You will see a behbeh seal sucking it’s own fin-pacifier in this video

You will also see the best teeny nostril flares—and I mean the best. On a scale of 1 to 10, these go to eleven [Nigel Tufnel voice]. Check it.

Nice sending-inning, Meighan M., and once again, enormous kudos to the Vancouver Aquarium… 😉



  1. Nice Christine says:

    Aw, why does he look so sad?

  2. I just died a little bit.

  3. Aww they took his measurements… to fit him for a pretty outfit to wear to the Cutest Seal awards.

  4. ohnonichole says:

    seriously, did that bebe seal suck his thumb!?!?!


    must… now… find… someone… to… cuddle…

  5. He’s so flopulent!

  6. *splode*


    there went my brain.


  7. So much “ehn!” action, too! A cutie patootie, indeed.

    Rock on, baby seal. Rock. On.

  8. CatFan76 says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww – so glad he’s getting looked after. He’s so cute he makes my inside go fuzzy… but he’s all alone in his tub, I’ll go keep him warm with cuddles!!

  9. Want one to play wif in the baf tub.

  10. tenspeed says:

    CUTE OR SAD, Meg, cute or sad???

  11. Oh no!
    Oscar worthy moments:

    1)Peekaboo I see you!
    (subtitles to follow in the dvd version: “Get Your Fingers Out Of My Mouth!”)
    3)Furry Flipper toesies!
    4)Num-num wiggle wiggle &
    Curled up to sleep
    *wipes tear from eye*
    Beautiful. And the award goes to….*opens envelope*

  12. mathyespoetryno says:

    You can “adopt” animals in the marine rescue program at the Vancouver Aquarium for a mere $50 a year. My husband adopted an abandoned sea otter for me for my birthday last year and it was one of the best gifts I ever received. The aquarium has a special party every November for all of the adopted parents, and you get a visit with your “child”, apparently (I haven’t been yet).

  13. OMG, I can’t listen to the sound. Did they say why bebeh is all alone? He looks so lonely. Should we all go keep him company?

  14. this video should be illegal. it is far too cute for human eyes. THE SOUNDS! THE LITTLE SOUNDS IT MAKES!

  15. Man.. that was so cute it hurt.

  16. Man, the first time he made the little cry I was like ” ;_; I will snuuuuuggle youuuuuuuu!!” and leapt for my monitor. Did not work so well. Seals are so cute, and his sucking of his “thumb”! eeee.

  17. OMG…. I want to cry… bubba sealage looks lonely and sad… and utterly, completly and totally cute…..

    Time for bed said Zebedee!

  18. sad and cute. i hate to see him all alone without his mommy. i hope they can find someone to be his buddy/playmate at teh aquarium. wuv him.

  19. herpantsness says:

    Oh man. This is so cute I am about to cry. Also, I want to nibble on his flipper.

  20. zeldapie says:

    Yes, sad and cute, I agree.

    At least this little guy’s in good hands. Geez, who could look into that sweet face and crush it with a mallet? I’m sorry, I can’t help but think of the killing and skinning of baby seals that goes on each spring. It’s horrific.

  21. beenclawed says:

    Awwwwww, such a wee one. Looks pretty sad. I’m so glad he was rescued! OMG the fin sucking – too cute! I just wish he had his mom to cuddle up with; he looks a bit lonely in there.

  22. Me whilst watching video:

    “Oh honey! Oh honey face! Oh baby…look at you! Oh baby he’s just trying to measure you honey face. Mmm yummy milk! Oh honey, I’ll snorgle you while you sleep baby face!”

    My sister while watching me watch video:
    -general WTF face-

    Oh man…a part of me just died. We should start a partial cemetery for all of us who partially die while reading CO.

  23. Shannon Johnson says:

    Must… keep… self…… controlled! Have…hard…time…doing…so! HOW CUTE IS THE BEBEH SEAL! *SQEEEEEEEEEEE*

  24. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I was reassured to see others felt the same way I did. It seemed that baby’s basic needs are met, but he looked sad to me, too, and like he needed a surrogate mother and/or a sibling with him. It didn’t seem as if the environment was very stimulating for him. I’m sure they’re taking good care of his survival needs, but I’d have to hear more before I could really applaud this video.

  25. R. Moore says:

    Oh wow. That is just… WOW. I cannot speak.

