Extremely alert reader Monica L. sent this one in—"Soft Paws" for kittehs and pups, saving your floors from being scratched, one PAW AT A TIME!

Check out the designer colors. Hey, I guess they’re better than Corn chip nail tips.




  1. Kathy C says:

    While stylish, this kitty doesn’t look all that happy about his soft paws! Looks kind of resigned. Still cuuute!

  2. At least corn chip nail tips would give him a snack……..these look interesting….do they come in clear? It looks like his/her little nails (claws) are painted.

  3. Kristin says:

    This kitty looks a little sad. If you put these things on their claws, does that mean they have to stay protracted all of the time? is that comfy?

  4. Lovely manicure. No, pedicure.

  5. i wonder how many comments there will be about how this is animal cruelty….?

  6. Those can get expensive for the multi-toed kitties.

    And they don’t come in lime green. Disappointed.

  7. Blossom says:


    Here’s the first one.

    Cats have claws for a reason. If having claws is inconvenient for the cat’s ‘owner’ then don’t have cats.

  8. Kitty is fine. If kitty really wanted those goofy things off, they would be off. End of story.

  9. Sarah_annej says:

    I purchased Soft Paws for my kitties in lew of getting them de-clawed. They were tearing up my couches with their claw sharpening. I don’t use them anymore…but when I did the cats didn’t mind them one bit. They glue on over the nail and fall off in about 1-2 months. They don’t hurt the kitties and after they are on- they don’t even notice them. Plus, they can’t damage your furniture. They would still try to sharpen their nails…but no damage! It was a life-saver. I do miss the cute pedicure/manicure look on the kitties though. So cute.

  10. I’m sure the kitty is happier with the rubber tipped claws as opposed to having the entire claws painfully ripped out by the root.

  11. Thats the most ridiculas and meen thing I have ever seen. Animals NEED their claws!

  12. Oh my, GOD is posting now. We better pay attention……. 😉

  13. a different Laura says:

    According to the website, they do not interfere with the cat’s ability to retract their claws. They must work pretty well because there are 9 pages of testimonials with photos.

    They say they work on bunnies, too, but I don’t know if I’d dare try it on mine, judging from what I have to go though to trim their nails!

  14. a different Laura says:

    Oh, and the website also says they are for indoor cats only.

  15. I’ve seen a variant of them where they just slide a tube onto the end of the claws (that sticks out about 1/16″ or more from the end). The tube variant caused the cat to flex its claws all the time, resulting in deformed claws and biting (as if the cat had been declawed).

    Soft paws look like they would work and not anger the cat. I would consider getting a set for my cats, if only to protect my legs when they leap on and off my lap.

  16. Sarah_annej says:

    This is not my cat nor my post but PLEASE believe me when I tell you that these DO NOT hurt the Kitty in any way, shape or form. In fact, my Vet (at an all cat hospital) recommended these in lew of de-clawing which can be considered to be painful and cruel. When I had these on my cats they didn’t even know they were wearing them. They never bit or chewed at them. They acted 100% normal. There is NOTHING cruel about it. In fact, it is the opposite. It saves them from being DE-CLAWED!

  17. Looks uncomfortable.

    Indoor cats do not need claws.
    Cats are not meant to freely roam neighborhoods killing all the wildlife anyhow. I hate the stays in my neighborhood. They kill my bunnies.. 😦

  18. Hmmm… anyone ever used these on dogs? I’ve got an enthusiastic beagle mix pup with black nails (thus, hard to trim), and those suckers hurt! Methinks he might be getting some! 😀

  19. My cat wears Softpaws, she’s an indoor cat 100% of the time, and they don’t bother her a bit – she sits there pretty as you please to have them put on, they drop off naturally every month or so, and she can merrily stretch and scratch and not wreck the furniture and rugs. Yes, she has scratching posts and furniture of her own, but she still likes to “mark” everything! Her claws retract normally with them on, too. I might’ve had doubts about Softpaws before I tried them, but after years of using them on my cat, I can assure anyone that they’re not in the slightest bit cruel. And yes, you can get clear ones, but they’re not as cute. 😉

  20. That is ridiculous. Get a water bottle and spray em in the face, don’t glue stuff on their bloody nails.


  21. a different Laura says:

    I think they were invented for dogs first, then the company came out with a version for cats. Click the link about the designer colors and it will take you to the website.

  22. Gross — yep, that works, if you’re able to devote 100% of your life to training your pets.

  23. Yeah, “Gross”, TORMENT the cat in an attempt to stop it from naturally exercising, that’s a much better alternative. Cos you’re going to stand around with a water bottle in hand 24/7 to stop your cat from stretching and scratching? Clearly, you don’t know anything about cats!

  24. Sarah_annej says:

    I should ask kitty. “Kitty, which would you prefer: A painless nail cover that allows you to do everything as normal without ANY PAIN or a series of water sprays in the face?” Kitty raises paw and passes on squirts of water in the face. Kitty votes for SOFT PAWS!!

