This just in: A rack protecting a kitteh

One good turn deserves another, you know.  It’s only fair.


Did somebody say Cute Overload eXtreme Close-Up?


Updates on foster mama Boudica and her kittens over at my place.  Before you go, though, bear in mind it’s not 100% good news.  Still, I had to share, and there’s plenty of kitting for everybody…

  – T.

(…and thanks to Teh Schmoop for the lovely backdrop)



  1. AliceTanzer says:

    Wow..Thats one tiny baby-kitty. I hope they stay strong!

  2. hypereric says:

    SnorgleFest! 😉

  3. Yitzysmommie says:

    Now This is a truly marvellous Cats ‘n’ Racks photo. Saving a life is one of the highest mitzvot (good deed/commandment) there is. Dear Schmoop, your rack is a most excellent incubator, and you ROCK for sharing the pix! Strong work J, CR and T. May the bebehs and Mama Bou get stronger and stronger.
    Snorgles & hugs all around.

  4. Awww. What tiny babies! Cuties!!

    My kitty ( ) sends kind thoughts to yours.

  5. Oh, so good. My faith in interspecies love is affirmed. Best wishes to all!

  6. SAS — Wow, you even went for the (more) classical spelling! Celtastic.

  7. Bosom Buddies!

  8. my initial reaction:


    Bebeh kittehs omg so tiny I want!

  9. I suspected these were going to end up here….

  10. Oh I’ve completely melted.

  11. *feels bad at first for tiny felines, then sees this*

    they(the kitties)’re good and safe now, thanx to shmoop’s rack.

    and look at teh dinky claws!

  12. Suda Nim says:

    Rackage is so much larger than kittage that this doesn’t affect Schmoop’s profile! I only point this out because I’m jealous.

    On the plus (har!) side, this all-natural incubator ensures that kitteh is warmed on three sides….

  13. AuntieMame says:

    *scratches “kitteh incubator” off list of possible future careers.*

    Maybe I can be an I.B.T.W. yellow polka dot bikini model instead… *sigh*

    Hang in there Mama Bou and bebehs!

  14. Wishing the bebehs all the best teho and schmoop…you guys are awesome. keep up the good work.

  15. That is the first Cats’n’Racks I don’t hate.

    You only have so many hands =D

  16. sally o'malley says:

    look at those teeny claws! i hope those little kittahs grow up to enjoy more racks and snorgles 🙂

  17. Um, GROSS.

  18. Tanyasss says:

    yo, Molly, you WISH you had kittens in your rack. And, by DEFINITION, everything posted on this website IS cute.

  19. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh, my! So teeny! So adorable! *squee!*

  20. Molly — do you have any idea of the story behind these kittehs? They were in need of warmth right after their birth — quick thinking on the part of the person in the picture provided the warmth they needed. This picture is not gross. It is life-giving and heart-warming.

  21. MaliceAlice says:

    Do you think there’s such a thing as a ’nuff nuff? Hmmm. I love this picture. So tiny teeny kittehs! Anyways, more cats n’ racks. Every day!

  22. heh heh. That’s not the extreme close-up I was expecting.

  23. actually, just-born kitties, humans, ferrets, sea sponges and whatever the hork else are pretty un-cute to me. Molly, I hear you. people who comment on this site are genetically disadvantaged somehow and don’t see life for what it is: nasty, brutish and short.

    [Furkle — you just commented here too, y’know… and, speaking for myself, *my* life is more than just those three things. – Ed.]

  24. sorry, I gotta post again to say,

    Look at that tiny wet nose! Those tiny closed eyes! Tiny fur! Tiny teeths! Tiny whiskers! TINY CLAWS!

    I cannot get over this.

  25. hananza says:

    That COXCU kitteh is so young to be doing Groucho Marx impressions…

  26. furkle, clearly you don’t understand the level of cute that comes with miniature creatures. I don’t care what it is, but if it is incredibly small, it is cute. The end.

  27. Suda Nim says:

    This reminds me of the “Kangaroo Care” treatment for human preemies. The baby, even if hooked to tubes, wears only a diaper and cap and is held/wrapped skin-to-skin with Mom. This replicates the warmth and heartbeat of pregnancy as much as possible. It’s said to have greatly reduced preemie mortality:

    In other words, Babes in Racks!

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    Schmoop is such a good, caring foster mom. I’m sure the kitties are very appreciative too.
    Theo- Boudica is a FANTASTIC name for a warrior mama cat.
    P.S. I think I have that exact same t-shirt except no kittens-boohoo!