    But I also realized just now that my SO’s dog is part baby seal. It looks at you just like that.

  26. Barking says:

    He had no toofs!

  27. R. Moore says:

    Ah yes, and on adopting, the Marine Mamal Center in Marin County, CA also has adopt a seal prgrams. (And otters, dolphins, etc.) I got a seal for my SO, who is afraid of them 😛

  28. R. Moore says:

    Wow. Check spelling 😛

  29. Tina Rhea says:

    Very cute and very sad– poor kid, all alone in that blue box wondering where mom is, with only his/her own flipper for comfort….

  30. littledogrescue says:

    *** Poof ! (splodes) ***
    ^^^ i’m ded ^^^
    (… raises head just a little bit and whimpers: “Why, oh WHY is that sad, needy baby all alone in a hard, wet, plastic box when I have such warm empty arms and a fuzzy blankie? Sob…”)

  31. Now THAT’s a moist nosicle!

  32. I am a 37-year old software engineer in an office with other computer types.

    That video made me cry.

  33. LUNCH LADY says:


  34. One should not read watch this when one is already hormonally emotional. I don’t tear up easily…but the poor bebeh seal, all alone and miserable and lonely…that did it. I’m sniffling andm y cat is looking at me funny.

  35. So very heartbreakingly sweet. It’s good to know he’s in a safe environment where I’m sure he’ll be introduced to other seals later. Since he was getting tubed and being taught to eat fish, I’m guessing he’s not quite ready to move in with the rest of the gang.

  36. ka9q's wife says:

    that was beautiful but i was sad that the poor bebeh was all alone. Although in the end of the movie I thought the pose looked a bit like a the shrimp I ate for dinner last night.


  37. The little flippers plooshing at the end… heart wrenching.

  38. Anyone who wears a coat with seal fur (or any other fur for that matter) should be tortured and put to death. Who could harm such a creature? Oh yeah…human filth.

  39. So cute! I Volunteered there last summer and it is hard seeing them on their own in the tubs- at the same time it’s for really good reasons like quarantine (they get to play in big areas with other seals later on).
    Plus all you want to do is snorgle ’em but they are meant to be released so we have to try hard not to interact too much with them. Sigh.

    I’ve heard the big Marine Mammal Center down in California is just fantastic and can rescue dolphins and sea lions, too!

  40. Aww, poor orphan seal. At least he wasn’t left to the elements on a beach somewhere. It’s happy but sad at the same time. Vancouver Aquarium has lots of seal buddies for him to play with when he gets older.

  41. Christine says:

    I don’t think my heart can take a second viewing. That was the cutest thing I ever saw in my whole long life.

  42. Precious cute–but heartbreaking. Baby is so lonely and crying for his mommy!

  43. ka9q's wife says:

    I have one or two pelts for some reenactment wear Arnold. I don’t think I am human filth. I don’t see the difference between wearing a pelt from an animal and wearing leather for instance. I try to buy animals that are not endangered. I do limit the fur I buy but I do use it.

    Prepares to be nuffed.

  44. So sweet! So sad! So darling!

  45. This video made me a little sad, but then Andrew’s comment at 2:35 made me cry too! Poor little seal. I hope he gets some friends soon.

  46. Too Many Maureens says:

    I popped onto the Vancouver Aquarium’s website to see if there are any other good, heart-warming stories about them to be had. Look at this:

    OTTER! With a BOTTLE.

  47. Wow… I got all teary-eyed watching this! I want to give this bebe a thousand kisses!

  48. aw man. when that guy is measuring him, the seal is all like “c’mon guys… I just wanna chill” I like his little seal-y noises when he eats 🙂

  49. Bebeh is well-cared for and learning stuff that he should have learned in the wild, but something went wrong. He’s safe from predators (frequently aka humans). I don’t know if seals can be fosterd by surrogate mom seals…anybody?

    In the meantime, please, please give your time/money to our bebeh friends!

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    OMG!!! Suckie sounds!! I LOVE the suckie sounds!!
    As for the babeh looking sad-honestly now, has anyone EVER seen a happy-looking seal?
    YAY for baby seal rescuers!

  51. That is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

  52. ka9q’s wife – you’re right, wearing fur is no different from wearing leather. Both practices are wrong and completely unnecessary.