  25. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    If I were a cat, I think I’d like this much better than being squirted in the face all the time, thankyouverramuch. My cat is declawed (we got him that way) but yet he still tries to sharpen his claws. It’s what cats do. Theses little thingys, which the kittehs don’t seem to mind, are way better than being mad at the little critter for tearin’ up the “fur”niture.

  26. Also consider the main alternative: Declawing. Look THAT up, then decide.

  27. *imagining trying to put these things on all the cats I’ve ever had*


    Yeah. Right.

  28. OK, I’m flying across the country today, and when I come back, I expect there to be 200+ comments. Ready… GO!

  29. First person to mention rusty chocolate pliers wins.

    (Whoops! What do I win?)

  30. Theo did you take Helene’s pliers?!?

  31. HHAHAHAHAHAHA Theo you slay me! You’ve won your own contest. And yes declawed cats still try to “sharpen” their non-existant claws on furniture, etc. Mine do it all the time. A million sprays in the face is not gonna stop ’em if they have claws. It’s what they do. If I were to get a new kitty today I’d try to softpaws first…………

  32. R. Moore says:

    Theo wins PUDDING!

    We’ll see what we can do, Oakie (:P)

  33. Let’s get a chant going……..PUDDING! PUDDING! PUDDING!

  34. Alisoun says:

    I must say I’m a bit dissapointed that in the United States declawing is still alowed, in western Europe it is restricted in most countries because it is cruel. As has been said by others, cats have claws for a reason. They need to be able to defend themselves when needed and use their claws to land safely after a not so very clever made jump, climb and even run and play. These colourfull looking ‘soft paws’ have the same effect although they do not damage the actual claws (thank goodness). It’s a lovely cat on the photo but this really is animal cruelty, if you want your house to be perfect then buy a stuffed animal, not a real one. Besides, every time my cats tried to sharpen their nails on the sofa I quickly picked them up and brought them over to their scratching post, they leave my furniture alone now.

  35. a different Laura says:
  36. Here’s what I’ll bet: That comment from GOD was NOT from God for real. She’s too busy with important stuff. I also love the comment that you just spray the cat with water when it’s scratching. My cats do the majority of their scratching when I’m asleep. Thanks to all of you who said you’d tried these and they work/don’t bother the cat. Worth a try.

  37. my black kitty wears pink soft paws in the summer and red in the winter. she doesn’t even fuss when she has them put on. they just fall off as her own nails grow out. of course, she has to show them off by pretending to scratch.

  38. *On Soapbox*

    If people were not allowed to used softpaws OR declaw I’m sure there would be much fewer pet owners. As you know this would equal even more of a pet population problem which would equal even more euthanized animals.

    There are no easy answers here so we do the best we can, I feel.

    *Off Soapbox*

    Back to the puddin’

  39. Different Laura — wow… add a dusting of cocoa powder to simulate “rust”, and we’re set.

  40. it’s “in lieu”, not “in lew”

  41. I am a huge supporter for Soft Paw for indoor kitties.

    It is a way better alternative than de-clawing which I’m firmly against.

    Sure it’s not natural, but neither is a cat living in a house.

    I’m sure the process of putting them on is probably the worst part for the cat anyway, cause no cat wants to sit still that long.

  42. Please do not put these on Nikkita, she has the MOST beautiful claws eva!
    but these are pretty cool, my cat would tear me apart if i tried to put these on her, but they look pretty cute on the pretty white paws here!

  43. It’s not only cruel it’s also extremely ridiculous!

    Also, why do people in America de-claw cats?!?! If you don’t like cats with claws, don’t have a cat! It’s mad!

  44. We use SoftPaws on my indoor cat, and he doesn’t mind them at all. He can retract his claws and scratch at his scratching post without any problems. I don’t understand why anyone would think they are cruel. In fact, it is quite the opposite of cruel, in that your cat gets to behave as he wants without needing to be disciplined. They are a safe, harmless, painless solution to having a cat and furniture at the same time.

  45. I don’t think that they’re sharpening their claws so much as marking their territory.

    They’ve got glands on their paws so they’re wiping it on the cabinets, couch, your leg…

    BTW, I think that there are some apartments that still require cats declawed, or a heftier pet deposit.

  46. Soft Paws, chocolate pliers, what’s next, Butterfingers?

    Hey Judew, don’t make it bad…

  47. thalias_ash says:

    Don’t cats actually scratch to remove a “covering” from their claws, not to exactly sharpen them? Can someone with more knowledge back me up on this? Or correct me, as the case may be?

  48. Rachael says:

    Geez, you all are not up on your cat products are you? These have been on the market (or a variant thereof) for years now. Most vets won’t offer them as an option when talking about clawing because behavior modification can be just as effective and less stressing to the cat. Either let your cat outside once in a while or buy them a scratching post.

  49. Posh Tater says:

    Yeeeuw. It looks, just, awful. And as for the rest, I’m with Alisoun.

