Pssst, the Beady Eye Convention is about to start.

[swishes down tree] [With English accent]

Exscuse me, Suh, but if you’ll follow me, the Beady Eye Convention is about to start. Right this way. [swishes back up tree]


Well, get a move-on, Matti K.! Aren’t you speaking at this thing?



  1. Caitlin says:

    hmm, so THAT’S their other pastime at Redwall 😀

  2. I want to beep his velvety nose!

  3. I is upside down Looking to steal your cookies.

  4. Hehehe I love that look on his face. “Hey you is that for MOI!! Yum Yum!!”

  5. Go find yer own tree!
    My tree!
    Go on shoo!
    *muttering to self*
    humans can be such pests!

  6. that is such a great picture! so cuuute

  7. StormCat says:

    Metz, you made me laugh out loud and now three of my Kitties are laying on the bed looking at me like I’m nutz…

    Look at those toes!!!

    He almost looks like he’s inquiring as to whether you may have been nice enough to bring him a bag of those loverly nuts…Seeing as to how you’re so nice and all…

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    He is so adorable! I would give this li’l gentleman all the nuts he could want.
    He reminds me of the little red squirrel that hangs upside-down just like that in our tree and makes little “cheeping” noises and drives our dog absolutely INSANE.

  9. To me, he kinda looks like a real-life Hammy.

  10. CatFan76 says:

    “Have ya got any nuts? Have ya?? Huh? Huh? Huh?? Peanut? Hazelnut? Fruit & Nut??? Nutty nut bar??????”

  11. sally o'malley says:


  12. lauowolf says:

    What a beauty.
    All of ours are gray.
    Just as squirrelly though.

  13. elizabeth says:

    there are other english accents besides posh toff and cockerney y’know. /pedant

    Isn’t that a lully little squirl. I love his tufty tips.

  14. Squirrel!
    I loves me them squirrels!
    They run around all over the place and I’ve always wanted one I could tame and have it sit on my shoulder. Like a parrot but a squirrel!
    So cute!!

  15. haha redwall :]]

  16. hrh.squeak says:

    Sqwerl Lips!!!

  17. Suda Nim says:

    Elizabeth, this work?:

    “Aye, we ‘ad a whip-round as ‘t’nuts waren’t ’nuff fer ‘t’ole lot o’ us an’ us ‘ad t’send Gaz ’round corner for more. But thou’rt more’n welcum t’jine us.”

    (desperately drawing on long-ago-read James Herriot books)

  18. Oh my GOD.
    That is the dearest face!
    Too funny!

  19. Hello, well have got any nuts? If not go fetch us some we be hungry human????
    What do you think I pose for your contraption for free or what ?????

    I love the spreed out feets too cute

  20. So much cuter than our local skwerls. They always look like they’re plotting something….

  21. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Suda.

    “there are other english accents besides posh toff and cockerney y’know. /pedant”

    You are quite right, elizabeth. But they’re hard to spell. Specially for us Murricans for whom an “accent” means either you pahk the cah in the yahd or you git them goldurned dogeys rollin’, y’all!

  22. I loves squirrels – and this is why!!

  23. Furbabies says:

    Skwerl is smilin!

  24. “please pahdon my paws for not being in a respectful posishe”

  25. Evil, evil, evil…

  26. Glen, He may look adorable but he is plotting. All sqwirls plot to take over the world.

  27. See? Annie understands the true nature of squirrels– evil, evil squirrels…

  28. is he is league with the otters?

  29. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “License and registration, please!”

  30. SeaBreeze says:

    He … she … almost has the whole “baroo?” look to his … her … face.

    Quickly followed by “Whatever ur eatin’ looks gravy! CanIHaveSome??”

  31. violetgreen says:

    Looks like the photographer had peanut-butter breath. Squirrelly thinks you’re holding out on him. Uh-oh.

  32. I’m pretty sure he’s Dramatic Prairie Dog’s cousin…

  33. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Had a pet squirrel when I was a kid-Pasquali Caputo, aka Squeaky. Some door-to-door evangelists came around, Mom was patiently talking with them at the front door….knowing that Squeaky was about to run up her back, and abruptly appear on her shoulder. Never saw those particular evangelists again……

  34. Christine H says:

    I LOVE his colours! He’s beautiful as well as super cute.

