Silkeh Chick-kon named “Gordon”


Whomevah came up with the idea of a soft fur-like chick-kons is a genius. THIS is "Gordon" the silkeh rooster (he prolly knows how to accessorize, make a foofy cocktail and debate fabric samples too)


He ALSO has silkiest of ‘tocks.


Love you AND your farms, Shari E.!



  1. Fluffy chickehs is it another dawn and drew chuck?

  2. is that pale blue thing his own…um…accessory? or is something put on by a human?

  3. Sweetmisery says:

    So fluffy. Who knew. He is gorgeous.

  4. Enough already CO – I’m beginning to talk like you at work:-)

  5. Anner – it looks like it’s part of him. But I dunno fer shure. I have NEVAH seen a floofy chicken / rooster like this. BEAUTY! *said in Steve Irwin voice*

  6. Hee. He looks like the Yeti.

  7. Lou… now you’ve got me curious. What did you say?? Hee hee…. “This is redonkulous!!” or something like that? 😉

  8. what an interesting looking chicken. How can I send you photos of cute kitties?

  9. A snorglable rooster. What won’t they think of next.

    Dude is rightly proud of his floof.


  11. book_monstercats says:

    I bet he has all the floofy laydeez falling at his redonkulous feets. Does he always look like that, or has he been floofed out for a show? If so, how do you floof a rooster, especially his feets? I also love his blue bits, they seem to match his beak.

  12. Jen – Look over on the right side of the site. Scroll down to the little title “Got Cute?” and follow the directions. 😀 Easy breezy!

  13. Sally!!! says:

    I want to snorggle hes tocks! how unsanitarzy

  14. Grumblecakes says:

    I’ve seen these guys at a petting zoo- they really are naturally that floofy, and the blue face ornaments are part of them. I love their foot-warming featherpants.

  15. Furbabies says:

    Awesomely beauteous! I wants one! What kind of chickney is he?

  16. *speechless*

  17. Gordon is both of my grandfathers’ name, as well as my father’s middle name.

    And it is also a most fabulous name for a floofy chicken. Who would have thought?

  18. Chris D. says:

    I think it’s a Japanese Silky. Jerri Blank had one.

  19. i am in shock…..what a fluffy chicken. it’s to cool

  20. Alice Shortcake says:

    The words “cute” and “rooster” don’t usually go together, but the lovely Gordon is PURE 100% SNORGLEFODDAH! He looks as cuddly as a fluffy cat but common sense tells me he probably has an…erm, pungent aroma.

  21. This is EGG-ZACTLY what I needed to see this afternoon. Perfectly hilarious.

  22. I saw one of those on Ali G. … hilarious. “Why’s ‘e wearin’ dat?”

  23. It is a silky. THe blue ornaments are part of him. Actually Chickens themselves do not smell but their Poops. do so What we do is clean out the barn every so often. I mix it into my mulch pile.

  24. debkakes says:

    Look, he’s wearing blue earrings! Treh fashionableh!

  25. A Goofy- Loofy Chicken
    with a patch of Blue
    was sad cause he could’nt
    cock-a-doodle doo……

  26. i would KEEEEELL for ‘tocks like those!

  27. Is anybody else thinking Cadbury bunny? Is this how legends are born?

  28. My fiance’s sister used to own a ton of these guys.
    They’re actually not very soft at all.
    When you pick them up, all you can feel is the hard part of the feathers.
    They are cute though.

  29. fritzlesnick says:

    Actually, the blue “earrings” are just a lighter shade of his skin – a blue so dark it looks black. They’re a neat pet – and, no, they don’t stink, as long as their nest area is kept clean.

  30. I used to have one of those Japanese Silkies. The females also have blue ears. Not much difference between the two sexes other than that his neck is bigger.

    They are born nekkid and black, not the usual fluffly chicks at all, and their feets are giant. Then they get stubbly and hellishly uglier than they were before, until they finally grow out and go poof.
    The only real feathers they have are flight feathers and some of the frill on their feet.

    They are very characterful, feisty, make great pets (will purr if you scratch the bit on top of the head that they can’t reach), and if you feed them layettes will lay pretty little ivory coloured eggs with rich red-orange yolks.

  31. Olivia, you feed them baby clothes?

  32. Tilldrake says:


  33. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I almost wanna sit down and put ‘im on my lap and comb ‘is ‘air and braid cornrows with long ribbons so when I release ‘im my cats get a new toy to chase and love! >^.^< Squee!!!




  34. Gordon brought swatches!

    he’s cute.

  35. My friends and I came up with a nickname for this kind of chicken: Chunny. Part Chicken, Part Bunny.

  36. Stephanie says:

    Love the roostah, hate the grammah. It’s whoevah.

  37. So for all these years, those frozen fish products have been sold by a chicken?

    He doesn’t look like a Fisherman at all.