  29. acelightning says:

    The little guy’s face is so *PINK*! (And so are his tiny little paws.) What lucky kitties, and mama Boudica too, to have such a loving human family to take care of them. Loving and supportive thoughts, and Bast’s brightest blessings, for all of you, human and feline!

  30. jackie31337 says:

    “In other words, Babes in Racks!” – Suda Nim

    Babes are happier in racks even when they’re full term. Buying a sling to carry my daughter in was the best thing I ever did.

    Now that she’s bigger, she likes to have her space, but sometimes she still likes to get close:

  31. jackie31337 says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention about the kittens…. so tiny and cute! Mammals, and especially humans, are hard wired to see tiny helpless babies as cute, and these kitties are about as tiny and helpless as they get.

  32. That kitteh is going to snorgle racks for the rest of its life. *approves*

  33. Tanyasss says:

    Furkle, I am truly sorry that you stumbled upon this horrid community of people. You’re right, what can be worse than making googoo noises over furry little animals and talk about beady eyes and moist noiscles, use words like snorgle, anerable, and fluffitude. Really, they must be all nuts and definitely the worst there could be. I mean, if true happiness of these people can be derived from a picture of a newborn kitten, they have to be “genetically disadvantaged” and really have no idea what life is all about.

    Oh, whoops, I really trailed off there… actually meant to say…
    OMG Kitttaaaaaans!!1!!!1!!!!111

  34. oh, the tiny wee behbehs! i can almost see them slowly waving their paws in the air and making those tiiiiny mewing sounds!

    my hat’s off to you, Teho & Schmoop, for all the good work you’re doing with your foster kitters.

  35. Jackie33whatsit, that picture is adorable, and what is that, Finnish??

  36. Now, Jaye, dontcha really wanna name any kitten in your rack, George Clooney? Matthew McConnaghy? Sean Connery?

    [a-HEM? Hello? Not chopped liver, here… – Ed.]

  37. Oh Meep! Wait until they start fighting over who gets fed next and who gets to sleep in the rack.

  38. Furkle, first of all, you are not the end all and be all of genetic evolution, therefore it could very easily be that YOU are “genetically disadvantaged.” Actually, since the basic drive that ALL life has is to reproduce and ensure that its genetic material is passed on, I would think that YOU are the one that is “genetically disadvantaged.” If you so hate looking at what most well balanced humans would find “cute” and “anerable”, then why do you even come here?

    Secondly, don’t plagiarize. At least say where your quotes of doom and gloom come from.

    “….and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” — The Leviathan by philosopher Thomas Hobbes

    Thirdly, as said previously, all my hopes and prayers go with Boudicia kitty and her 7 kittens, and most especially for the littlest white one. Thank you again, T and J for doing what you do, and letting us into your lives to see it.

  39. Aw…what at treat to share with the world!! Good job Theo and Jaye. I’ve been so worried about those bebehs and bebeh’s momma. Bless you both for being such a wonderful foster family!!

  40. I bow to you, Azhchay. Awww….snap!

  41. Carlisa — it has already begun!

    Azhchay — remind me never to piss you off… 😉

  42. browngrl says:

    I feel so sorry for Furkle. Yes, life can be brutal, short and nasty but then you get to snuggle up with baby kittens and then everything seems much much better. Furkle, you would feel so much better about life if you would join the “genetically disadvantaged” folks at cute overload. Here is my prescription for : you must look at cute baby kittehs and moist noisicles and beady eyes and puppy tummeh’s at LEAST every 4 hours. You’ll feel better!!Now I must go back to exploding from the cute overload.

  43. I just love this pic. It shows what great efforts have gone into ensuring the health and well being of Bou and her babies. My heart is breaking that the littlest tiniest sickly baby didn’t make it.

    The fact that some people have come on here and spread hate sickens me. What J & T are doing is one of the most wonderful things we humans can be doing….caring for the sick, injured and/or unwanted until such a time as they find a forever home. My hat is off to them and those people who can do this.

  44. ThreeCatNight says:

    Bless those little babies, and Theo and Jaye for giving them every chance. Those who deem themselves genetically “superior” like Furkle and Molly, have a lot to learn from others who have a love and respect of creatures, especially tiny and helpless, who share this world with us. And people like these are the ones who are seriously lacking a little love and compassion at home, perhaps? They are to be pitied, really. We’re all linked in the evolutionary chain here; nothing wrong in looking out for those who can’t help themselves. Let small minds find themselves another website to vent on; CO suits the rest of us just fine!