  50. i’m sure these don’t hurt or bother the kitty, and they do look pretty darn cute. i guess i’m glad they can deter would-be declaw-ers.

    however,i’m still a little wary of them. according to the CT Humane Society, an important function of scratching is keeping the cat’s shoulder muscles strong and healthy; they need to dig their claws into something and pull away to excercise these muscles. while i wouldn’t catagorize putting using these on your cat as “cruel”, i don’t think i’d ever choose to do it myself; i’d rather my kitty be able to excercise her muscles (and her natural behaviors)!

    and, Alisoun, i agree that it’s time the U.S. outlawed declawing. since cat’s claws, unlike our nails, are actually an extension of the “finger” bones (metatarcels???), declawing = TEN AMPUTATIONS. very painful, and can result in long-term problems with balance and back pain, because cats normall walk on the part of the bone that was removed. some vets won’t do it, and those that do seldom fully educated their clients about the procedure, because so many people would opt out, and they make a lot of $ every year. i’m being a the kind of preachy person that usually annoys me, but, peeps, declawint is really really ALL KINDS OF BAD! 😦

  51. Most unfortunate. Don’t like claws? Don’t have cats.

  52. Kristin says:

    I only wondered if it was comfortable for the kitty. I wasn’t advocating for or against softpaws, declawing, etc. just commenting!
    No one is a moron here. (just a general comment). let’s be nice. after all, we are on!

  53. not proofreading my own comments before posting them is also at least one kind of bad… 😛

  54. mmm…. crushed butterfingers in vanilla pudding….

  55. Oakie – you coming to NY???

  56. agree !! declawing = amputating “fingers”.
    I adopted a de clawed cat we named “steve”, he’s the best cat ever, but his front paws are extremely deformed from the de-fingering procedure, i would do anything to bring his paws back to normal. imagine if you had to jump from a window sill or couch onto your front hands, and you had NO fingers!
    Yep- cats come with claws, if you dont want the claws you dont deserve the cat.
    I still dont think these little cover thingies are cruel, but I would have to go to the hospital for stitches if i even tried to put these on my
    Siamesie Kitteh Sasha! she would “rip me a new one” if ya know what i mean.

  57. ” He can retract his claws and scratch at his scratching post without any problems. “

    That just doesn’t make sense! Cats scratch to sharpen/clean their claws. If they have softpaws on or whatever that thing is called, they scratch without making problems for YOU! But the cat can’t clean its paws if they are itchy for instance. Can all you SoftPaws people not just cut the claws of your cats regularly as you cut your own nails?

    It must be so uncomfortable having those things on your claws for the rest of your life! Can cats even scratch themselves, with that stuff on. Isn’t there a risk of injuring themselves when they have no use of their claws anymore? When they slide down and can’t hold on.

    I don’t get it!

  58. Why does everyone assume that people only get these for their cats in order to save wear & tear on the sofa, for feck’s sake???

    There’s another reason to use these, in my opinion, a much BETTER reason — to stop your cats from scratching and hurting EACH OTHER, if they are so inclined! I don’t give a flying crap about my furniture, when compared to the happiness of my cats, but my boyfriend is about to move in and so our two cats will have to adjust to each other. Based on an earlier trial run, we’re concerned it may not go too well, and we are considering getting the softpaws if necessary, to stop the cats from hurting each other if it comes to that.

    A woman I work with had them for her cat, and he had NO problems with them. Didn’t mind them being put on, didn’t seem to really notice ’em much once they were on, etc.

    I too am 100% against declawing, for the reasons mentioned by others. But this is not the same thing, and it is not harmful to the cats.

  59. elliottsmommy says:

    just like the kitty with ipods clipped to his ears, if the kitty wants them off, they will come off. my sister recently had a baby and one of her 3 cats is a scratcher, which my sister & hubby endured but not with the baby! she she had her laser-declawed last year, which caused no change in the cat’s behavior, none of the horrible side effects that can happen from de-clawing, and she never seemed to be in pain. i don’t believe in letting cats run around stray, so i don’t think the reasoning of needing their claws to fight (for the salmon temptations bag??) is valid. stop worrying about de-clawing and worry about the pet overpopulation and spay or neuter your animals. THAT should be law.

  60. The animal hospital where I worked (in the United States!) does not offer declawing.

  61. JudeW — SoftPaws last pretty much as long as regular claw-trimming does, before needing to be re-applied. The main difference is the claws are completely covered, and therefore are even less scratchy (but more “grippy”) than trimmed claws.

  62. (throws cold puddin on commentroversy which seems to be heating up)

  63. Shannon Johnson says:

    Where can I get some of those for my cats and dog? Do you know where?

  64. Shannon J — the link is right in the post… but here it is again:

  65. Metsie- yes, I’m flying into Albany tonight!

  66. Aubrey – You have to use a rusty chocolate puddinpult, apparently.

  67. I love all the people who are all high and mighty about “Don’t like claws, don’t have cats” I love my fur babies to DEATH, but I could certainly do without this:
    That happened at 4AM while the cats were chasing each other around the house and ran over our heads. Tell me what kinds of squirt bottle I could use to deter them playing while I’m asleep. I plan on trying these things out if to lessen both people bloodshed and kitty cuts (one of my brut cats beats the crap out of the docile one from time to time and he has all the scabs to show it)

  68. what’s next? soft paws for my cat’s teeth? ‘cos he chews on everything in my apt. is that going to be considered cute as well? i don’t know why people refer to declawing as an alternative? would you want your finger nails ripped out?

