Who eeeees this photographer?

Guyths, help me out here—who IS this photographer? "SR" is the only indication that I have. He/She has done a terrific job! I mean look at these kittehs—it’s like a dream.


Rule of Cuteness regarding tongues…? I think we need one…


Excellent pointer-outering, Shari E.!

// UPDATE — photographer is Sabine Rath, of TigersDeluxe! //



  1. mervtheflamingo says:

    OMG so cute. (bleen)

  2. AHHH sooo cute! I love kitties!

  3. OMG! Those are adorable. One-bite adorable!

  4. mervtheflamingo says:

    Also, I should say that this picture looks like it was taken in a child-potrait studio. Like, Sears potraits for Kittehs (only better)

  5. OH MAN. Pink noses and teensy little pink paw pads make my heart melt.

  6. GORGEOUS color on those sweet little kittehs! What is that, oatmeal fur??!?

    Amber eyes on one, blue eyes on the other, little pink nosies, little pink paw pads, little pointy tail, wee little tummy…


    Oh, great. I’m sure my boss will appreciate having to replace my keyboard and monitor, lol…

  7. these pics are all taken in studio. lightning freezes the movement, a little treatment in photoshop and voilà = these pics 😉


  8. I love the side glance the kitteh’s giving. Looks almost human!

  9. Oh
    *pinches self*
    Ouch, nope the kitters are still there,
    makes me

  10. Wolverine Librarian says:

    Okay, Now that’s just not fair! How am I supposed to function after seeing the Kkkkkkkiiiiiiittttttyyyyy and the widdle tongue. Off the charts! I’m ded!

  11. Flamenca Mama says:

    Adorabuls!! I especially love the Jelly Belly paw pads=)

  12. Cute very cute and definately studio photos. But still. OMG Gorgeous!

  13. oh my lord, i am hyperventilating!

    the leetle crossed paws, the leetle kiss, the leetle tongue, and pink jelly beans…

    i can not go on…

  14. must have eet …

    seriously, can i have one? please? pretty please?

  15. The top two kitties…gorgeous, the baby at the bottom…breathtaking!

  16. kittikin says:

    Rule of Cuteness regarding tongues? ABSOLUTELY!

  17. definitely, rule of cuteness: visible tongue= cute

  18. jill-e-b says:

    Were it possible to die from a cuteness overload, that second picture of the teeny tiny kitten would have killed me in half a second.

  19. what kind of kitties are these?? they are sooo cute and i want one!!

  20. The bottom pic is so cute it caused me physical pain. God help me. God help us all.


  21. Cloud kittens


  23. Kritter says:

    This is so way over-the-top cute it’s practically cute porn (if there is such a thing).

  24. OHMYGAWD. gorgeous! these kittehs are beyond snorglable. what beautifully done photos.

    (dont know who SR is. sorry.)

    i’m turning to mush.

  25. sally o'malley says:

    these kittahs look like little angels, and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE BLUE EYES ON THE BEBEH AT THE BOTTOM!!11!!!

    do want. must snorgle.

  26. See the cat named “Francis” at the Tigers Deluxe website:


    The person/people behind Tigers Deluxe might be the website/photographer(s) you’re looking for. 🙂


  27. Lioness says:

    OMG…hyperventalating! Cutest baby every. I just want to kiss the pink nose! ahhhhhhhh

  28. *recovers from faint*
    mebbe this will be the color of Bou’s not quite white kittens
    *looks at crossed paws & snorgle action*
    *faints again*

  29. elliottsmommy says:

    oh. LAW.
    oh no you dint.
    please notice the separate yet equal tosicles in the top picture, and the bottom baby’s smooshed ear flap under him, and hims winking cause hims practiced this move in the mirro.

  30. meacu1pa says:

    Utterly precious! The young lady/gentleman just looks so proper. The cream-colored coat, like the foam of a cappuccino. And the winky-eye on the bebeh….NUVINS! MUST GIVE NUVINS!!! NUVINS! NUVINS!

