeds are massive, probably even bigger than the watermelon to us ratio- No wonder it’s not eating them. 🙂

  40. wbb, sorucula is wonderfully cute! I’d share my berries with him any day!

  41. cute birdy…my bird, Widget, only eats the strawberry’s seeds and leaves the rest of the strawberry! He doesn’t like sticky things… except for strawberry jam??

  42. I know what he’s talkin’ ’bout,yesterday I ate agout 25 strawberries!

  43. WBB your bird is the QTE’
    And what a personality it totally shines out his eyes.

  44. petlova#1 says:


  45. gillian says:

    He’s a Pacific Parrotlet.

    They come in lime green and this shade of blue. They’re much smaller than Quakers.

    I came thisclose to getting a blue one, but I fell too in love with my Senegal, Phoenix.

    I think the parrotlet is totally prosh, and I want to beak chatter with heem.

    I have a weird neurotic thing about seeds and holes, though, so the strawberry seed clusters kind of gweeb me out a little.

  46. My parrot is actually AFRAID of the big bad strawberry….Hee Hee
    Glad to see a picture of a bird as it seems many of us love our birds.

  47. Okay, does anyone else scroll all the way down when they load CO, so they can pick up where they left off and see all the posts in chronological order? So I’m scrolling down really fast, see, and ran across the C.O.X.U. of this parrotlet, and thought,”OMG, please don’t let that be some kind of disease or parasite infestation…” OK, I know…

  48. This bird is straight from Planet Unicorn Heyyyyy! Messy Face Alert!

  49. So very cute

  50. Laura32 says:

    Oh how cute

    Do u think budgies like strawberry too? Then i could give them some cuz all they eat now are apples

  51. PixieDust says:

    Aaaww, what a cute little birdie:)

  52. What an adorable cutie snarking up his berries! I love seeing birds included with the furrier animals – right up there in “CUTE” because all you have to do is look in their little eyes to see the mischief and/or longing and need for companionship.

  53. darkshines says:

    Thats a beautiful and mischievious bird! My cockatiel Charlie LOVES cheese flavour crisps and crackers, but no other flavour, haha…

  54. Ah, he looks just like my wee Pierre, who is also of the berry lovin’ birdy type. We have both a green and a blue Pacific parrotlet. They look like Jelly Belly sours. I lofs them. Ironically, they’re louder than our macaw and pionus. Lordy, they’re loud. Big loud sound, little teeny body.

  55. GORGEOUS!!!

    Big props to the photographer, who managed to capture the blue AND the red so disparately and well.


  56. Japanese girl. says:

    Haha! This is Sora-chan! I know this bird! Ohmygosh that’s so cute! He eats a lot…. :]]

  57. Boy that makes him look like a cerial killer