This just in: A kitteh protecting a rack

I was just thinking the other day [blond head tilt] how we haven’t had any cat’s ‘n’ racks posts lately and how this has caused an enormous void in the InterWebs. [vacuum sound] Well, WAIT NO MO’!

GiggleSugar has our backs, with a VIDEO no less:


LOL, Barbara H.!



  1. That brings all new meaning to king of the mountain.

  2. It took me a second to realize
    where the rack was. Nice kitty!

  3. He he kitty protector.

  4. Aw. Protecting her virtue and ey’thing. Good kitty.

    And may I say – that’s a rack worth protecting.

  5. That’s a supremely stherious cat.

  6. Methinks the kitty doth not protect fair maidens rack so much as his own precious red mousie. Hidden between his paws.

  7. Oh he’s totally protectin the rack. With a rack like that, can you blame him?

  8. thekatiest says:

    Sounds like a RPS variation: Kitteh protects rack!

  9. At least this is a fairly tasteful cats and racks example.

  10. I tell you, my bruthuh, it is hard to get any action around that protective pussy. *cough*
    And I think Annie is correct–kitteh is just making sure that light-fingered scoundrel does make off with the mouse-mouse toy.

  11. aww~ how cute! ^_^ but, i think it’s just playing with the finger, that’s all.

  12. Adorable kitty, but I could do without the huge fake ones. Real ones don’t stand at attention like that when you lie down. Sorry to burst your bubble, boys.

  13. Those look like implants. Either that or a really supportive bra. Most breasts don’t stay straight up like that when you’re lying down.

  14. I don’t usually care for the cats and racks entries, but that one was hilarious! LOL! I bet every parent would like to have that cat when they’re daughter starts to date!

  15. Nancy, those are pretty average, far from huge.

    Hehe, hands off mister!

  16. R. Moore says:

    Oh, mine innocent mind… I thought the rack looked funny but couldn’t figure out why 😛

    My cat certainly tries to protect me from brazen overtures. Of course, he also tries to protect me from non-brazen overtures, and really anything that pulls the attention from him.

  17. She could have been wearing a bra. Mine are bigger than that and if I’m wearing the right bra they stand up pretty well when lying down. Just sayin’.

    I can just hear the kitty saying,
    “I’m nut moovin from this heer komfy mouwtin til i has cheezburger.”

  18. cat is playing bite the finger and stay away from my mousie…

    not that I’m an expert but it never occurred to me that they’re fake and with the correct support garments I see no reason for them not to stay up…

  19. Yeah, judging from the straps you can see, it looks like she’s just got an awesome bra.

    Such a cute kitty.

  20. thedistractor says:

    I really want a cat like that for when I go out to the bars. It would save me so much grief.

  21. R. Moore says:

    Not to be a nuff, but seriously, if I’m wearing something that keeps them rigidly at attention, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be leisurely lying back. More like clawing at it to get it off. Blargh! So uncomfortable. I can’t even stand underwires.


  22. r.moore, you get used to underwires when they’re DD.

    sorry tmi 😀

  23. Spryte808 says:

    I need a bra like that with kitty included!

  24. It’s the CuteOverload chastity cat.

  25. Suda Nim says:

    Them’s some seriously dilated pupils!

  26. They’re probably not implants because they’re really not that big. Well, at least compared to what I must carry on my ribcage all day. She’s probably just wearing a good bra. Mine do the same thing when I’m wearing a bra. :O

    In any case, a rather humorous video. 😀

  27. Noes!!! MY boobies! MINE!!!

  28. Dewd, underwires are your friend. Gravity is not.

    That said, that hand’s lucky he din’t get a real chunk taken out of it.

  29. R. Moore says:

    (shakes head) Mmmnno. Pain! Pain! It’s darn hard trying to avoid wires. I hardly think them better than whale-bone 😛

    Anyhow, I say we dub this the Official TMI post! Or not… Sometimes TMI is just TMI.

  30. Those are NOT implants! Stop judging the woman’s tits, people. They are fabulous and remind me of my own. And yes, with the right bra and tank top combo, they can do that.

    But anyway…is about the kitteh and his protechuning and hims doing a good job!!

    And, as usual, RedZ – *snirk*

  31. Sweet Lady says:

    Thou shalt not touch mine lady’s busom! Go write thou a poem on courtly love! *smacks hand away*

  32. R. Moore says:
  33. Ahhh I almost bought a shirt with that on it! But I remembered that I am a college kid on a budget that only includes food and booze. So no t shirts bringing even more attention to my particulars for me.