  69. I figure if that cat is loved, fed, watered, and loved some more it has a far better home than his/her clawed and de-clawed buddies that are still in shelters and may never be adopted. If your cat is going outside it does need claws for defense etc. but then you should also teach it to cross the road safely and not eat poisons and native birds. I’ve always loved the double standard where cats can roam free but dogs have to be leashed and contained. They can each do just as much damage.

  70. Peg of Tilling says:

    I tried the squirt bottle thing on my little cat when she scratched the couch (for attention: “No, don’t nap! Pay attention to meeeee!”) but she was all “Mom ups the game! WHEEEEE!!!” so soft paws were a better alternative (she has pink to match her nose).

    My big cat, though, has hard tough claws, and the soft paws wouldn’t shed off like they were supposed to, so they didn’t work for her.

    And has anyone commented on the fetchingness of the blue/purple combination on display here? Lovely!

  71. I’ve just put the champers in the chiller… rustled up some butterscotch blancmange…. plumped up the cushions…. any one want to join me???

  72. Scottie says:

    They look like ghetto nail extensions minus the badly painted palm trees!

  73. Lana D — because these *are* an alternative to declawing, and a pretty good one, too.

    So, your cat’s a biter? How’d that happen?

  74. Judew, my cat can still even climb on his post and still enjoys playing on it. You can say it doesn’t make sense, but I’m just telling you the facts. And we do cut his claws before every application of the SoftPaws.

  75. Yeah! Who would paint palm trees on their nails! Heh, heh! (sits on hands)

  76. CatFan76 says:

    Ok, these things look a bit daft and the cat is hacked off, but s/he doesn’t seem in pain and better than the alternative for stopping scratching. I will never understand the want to mutate animals to fit in with the human ideal. Would we do it to fellow humans? I can’t stand the sound of people chewing with their mouths open, maybe a doctor somewhere could invent a spring loaded jaw keeper together device!!! Seriously, animals should not have human traits pushed upon them, would you alter a child that didn’t fit in with your lifestyle? Ermmmm, no. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but pulling claws out of cats?? Its not natural. I have lots of scars from my two but hey, its never intentional and I get lots of love to!! Animal lovers protest animal testing, animal cruelty of any kind, surely de-clawing is cruel to?

  77. Has anyone tried Sticky Paws (

  78. CatFan76 — just to be clear — when you say “hacked off” you mean “annoyed”, yes?

    From a certain point of view, we’ve “altered” our children a great deal by feeding them certain foods, teaching them to speak, sending them to school, making them wear clothes… y’know. They need to be able to function & be happy in society. Well, our pets need to function & be happy too; their society is our home.

    No, we don’t (and won’t) declaw our cats. Yes, we do trim their nails (when we can get around to it). And really, those SoftPaw things seem like a good idea to me; it’d probably make our wood floor more navigable (less slidey) for the kitts.

  79. I might have missed it but no one has said “Pet-icure” yet?
    Oaklandcat, well when you get here welcome to NY. Don’t know what the weather is like in Albany but it’s warm & humid here on Long Island.

  80. beenclawed says:

    My kitty has all her claws and is an indoor kitty. Soft paws not necessary. When she accidentally scratches me when we play, it’s no big deal. Comes with the territory of providing a home to an animal with sharp teeth and claws. She has a nice sisal scratching post that she likes.

  81. CatFan76…humans do it all the time, it’s called plastic surgery.
    I have yet to see anyone with a genius idea other than these things to prevent what happened to my boyfriend and the cuts on my other cat.

  82. Usually I stay out of these things, but I’ve got to speak up: SoftPaws are NOT cruel. It is a much more humane alternative to de-clawing. I’m sorry, but if you think these are inhumane, then you really do need to re-evaluate your priorities. The cat doesn’t even know she’s wearing them, and it doesn’t affect her behavior in the least. And before you all jump in and say, “Let her outside! Claws are natural! If you can’t handle the claws, then don’t have a cat!” I would like to point out that I also have bunnies, and they VERY MUCH appreciate the softpaws, else the cat would be tormenting them all the time. The softpaws are not for me or my furniture – I can handle a cat with claws. They are for the safety of my other pets.

  83. Theo… I meant people who actually think it’s ok to declaw their cats. I have three kitties and only one of them chews. Eeky chews on everything from cardboard boxes to the corners of tables and the tail of the piggie bank. They all scratch and if they do scratch on the couch, I yell at them and they stop knowing that they did something wrong. It doesn’t bother me that they scratch but I think I would rather get cool scratching posts like these rather than stick Lee Press on Nails on my kitties. Just a matter of preference.

    Anyway, maybe kitteh isn’t happy cos she’s not pleased with the choice of colours.

  84. Aubrey, Hazel – I’m starting with my traditional popcorn and diet coke, my favorite snack for commentroversies and movies. Would anyone care for a cold, refreshing beverage while I stop at the deli?