  45. Theo – Maybe Jaye lurves her some Pate’, ever think of that?

  46. Noelegy says:

    My Philo kitteh was the last survivor of a litter that the mama kitty rejected and began to kill after bratty neighborhood kids put perfume on the kittens. My sister-in-law rescued him but didn’t really know how to take care of him and asked me to foster him until he got stronger. I saw him when his eyes had first opened, and he was so frail and fragile that I steeled myself not to get attached to him; he probably wouldn’t make it. His brother was half again his size and much more robust.

    A week later, the bigger brother was dead, and my SIL once again begged me to take the last kitten. Not yet named, he rode home in my “rack” because very small kittens can’t keep themselves warm, as the above picture shows. Husband and I took turns with the bottle feedings, and the kitten thrived.

    Now he’s a two-month old bundle of energy and purrs, and my SIL’s not getting him back, because neither Husband nor I can bear to part with him. He’s definitely bonded with us; we are Mommy and Daddy and he follows us around and sleeps with us accordingly.

    His story had every chance of turning out sadly, but he has brought us so much happiness. Please add my best wishes and hopes for strong, healthy kittens to those already expressed. With so much love and care, they’re bound to do well.

  47. Noelegy says:

    Just to show you how far Philo came in a few short weeks, here is how he looked when I first got him:

    And here he is two weeks later:

    He has lost all the blue in his eyes now and they are a dark gray, on their way to green. He seems smaller than he should be for two months; maybe he was the runt of the litter. But he’s bright, curious, affectionate, and above all, yelping healthy. I can’t help but be proud. Sorry to threadjack, Theo, but I wanted to hold Philo up as an example of a kitteh who had all the odds against him but who’s turned out to be a fine cat, a very fine cat indeed.

  48. Azhchay says:

    Theo — Actually, it’d be better to piss me off. Then I just curse incoherently. 🙂 Angry is where you don’t want me, but that’s easily avoided. Show me a cute kitty picture and it’s like the proverbial “shiny object.” Brain goes elsewhere.

    Furkle just got unlucky. I’m a Biochemist by trade, with a fascination for Genetics, so throwing out terms like “genetically disadavantaged” well… hehehehehehe… Also, that particular quote from Thomas Hobbes is one of the few that I remember from my Philosophy classes. Again.. just sheer bad luck on his part.

    And to keep this CO approved. OMG look at the cute kitties!! I’d imagine that’s what my Caramel’s kittens would have looked like, if she weren’t spayed. She’s also quite the lovely calico.

  49. headscratcher says:

    If the members of CuteOverload are ‘genetically disadvantaged’ (what? please to be ‘splainin.), then what the bloody hell are you doing here? Looking at cute pictures no doubt. Idjit.

    Anyway, adorable and wee little bebeh! So sad that one didn’t make it 😦 But at the same time, that makes the ones who did that much more precious.

    And I knew there was a reason for my rackage….must to be findings bebeh kitters now.

  50. Noelegy, Philo is a sweetheart–you did a great job. Thanks for sharing his story!

    And thanks to all who’ve shared encouraging words. The others aren’t worth comment. We’ll keep you posted over on Theo’s blog.

  51. luvinmalssomuch says:

    So sad to hear the one kitteh didn’t make it. Hope the rest stay healthy. Thanks Theo and Jaye

  52. pat_the_bunny says:

    Teeny, tiny bebeh kitt-oons. Obviously lost their mommy – how sad, and how sweet, being incubated by their new mommy. That is probably very comforting to them, hearing the heartbeat and feeling the warmth. How sweet. Good mommy! And grow strong and healthy, bebehs!

  53. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Is it just me, or does every thread have fighting in it now?

  54. ah they’re just cranky cause they don’t gots any kittens in their racks is all.

  55. pat_the_bunny says:

    Furkle, I disagree with your assessment of commenters. I am painfully aware of the brutality and cruelty of life. Which is why it is helpful to come to places like this, from time to time, for escape and wonder over the more tender, beautiful side of nature and the capacity of humans to nurture and love God’s creatures.

  56. Aww…precious kittens. Even smaller than kittens….kitters? kittuns? krittens?

    PS. Anyone else think the one being fed looks like Scar from The Lion King? (But in a cute way.) 🙂

  57. Erm, Furkle?

    Furk off.