  38. I was actually looking at getting some of these as they do pretty good in our colder northern winters, but McMurray’s out of them for ‘a while’. If you’re into cute chicks, you really ought to check them out:
    you’d find this guy under feather-footed Bantams

  39. Leah B — they have pills for that, now.

  40. Grumblecakes says:

    Yes! Jerri Blank did have one! She was delicious.

  41. Shannon Shenanigan says:

    YES!! I LOVE silkies, and no one else ever knows what they are! HURRAY, SILKIES!!! They have some sweet black ones and white ones down Appalachia way.

  42. Shannon Shenanigan says:

    P.S. As I so often say, “FURRY CHICKENS!!!”

  43. OK, so one of my favorite things in the world is the Tunbridge World’s Fair in Tunbridge, Vermont. First of all, overly-ambitious-title. Awesome. Secondly, it’s in a gorgeous spot, in a valley. Thirdly, animules. Lots of them. From Giiiiiant Oxen to what I have referred to my entire life as CRAAAAAZY chickens. Chickens with bell-bottoms. Chickens with mohawks. Chickens that look like Red from Fraggle Rock. One time, I ran into a friend and her 3 year old nephew at Tunbridge.

    “Have you seen the crazy chickens yet?” I asked him.
    “Yes!” He said. “Those were CRAZY chickens!”

    About 45 minutes later I ran into them again. He had aquired a fish in a baggie from one of those horrid games.

    “What’s your fish’s name?” I asked.

    “Crazy Chicken.” He replied.

    And that’s how a goldfish was named after a silkie chicken. Go Gordon! His feets iz CRAAAAZY!

  44. Tina Rhea says:

    My husband walked into the room, saw the second photo, and said flatly, “No. There is no such creature.”

    But he (the rooster, not my husband) reminds me of Verissa, the amazingly floofy white bunny– I can’t get a URL, but she was posted to this site on November 13, 2005, and is one of the earliest photos in the Bunny file. Can somebody post the link?

    This rooster also reminds me of a postcard, one of a series with old-fashioned photos and modern captions. This one had a young farmer, looking awkward in his Sunday best, holding a rooster with a magnificently long tail. “Homer told the ladies he met about his prize-winning cock, but for some reason they were always disappointed.”

    My favorite such card, with an elegant Victorian lady, said, “Love comes suddenly and without warning… like the men I date.”

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    Holy Floofy Chicken ‘Tocks Batman!!!

  46. Cubbybutt says:

    One thing Gordon is not fabulous about is interior decorating! Just look at those pooped streaked walls! Heeyyyyyy!!!

  47. Gay Eye for the Straight Rooster?

    Sorry… it had to be said.

  48. Ponygirl says:

    He shorely does have silky ‘tocks!

  49. Arianna says:

    Holy fluffiness, Batman!

  50. Wow! I did not know there were so many kinds of chickens! For some reason, I thought the only breed was the one that I eat. You learn a new thing every day, I suppose.

    This guy looks like he needs some glitter, huge sunglasses and an electric guitar. Go go glam rock Gordon! I love his little mohawk (mochicken?)

  51. Silkies are one of my favorite kinds of chickens!! I used to keep a nice little crowd of fancy bantams when I lived in the country; makes me sad that city life doesn’t allow for chick-kons now.

  52. This is way cute, I have never seen anything like it.

  53. Michelle says:

    omg the cheekun toks.

  54. Fab! Love his fluffyness.

  55. CanadianChick says:

    I think they’re much cuter as chicks…but I only had a hen, never a rooster.

    they’re definitely not as soft as they look.

    odd factoid – the skin on a silkie is dark grey/black. Very disconcerting at the meat counter.

  56. The turquoise/blue “things” on his face are his ear lobes, believe it or not. Some breeds have red ones, some have white ones, Silkies have turquiose ones! It’s just a section of skin below his ears (chicken ears look like a hole in the head with a little tuft of feathers covering it up).

    Purebred Silkies are not hatched out naked, they are as fluffy as any other chick, even more so considering they are feather-legged!

    The “silkyness” is characteristic of the feathers in which they lack the barbules that normally “zip” the feather together to make a flat surface. So instead the feather barbs just fluff out.

    They exist in several color varieties, with and without the beard.

    (I’ve been showing chickens since 1987). 😉

  57. Christine H says:

    I have a friend/ex-boyfriend named Gordon. I have informed him of his namesake, but he has yet to respond.

  58. Bird of Paradise says:

    He looks like Big Bird! Those ‘tocks are serious business.

  59. Alice Shortcake says:

    A chicken that purrs when you scratch its head? OMG!!

  60. clearly, gordon was dreamed up by the same kid who brought us planet unicorn.

    love it.

