Taking a hit off a duckling

Get a load of this one, Peeps. The crazy folks over at SFGate, muh hometown paper, have tewtelly caught C.O. fever!

The caption they wrote accompanying this photo from their "Day in Pictures" column is redonk! [snicker]


What? No mention of eye capsules!?
Heeeeeee! Love it, Daisy H.!



  1. I KNEW IT!!!
    The SF Chronicle is a Cute Overload FRONT!

  2. PS — maybe they need a link to the CO Glossary on THEIR front page, too…?

  3. I agree, a CO Glossary link would sure help for those not “in the know”…. Gotta luv that snorgle action!

  4. The fuzz! It kills!

  5. Awwwwww. Baby duckling and Baby snorgling it Awwww! Awww! Awwww! its A triple Awwwww Picture

  6. CO is very close to complete world domination. Controlling the media is the first step! MWUAHAHA!

  7. I’m surpirsed they didn’t call it a McQuackersons. 😀

  8. Patience, AmyH. Meg will surely notify us when we should begin marching in the streets. Oh, and for sure, this revolution will be snorgled.

  9. His rubber bill! His fuzzy head! Her eyelashes! Her fuzzy cheek!


  10. that’s about the only war i’d ever fight in…our weapons will be snorgles and ‘tock bombs.

    ‘tock bombs. don’t know what they are? it’s for the best; they are DEVASTATING!

  11. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    The cute little gosling looks all calm, content and safe in the kid’s snorgling grip. Too cute!

  12. Ohhh, the little kid is as cute as the duckling for sure!! Soo cute. It literally is Cute Overload….

  13. Beautiful little goosums!!!

    Oh my, is that a small child wearing lots of mascara!?! O_O

  14. ‘tock bombs??????? That sounds waaaaayyyyy to scary. That could mean something entirely different. knowutimean?

  15. LisaN – i told you; you don’t want to know!

  16. ‘Tock bombs are ALWAYS going off in my house.
    /errr, maybe you didn’t want to know that./
    Anyway, I’ll be glad to re-direct them to other targets. (rubbing hands together in an evil manner)

  17. moofyboof, I’ll bet it’s a boy, (jealousy) boys always have the pretty lashes natchurally

  18. ever try to defuse a ‘tock bomb? it’s damn here impossible! DEVASTATING!

  19. Panic in the streets……..here come the ‘tock bombs………

    *people running around like chickens with their head cut off – then they pass out*

    hee hee

  20. Wait, I thought all CO-goers were baby haters…

    (Ducks for cover, fearing the wrath of the mighty Puddingkwürferschnorglekanonen!)

  21. Babies could definitely let loose some ‘tock bombs……………

  22. GREAT! Just great. NOW I gotta explain the latest snorts issuing from my cubicle.

  23. tungsram says:

    Karoly Arvai, a hungarian bloke’s made this picture. now i’m proud. more and more hungarian stuff turns up here!

  24. the most devastating ‘tock bomb: the silent ‘tock bomb. you’re out before you even know what happened…

  25. Puddingkwürferschnorglekanonen!


    cute birdie, I think that kid is wearing mascara which strikes me as altering a human to suit your own purposes…

    [http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Puddins – Ed.]

  26. Tungsram — not only that, but the sender-inner was “Arvay”!

    (Arvay — you’re Hungarian, right?)


    [COOL!!! WHERE??? – ED.!!!]

  28. ooh dear… I a happless, helpless lump… never though you could have this much fun alone with a picture of a deeply snorgled ducklette…

    and Tock Bombs…..

    and one of these…

    Whitever the heck it may be… but hey sounds nourishing to me.. does it come with chocolate sauce…?

  29. But then…. You’re Never Alone When You Visit CO…… are you?

  30. I know.. went and looked after I posted… Bags I press the fire button….

  31. Mwuahahahahaha! The SF Gate said “‘tocks” AND “snorgle” — I love it!

  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ahh! I just love the smell of duckling in the morning!

  33. i dunno. that seems kind of plaigiarize-y to me. but maybe not — i’m no copyright lawyer.

  34. cunfusled.
    First someone sayin Intellectual Property Theft now plagerizing?

  35. Sarcasm. Although their lack of credit to CO does appear rather unseemly. Either that, or CO has really hit the big time and citations to it are no longer necessary.

  36. Yep. Meg, you’ve single-handedly changed the language of cuteness… 🙂 The world will never be the same!!! [singsong]

  37. Metz — maybe somebody thinks the Chronicle is being all naughty by using the word “tocks”? (THOSE BUSTARDS!) …anyway, I dunno either.