  85. Later, I usually send out for pizzas, veggie delight and meatlovers and one plain for those who care for it….

  86. Judew-
    My cat still does all the behaviors you associate with claws – “making biscuits,” sharpening motions on the couch and carpet, etc – but without her claws catching on anything because of the SoftPaws. I tried trimming her nails at first, but I couldn’t get the ends dull enough – she actually managed to completely shred the inside of one ear when I wasn’t around one day. She had tried to scratch it with a freshly cut nail, I think.

    Of course they can still scratch themselves and go about their business! Declawing completely removes the claw, so I would understand if you were asking how a declawed cat could scratch itself, but she still has her claws! They’re just… very blunt now instead of sharp little points. And sometimes I help with the scratching behind her ears, too. 🙂

  87. Lady Chroe says:

    Some one said:
    “Most unfortunate. Don’t like claws? Don’t have cats.”

    I don’t know about that… if it’s between

    a. having a SoftPaw/declawed cat and

    b. letting the cat (claws included) euthanized in the shelter because she couldn’t find a home…

    well, I’d choose the lesser of the evils.

    The least of the evils seems to be SoftPaws.

  88. bunnyslave says:

    The website says they can be used with bunnies to prevent scratching of hardwood floors.

    Anybody tried this? Did the buns eat the claws off?

  89. First off, the cat is adorable. The colors! Eeee!

    And I really wish these things had been common years ago when my family had a cat that wouldn’t stop clawing herself. We’d find blood splattered across the wall from where she’d scratch her neck until it bled. We didn’t want to declaw her, medications to calm her down weren’t working, so finally the vet suggested that perhaps the stress of living in a house was too much and to let her be an outdoor cat.

    She vanished for five years and when I see her again now she’s half-feral and sometimes recognizes who I am and sometimes doesn’t.

    You can’t save every kitty, I guess. I just wonder if these SoftPaws would have helped back then though.

  90. *Deep breath in preparation for long-winded speech*

    I’m gonna jump in with an addition too, these would have been great when I was a kid for my dad to use in his training of our pet cats to not use their claws. He still has a few scars on his hands.
    All of his training took tremendous amounts of time and was gentle. BUT that really was a different time 30 yrs ago. Really, you can have time to play with your pet and spend time enjoying their company and they yours but sometimes the really effective training is just not something you always have the time & energy to do. Lord knows I don’t have that kind of time. With something like this I could see where it can be used in conjunction with training to encourage kitty to only use claws when necessary or allowed spaces. It would not have to be a forever thing for some.

    And I totally agree that it is a great safety tool, for people and other pets.

    They still have forms of protection, their teeth, and can always pack a good wallop without points on those paws. I’ve known a few declawed cats in my time that could leave bruises.

    BUT for someone who say has a new baby or toddler that they’re trying to teach proper behaviour with kitty (both for kitty and baby’s sake) these are a good idea, same for introducing new four legged family members.

    PLUS most people who have cats do have the sense to know when something is hurting THEIR kitty and would cease useage if that were the case.

    *takes another deep breath*

    And finally, this kitty in the pic doesn’t look ticked in any way. His/her paws are crossed and head laying on legs, looks pretty relaxed to me. My guess is kitty is just flexing the paws/claws and kicking back. I don’t think this position signals discomfort in any way. My kitties curl up all in on themselves with paws tucked underneath them in a sort of crouching position ready to run if they’re unhappy.

    Ok I’m done, bash away.

    Any pudding left? I’m partial to chocolate mixed with butterscotch.

  91. I crumbled a butterfinger into vanilla before…try it you’ll like it….

  92. Melissa says:

    People: get a grip! I’ve used Softpaws in many cats, and they have never been bothered in the slightest. They just glue on, and then drop off a couple months later. The cat still does all it’s normal stuff.

  93. mmmmmmm butterfinger….
    sorry couldn’t help myself
    Actually I like to use Twix to dip in pudding. Yum!
    Great now I’m starving!

  94. headscratcher says:

    People are getting upset and vocal over *this*?????? Are they insane? Is this a sign of the endtimes?

  95. If this was a perfect world, where people treated pets as animals and not a fashionable accessory to have–then declawing would never be an issue.

    If this were a perfect world, where we didn’t have to work everyday to put bread on the table and were able to devote several hours a day to training cats where to scratch and where they can’t, we wouldn’t even need soft claws.

    Now, as a stay at home wife, I have plenty of time to do so, and I don’t agree with mangling and deforming a cat’s toes (declawing.)

    So, if soft paws stops just a few people from declawing or a few people from giving up their cats because of problem scratching, and the produce does not harm kitty?

    I am all for it, and happy to see it.

  96. Lana D. – those modernist scratching posts are oustanding! we’re about to adopt a cat, and here i was thinking i was goint to have to accept something covered in (shudder) biege carpeting into my living room. thanks for the eye-opener!

  97. Metz, there is always puddin on the brew in the CO kitchen. It’s healthy for mind and body and helps maintain a calming influence amongst the peeps.

    You seem to have a knack for puddin creativity – care to be a CO sous chef?

  98. Benny's Mum says:

    I love the instructions:
    STEP 4: Observe cat for five minutes before release.
    should read:
    STEP 4: remove soft paws from your eyeballs and call 999 whilst attempting to stem the bleeding.
    I dare anyone to try this without wearing full riot gear!!!!