  35. “My God man, you’re completely mad aren’t you?”

  36. BDI Convention.

    Squirrel: UBD Secretary. IBD President. UC?

  37. Dale: LMAO!

  38. Splayed toes, red tocks, lips, eyes, attitude dude. Fantastic.

  39. that is *too* cute. <3

  40. Suda Nim says:

    UC D Is? S, I C D Is. U?

  41. Suda Nim says:


    I had a can’t-say-Rs speech impediment as a kid, which was fixed with therapy and braces. When I was about 10, I met a woman who I thought had the same problem. It was only about 5 years later that I learned she had a Boston accent.

  42. Completely off the subject but I thought you guys would get a get out of this 🙂

  43. erm, rather, I thought you would get a kick out of it

  44. zosterops says:

    that caption is soo funny, and even weirder soo credible…

  45. LOVE IT!

  46. Metsakins and Glen. No! Otters Plot, but squirrels have the military know how to pull off the whole operation. They have formed their own squirrel military. So while this squirrel is looking cute and adorable he is really gathering counter intelligence information.;)

  47. Kris – WoW! that is quite a video…

    (when my kids tell me that I’m an empty nester, I’m gonna show them that) new meaning to time on your hands

  48. Annie -ahhh that’s why they go from tree to tree, they’re gathering information (and I always thoght tehy were gathering nuts…)

    I see they have me completely fooled.

    but if they were in league with the otters, they could use them for under sea intelligence!

  49. Metsakins, Yes you are correct! Lets hope the squirrels never connect with the Otters or mankind would be doomed. 😀

  50. Niina from Finland says:

    A squirrel from Finland with an English accent? Matti is a Finnish name.

  51. Everyone knows that squirrels use their powers for evil, while otters use their powers for awesome.

    BIG difference.

  52. R. Moore says:

    Another SO is crazy story…

    We were sitting in a park eating sandwiches. A little squirrel came and looked at us. My SO was sure it was going to jump on us and we moved to a tree.
    Another time, SO, friend and I were in this same park in the wee hours of the morning eating muffins. Another squirrel came up to us as we sat in the playground enjoying the light morning breeze. The squrriel got closer. And closer. And finally was practically on top of our feet begging for muffin. So we ran like mad away from the squirrel, because my SO had psyched us out about squirrels.

  53. *Sidles up to skwerl.*
    *Beeps zee skwerl nose.*
    *Scurries away feverishly.*

  54. donutbill says:

    That is SO NOT a real squirrel!!!


    Cutest rodent EVER!

  55. J.Bo you do know that otters use mind control right?

  56. Sweet Lady says:

    “You talking to me? I said, ‘You TALKING to ME?'”

    Squeee!!! Sowwies, Mr. Squirrel, I no needed nuffings!

  57. I was always sure of otter mindcontrol, that’s why I thought squirry was in league with them.

    R. – now I know he was listening into your conversation, not begging…Annie straightened me out

  58. R. Moore says:

    Oh indeed! Such lovely tufted ears are well-tuned towards conversation.

  59. You still here?
    I thought I told you to shoo!
    Shoo! Go on!
    I told ya I don’t have any treats for you!
    Shoo! Get outta heah!
    Pesky Humans!

  60. “Bugger off!”

  61. Suda Nim says:


  62. red squeeeeeeerly!!

  63. Constance says:

    I endorse the idea that this site needs more squees. Specificaly squirrels.

    Carry on.


  65. “Ah, I see that there are more CO peeps ready to em-bark on our BEConvention.”

  66. I love the look on this squirrels face.


    T-Shirt Voices the Unspoken Truth

  68. I don’t know J.BO, I think thees dood uses his powers for good AND for awesome!

  69. Fixies I see you have eaten to many s’mores while camping with your schmooplet.

  70. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Did you just see my dear friend Cecil? He went out to get some mustard and we cahn’t find him! Have you seen a little squirrel holding a mustard jar and running about? Please do let me know. Thank you, suh!”