I think we need a new category.

I’m thinking it’s something along the lines of "Sugar and Spice" or "Wait a minute! Scroll down!" or "Cute or Gross?". This new category would cover any photo that was anerable yet…disgusting!

Like dees: [head tilt] 1 part "I Shall Leeck You", 1 part fawn ‘tocks, and ONE PART POOPULENCE!


Help me, CuteOverload! Is it cute or gee-ross!? HALP!

Meanwhile, nice work, sender-inner Mimi M. You’ve set new category wheels turning…




  2. CatFan76 says:

    bebe bambi!!!! BEBE!!!!!

  3. Which neighbor blog is it that has “The Scrolldown” as a recurring theme? Remind me…

  4. Oh man. Timing really is everything isn’t it?

  5. Candace says:

    I hardly noticed the little pooplet starting there and wouldn’t have not for the caption. (I think it is the shawdowing). So, I vote for cute.

  6. Fairydogmother says:

    Eh, it’s a fact of life.

    Behbehs are cute… But they do poo.

    Poo = Not cute.

    Behbeh deer = Very cute.

  7. Just looky at his tocks tho! If you can get past the poopie.

  8. Well, there’s always the possibility of cropping the photo …

  9. The fine ladies over at “Go Fug Yourself” are famous for “The ScrollDown”. It’s pure comic gold…

  10. Teh cute WAAAY overloads the pewp!

  11. Kiragirl says:

    It’s cute! After many years with my dog, you get so you ignore the other part sometimes. LOL

    TGIF ! TGICO !

  12. Perfect, I just love it, soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!

  13. I could de-poop that fawn in 2 minutes with Photoshop.

  14. This photo is definitely cute. If the mama was licking the baby’s backside, we would have a problem….

  15. Never even saw de poop until everyone said it was there…..

    Love is blind… even to good fertilizer!

  16. bee bee bambi is so happy she just _hit.
    (I mean “pooped”)
    it is cute. Momma is Beautiful!

  17. It just needs to be photoshopped so that little leaf covers his butt.

  18. lol! thats nature and motherhood for you!

  19. Yes, the Fug Scrolldown covers something that starts out cute or OK and then ends in shock and horror. I don’t think that fits here, though.

    How about “Awww or Ewww?”


    ew a tongue.

  21. hypereric says:

    Is that a little poop, or is it just his lil bumholio?

    If it’s just his bumholio, no ‘eeeew’!

    If a klingon, well, one of my cats has white fur, and I have learned to live with it.

  22. It’s just Bambi-butt; nothing gross about fawn doo. Have you ever seen it in the wild? They make very uniform, tidy little poops…

    Ack! Meg and Leslie beat me to the Fug punch, Theo.

  23. tracyflick says:

    Cute until it was pointed out! I vote for Photoshopping it out.

  24. Suzanne says:

    How about Twisted Cute? It’s cute until you see the gross part.

  25. Shannon Johnson says:

    *squeal* It’s Bambi! I love it. Wonderful.

  26. Photoshop. [snort] Yeah, maybe Bambi needs a Fug leaf.

  27. Kipling says:

    Aw, Momma needs to teach Baby how to wipe.

  28. katerpie says:

    all we really need here, peeps, is a little cropping.

    [but I don’wanna cut off the whole TAIL!… – Ed.]

  29. Mrs. P. says:

    Now Meg, Theo, everybody, just admit it up front: This was JUST an excuse to allow us all to type out variants of the word “poop”.

  30. Fawn Fug!

  31. lunch lady says:

    eeew, a turtle head or dingle berry?

  32. erm…this is way cute. it reminds me of my kittehs. sometimes it’s a struggle keeping the “cute end” facing us!!

  33. CUTE

    I would have just thought his rump had a dark spot if you hadnt pointed out it was poop.

    I think as long as the poop is small and doesnt stand out or overwhelm the photo then it’s ok.

    I dont think I would like the same picture of a hippo or elephant though……

  34. Poop happens. I still think it’s cute.

  35. Mrs. P. — I must now giggle at your screen name for five minutes. Hope that’s OK.
    [commencing snerkness]

  36. uh…reminds me of when my mother used to lick her thumb and wipe my face..except for the poopie part. Didn’t see it until it was mentioned! eu.