  34. and with the TMI… in a post about racks, be prepared to talk about racks… a lot. 🙂

  35. Ya, I have to agree with you Robbie… I usually don’t like cats in racks… but this one was ok… if not slightly amusing… I give it a meh… not enough to win me over on the cats in racks are cute idea though

  36. My kitty is just like that. Her fave place to curl up is… my rack. AND she smushes her back into my face. I do not enjoy brushing the fur out of my teeth.

  37. R. Moore says:

    I would wear that shirt if it were not for the fact that I really don’t want any more attention on the rack than is necessary. I don’t like being hit on, and I certainly would not take kindly to rack-related compliments.

    Personally I want the Library Science shirt from QC 🙂

  38. Michael says:

    The one thing I don’t see discussed on this thread — doesn’t she have a fairly high stake in the kitty remembering to keep its claws retracted? Don’t kitties tend to extend their claws in “prepare to repel boarders” mode? I consider it evidence of a high level of kitty expertise that her rack didn’t get raked.

  39. I would wear just about every shirt from there, except for the math and science ones… cause no. I only do humanities and I will not sway! No, damn you liberal arts for forcing me to appreciate other things… gah.

    so, the first time I consistantly post here and I manage to hel jack the thread. word.

  40. *help…. it’s late, I’m tired, yeah.

  41. Nice rackage. Great bra. Brave hero kitty. Love it. and the kitty is telling the stupid boy human to keep away from his little red mousie. As I said above. Rackage looks real to me but heyyyyI mean planet unicorn HEYYY!

  42. I seriously need that kitty! My cats won’t do that for me. Anyone know how to train them?

    I also agree with Annie that it isn’t the rack the kitteh is protecting…it’s his mousie!

  43. What’s with you, people? “Naah, he’s not really doing that..” “Naaah, those are not real..” So what? Must be a hard life with no jokes, fun and imagination.

    I thought the video was so cute and fun – made my day Should’ve not read some of these comments here.

  44. Methinks Victoria’s Secret should include a red mousie with every bra. Just in case one needs to attract a gallant cat to protect your rack in an emergency. An emergency rack mousie. Break glass, dangle mousie, gallant cat comes to rescue.

  45. R. Moore says:

    I’m a History major, so yeah… But my sister has the math is delicious shirt.

  46. I’m trying desperately to come up with a cat/chastity belt joke here, and I just can’t make it work. Oh well 🙂

  47. garfield says:

    Wow, I think that’s the first flash-video site that understands that you don’t need javascript activated to watch flash-content…

  48. BrianMPLS says:

    This just in:
    Proactive Pussy Prevents
    Manual Mammary Manipulation

    Whee, that was fun! Or maybe it’s just 3am here…

  49. All of you underwire-haters should consider yourselves fortunate that you don’t need ’em. I haven’t worn a non-underwire bra since grade 10 and mine aren’t even all that big. Personally, I don’t see what’s so uncomfortable about it.

  50. ka9q's wife says:

    right on Emily. I have had to go with underwires and bras that look like they are made for industrial wear most of my life. At least because I always got the support I needed I don’t have a rack that I can tuck in the waistband of my trousers.

    Runs around the house singing “Do yer boobs hang low do they wooble to and fro” to the tune of Turkey in the straw.

    They are going to make me stop posting any second now.

  51. effing brilliant.

  52. tmi every 1 tmi!

    look at the cute kitty…

  53. lol, I can’t see the video as it is being blocked by our damn web filter…

    but I’m having a great time reading the comments!

    any ideas on how I might be able to view the video?

  54. Cute Kitty, nice protector.

    I won’t wear underwires since I had one break and poke me right in the breast….. It hurt realllly bad(I was pregnant) and I had to leave work to get a different bra.

    That was 15 yrs ago, and I bought my first underwire bra and it is still sitting in the drawer, I haven’t got over the fobia of it yet.

  55. I need one of those for the subway!

  56. Halfway through the video, where it’s obvious they cut it, the mousie disappears. Unless he’s just under the kitty.

  57. Oh, and I’ll take one of those bras if it’ll make me look like that. I think I have the opposite problem of most of you and hafta wear underwire because of it.

  58. yes, there’s just something about cats ‘n’ racks!

