Warshington Perste

Wplogo_250x42Dear authors of "100 Blogs We Love",
Thank you for including Cute O in your 100 Blogs We Love List. Here at C.O. headquarters, we ALWAYS aim for giving you the "most bang for your click" [double guns]

Being on the same list as Fake Steve Jobs has really made our day.



  1. Bleen?


    PS. I live in Washington and I hate it when people say Warshington! 🙂

  2. Must admit, I got a good giggle off the latest post headline over at FakeSteve.
    “…Dvorak Poops In Pants”

  3. Daayuummmm, I didn’t make the cut!

    Congrats Meg!

  4. Ronica – Congrats on your bleen! 😉 You live in Washington? Anywhere close to Seattle. That’s where I am. 😀

    And Meggy-Moo: AWESOME!! Just another feather in your cap! That sucka must be REALLY heavy by now!! Are ya’ over there doin’ the Snoopy happy dance? 😉

  5. Musicchick: Used to live in Gig Harbor, but now I have been banished to Vancouver, WA….might as well be Portland!

    I heart WA!

  6. All them other Websites looked boring….except this one (and Cheezburger,of course)

  7. Congrats! And CO is mentioned pretty early on in the list, not one added in at the end to “make 100”.

  8. CO ruckin focks.

  9. Ooh, here’s the quote!

    “Cute Overload: If you like to tilt your head and say ‘awww’ a lot, this blog is for you. (Believe it or not, this photo site showed up on more PC World editors’ lists than any other.)”

    …so PC World likes us too, eh? http://www.pcworld.com/

  10. Loves Cute says:

    Most bang for your click?

    Most quack for your duck?

    Most snorgle for your puff?

  11. Hi everyone, this is anne from pcworld.com. We put together the list of 100 Blogs We Love that our content partner, the washington post picked up from us (http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,133119/article.html ) and ran on their site as well. I’m proud to say I was one of many staffers that nominated CO for the story–CO was one of the most nominated blogs. Go Meg!

  12. Shannon Johnson says:

    What is this?

  13. …and hel-loooo, Anne from PCWorld! This is turning into quite the party. Care for some champagne? Caviar? Puddins? Or perhaps you’d prefer to sample the local jargon? http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm

  14. Juniper says:

    Hello Ronica and MC2:
    I’m here on Lopez Island! Musicchick, are you in downtown Seattle, and do you have time to take a panoramic phote of the view from the space needle and send it to CO? Maybe some interior shots, too. It would help us design our Dream Office!

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yo, Anne – you & PCWorld rock. This *IS* the best site on the Innerwebs.

    Meg dahling, GRATULATIONS yet again for another well deserved bit of recognition.

  16. Meg much deserved congrats.

    for a well loved site. I <3 C.O.

  17. Job well done!

  18. Yay! I heart The Post. 🙂 I grew up and currently (temporarily) reside in Washington DC.

    CO was also mentioned in Newsweek’s current issue, the one about 181 things you need to know right now.

    Listed as the top Blog in the Pets category on one of the pages about technology…

    I’d go check it but it’s in a box to be mailed to my husband.