  38. JRae — waddya mean “single-handedly”?? We all played our parts! Ahem. 😉

    Peter — ah OK. The SF Chronicle and Cute Overload are practically neighbors, y’know.

  39. Ooo! Ooo! *humping up & down with my hand in the air* Mr. Theo, sir? Do you think they might have little ducklings for the Cuteologists to snorgle up close and personal when we go to the San Francisco zoo?? Huh? In the petting zoo? (They should change that to ‘Snorgle Zoo)

  40. misicchick2…..you’re *humping up & down with my hand in the air*??????? OMG where ARE you that you can do that – I hope no place public… 😉

    I am laughing out loud – people are looking.

    I’m ducking behind my monitor now……

  41. Ahem, methinks the “h” and “j” keys are too close together.

  42. I swear I cannot stop laughing about that typo…I am sitting here giggling to myself, I LOVE it!

  43. I like it MC2’s way better. Rodeo style!

  44. It reminds me of those mechanical bulls……HAHHAHAHAHAHHA

    I swear I’m gonna fall out of my chair

    I’m gonna start crying

  45. lymerae says:

    I love how serious this little kid looks.
    Obvy, the fate of the world depends on whether Mr. Gosling wins his contest 🙂

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    Picture – Prosh
    Tock bombs – big giggles
    Puddingkwurf… – snickers
    MC2 “Humping up and down” – absolutely lost it in guffaws and howls of laughter here.

  47. I think we oughta get in a circle and play Duck Duck Goose, ’cause that little duckduck is most definitely a goose!

  48. aawwwwwwww. kissy kissy!!!! happy duckle and happy child. doesnt get much better than this.

  49. Uhh, cute duck and all, but would you check out the eyelashes on that kid?!? I can’t get mascara to make mine look that nice!

  50. What are we going to do nowadays with all these kids snorting quack?

  51. Thanks Theo I didn’t know about Puddingkwürferschnorglekanonen

    *Blushes and hangs head*

  52. Won’t be long before “snorgle” and “tocks” make it into the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) and rightly so!! 😀

  53. Shannon Johnson says:

    funny. i love it

  54. cammie669 says:

    I am the Day in Pictures photo editor at SF Gate, and OK, OK! I confess to being completely addicted to C.O. The DIP caption editor (the one responsible for shamelessly using both snorgle and ‘tocks in the same caption) is also a huge fan. Can you blame us? Could YOU resist throwing in a bit of snorgle and smidgen of ‘tocks when faced with a photo of a fuzzy gosling? I think not. Yours, in solidarity with all things cute and furry, C.T.

  55. Hel-looooo Cammie! Of course we couldn’t resist. We’re *here* aren’t we?

    Might I offer you and your captionista a selection from our word list?

  56. …and the Hungarians inspire us all with a beauty contest for fowl!


  57. Hellooooo nice SF photo editor named Cammie!

    Ahem… I have just been perusing Teho’s blog. May I humbly suggest that “Happening” that’s currently happening in the Cat Cave at their house may qualify for the DIP? As soon as we get pictures that is. Please check out his blog over at http://teho.vox.com/ .

    **wanders off muttering “Eight bebehs! EIGHT! my goodness…”**

  58. I have also embarrassed myself due to MC2’s faux pa.

  59. QT-pie duckling – but why is that little girl wearing false eyelashes???

  60. Tina Rhea says:

    “Humping up and down with my hand in the air….” Oh, that visual is going to stay with me for WAY too long. You owe me a new keyboard….

    And I’m betting that more people are going to proof their comments before sending, at least for a while. But don’t be embarrassed– we love you, kiddo.

  61. Okay, I’ve been lurking here for ages, but this is the first time I’ve posted. It just hit me that this site has actually introduced new words into the English language (and maybe other languages as well!). Soon the OED will have “snorgle,” “tocks,” etc. These words will outlast all of us! Maybe I’m just high but this kind of blew my mind for a second there. Okay, I’m done now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  62. one of the erins says:

    Well I certainly HOPE we get “snorgle” and “tocks” in the OED, if “bling” can make it in, I’ll be ticked if WE don’t get a word or two!

    “What are we going to do nowadays with all these kids snorting quack?”

    THATS what had me almost falling out of my chair.

  63. i feel like they’re breaking some sort of copyright by using your terms as if they came out of their own heads!

  64. Kids snorting Quack is quacking me up. LOL.

  65. Flamenca Mama says:

    So much love in this picture!!