  59. acelightning says:

    Too bad she’s wearing a *black* tank top. Somehow, all cats, no matter what color they are, shed white hairs (in addition to the color), and I think they deliberately save them up to shed all over dark-colored fabrics. So, after the kitty leaves, she’s going to have to clean her top rather vigorously… or get her friend there to help her…

  60. I have to admit, the suggestions that the lady must be “augmented” inspired me to put this position to the test. And yes, it’s quite possible for a large rack to look like that *without* implants, given a good supportive bra and arms in position to hold a cat on one’s chest. Especially if it’s a bra designed to provide gravity-defying lift to large breasts.

  61. Did anyone besides me notice fair lady was prompting her champion by poking him just a little in the lower back? Everytime the hand comes close, she prods him just a little bit…still, he’s well trained!!

  62. Best second-base player evar.

  63. marsheeee says:

    Itty bitty kitty titty protector. I love it.

  64. Yitzysmommie says:

    BrianMPLS and marsheee
    Best comments awards.
    I too was wondering if the nuffs had scared off the cats N racks posts. This one is HILARIOUS, made me laugh right out loud.
    Yitzy wouldn’t know what to do with a young perky rack like that, says the 53 year old gravity sufferer.

  65. bunnyslave says:

    I would do a bunnies N’ racks submishe but… my poor rack would be totally dwarfed by my mondo rabbit. Talk about having “big buns…”

  66. He’s all “Geet Away! My Rack! Find your own Comfurtebul Spot!”

  67. ka9q’s wife LOL love the new Lyrics. HEhehe.

    Brinn it is just under the kitty. got there by kitty switching up paws to fend off evil boy.

    Jaye I did a discrete checkage when I went to bed last night. Yep even with out the bra if you have big enough clevage they stay perky…

    Hmmm Maybe I want to do a cats and racks pose or ducks and racks thats it…

    But still love the video and the galant kitty clevage protector.

  68. furbabies says:

    Who cares about teh boobies, its all abouts teh kitteh! and such a good kitteh he is. Protectin mommy and playin with Mr. Hands. Good kitteh.

  69. Announcer: “Having problems with people just trying to grab your fabulous rack? Well, we at Cat-o-Matics have just the product for you. The ‘Felinus Protectus 2000’ is a high maintenance yet cuddly product that will ferociously keep any predator away from your perfect fun bags. only 3 easy payments of $9.99 will get you this highly trained and quite snorglly protector. Call now! And, if you call within the next 10 minutes, we will throw in free catnip!”

  70. It’s a chastity cat.

  71. Vid isn’t working. All I get is a black box over at Giggles. 😦

    [You might need to install the Flash plugin for your web browser… or if you’re at work, possibly Flash is blocked by the firewall… – Ed.]

  72. a kitty protecting sweater puppies!! couldnt this be considered inter-species snorgeling too???

  73. Catsquatch says:

    THEY’RE MINE!!!!

    MINE I SAY!!!!

  74. Obviously the young lady isn’t augmented… YOUNG being the clue… a bit more collagen to control the rack… and she has (very sensibly) invested in a Sheep Dog Bra…..
    Rounds ’em up and points ’em in the right direction….


  75. Cassandra says:

    I love a good cat in a rack, and this is one good cat! Atta protect the territory little guy!

  76. Wow, that’s a very brave person on the end of the hand. No matter how good the video, I don’t think i’d ever repeatedly offer my hand to a loyal cat like that. Good cat!

  77. Sometimes your goals just outweigh your risks, Equus.

  78. Hazel — LOL! That’s better than “over-the-shoulder boulder holder”!

  79. crazy sheep says:

    I found it all very Monty Python myself.

  80. fluidstatic says:

    My titties.
    M I N E ! ! !



  83. MB — this IS Cats ‘N Racks, y’know.


    Oh, you found it? Thanks.

  85. CCRP anyone? Those’ll rip that caps key right off!

  86. Raegan touche’ LOL

  87. Flamenca Mama says:

    Kitty says: “These were expensive, and no one shall touch them!!”

  88. luckybug says:

    Strangely enough, the girl doesn’t seem to be amused by all the antics going on. You only see her smile once or twice. I’d be giggling like crazy.

  89. LOL @ Raegan

  90. kitteh: Thou shalt not pass!

  91. Cat Feral says:

    Hee-hee! That was good!