Um, this squirrel could use a few pointers

First of all, NO ONE wears hats like that anymore. Duh. I should say that I approve of the sequins, tho.

And check out that eye chub. Don’t you just want to take only the (delicate-ist) of nibbles!?


Tracy B., did you dress her up like this? [say in Monty Python Holy Grail voice]



  1. Oh, for Pete’s sake! Tewtally redonk! Bleen!

  2. Ah a Queen among squirrels

  3. LuvsMeSomePuppies says:

    Norma Desmond meets Dr. Zhivago.

  4. What a cutie!

  5. now this has gone TOO FAR! that squirrelio is like 4 seconds from world domination!

  6. RevWaldo says:

    I’m calling’ shopped ovah heah.

    Run the words “dressing up a squirrel” through your mind a few times before you disagree. You’d be screaming “NO NOT THE EYES!!” before you even got the hat out of it’s little box.

    Still would make a good Xmas card though.

  7. I just have one question? How in the hell did you get the squirrel into those clothes? It couldn’t have been easy……but it was worthwhile!!!

  8. OMG

    nuthin else

    just OMG

    (and I believe this squirrel needs to be stopped)

  9. metsakins – i’m with you. this thing is a danger to all humans. LET’S TAKE IT OUT!

    (brings in a ‘tocks bomb)

  10. Dahlinks! Of COURSE it’s fake fur, I’d Nevah harm a fly. Now where’s the caviar? What??

  11. LuvsMe,

    I get more of a Joan Collins vibe:

  12. Great, now I have the green acres song running through my head.

  13. Okay I had to go find it. And I got it.
    Tonya from Dr. Zhivago.

    Don’t Believe me just go see.

  14. beenclawed says:

    sad or cute? sad. hope it’s shopped. even if it totally adorable.

  15. I just laughed out loud when I saw this. The squirrel actually looks like she belongs in the totally redonk outfit!

    “Ice skaing anyone? Followed by gourmet hot cocoa by a fire?”

  16. omg, the *nose*!!!

  17. Another Angela says:

    I recognize Sugar Bush Squirrel!

  18. I have that outfit. It’s on a Muffy Vanderbear. I have demonic ideas now.

  19. “Tear down that BITCH of a bearing wall and put a window where it OUGHT to be!”

  20. “Olivah? OLIVAH!! Vere didju put my glofs? Mistah Shifel vil be here any minute for my hotcakes!”

  21. pat_the_bunny says:

    Ohmigosh! Somebody turned Julie Christie into a squirrel!

    “Somewhere my love! . . .”

  22. “…und Olivah, don’t be silly. I don’t look like a skvirl!”

  23. Ebee wins today.

  24. Lunch Lady says:

    ok, love the eyechub n the tiny pink lip!

  25. *bows to Ebee*

  26. Oh my too cute. Must implode now.

  27. Wow. You love me! You really love me!

  28. warrior rabbit says:


    It’s not shopped. It’s by that woman who makes a living(?), if not a well-documented hobby, of dressing her pet squirrel.

  29. pat_the_bunny says:

    Another Angela: OMGOSH! I went to that site – poor little squirrelie! The pics are cute, this woman is way too obsessed with dressing up her squirrel way too much! She needs a new hobby. Sorry for the nuffs.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Now, if you absolutely MUST wear fur — take it from me, darling, make it FAKE! None of that Dennis Basso junk from QVC, either!”

    (I hope this squirrel doesn’t make Mr. Blackwell’s annual list!)

  31. Scroll down and check out “Searching for Osama”

  32. Sweet Pea says:

    I blame the squirrel for not biting the human who dressed her up.
    You have two blade-like teeth jutting out of your mouth…USE THEM!!!!

  33. Theo Noooooo! we can NOT have the squirrel be zsa zsa. I refuse. Nononon Not right. it is Tanya from Dr Zhivago. (Crosses arms and taps foot.)

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG the squirrel’s website is a total crack-up. I do hope she enjoys it though.

  35. beenclawed says:

    OMG that website! Does somebody have too much time on their hands or what? Poor squirrel. He’s all “the blasted price I pay for some nuts!” Ah well, at least h/she was rescued!

  36. furbabies says:

    Check out that sweet little mouth and whiskers. Too much!

  37. “First of all, NO ONE wears hats like that anymore”

    Well, she rocks it. She could bring it back into style. Then no one could wear it like her! 😛

  38. IMHO, ’tis the hat that makes the outfit entirely adorable!

  39. ThreeCatsNight took the words outta my head!

    I was going to write, “That betta be fake fur!” ;D

    Probably not as funny the second time around.

  40. silly sequined squirrel sitting silently. say that 5 times fast.

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    I’m seeing Miss Bianca from “The Rescuers” aka Zsa Zsa. Definitely Zsa Zsa. (That’s fun to type-Zsa Zsa!)

  42. ahemmm: NO ONE wears hats like that anymore …

    they do in Siberia …

    shall we call her SkwerllBeria ???

  43. Dog lover says:

    The Queen from Narnia!!

  44. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so cool. How’d they get the squirrel to do that?

  45. jill-e-b says:

    Eye chub? I think I smell a new rule…

  46. You are all wrong. That’s my grandmother in all her 40s finery.

  47. Another Angela says:

    I really prefer this pet squirrel in a simple handknit sweater. If only because it is vastly less political and I don’t have to imagine an overworked and overdressed Sugar Bush.

  48. Somehow I suspect that Ms. Squirrel seriously disapproves of all this silly dressing up and taking of photographs. Her visage shows no hint of a smile. Not even in her pleasingly plump peepers! Pshaw!

  49. I can’t help it but I think it’s unbelievably stupid! I hope too, that it’s shopped!


  50. WHAT?! I would fully wear a hat like that. If I only knew where in the not-Siberia to get one (human sized, that is.)

  51. pat_the_bunny says:

    Re: the website, I don’t approve of using squirrels to make political statements, but that’s just me. =)

  52. pat_the_bunny says:

    Another Angela: thank you for sharing. What a great shot. I love the squirrel in sweater in a natural setting. Much more bohemian and artistic, but I suppose I’m getting too highbrow, here.

    I think “Lady Hyper Dress-Up” might need to pop a few Valium to get down to this rather minimalist but tasteful level.


  53. Haha, at first, I thought the only way to get a squirrel dressed up was if it was stuffed first!

  54. elizabells says:

    Wow. That’s very cute, but… she’s got some, uh, problems, methinks. Skwerl inspecting the gallows they hung Saddam on? That’s just like whoa. Nothing a little risperidone wouldn’t cure, but still…

  55. ka9q's wife says:

    squirrel is cute right wing propaganda is less so.

  56. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wow. SugarBushSquirrel, huh? I think I’d better keep my comments to myself lest I add myself to the list of ‘Nuffs…..
    YM wandering off muttering “Oy vey iz mir” under her breath.

  57. marsheeee says:

    It’s not Zsa Zsa. It’s her sister Eva who was on Green Acres. So there.

    Love the sequins.

  58. Flamenca Mama says:

    Very posh squirrel! The lady who takes these photos must have a lot of time on her hands…

  59. No self respecting squirrel would allow that, so it must be ‘shopped. Right?

    Still cute tho’

  60. cassandra says:

    a Russian squirrel

  61. This is what all the best dressed squirrel-ladies will be wearing when they hit the ski slopes come winter. This is just so very Posh. Gotta luv it!