  53. JoeSpaghettio says:

    “I have one or two pelts for some reenactment wear Arnold.”

    Reenactment wear?!? Like what, renfests, scifi conventions? Yeah, I’ll nuff you for that. Bleagh.

  54. The thumb sucking made me cry a lil bit. Where’s his momma? He needs his momma NOW.

  55. Oh, CO, why must you do this to me?

    I can’t count the number of times my boyfriend has come home to find me going “haha!”/”awwww!”/*sniffle* and said “Cute Overload AGAIN?!”

    Today was a sniffle.

    (Lest I paint a negative portrait of the bf, he is often a lover of the cute and redonkulous – he just thinks I’m a little obsessed.)

  56. Baaad time of the month to be watching this kind of tragic adorability *tear*

  57. I’m choosing to believe they’ve moved him into this area just for a checkup, then he’ll be reunited with a whole mess o’ kinfolk.

  58. Squeedle says:

    @arnold: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  59. Yitzysmommie says:

    Teary Yitzysmommie asks “Where’s his mommie?”
    Yitzy saw my tearses abd is lickin & snorgling me as i one finger type this…

  60. Allison says:

    OMG double eye blinks and whisker flaring – TEH PINNACLE OF CUTENESS!

  61. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I about cried watching that.

  62. Furbabies says:

    I nearly popped with joy watching this babe. This sweetie is going to get a first rate start on life with all that loving care. I just want to hug him tight against me and plant kisses on that little muzzle.

  63. Cute but SAAAAD!

    Where do they find these Jedi master zookeeper-types who can resist the overwhelming urge to snorgle? Bless them, though, and their cute-nerves of steel.

  64. firegoblin says:

    I love this website and visit it daily. I hate to write a negative comment, but the misuse of apostrophes is a pet peeve of mine; I feel honor-bound to correct you in the title of this post and point out that the possesive “its” does not use an apostrophe.
    I enjoy the phoenetic spelling of cute words and French accents, but I have a compulsion about apostrophes.

  65. Awwwww. So adorable at the end when he is sucking his flipper and rubbing his feet(flippers) together.
    And take heart folks sounds like he will be in with more animals before his release.

  66. i just cried cuz he’s so cute and kinda sad and i just want to give him a big hug and hold him forevah and evah – even when he gets so big that he squashes me under his blubber.

    be well little sealy!!

  67. Too brown to club to death for its white fur. Or worse, just stunned while it is skinned alive? When will Canada forbid the
    harvest of baby seals?

  68. OK, so I’m a dude, but that last scene was just freaking cute. I guess I’m man enough to say it.

    Cute cute cute.

  69. PooteyMom says:

    First of all – I’m fairly used to seeing adorable animals being rescued and cared for. Over the years I’ve loved them but still taken a “try not to fall too in love because it may not make it” mentality, HOWEVER I haven’t come so close to crying like I did when he suckled his own flipper. It just goes to show that no matter what kind of animal we are we still just want our mommy when we’re lonely and scared.

  70. Sometimes I hate humans, and then sometimes-like right now-I think they are pretty great. Everyone here has been so moved by this little guy, I love reading all the wonderful comments.

  71. definately one for the Cute or SAd category. he looked so alone in that tub. I know the humans are helping him to survive but it’s still tough to watch without knowing the full story.

  72. ka9q’s wife…you are filth. Go die. Now.

  73. They stopped killing whitecoats 20 years ago.

  74. I’d very much like to hear these “really good reasons” for keeping these baby seals in quarantine! Why? Where’s his Dörflein?

    Ligeia, I *totally* know what you mean. This made me cry. a lot.

  75. acelightning says:

    I have to assume that he’ll soon have the companionship he craves. He’s obviously getting the best possible care humans can give him. And it’s heartbreakingly sweet to see him sucking his flipper for comfort… I never realized that babies other than human did that…

  76. annoyed at nuffers says:

    arnold, if humans are such filth, may I suggest you permanently go and live in the sea? Preferably without the necessary safety equipment to keep you alive. Sharks don’t give a damn, you’ll just be a tasty meal.

    Molly. Just shut the hell up. This isn’t the place to debate the seal hunt.

    Sweet vid and adorable seal

  77. Candace says:

    That was sooo cute. Made me get all misty eyed. His eyes were so large and sad and black! And the noises were too much.