  99. candy chunks in pudding is just fine, but can we start adding booze now?

  100. anner… there’s a lot of cool modern pet furniture out there. the cat cocoon is one of my favourites, a scratching post and a house.

    saving up my money for it.
    here’s some more nice stuff…

  101. CatFan76 says:

    Hi Theo, yep, hacked off is a lovely English term for fed up, not happy, annoyed. Just to clarify I have no problem with the lovely manicure the little cat has received my disgust is at the de-clawing issue. We don’t do it in England, well, not that I know of. I didn’t know it was possible! And when I mentioned pushing human ideals on I mean forcefully mutating animals, like docking tails on dogs. This can’t compare to plastic surgery, Erin, we choose to do that to ourselves. I can’t wake up one day and decide that my boyfriends toenails annoy me so I’m gonna have em ripped out!!

  102. furbabies says:

    Cats scratch to leave their scent. They have scent glands in the paw. They are not harmed, in any way, by having soft tips on the claws. Enough nuffers! Tapioca for me please.

  103. pixelicious says:


    Don’t we already “alter a child that didn’t fit in with your lifestyle”? I mean, if you’re an American male, there’s at least a 90% chance you’ve been circumcised (which, yes, some people consider cruel). Don’t plenty of baby girls get their ears pierced at 6 months? In other global cultures, female circumcision (which is unarguably cruel) is a norm, as are tattoos and ceremonial scars. Aren’t there religious traditions many children are brought up in from their birth which restrict their diets, behavior, and even the growth of facial hair?

    Point is, yes, we do alter our children against their will, and as distasteful as it may seem to people outside those cultures, that’s their decision to make–just like declawing is the decision of a cat owner in America.

  104. R. Moore says:

    So far on the tab we have orders for vanilla, tapioca, butterscotch, butterscotch mixed with chocolate, and chocolate. Also side dishes of butterfingers and twix.

    Soon we’ll have to call this sugar overload.

  105. Well said Pixielicious!

  106. Oakie we might be at 200 b4 you leave….

  107. CatFan76 says:

    I really don’t want to get on a political soapbox, I just wanted to air my opinion. I respect the opinion of others and no-one persons comment are wrong as thats their believe.

    pixelicious – I respect your opinion, you agree with the individuals owner choice to de-claw, I don’t.

    I’m up for pudding! Chocolate pweeease :o)

  108. How about pistachio pudding? Deeeeelish!!

  109. R. Moore says:

    Hey everyone, we’ve broken the 100 comment mark! Keep up the good work!

  110. OMG! Even better — my fav — BANANA pudding!!! the ‘Nilla wafers, the whipped cream……..glaaaahhhhhhh

    sorry – drooling here…. 🙂

  111. pixelicious –

    Thanks I was going to mention circumcision.

    I’ll go back to ordering puddin’

  112. R. Moore says:

    Hey everyone! Tomorrow is National Chocolate Pudding Day!


  113. My gramma makes the world’s BESTEST Banana pudding with Nilla Wafers & Meringue. Ummmmmmm. People will literally lick the bowl clean.

    Someone requested spirits in the pudding mix?
    How about Capn Morgan with Banana pudding? *puts on chef hat & joins the others in the kitchen* Ok who’s hiding the alchohol?

  114. I love teh pretty blue and purple colored nails like he /she has a nmanicure. Kitty looks relaxed and happy.

    Theo I went and got the rusty chocolate covered pliers from Helene.

    I am here to pull some fingernails off

  115. R. Moore says:

    Reportedly, rubbing a snake’s scales the wrong way feels like having your fingernails pulled the wrong way. Ouchy!

    I wish I could have banana pudding, but I’m allergic. You guys can have my bowl, and I’ll take the wafers 🙂

  116. Um just to backpedal a bit, lemme register one vote for UN-mentioning circumcision, as WAAAY off-topic. Cute Overload is so, SO *not* the forum for this. That pic up there is of a resting kitty.


  117. Hmmmm I didn’t think banana pudding could get any better but with Captain Morgan’s I think it could. Big bowl full please Metz!! I’ll bring the alchie………if you make the puddin’

  118. Oooooh… if there’s gonna be rum and bananas…

    […wups. Speaking of off-topic. Hehe. ]

  119. Okay back to the kitty, This is my favorite kinda kitty to pester. They are relaxed and just waiting for pets and scrathing and snorgles. (Okay they aren’t but I always want to. Left over from being a kid I guess..sleeping cat needs pestered)

    Ummm Rumm and banana pudding that sounds really yummy

  120. Annie – LOL you are just like my daughter. I’m always telling her to leave the sleeping kitties ALONE! I tell her would you want them waking you up in the middle of the night? Then she makes they good point! They DO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  121. When my daughter makes whipped cream (and she’s a pastry chef) she usually uses rum to flavor it.

  122. *bows to Master Chef Theo*
    *tickles Kitties toesies & strokes velveteen nosey*
    *runs & hides*

  123. Banana ice cream is good too, what else can we make with bananas???

    Banana bread, banana pudding, bananas foster, banana milkshake, banana cream pie, banana nut muffins…..I feel like the banana version of Bubba Gump…….

