Cotton ballio

Step 1: Place bunneh between thumb and forefinger
Step 2: Place bunneh on top of astringent bottle
Step 3: Turn bottle upsidedown, dousing bunneh with lotion
Step 4: Dab (don’t rub) bunneh on face, avoiding the moist nosicle


Dabbity dabbity,Josh K.!



  1. A soft as cotton bunny ball.

  2. If you look close enough, you can see the little bun smile.

  3. holy cuteness!!!!!

  4. hrh.squeak says:

    I think the patch around his adorable eye looks like a goldfish. How stylish!

  5. It could be because I am slightly tipsy at the moment (yay drunk cute overloading), but that caption is hilarious! I love bunnies and have one myself. I hope no one actually uses a bunny to apply astringent 🙂

  6. (with apologies to Bird Chick)

    here is a bunny that seems to approve, however using him as a cottonball might change that!

  7. acelightning says:

    Fluffy bunny adorableness! BunnybunnybunnybunnybunnybunnyBUNNY!

    (I’m drunk too, Renee…)

  8. Obviously the preferred triple cotton bunny, not one of those lame cotton-like bunny balls!

  9. Friends

    let friends

    Drink and browse C.O.

    Little known fact…

  10. That’s a LITTLE too much eyeliner for my taste. Gothbunny?

  11. You want astringent? Just wait ’til this bunneh disapproves of having face lotion in his fur…

  12. I think you peeps should lay off the astringent. I am sure there are much more effective ways to get drunk.

  13. Holy monochromatic muzzlepuffs!

  14. …er muzzlepouches, …moozlepoofs…er

  15. Okay, now I want to see one of those bunny-shaped cotton-boll dispensers that actually dispenses buns like this. Then I could die happy.

  16. The ears! The teeny black ears!

  17. *Eyes shift back and forth*

    *Sidles up to bunny*

    *Plunges nose into the bunny’s forehead poof*


  18. Brak_Silverbone says:

    So is this a dabbity wabbit?


  19. Katy with a Capital K says:

    It dabs the bunny on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  20. Theresa says:

    Watch the bun’s eyes, please. Don’t get any stingy stuff in Bunny’s eyes.

  21. Yitzysmommie says:

    No astringents!!!
    Just some soft, silky powderes, please!

  22. Thank you Katy with a Captial K, you almost made me have to change my shirt after I spit coffee all over my computer! Just missed my white shirt!

  23. *hic* Dab on yer astringin wif a bunneh *hic* and watch your pimples disappeeeeear….

    [falls off chair]

  24. EVERY time you mention a moist nosicle, I have to laugh — I have a kitty who loves to sleep under the covers, but before she settles down, she has to touch me all over with her nosicle. ICY COLD! But it makes me gigle when she does it because I can hear you saying it (What? I’ve never actually heard you say it, but I can hear it — ya know?)

  25. Subhangi – lay off the hare that … bit you… on the tail…

  26. ka9q's wife says:

    sidles up to the bar. I’ll have what their having and a side of fluffeh bunneh.

  27. Eyeliner and ears look very aerodynamic! Swishhhhhhhhh!

  28. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    In my house, the cotton balls are referred to as bunny floofs. Please note that in my house, farts are referred to as floofs. So, cotton balls = bunny farts. But I think this one might floof rainbows he’s so cute!

    This little bunneh though, is just too cute! I think he’d like my scented powders. Especially the one that smells like cotton candy!

  29. bunnyslave says:

    Is it me, or could this be the baby incarnation of the last bunny- the one with the soft kronche?

  30. bunneh powder puff!!

  31. pat_the_bunny says:

    His eyespot looks a lil like a fish

  32. Jaclyn Z. says:

    I seriously thought that was my own rabbit Max up there. They could almost be twins!

  33. acelightning says:

    I’m perfectly sober now, and that bunny is STILL adorable. But I’d rather just cuddle him than use him to dab lotion on my face… I’m sure he’s softer when he’s dry 😉

  34. Heehee, too cute. We have a bunny and I can’t help but point out – bunnies do NOT have moist nosicles! They have soft scrunchy fuzzy noses. (not that I don’t love moist nosicles – I do.)

  35. I promise not to dip the bunneh in astringent, if it will just allow me a tiny nib of those ears!

  36. hi ur bunny is soo cute! Babbettexx
    Candy says: well its a bit of aweird pic but nevertheless its really, outstandingly, hot not 2 menton dat it lyk extremely cuteeeee!!!!!!

  37. =]teresa[= says:

    lol. bunneh. i love heem.

  38. The Captain Jack Bunneh. I luvv him. SCRUNCHY WHISKERS!!!

  39. aww this is so cute,, it looks like my olf rabbit Tinkerbell!!