    Sorry, I tried, but could not contain the need to give nose luvins.

  31. OMFG!!!!!!

    That’s all.

  32. Oh I want one! Gimme gimme!

  33. made the mistake of going to LaliaTk’s suggested site.
    Now more ded then eveah.

  34. Wow! Beautiful photos of beeyootiful kitties! And you have to visit that tigers deluxe website. More great pictures. I esp. like the one of a little guy with his tocks way up in the air. I’d post a link here, but I don’t know how. 😦 If you click on kittens, I think it’s the 13th picture down on the left…..

  35. Cathy G. says:

    Tongue rule…my opinion. If you are going to make a tongue rule, I would say it simply requires the tongue to be visible. For example, all the feline based photos are automatically cuter with some portion of tongue outside of the mouth. Extra points for tongue smallness?

  36. acelightning says:

    The kitten picture is Francis, from Tigers Deluxe – the exact same picture is in the gallery. (Apparently he had the usual blue eyes when he was a baby, which turned that amazing copper/amber color as he grew up.) The other picture here looks like him, too, although I don’t know who the other cream-colored cat might be. (Does anyone read German well enough to tell me what breed of cat that is?)

    Anyway, they’re astonishingly beautiful!

  37. pat_the_bunny says:

    My kittehs always cross their front paws when they wish to look lady-like.


  38. pat_the_bunny says:

    Can “smooshed ear flaps” be added to the Cuteness Rules? And extra points if the corresponding eye is closed due to smoosh?

  39. pat_the_bunny says:

    I want to put the paw pads on my nose. Not all at once, but pad by pad. Then, I die happy.

  40. Arianna says:

    Holy freakin’ freak! I totally must have one of those NOW! Let the snorgling commence…

  41. Looks like Sabine Rath is the photagrafur. She is in der “Kontakt” link of Tigers Deluxe.

  42. “i shall leek…me!”

  43. Shannon says:

    Count me as an Aye for the Tongue Rule of Cuteness (altho not the wierd dogs with extra long tongues – that’s just uh, I hate to say gross. But it is.) Regular size tongues only.

    The kittehs are bootiful.

  44. acelightning, it says they are British shorthairs. That would explain the bodacious whisker pads.

  45. Cutest. Cute Overload. Evar.

  46. Here she is!

  47. fish eye no miko says:

    Pic 1: “C’mon dear, they’re trying to take our picture… we can snuggle later, ok?”

    Pic. 2: “Hey… I haz a flavor!”

  48. you realize how easy it would be to plant leettle keeses on the second one tummeh just kinda stick your lips in there and then maybe much a jellybean toes…..

  49. Cassandra says:

    I second the motion for the Rule of Tongue. If yer sticken yer tongue out, it’s gol durn cute.

  50. PAW!

  51. I can’t read German but deduced from head shape etc that indeed these are British shorthairs … the color phase is called Cameo. Beauties, aren’t they?

  52. Suda Nim says:

    *Peeking* tongues are cute. *Dangling* tongues are not:


  53. BethM – thanks for finding the link! Sometime last year Meg featured some photos from this German site, so when I saw these I had an immediate sense of deja vu. Ya’ know?

    Aren’t they the most beautiful kitty photos you have ever seen? *falls over ::ded::*

  54. honeypants says:

    There *MUST* be a rule of cuteness regarding ~winking one eye~ too! Oh these cats are beyond anerable!

  55. I know I’m nicely buzzing (free beer at work function!), but OMG… these are absolutely increible. Beyond cute, to unbelievable beautiful. Thank you for posting these.

  56. The first time I tried to download these pictures, my computer crashed. Yes. It could not compute the cute.

  57. I can has kitties? Please?

    I love british shorthair kitties. I have a blue. I’m thinking I need to add a buttercream, black and chocolate one to my menagerie. Alas, it’ll have to wait a while longer.