  58. We can probably lay off the Furkle-bashing now (and her other name from the Beagle post). Well and truly trounced, wouldn’t you say?

  59. Guys, regarding Furkle… no feedie troll-ie. 🙂

  60. Pat_the_bunny – they didn’t lose the momma, which is great cuz she wasn’t feeling very good. click on the links theo’s provided for all of the the litter details.

  61. Cassandra says:

    Way to go Theo and Schmoop for taking such good care of the babies. If I had enough rackitude, I’d be carrying kittens around all day long. Sending warm fuzzy thoughts to the whole cat cave 🙂

  62. I should mention that Jaye also suggested the *title* of this post, which clinched it.

  63. bunnajenny says:

    Noelegy — Philo is super anerables. And to repeat Jaye’s sentiment you did a great job!

    I have two rescued runts, although you couldn’t tell that now that they’re growed up kittens. Emily-bug was 6 months old and under 3 lbs when she came to live with me and busband. Today she’s 10 pounds of plush-love.

  64. A little post traumatic flashbacking here for me (argh – the late night feedings!) Now I just want to go home and snuggle my little rescued orphan kitty. (Well, little… he’s 15 lbs now and bigger than all the neighborhood cats combined… but still a wee kitteh at heart. :D)

  65. Mary (the first) says:

    The second best thing about C.O. is there are such diverse commenters; from biochemists to “squeee”ers. Even the “idjits” can be interesting in a way.

    The first best thing about C.O., if I even need to say it, is the kittehs, babehs, hedgies, torties (both kitteh flavor and shelled ones), froggies and even racks, especially when the latter are doing what they’re made for: nurturing a new life. Even if it is interspecies nurturing. What could be better?! Love to all the Bou family. If I lived anywhere nearby I’d ignore my (old) cat’s antipathy to the idea and come and get a babeh when he’s old enough. (Sadly I don’t have enough rackage to take a tiny one.)

  66. wow,that is one wittle bebeh kitty-cat!he is too cute- 😀

  67. I’m not a fan of cats’n’racks but after seeing those itty bitty kittens and reading your story, Noelegy, I got all misty-eyed at this picture. It’s beyond cute. It hits at the maternal instinct somewhere between stomach and heart.

  68. Kiddo — you sure it’s not just a little bit higher?

  69. Hmmm, not to feed the troll, but the Hobbes’ quote should correctly be “the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. Hobbes was talking about human nature without a restraining goverment, not anerable kitties. Sheesh. Stretch a quote much?

  70. Chris B. says:

    Way to go. Keep us updated with the other babies progress. I got my kitty when she was four days old and hand raised her. Furkle you would hate my house. It is full of fuzzy little critters that no one wanted, and a few not so fuzzy ones too. If loving and caring for other creatures is a “genetic disadvantage” then I consider myseld lucky to be in that group.

  71. If only. Oh, if only. Sadly, genetics has not been kind to me and so the maternal instinct moved to bigger lodgings in with the butterflies and warm fuzzies.

  72. I think that CU and Theo and his lady’s cat fostering represent all taht is good and beautiful in the universe. Darryl Kitty and I are sending good vibes to Boudica and her litter. W. all the good care they are getting, these microkittens will surely grown into healthy, happy cats.

  73. Rackage is necessary when bottle feeding baby puddins (7) in a one-person household, as I’m doing right now. Not enough hands to get the job done right. And the bebehs seem to enjoy it a lot. I have to admit, tho, I’m getting a bit tired of the little toenails down there … but nice to know I’m in good caretaker company.

  74. Furbabies says:

    It really warms the cockles of my heart to see humans show such love for small helpless creatures. It renews my somewhat shaky opinions of mankind (I like animals more than most people I know).

  75. Yeah, sorry I fed the troll. But linguistically, I just couldn’t resist! lol.

    VERY sweet kittehs, and very loving of Theo’s smooch to nest ’em in her rackage to keep warm. Blessings all around!

  76. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    maybe below the cockles, maybe in the sub-cockle area, we don’t know.

    We do know that little white behbeh kitteh is squee-worthy!

    [gold star for the Denis Leary bit… – Ed.]

  77. ShelleyTambo says:

    really Cricket, I was going to continue with that quote, but considering it references the colon, well, nevermind…

  78. ShellyT — you could just stop partway there, y’know, in the semicolon.

  79. Suda Nim says:

    Did I just coin a word in “rackage,” or was that already going around? I’d *love* to have coined one!