    Obviously I should have been born a monkey….

  124. I wish I could put these on my kitty, who loooooooooooves to scratch my new textured upholstery, but I have a high wooden loft bed which doubles as her jungle gym, and I could not deprive her of the fun of climbing it, nor me the fun of snorgling her at night. Le sigh.

  125. Don’t forget frozen chocolate covered bananas.

  126. Metz, those are the best. I can’t believe I forgot them. I haven’t had one in years……I may just have to make myself one. Just plain frozen bananas are good too.

  127. a different Laura says:

    What kind of alcohol goes with tapioca? (my personal favorite…)

    Oh, and my mom used to use tapioca to thicken fresh berries in the summer…mmmm, blackberrioca!

  128. BEAH!

  129. a different Laura says:

    Did you mean “BLEAH!”

  130. a different Laura says:

    Not finished tapioca pudding, but the uncooked quick tapioca straight from the box; I think the recipe is on the box…

  131. bunnyslave says:


    nobody here has tried them on bunnies?

  132. well, *we* haven’t

  133. a different Laura says:

    I have not, but the House Rabbit Society does mention them:

    you might try some bunny chat rooms (sorry, I don’t know any) and ask there.

    What kind of bunnies do you have?

  134. My cat Zouzou, the seven-pound terror, reduced an armchair to a giant wheatabix in a matter of months. She’s a purely indoor kitty who lived in NYC for a number of years and has worn Softpaws for ages. The trick to getting them on is to ‘burritoize’ her, with a liberal catnip reward after. (And a glass of wine for the humans.)

    She can run, jump, and play, but she can’t shred furniture, climb curtains, or pierce Mama’s flesh. It’s a win-win.

    The Softpaws come off via vigorous scratching on her sisal post — they last for about six weeks at a stretch.

    Bunnies can and do wear them, too, but they need the dog variety — check the webpage for details.

  135. kittikin says:

    Saying things like, “If having claws is inconvenient for the cat’s ‘owner’ then don’t have cats” and all variations thereof — that’s like saying “if cleaning up your child’s messes is inconvenient for the child’s “parent,” then don’t have children.” You don’t not have children because they poo and get into scrapes and talk back to you. As with their children, animal caretakers try to find novel and harmless solutions to behavior issues.

  136. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    I’m a little late for the party, but anyway.

    I have three felines. They have ME trained. I started with Scarlett, squirting her with water every chance I got. Bah, she says.

    I don’t believe in declawing, but if it will save the cat from unnecessary euthanasia, well, to each their own. And, I don’t SoftPaws because my cats are goobers and wouldn’t sit still. I endure the scratches, bites, bunny-kicks, crying, squiggling, squirming, growling, hissing, well you get the idea, every month when I trim their claws.

    I get scratched and bit all the time. Granted, I deserve it. I mean, I can’t stop tickling the bellies of my beasts. Everyday that I go into work, they ask where the new “badges of glory” are. Ahhh, the joys of having cats.

    My couch is scratched on all corners, but not nearly as much as the chair, which has the stuffin’s coming out. But, other than the oversized clumps of fur, puke stains in the carpet, and hundreds of dollars worth of cat toys lying all over the place, how else would someone know I have cats? Well, sure, with Scarlett sniffing around and hissing at people and Buddy insisting on sticking his butt in everyone’s face. But, other than that, how would they know?!?!?!?!?

    And, I’ll pass on the pudding. But, toss me a bottle or three of Cruzan Mango Rum and I’ll be set to go!

  137. Now that I’m seriously considering getting these, I’m seriously considering the ramifications of putting them on aforementioned brut cat. When trying to insert him into his carrier even, I get splayed paws and an explosion of fur along with LOUD howling meows. We’ve only ever managed to clip the claws on one of his paws before bodily harm was done to us and sedation (we found out the hard way on a cross country flight) doesn’t work on him.
    I guess we’re doomed to random facial mutilation and destroyed carpets for the next 13 odd years? I better start sleeping with tanning goggles on.

  138. BY THE HAMMER OF THOR; this has gotten out of control.

    if only we could get people *this* upset about things that really matter…like the middle east…

    i mean, our pets matter, but putting (or not putting) softpaws on your pet is NOT the most important thing in the world.

    and i will not rest until someone makes me some lemon squares!

  139. Lemon squares, lemon meringue pie, Lemon cookies, lemon poppy seed muffins…..uh here I go again………I like me some lemon too

    Can you tell I’ve got a sweet tooth?

  140. Bunnyslave – I have them on my boys. As with my friends who have Softpawed cats, the rabbits don’t mind them, and the functionality of their claws is mostly intact – the only thing they can’t do is actually slice into flesh or flooring.

    SoftPaws are really wonderful. As long as you’re keeping your cats/bunnies indoors, (and let’s be honest, in most places this is far and away the best choice), there really aren’t any negatives for them and there are a lot of positives for you.

  141. Theo – you are one of the good ones. Thank you!

  142. LisaN Hehehehe all I can say is I bet everyone is tempted to pester kitties when they are sleeping. And I like to convince myself it is okay because they wake me up in the middle of the night lots of times. Har Obviously I am just like your daughter.