  61. Now that is one fluffy birdy-butt!

  62. Hey Gaiz!!!!
    You should get the DVD “The Story of the Chicken” from public TV
    It totally features a heroic mama silky chicken defending her bebehs from a hawk. Plus many other eccentric chicen stories. wonderful photography. Not affiliated, blah blah blah.
    but i guarantee you’ll love it.

  63. zeldapie says:

    Best. Tocks. Ever.

  64. Linders says:

    Hahahah They should have a Planet Silkie chicken (refer to planet unicorn) heeeeeeeeyyyyyy

  65. Oh help! We’ve got chickoodles now!

    (Or poofowl. Take your pick.)

  66. Let me guess: his full name is Chicken Gordon Bleu.

  67. StephanieSays says:

    You should get the DVD “The Story of the Chicken” from public TV

    I loved that show! My husband and I saw it together and we both still talk about it from time to time.

  68. Nice Christine says:

    This makes me want to stop eating chicken…

  69. Silkies are actually very good in soups for a blood tonic, according to Chinese medicine. 🙂 But *I* want one for a pet! it purrs! ~lol~

  70. What’s that you say? He makes foofy cock-tails? Either you intended that as a pun to begin with, or I am the only one who thought of it.

    Either way, that’s one wacky chicken. Makes me think of the ones with blue feathers on top of their heads. My sister and I called them “Madame Mim” chickens after the shape-changing witch in The Sword in the Stone. Cause she would look like them if she turned into a chicken.

  71. so what does one DO with a flooffy-goofy chicken? do ya eat it? or love it up like a kitteh? or does it lay eggs or just walk around looking cool or what?

  72. a different Laura says:

    Oohh, I think I’ve seen these at the Common Ground Fair in Unity Maine (another awesome New England Fair with great animals!)

  73. Hey Cubbybutt – Jackson Pollack is considered an ARTIST for similar pooped streaked-looking work…& I’ve never heard if he purred when his head was scratched!

  74. Do they shed?

  75. “Has you ever seen anything like it? What is he wearin’ that for?”

  76. Shannon Johnson says:

    I can’t believe it! A fluffy rooster! You don’t see roosters like that every day. Thank you for adding something different. I love that you did that. THANK YOU!!!!

  77. fluffiest tocks award! omgoodness looked at that beauty.

  78. A sil-KON chic-KON named Gor-DON!? So hand-SOME!

  79. Rebecca says:

    look at that big poofy butt! how cuuuute! reminds me of a cross between Mae West and Big Momma heehee

  80. diddleymaz says:

    Gordon is the first name of our Prime Minister here in the UK this bird looks nothing like Mr Brown, he should be called Chester .

  81. Shari E says:

    WOW!! My Gordon will be so pleased to know he got all these comments! I have a friend who raises “exotic” chickens and she gave me a Japanese Silkie egg for one of my hens to hatch – and Gordon was the result. Gordon is named after the rocker, Sting (real name Gordon Sumner) as Gordon and Sting have the same hairdo. Gordon IS very soft – though you can feel the central shaft of his “feathers” somewhat. He is extremely tame as I’ve held him a great deal since he was hatched. He naturally looks this fluffy – and keeps himself spotless. The blue “earlobes” are iridescent blue! He has a very quiet and scratchy crow… sort of a Louie Armstrong version of crowing – if Louie had crowed. Also, it’s a misconception that chickens smell – they smell just like a fresh feather pillow! (Of course, their POOP smells – so you just rake out the barn!)

  82. That is the most redonkulous chicken ever.

    He’s tres chic. no pun intended.

  83. It’s a rooster. With pantaloons.


  84. Krissy D says:

    If we EVER got to see the lower half of a Muppet, IT WOULD HAVE THOSE TOCKS.

  85. I once saw Bert dance “The Pigeon”… ‘tockless.

  86. vandevere says:

    Looks like someone crossed a chicken with a cocker spaniel… 😛

    I bet petting it must be a treat…


  87. Dah!!!! At last! Someone who shares my passion for “chick-ons”! I do love me some chickens. I recently moved to a semi-rural area, and was SURE that I’d be able to keep a pair of cluckers as pets. But alas…city (and I use the term loosely) ordinances forbid keeping “barnyard animals” as pets, and chick-ons are the first ones listed as verboten. Pah!

  88. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Crikey! Can you just imagine how long it must take him to do his hair, uh, feathers in the morning? Can you just imagine the amount of products he must use?

  89. Madison says:

    Wow! That is alot of fur on a chicken! Where are his legs?!

  90. fluidstatic says:

    holy floofy chicken tocks, batman.

  91. Good grief. He looks like he got caught in an exploding pillow factory. Maybe he can donate some to this poor fellow.

  92. =]teresa[= says:

    aw. fluffeh ‘tocks are the best kind.