    I think I’m going to need a bigger apartment! 😀

  58. Oops,I forgot to say…

    Thanks CO for my new compy background picture. 😀

    Le sigh!

  59. One blue eye!!!!

    Kilt me ded….

  60. Keith Shepard says:

    Wow! The photographer’s web-site is AMAZINGLY cute!! Soooooo cute!!!

    Neko! =^.^=


  61. Chris B. says:

    One eye opened and one eye closed…so sweet

  62. i just wanna give’em kisses!!

  63. Furbabies says:

    lick, nawm, lick, um… tastee paw… just-one- more…nawm…

  64. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ultra-relaxed posture: check.
    Pink toepads: check.
    Tongue peeping out: check.
    One blue eye open, one (presumably) blue eye shut: check.

    Yep, this kitteh is certified ALMOST UNBEARABLY CUTE. Prolonged exposure to the photo may cause the brain to melt and ovaries to revolve.

  65. ERHE! T-too…c-c-cuuuuuuute!

  66. China's Mom says:

    OMG! I am now a puddle of goo under my chair!

  67. chet's momma says:

    anyone else think they look like lil’ snickerdoodle cookies? *munch, munch*

  68. Don’t you love when kittens’ foreheads are gigantoid like that? Ample room for kissing.

  69. acelightning says:

    Pheas and chacha… I’ve just neer seen that lovely shade of beige (“cameo”) before. It’s a little hard to tell from the photos, but they seem to have very faint tabby markings. I don’t know what makes a “British Shorthair” versus an “American Shorthair” (our typical alley cat, like my Loki), but they’re just beautiful!

  70. We’ve actually run some Tigers Deluxe photos before…

  71. Alice Shortcake: “cause the … ovaries to revolve”

    Ohhhhh, is that what the queesy feeling was? Cause it happened right after the reaction “WWWWOOOOWWWWWW! These pics/kittehs are just so… (ok, I’ve never said this before, but) Squeeeeee!!!

    I had no idea ovaries responded to QTE like that! Wow, you learn somethin every day.


  72. OK..thanks to C.O., now I want a Bengal kitten and a British shorthair!!! I already have three cats that my husband barely tolerates! These little babies are so cute I can’t take it!! I am going to end up divorced with a house full of cats! SIGH…

  73. Christine H says:

    I LOVE the facial expression on the bottom one :D.

  74. Cubbybutt says:

    Bottom pic:

    This cat needs to stop it. The wink. The lick. The paw-paws. I think I just had a cuteness induced heart attack!

  75. Christine H says:

    Also, I’m all for the “peeking tongue” Rule of Cuteness proposal.

  76. CanadianChick says:


    Must. Cuddle. Puddytat.

  77. Rebecca says:

    OMG, the little crossed paws! And those pink tootsies! That snorgleable belly!

    If you’re too young to eat solid food, but you’re already preoccupied with grooming yourself, it’s cute.

  78. yep, i have been gazing at the beautiful cats and kittens at tigerdelux for a while now. i really love their amber eyes and round faces the most. quite special looking.

  79. Hey Cuteologists – want to see that site translated into English? Go here: http://world.altavista.com/ Enter the URL for the kitty site in where it asks for: “translate a web page”, and then specify German to English and Voila! Hope that helps!

  80. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee1! thud.

  81. housecat says:

    I’m arresting that kitten in the bottom picture. He’s completely oblivious to the fact that he is freezaking adorables and it’s killing me.

    *licks stubby paw*
    “Oh, did I just kill you? Sowwee bout that!”

  82. Adrienne says:

    OMG!! These cats are so angelic. It really is like a dream. I wish my dogs would stay still for pictures.

  83. shollia says:

    Those are some beautiful cats! I went to the website and just wow.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen cats with such brown eyes before.
    I mean you usually only see them with yellowish eyes that may be sorta brown, but nothing like that.
    Very beautiful.

  84. That’s THE most bored-looking cat I’ve ever seen.

  85. tongue peeking rule – an absolute must!