  80. Suda — worthy effort, but sadly, nopes…

  81. China's Mom says:

    “genetically disadvantaged” and clueless about life reporting for duty!
    What adorable little babies – I would not be able to put them down! Mamma would end up jealous!
    What the heck am I saying – I am jealous!
    Great job you guys!

  82. Rack = kitteh-carrier. I used to carry KC around like that all the time, until he got too big to fit. There are worse things than warm fuzz snuggled up under your chin….

    And – awwwh.. ittybittykittys. With ittybittyclaws. O.o
    Eh. I wasn’t that fond of my skin anyway… ^.~

  83. faster than a speeding bullet….

  84. …more powerful than a local modem?

  85. Ok you made me laugh right out loud with that one. I should have seen it coming but I didn’t. *looking over shoulder for more*

  86. Well I would, but I’m not even sure what we’re talking about.



  87. Here you go METZ
    able to leap over annoying Nuffs in a single Bound.

  88. Annie got it, I saw the disappearing comment and just couldn’t resist commenting on how quickly you got it gone.

  89. boudicasmom says:

    I can’t believe that somebody else has a pet named Boudica. I saw a show on History Channel about the Celtic Warrior Queen and I thought what a cool name. I got a German Shepherd Female and named her that.

  90. That makes us members of a very exclusive Celtic elite, of course.
    We are… The Boudacious.

    (actually I think that word was probably a play on “bodice”, but what the hey)

  91. R. Moore says:

    Ahem. “Bodice” works for this post, too!

    Jaye and Theo, I’m so sorry to hear about the two babies. When our cat first gave birth she was really young (which is why she hadn’t been spayed, as we usually waited about six months so they’d be almost adults–plus this was before the tiny kitteh spay/neutering services found today) and didn’t take very good care of her babies. Three of the four on average we had to nurse and keep warm ourselves. Finally two of them died within hours of each other. They were only about a week old at the time, and one had been promised to me as my first pet. I was utterly heartbroken. We laid them to rest in the field next to our house.

    Unfortunately, Jaye, it has been my experience that mother cats will sometimes reject runts/less healthy kittens when times are tough. I don’t know that this is what Bou is doing, but it is possible.

  92. I agree with Theo about the meme-cat’s name. Is math sin!

  93. This reminds me of my rescue days, which I miss desperately.

    I had to take an abandoned 2-day old kitten home with me and syringe-feed him and keep him under reptile lamps to stay warm. He didn’t make it, but at least he knew he was warm and loved.

    Incidentally, Boudica is my husband’s favorite name for a baby girl.

  94. ShelleyTambo says:

    It’s also not unusual for kittens from a first litter or a big litter not to survive. That’s what happened with my kitter’s babies (she arrived at the shelter with them–once I got her, she was promptly spayed). There were eight, and only five survived. Considering it was probably her first heat and that she had a HUGE tapeworm, five of eight was not bad. Quite often, if there are more than six, at least one won’t survive, because even with eight nipples, as my vet said, “you can only produce so much milk.”

  95. Best wishes and lots of love! Those kittens are lucky to have your care! I raised three tiny kittens myself over ten years ago, and they’re all the loves of my life. If I may offer something great a vet said to me? I was trying to keep my kittens warm with my body heat and the vet told me that a kitten’s body heat is much higher than ours, so I was actually taking their heat from them. He suggested filling mason jars with really hot water (making sure the lids are on super tight) wrapping the jars in towels or flannel, and tucking the kitties in next to them with towels, blankets, whatever, around them. My old flannel shirts came in handy. We were lucky it worked out really well for us. It’s of course, no guarantee when they’re so tiny. Good luck!

  96. Noelegy says:

    Feeling tangential today…So how DO you pronounce Bodicea/Boudicca/etc? I have a couple of CDs by a Scots/American vocalist named Steve McDonald. His music is a lot like Enya’s, only he’s a guy, obvy. And he has a song about Boudiccea, and he pronounces it “Bow-da-see-ah.” Of course, in another song, he pronounces “Celtic” with the “S” sound, so who knows.

  97. Well… I pronounce the CAT’S name “BOO-dih-cuh”… but I’m not sure that’s the way the warrior queen of the Iceni would have been addressed.

  98. Take care of the kitten,



  99. wish i had that much boobie to offer. haha.

  100. well how else are you supposed to protect wee kittens?

  101. MajkBajk says:
  102. Yoink… yoink… yoink… SQUEEEEE!!! ^.^
    I think I’m in love.