Muzzlest of powshes

If you lean in close

you can feel the puppy bref

if you lean in close

you can feel leetle wheeskares

if you lean in close

you might have to take a bite


Eric S., brillo work…



  1. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOh, this looks like it should be in an ice cream cone! Nawhm nawhm

  2. ouch, my heart hurts.

  3. MARYBETH says:


  4. Speckled nose!! I want to nibble that little nose! OY!!

  5. OMG! and it looks like a st bernard puppeh!
    someone bring me an oxygen tank!

  6. He’s sooooooo kissable!!! Please, just one little peck!

  7. R. Moore says:

    It looks like one of those weird flocked statue thingies… But far cuter!

  8. WOW! Just that… WOW!!

  9. How cute.

  10. violetgreen says:

    So soft and mooshy it almost looked like a sock puppet!

  11. i’m tellin’ ya, that’s strawberry flavored and the nose has lil sprinkles on it. taaaaysteeee!

  12. its a tiny lil brendil/white pit bull puppeh.
    there is a cute lil picture of him and his daddy on a blanket on ericskiff’s flickr.

  13. rubs sun cream in to nose before gets burnt anymore

  14. zeldapie says:

    Oh dear me… the mottled nose. The pinkness. SQUEEEEEEE!

  15. Beverly says:

    For some reason, his nose reminds me of a ladybug!

  16. Sweetmisery says:

    Freckles on the nose. OMG

  17. with all this ‘tention on the powshe, i feel that the tiniest of kronchable ears have gone unnoticed. NO LONGER!

  18. Oooooooh, I REALLY just want to lick his soft little muzzlepuff, the upper-lip portion.

    Is that so wrong?

    Then I want to give little bitty kissies on his nose, then on his wee forehead, right between his eyes.


  19. OMG – this just made me gasp out loud!

  20. Snorgle Pup says:

    Sweet snorglishous muzzlepuff: with a smile…

  21. Is it time to make freckles a rule of cuteness?

  22. Leslie– if so, then i could be put on here lol

  23. turbofloof says:

    Squeeeeeee – I just passed out from a teesy puppeh schmile!
    *stumbles backwards, back of hand to forehead; falls over*

  24. oh good lord.

  25. Somebody´s smellin the world through rose-colored nostrils.

  26. faunampls says:

    I…can’t…take…it…!!! Freckles!!!

  27. OMG! So cute! My heart imploded! /thud

  28. Oh, my lord, yes, I MUST take a bite of that delicious muzzlepuff and have a taste of that speckledy nose for dessert! Mmm, MMM! That’s good!

  29. leah b. says:

    If you lean in close and give this beebeh a kiss it may be the only time you don’t get a sloppery one back……lol cutesto the overloads + 30000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  30. I think it might be a bebe boston terrier? He looks just like my bebe boston when he was a wee little pup.

  31. With extra adorable nosicle shapeage!

  32. I like dog says:



  34. Alice Shortcake says:

    Mmmmm…fuzzy marzipan…

  35. OMG!! This is too much. Now I have to come here every five minutes to watch this too-cute-tobe-true-puppy and I can’t get my work done and my boss will hate me forever.

    *miiiillion keeseeeees*

  36. OMG sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. *melts from puppehdorability*

  37. I hope I don’t get electrocuted from smooching the monitor.

    *making kissy faces*

    Everybody sing along,


  38. pat_the_bunny says:

    Holy Pink Muzzlepuff of Gargantuan Proportions!

    What leeps, what cheen! Ah, it is too moishe, overpowering cuteneess!

  39. Excuse me suh, could you pass the smelling salts? I feel a little faint from the proshest pink muzzlepuff evah!

  40. Theresa says:


  41. pat_the_bunny says:

    This belongs on the Pink Schnozzled Puppy Mt. Everest.

  42. Paula – me too! ‘Dis puppeh leaves me speechless….. all I can manage is ooey-gooey-cutey baby puppeh noises! :dies:

  43. Nom nom nom

    I brought you a puppeh. But I eated it 😦

    Sorry… he was so little and cute and nom-able.

  44. And you know the best thing about being this close to tiny pups??? Do you???

    Their breath!!! It smells just like toast! Next time you get the chance… sniff… you will smell toast!

  45. Cutest part of a puppy? Pink muzzle. At least, in my opinion.

  46. Veronica says:

    I NEED to give this puppeh a kiss!!!

  47. Makin out wif puppehs is yucky, but now I’m intrigued because I love toast…must find puppeh to investigate. (insert dudes from mythbusters for Theo sayin, No really! Just like toast!)

  48. Wow! I’m flattered my pic made it up here to Cute Overload 🙂 This totally made my morning.

    For anyone who wants to see more of Jayden, the little puppy featured here, he’s also in a video I took that day here:

  49. Eric — awesome pup, fun vid… but mostly I think I’m jealous of that roof access. Sweet!

  50. My Papillon girly Holly had a single ikkle puppy…. Solo….

    AND I can ASSURE you… puppy bref…. smells like toast…. I was a constant and addicted sniffer!!!

  51. ringtailroxy says:

    those chubby puppy lips are totally scmoochable!

  52. The awsomest part of Eric’s video is by far his sweet Thundercats shirt!
    Thundercats are on the move,
    Thundercats are loose!
    Feel the magic,
    Hear the roar,
    Thundercats are loose!
    Thunder, thunder thunder thunderCATSSSS!

  53. you have keeled me ded. but I cares not.

  54. all’s I can say is,

  55. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pupperson, I want to cuddle those chops. Ooh, just one little squeeze, please?

  56. WHO wouldn’t want to snuggle that lil pink bebeh??? Adorable!

  57. pupidog says:

    slurrrrp slurrrrppp!!


  58. Jessica says:

    “you can feel the puppy bref “

    That line alone kills me with cuteness! OMG “bref”!

  59. CUTIE#1 says:

    This is the cutest thing i ever saw in my life this pic should be named as Pic
    of the year


    I wanna kees heem!
    I want heem to kees me!
    I want*SPLODE*

  61. Wait, “The Poky Little Puppy” is REAL????

  62. it appears to be real…

  63. it is the cutest i have seen in a long time