    And Arnold, you are seriously harshing the cute slinging around the insults. I agree with annoyed at nuffers. Eating meat or wearing critters doesn’t make you “human filth.” That is a bit much. Maybe you should hug some tofu and calm down, or rewatch the vid of this adorable poor little seal pupper.

  78. Ugh. The Vancouver Aquarium is nothing but a cage for marine life. I hate that place and its tiny little whale pools and otters that are neurotic from the stress of their environment. Nothing cute about the Aquarium.

    Oh, yeah, I live in Vancouver and have seen the place. Many Vancouverites hate it but tourism is a big draw.

  79. Martha in Washington says:

    firegoblin-have you read Lynn Truss’ “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”. I think you’d really enjoy it. You two seem to have the same feelings about the apostrophe.

  80. I went to the Vancouver Aquarium’s website, and they have a section on “if you find a seal in distress” and explain what steps they take and why or why not something is done (or not done).

    The article mentions that some baby seals are abandoned or rejected by their mothers, and I’m guessing that perhaps that may be what happened to this little guy. He does look soooooo sad and lonely. I couldn’t find anything on their site specifically about THIS seal, but I’m sure hoping that they re-introduced him to to a group of seals and (hopefully) released him back into the wild. The video made me sad too. 😦

  81. SuperLayne says:

    Leather is made from cows. Which we also eat.

    Fur is made from seals. Which we don’t eat, or not that I know of, and which release a hell of a lot less methane gas into the air.

    Get it fake, people.

  82. chelonianmobile says:

    I’m of the opinion it’s okay to wear the skins of animals which are being eaten anyway. That way nothing goes to waste. Simple. I DON’T think it’s okay to hunt critters for the pelt and leave the rest to rot, though. Uggh. And I’m also in favour of more humane conditions for food animals – and for reasons OTHER than that happy animals make better meat. The critters are made to give their lives to make people happy, the least we can do is make sure they’re happy. If you don’t mind me quoting from a Pratchett character: “We are as gods to the beasts of the field. We order the time of their birth and the time of their death. Between times, we have a duty.”

    And of course, pelts are at their best when they’re still on the animal they came from *snuggles random fuzzy things*

    There, my contribution to the Nuffs is officially over and I will pay no more attention to the whiny people who wish to spoil my fun by talking about things which are clearly important but also TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC.

    D’awww, wookit the kwoot babieeeeeee!

  83. Ooooh, the perfect cure for insomnia: adorable baby seals. I nearly sobded from the cute. Where is my kitty to cuddle when I need him!?11

  84. Kallisto says:

    Oh my gosh.
    I’ve been sitting here all morning (it’s Saturday) doing the controlling for my department, and then this! A little sealio sucking its fin.
    I think it’s time to cuddle my kittling.

  85. This little guy just ripped my heart out. Especially when his back flippers were moving while he was sucking his “thumb”–like the “making biscuits” comfort thing.

    R. Moore — thought of your SO/seal story as soon as I saw this.

  86. *lip quivers*


    The flipper-sucking at the end killed me.

  87. First the peek-a-boo and then the flipper sucking dreamland… just too much for one to handle!

  88. elizabells says:

    So I just finished a night shift at the hospital so rough I lost two pounds. Srsly, I checked. This may have been the only thing that could keep me out of the bottle this morning.

    And the muuuuseeeeek! Luvs.

    Good reason for keeping a bebeh seal in quarantine: bad diseases they want to make sure the bebeh doesn’t have before he goes and plays with his new friends. We do it to the human bebehs who get transferred into our hospital too.

  89. Jane Smith says:

    My heart is breaking. Those perfectly sad cow eyes.

  90. So I sez to myself, I sez, yeah, he needs a buddy. So I sez, they should put him in with that cute polar bear, Knut!

    Then I sez, uhhhh, maybe not so much.

  91. Oh, and when he was sucking his thumb and waggling his back flipper, I think he was asleep, having seal dreams.

  92. Tiffany says:

    Did you HEAR those cutest of “erh” noises? Mmm, mmm, mmm. That did the trick!

  93. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Interesting to see my tourist observations of the Vancouver marine captivity verified by a native.

    I suggest those who wear fur be stripped of their lands and banished from the kingdom.