    British Shorthairs are without a doubt some of the cutest cats EVAH!! waaaayy bigger cheeks, big soulfull eyes, and excellent faces for kissing.

    oooohhhh, and i’ve got one. with extra toes. yep, BSH. with thumbs.

    i adopted her from a rescue 7 years ago, and i still squee almost everyday when her cute little blue-cream tabby and white face wakes me up each morning by nuzzling me.

    oh, and she doesn’t meow, she “mmmmrrrph?”s. ded.

  86. oooh, and also, tongues showing because you are yawning is double plus cute. especially if you are a kitten. or a rabbit.

  87. Ok, It’s time I come clean. Hello, my name is McTwin and I’m a cute addict!

    OMG, those cats, here and at TigersDeluxe are too cute! I think I need a support group or a step program! HELP!!

  88. I love the way the kittie on the bottom is winkin’ at me. Such blue eye(s)…

  89. ThreeCatNight says:

    These are really gorgeous,creamy little kittehs. So soft looking!

  90. OMG!!!! These have to be the most adorable kittens!! I love British Shorthiar cats, they are sooooo squeezy….

  91. Guh …

    am spchls.

  92. newmoonpie says:

    these are, by far, the roundest kittehs i’ve ever seen. they all look like nermal.

  93. heyya Musicchick2, np… those peeps that started the “Tigers-Deluxe” chatter (LaliaTK et al) did the heavy lifting: I just clicked 😉

    those kitteh/pics are remarkable: i like the oatmeal flavored comment. oatmeal & cream with either blueberry or cinnamon eyes. best bfast ever! (this comming from a fan of the ratties)

  94. I know of one guy who shows up a lot online with a big, flashy “SR” for an avatar. His name is Steven Roy.

  95. the pictures on the site will make you lose consciousness, they are too much. if only i could ready german! and i would like one of every flavor pleeeeze. sweet!

  96. Peanutcat says:

    10+ on the squeeee scale for the baby kitten!

  97. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love the kitties. They so soft.

  98. hmmm, do they ship from germany?

  99. I’m all for a tongue Rule of Cuteness, but not all animals with their tonques out are cute. I saw a giraffe at the zoo the other day licking a tree trunk, it was gross, not cute. These kittens = cutest kittens ever! But don’t tell my kittens I said okay?

  100. Oh my gourd! We need a C.O.X.C.U. of the little one’s tongue action and tiny downy ear, and squinty eye, and general fuzzulousness.

  101. She is Sabine Rath, and her official site is http://www.tigers-deluxe.de/

  102. This lady is like the Anne Geddes of kitteh picturrs. I want to skweeze all uf dem!

  103. Marjorie says:

    Tongue rule: peeeenkiest tongue WINS! Bottom kitteh is sooooooo cuuuuuute!

  104. Someone call Father Tom and have him come administer last rites. I am ded.

  105. guttersnipe says:

    Need a pinkness rule. Superior pinkness on paws & MPs & bellies and ALL THIS PINKNESS OMG!!!1!

    Tongue rule, yes. Pinkness rule, also yes.

  106. Look at the fuzzy little round head! It’s so cute that it hurts. I actually replaced the photo of my handsome kitty on my desktop with this little guy because it’s just TOO MUCH!

  107. Lisa G. says:

    I think that is “Cream Kitty Joe” and he is on YouTube as well. My cats and I watch his über cute video all the time. Warning: highly addictive.

  108. theese are so cute i just cant get over it! adorable!!!! adorable!!!! adorable!!!!

  109. fluidstatic says:

    *takes one look at the kitten and hyperventilates*

    Teh qte… it killeth me.

  110. Leetle tongues are cute.

  111. Does anyone know what breed of that this is, they are beautiful.

  112. I love your website it couldnt be any better keep up the good great perfect exellent work youve got my vote for a contest if you every have one for best website you could have more pictures of puppys AND NEW BORN KITTYS