Pardon moi, but where’s the Beady Eye Convenche?

I thought it was in this tree, but I don’t see the attendees.

Can you direct moi to the right locaishe? Thaaaaaaanks


Colleen M., I hope you’re going to the Keynote… I think they’re giving away free copies of iNut.



  1. mervtheflamingo says:

    wrong tree buddy! (bleen!)

  2. I want an iNut!

  3. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:


  4. donutbill says:

    Right this way sir!! We have a special table for distinguished beady-eyed rodents like yourself.

  5. Plotting! I tell you, they are plotting the downfall of mankind! Beady Eye convenche’ indeed.

  6. eikoleigh says:

    Cuteness – OMG, those beady eyes and little lips! Too much!

  7. fish eye no miko says:

    Annie said: “Plotting! I tell you, they are plotting the downfall of mankind!”

    Good luck with that–the cats are gonna beat you to it, guys.

  8. cats just want to rule mankind (which they do), but squirrels are trying to destroy us..or so I heard…

  9. constance says:



  10. R. Moore says:

    It’s coming to eat my muffin and listen in on my conversation!

    Actually, a squirrel at school once put its little front paws on my sister’s bag. She still wouldn’t feed it, though 😛

  11. i walk thru a park to get to work every day so i see this dude and hundreds of his little buds on my way to and from the office.

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    R. Moore: Uh, you should be careful… if you don’t feed squirrels, you know what happens?

  13. Psst.
    Psst. Over here!
    Hey Human!
    That other guy won’t feed ya but I got lots of goodies right behind this tree….
    *rubs paws together & laughs evilly*
    Right this way stupi-, er sweet human, right this way.

  14. fish eye, the cats already won.
    Who have you been talking to?
    *signed Metz’s cats*

  15. METZ. HEhehe LOL

  16. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Wrong tree pal, it’s that Oak over there, knock three times and ask for ginger.

  17. Colleen M. (Though it's actually J) says:

    Awesome! My pic made it on here. :3

    That squirrel was eyeing my sandwich.

  18. qte squirrelee!

    I just took a pic of one of my backyard squirrels hanging upside down by his back feet on one of my birdfeeders, holding the sunflower seed with his front paws. They are amazing little dudes!

  19. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Okay… After looking at this post, I decided to have my sandwich for dinner in the park across the street. I got out half, and put the other half back in the bag. One squirrel distracted me by doing cute and funny squirrel things and the other stole the bag containing the other half of my sandwich.

    They work together… it’s like they really ARE trying to take over the world, one sandwich at a time…

    Either that or they need refreshments for the Beady Eye Convention.

  20. It’s bait, they want you to follow them behind the tree!

    “Heeeeeeereeee Human, lookeeatthe nice sandweeeeech! Yummmmy sammich!” *waves Cricket’s sandwich*

  21. I want to love squirrels, but I cant trust them! Check out my theory about the devious nature of these seemingly innocent looking little puffballs.

  22. Megs, will dere be skwirrels at the C.O. Convenche? Will ‘dis guy be speakin’? (Squeakin’?) Where do I sign up!?!

  23. there is an over use of those cute little phrases like “convenche” and “locaishe”. they’re used on nearly every post now, and i just can’t find them funny anymore.

  24. Oh c’mon Amy, it isn’t so much a joke any more as it is an accent: It’s kinda like Pahk ya cah in the dooryahd kind of thing. When in Rome…and Meg is the Empress!

  25. Its jest teh weh wea talks, cuz weze alls drunk on teh kewtz.

  26. omg its staring in my SOUL!

  27. Amy, haven’t you ever imagined how yer dog would talk if he could? I know my very brain deficient kitteh would be all like, whut? whazza? Hmmm? ALL the time! My other cat would have a very sophisticated voice but very very bad grammer, she’s smart, but never had no schoolin, see? And The Dog, well, we would be like , You gunna eat that?

  28. Years ago I had a squirrel swipe my order of fries while I ate lunch in the park. After that, I always bought two orders of fries – one for me, and one for the ring of squirrels that soon surrounded me. They were polite, and would approach one at a time, and daintly take a fry from my hand.

    I miss those squirrels!

  29. Cricket did I not tell you about the military manuevers. Good thing the cats are in charge cause otherwise we would all be gathering nuts for the squirrels.

  30. Lest y’all need FURTHER proof of the evil that is (are? be?) squirrels, check out the following:


  31. do you think the squirrels are mind controlling Meg to get her to print these pictures….

  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Beg pardon, but could you pass the Grey Poupon? It’s just heavenly on chestnuts!
    Thanks ever so!”


    That ees all.

  34. ohxamore says:

    We say ‘pardonnez-moi’ not pardon moi.. lol