  94. Pscaley says:

    Lola – I wish it was as easy as giving this seal a Dörflein, but Knut isn’t going to be released to the wild and there is only one of him. I think it was something like 100 seals brought in last summer alone. I can’t imagine the halarity on the beaches of BC if that many pups were released after becoming attached to humans!! …Just think of all those pups trying to snuggle up to strangers on the beach, getting suntan lotion rubbed off on them, reading the Cosmo over your shoulder…

  95. OMG, this was so sad. I coldn’t watch the whole vid for fear of bursting into tears! I’m glad bebeh is safe from predators (wild or human), but couldn’t quarantine be a little more cozy for an orphan?

  96. Ok first time I’ve ever been moved to posting! I adore seals and that has to be the most prosh thing I’ve observed. Makes me want to go out and “adopt” a bunch. (i.e. donate)

    That reminds me, we’re getting new tiger kittunhs at our zoo. I’m so excited!!

  97. robbykins says:

    That wee seal is so cute IT MADE ME TEAR UP! OMG …. My fiancee thinks I have gone over the edge….



  99. Oh my gosh I want to cry, that poor little guy is so sad and lonely. He needs other friends or they need to jump in there and give him some cuddle time.

  100. It got me with the whole-face-eye-blinks! Also I wanted to congratulate it when it finally got that fish down. And it wasn’t the flipper-thumb sucking, it was the satisfied back flipper action when it sucked that “thumb”.

  101. Lisa Chieco says:

    I’ll throw my comments in with the rest of you – I felt my heart compress in my chest when that tiny baby sucked on his own fin and rubbed hims little feets together. Oh – I just reared five tiny kittens and spent ONE day away from their mother with them. They got a nice warm wash up after eating and that was their cue to look for the nursing. They were DESPERATE and got on my face and licked my lips and sucked my chin and lip and fingertips! Babies are babies – they need their suckling for comfort.

  102. Lisa Chieco says:

    I’ll throw my comments in with the rest of you – I felt my heart compress in my chest when that tiny baby sucked on his own fin and rubbed hims little feets together. Oh – I just reared five tiny kittens and spent ONE day away from their mother with them. They got a nice warm wash up after eating and that was their cue to look for the nursing. They were DESPERATE and got on my face and licked my lips and sucked my chin and lip and fingertips! Babies are babies – they need their suckling for comfort.

  103. Lisa Chieco says:

    I’ll throw my comments in with the rest of you – I felt my heart compress in my chest when that tiny baby sucked on his own fin and rubbed hims little feets together. Oh – I just reared five tiny kittens and spent ONE day away from their mother with them. They got a nice warm wash up after eating and that was their cue to look for the nursing. They were DESPERATE and got on my face and licked my lips and sucked my chin and lip and fingertips! Babies are babies – they need their suckling for comfort.

  104. I just sploded when bebeh suck his flipper and rubs bottom flippers. I found out my vintage (50’s) coat (given free)is seal coat. I hated it since someone told me it’s seal. 😦

  105. the barking scares my cat…

  106. If thst isn’t Cute or Sad, I don’t know what is. the sounds would be heart breaking if he wasn’t in the capable hands of the Vancouver Aquarium staff… heck, it’s still heartbreaking.

  107. ameliaus says:

    he is so sad because he is alone, with no stimulation of touch, vision, smell, sound, anything.
    Except when they are feeding him or doctoring him, he is left alone.
    alone in a blue box, nothing to look at, mournfully hooting and sucking on himself for comfort.

  108. seal lovers, look at what is going on in Namibia:

  109. OMG! That is the cutest thing I have EVER seen! I just want to pick him up and snuggle with him. Those sad eyes…….Oh I can’t take it. I must pick him up and hold him.

  110. psssst- you hear that?? listen carefully…….that’s the sound of my heart exploding because of this enormously cute little fur ball here!

  111. this should go under “cute or sad?”.

  112. I was freaking out so much over how cute this is that my husband started laughing at me and my daughter thought I was nuts!

  113. pat_the_bunny says:

    Heartbreakingly cute and sad. I want a job with Marine Rescue!

  114. marsheeeee says:

    Has anybody PROVEN that humans snuggling with baby seals (or other “wild” animals) and loving on them and snorgling them is bad for them? Heck, we snorgle baby puppies and kittens all the time and their moms still love them and they’re accepted by the dog/cat community, right? I volunteer to help them try this. I’m serious!