  37. “Evreeeeeebody poops sometimes, sometimes everyone’s gotta go, sometimes.” Sing to tune of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.”

    I revelled in the large pink silky baby ears and didn’t even notice the nether regions.

  38. Aww it’s cute. Babeez and poops come together. It’s OK. And Photoshop could help but it’s OK anywayz.

  39. In order to be poop, it has to stink.

    That is just a brown polka dot.

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    Front end = very Qte.
    Back end = tailio Qte, didn’t see the pooplio until it was pointed out.
    Total pic score = tres Qte.

  41. Simple MATHEMATICS dictates that the percentage of cute outweighs or is proportionate to the ick, then the cute rules.
    In conclusion, we much take the rough with the smooch- it is a part of the Human Condition.
    Dr Helen

  42. its just a little babeh deer poop, and what a dainty pooping position. if it was a great dane dumping that would be a different story.

    the cuteness outweighs the poopness.

    (“everrrrybody poooooops…sometimes…” sung to REM’s “everybody hurts”)

  43. btw, i’m still LMAO at CO’s word “poopulence”. LOL

  44. Um i would say its wierd.Or maybe you could put it in the catogory:Lots of cute,Little of wierd

  45. sometimes da mommy animal gotta lick der bebeh animal to make de poops come out. don’t know if it’s true for deer, but true for most mammals.

  46. A mom´s gotta do what (or when) her fawn´s gotta doo.

  47. a new category, hmmmmmm …

    how about Mums ‘n Bums ???

  48. OK, did anyone else notice that the word “pelletz” pops up if you position your pointer on the baby’s butt (or anywhere else on the picture). Hi-larious.

  49. OMG, it’s BOTH!

  50. Beautiful mom deer plus big baby deer ears outweighs little baby deer poopies.

    We call those “danglers” at my house. Happens when doggies eat long human hair.

  51. In the youngster’s defense he or she is probably young enough to still have a belly full of amniotic fluid and, when combined with milk, it must be far from a high fiber diet. (If this topic was not gross before, that ought to do it.)

  52. Suda Nim says:

    Reminds me of the Kliban cartoon of a rabbit-shaped raisin dispenser: “Press here.”

  53. Furbabies says:

    Nature happens! Still cute.

  54. Awwww, widdew bebeh makin’ ferwtiwizer!!


  55. I’m used to dingleberries. My kitties get them now and then.

  56. LOL. I like the “yup, just another day” look on mama’s face!

  57. I used to know a cat who would eat used dental floss out of the wastepaper basket. You want to talk dingleberries…!

    Deer have tidy, fast poops (and dogs love ’em like candy)–no gross factor for me.

  58. Alice Shortcake says:

    Bears aren’t the only ones to poop in the woods, y’know.

  59. A Dear Deer droping doo doo

  60. well mom makes me so happy I can pooop’s or its I got away with one there but I still am nervous so i still gotta poopss

  61. Any parent would say — “Poopie is NOT disgusting in a young-un!”

  62. Cutest Dingleberry EVAR!

  63. My vote would be to photshop it out. Unfortunately it did take some of the cute away for me. But…..that’s just my personal opinion. And I must say that the cute does outshine the poopie.

  64. lol, you people are crackin’ me up! All your different words for poo…

    personally, even after pointing out, I’m still not sure it’s actually poo, and not just a shadow.
    So cute definitely rules for me.
    And even if it *was* poo, cute would still rule for me, since after fostering hundreds of foster kittehs over the years, I have probably dealt with tons of *way* grosser poo that that! >^0.o^<

  65. The poopage can be photoshopped or cropped out. Animals don’t wait until they have access to a restroom.

  66. ShelleyTambo says:

    ceejoe, you ain’t kiddin’ re the grossness of kitten poop. And when they’re not fully littertrained and you let them run around the living room before realizing it–that just shoots up the grossness factor exponentially.

  67. It’s cute, but no one is talking about the cuteness, and no one can stop talking about poop. or even just saying the word ‘poop’.

  68. mojojojo says:

    It think it’s cute AND gross.

  69. cute and beautiful – the lighting is great. A little photoshop would help get rid of the poopie part 🙂

  70. Most definitely cute!!! I love the pics on here! Don’t shoot deers people!

  71. POOP!!! c: