The Delicatest of Kronsches

Please check out this bun, showing us the delicatest of kronsches—he’s all [English accent] please, Suh, may I bite off a skosh?


Mmm! Delectables! [C.O.X.C.U.]


Kristie W., don’t think I didn’t notice that paw up too… ahn.



  1. His little pink lips are too much!

  2. Candace says:

    I think this is the best extreme closeup ever!

  3. OMG! **splode*** I’m ded from the Qte! The sweetest of the sweet!

  4. Agreed, Candace. The COXCU of a cat’s tongue was interesting, but this is cuter.

  5. *nibble-nibble*
    What? Oh I can’t nibble on yer ears whilst you nibble the greenage?
    Oh sorry, did I do it again?


  7. BUNNY LIPS! Oh my gosh…that’s so adorably prosh! I want a bunny kiss please!

  8. Dracwolley says:

    “im in ur kichin

    eetin ur stuff.”

  9. He’s not just English, he’s a Londoner. You can tell by the copious amounts of eyeliner. Total punk rock.

  10. Hey BirdChick! Are you reading?

    This rabbit APPROVES.

  11. But the squirrel below doesn’t.

  12. Loves Cute says:

    Bunbun lips!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. *splodes* BEST C.O.X.C.U. EVAR!

  14. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch bun’s eat their salad!

    The best is my boy Max!!
    He snarfs it down so fast that when he’s done, he has green juice dripping from his chin!

    He looks like a vegetarian vampire!!

  15. Nice Christine says:

    This is amazing. I am amazed.

  16. Bunnygirl says:

    I LOVE bunny lips!

  17. Clearly with the make up and good manners yhis is a “bun that lunches”, probabaly bowl of chilled carrot juice out of shot.

  18. Awww so cute-looking!

    Bunnies do not soft-kronsche, though. They are vicious and savage and capable of taking your finger off. 🙂

  19. People did you not notice the bunny whiskerage.

  20. acelightning says:

    You’re right, Theo – this rabbit *definitely* approves (of the greens, at any rate – looks like it might be Swiss Chard?)! And what a lovely bunny that is, too!

  21. a different Laura says:

    Awww, what a cute bun! He looks pretty big, too, if he can reach all the way up to the countertop.

    And notice the whiskers above they eyes, too…

  22. a different Laura says:

    whoops, I meant *the* eyes!

  23. I really need to get out of the house more often. After seeing this photo (and then recovering from the cute), I had to scour flickr to see if it was Elliot. It’s not, but they could be distant cousins (knowing rabbits).

    Check out Elliot! I love him!!

    (also, please note Elliot isn’t mine, nor do I know his owner. I just OD on his cute regularly.)

  24. Look at the little bun paw up on the edge of the counter…

  25. Rabbit lips freak me out! Totally disturbing . . .

  26. I think goats have the best kronche (sp?). No teeth!!!

  27. Kristie W. says:

    This made me cry… Spirit, the bunny in the picture, passed away from an intestinal blockage two weeks ago. 😦

    Thank you for posting the memory.

    (He was a Polish, so you’ll have to change the mental accent a bit. And he WAS the sweetest out there. He loved his collard greens and was always very thankful to receive them.)

  28. Nibbling bunny lips are adorable!!

  29. Bunny lips!

  30. awwww, cute whittal bunneh! i want to nibble on him while he nibbles on salad. cute cute.

  31. Kristie W. so sorry for your loss. Think how many people he’s made smile today and that he’s smiling down on us whatching us smile at him.

  32. Kristie W. SO sorry for your sadness and loss of your loving bunny. (such a cutie bunny)Snuggles to you from my kitties.

  33. chet's momma says:

    pee-pee paw! lurve this bun!

  34. Eddie Izzard!!!

  35. DumBunny says:

    BUNNIES, BUNNIES, BUNNIES, more bunnies please!!!!!!

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    I think I want that bun. That bun is so cute.

  37. Kristie W.–Polish bunnies are clearly the qte’st. So sorry for your loss.

  38. Kristie W., I’m sure you’ve made Spirit very proud. He’s on the Rainbow Bridge, right now, driving everyone crazy with his nonstop boasting about you!

  39. Kristie, so sorry to hear about Spirit. But his spirit lives on through his photos and the memories you hold in your heart. Maybe this is a dumb question, please forgive my bunny ignorance. But would they “kiss” or would you get your nose bitten off if you tried that? My kitties don’t lick / kiss, but they’ll “sniff kiss”: bring their nosies and mouf right up to mine, almost touching. *smile*

  40. Kristie W. says:

    Bunnies definitely kiss. Spirit never did much, but our other bunny would lick your nose when she was happy (or hoping for a treat–it always worked!) Neither bunny ever so much as nibbled me, but that’s because they loved Mommy since she brought goodies. 😉

  41. CatFan76 says:

    Kristie W. – Thank you for sending the pic in, made me smile. What a beautiful rabbit :o) I hope you become a bunny mummy again in the future as it sounds like you’re perfect at it x

  42. pat_the_bunny says:

    Ms. DeMille, I’m ready for my close up pink-lip shot!

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    Aww, Kristie W. I’m so sorry Spirit isn’t with us anymore. Thanks for sharing his Qte-ness with us.

  44. Kristie, Sorry for your loss.

    PLease tell me I am not the only one who wants to put lipstick on this bun.

  45. Kristie…omg…getting a kiss from a cute little guy like this would be so awesome! The sweet little peenk lips! Now if I could only get my kitties to kiss. Hmm…. maybe I need cat food scented lip gloss? Bleah! 😉

  46. this is a person in a Bun suit.

    the eyes always give the guilty away.

    u cant fool a fool.

  47. Mike D — I think you’re thinking of Chewbacca… but LOL anyway.
    (How are Yauch and Horovitz doing these days, btw? Saw there was a new vid out…)

  48. Kristie W.
    So sorry for your loss, Spirit sure is a very beautiful bunny. I hope in time you will find a bunny friend for your other bunny.

  49. Why do I not have a Bunnie?

  50. Bunny keeses are the best!

    ( )
    ” “

  51. Bunnygirl says:

    Bunnies are so funny. We have a bunny who, when she’s annoyed with our pets and pats, will take our fingers ever so gently between her teeth and move our hand. Of course, we also have a bunny who would just as soon take off your finger at the knuckle then look at you.

  52. I’m not that into bunnies, but his little lips are too cute!!!

  53. OH gosh, I’m shedding a few tears right now. Spirit is prolly hanging out with My HollyBunny and Muffin, who sadly are no longer with me. I missed them soooo much. But I have good memories, as I’m sure Spirit’s family do too.

    Here’s to Spirit. 🙂

    p.s. great C.O.X.C.U.!

  54. Spirit’s little chin is just about one of the cutest i’ve ever seen…i love that feeling when they sniff you and all those delicious little chin whiskers tickle your face…

    Kristie W, i just laid my bunny to rest a few days ago…i hope somewhere Spirit and Mirabelle are having a big bowl of greens together and giving each other lots of snuggles 🙂

  55. What an adorable little bunny! I have one just like it! His name is Bandit, cuz he has black marks around his eyes. SO CUTE!!!

  56. Brethil says:

    Awwww, sweet little bunny angel. I don’t know about bunny kisses but my weetle guinea piggle Willberg, currently also of Rainbow Bridge fame, used to give me smoocharoos all the time – which is a bit of a distraction if you’re trying to type on the computer. Espesh so since he seemed to think momma’s ears needed a thorough wash every fifteen minutes. Those whiskers tickle, man! 😉 Piggle lips, bunbun lips, mousie lips – ya gotta love the lips on rodents, delish!

  57. Bunny Luver!!! says:

    omg how delish is this rabbit?? he has such a cute kronsche–its perfect for eating the greenage! i <3 him! great C.O.X.C.O.--its so perfect and anerable!
    i love buns!!!

  58. bunny_soooo_cute! says:

    |:)BUNNY HEVEN:)|

    (\_/) (\_/) (Hi Kirsty)
    (=’.’=) (=’.’=) #””””””””
    (”)_(”) (”)(”)

  59. bunny:- hey i’m trying 2 eat here
    photographer:- it’s just 4 1 minute honestly
    bunny:- well lettuce is worth alot more than a minute ya know?!