  143. oh! the bananas foster ll recipe looks delish! yumma!

  144. a different Laura says:

    One of my guily pleasures when I lived with my friend and her cat Gulliver was to poke him with oven mitts on! Then the claws didn’t hurt! (nor was Gulliver…)

  145. Liz — try it with crepes.

  146. a different Laura says:

    Now you’ve gone too far; poking cats with crepes is CRUEL…

  147. That would be cute – a pic of a different Laura poking the kitty with her oven mitted hands…..I am laughing out loud!

  148. bunnyslave says:

    thanks lulu!

    I have a little dwarf guy with a wierd personality, and a big fat rex. I’ll wait and see about the Softpaws, I’m about to move to a place with wood floors and if the scratchiness becomes an issue, then I’ll try them. It would be nice to hold the buggers without getting all scratched up when they suddenly decide that my chest/legs/belly is in the way of their planned Hole to China.

  149. ROFLMAO!
    How to explain the snorts to my co-workers? No-no really, “Poking cats with crepes!” LMAO
    (co-workers backing away slowly)

  150. bunnyslave says:

    *new idea* I wonder if it would help with carpet destruction tendencies?

  151. A new category “Cats in Crepes”

  152. I once had Softpaws on my cat, but she didn’t like them. I think they’re definitely a good alternative to scratched up furniture, but they don’t always work. My cat bit her’s all off, so as others said, if the cat doesn’t like them, they won’t let them stay. I don’t think she was uncomfortable so much as she just wanted to pick at them.

    We even got her a scratching post, but she still prefers our couches. But eh, we love her so we just put up with less than perfected furniture :P.

  153. Bunnygirl says:

    Why would you need these for a bunny? Bunnies’ nails aren’t sharp like cats, and I can’t imagine a rabbit big enough to be able to cause damage to a wood floor. We’ve had both rabbits and wood floors, and the rabbits have never caused damage to the floors (well, except when they peed on the floor!).

  154. a different Laura says:

    OOOOoooooo! I luvs rex bunnies. My dear departed Roslyn was a Rex, and they have the most snorgleable fur, especially that spot right behind the ears. She used to give bunny kisses, too, which none of the other ones will.

  155. bunnyslave says:


    she is definitely the queen of snorgleableness. She LOVES pets and will go flat and let you smush your face into her fur. Her only flaw is an insatiable hunger for baseboards and wicker furniture and important papers.

  156. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    I had a rabbit once. He was confused, though. He thought the carpeting was grass and pulled it out by its roots. He always peed right next to his litter box. He pooped in all the corners. Hindsight being what it is, he did not get “new turds.” We didn’t even know he was a boy until one night he got a little frisky with my sweater sleeve.

    He also liked to impersonate a lawn sprinkler. He was quite the amorous feller. I miss him dearly. And, his claws were SHARP! But, he didn’t scratch the wooden floors, amazingly. But, we did let him into our fenced backyard. He could have easily escaped under the fence, but he was too lazy. He would just eat the grass roots for a little while, dig a big hole, then roll in the dirt for a little while to get his pretty white fur all blackened, then he’d lay in the hole.

    Ahhhh, such sweet memories of my Karat. He was an albino New Zealand Giant. At his peak, he weighed about 18 pounds. Ate everything under the sun, which is probably what led to his heart attack.

  157. Constance says:

    I could have *sworn* I just asked about these somewhere…

    Involving a cat and an ipod…

  158. My poor kitty has 3 extra toes on each of his front feet, and one of the paws one of the toes the claw won’t retract (since the toe isn’t all the way formed) and the other 2 extra toes the claws are crooked. He’s always getting his poor toes stuck on things and accidently breaking his nails. Soft paws have made his life a whole lot better. He can actually play with the other kitties without getting stuck all the time!

  159. I’d seriously consider poking my cats with crepes just to see what would happen, BUT the dogs would snatch the crepes outta my hands before I even got close.
    nayh actually I’m dumb but not THAT dumb. My kitties would extract their pound of flesh from me fur shur.
    *mental note: hope kitties didn’t read my mind just now and are already planning revenge for even thinking of such a thing*
    Summer, Autumn, Lucky! I was just kidding I would NEVER poke you with anything! Honest. Theo made me do it!

  160. i just rented an apartment in seattle that had “cats must be declawed” in the ad. SOFT PAWS got me out of it… after an hour proselytizing on their behalf and the cruelty of declawing, I convinced the management company that they should just require their tenants to use soft paws in lieu of declawing.

    p.s. such a cute little prosh kitteh!

  161. Let’s do the easy thing and just de-paw cats. No claws or glands! Then little stumpy lives happily ever after.

    I want ice cream cake, no pudding!

  162. BananaBoat says:

    My cat loves his softpaws! He gets to scratch all he wants and not get in trouble. Most importantly, he’s learned that he gets a treat after we’re done putting them on!! LOL. He’s not so wiley anymore!

    Animals are sentient beings who feel pain!! Declawing is outlawed in many countries as cruel…. look at (I have no idea who owns this site, but it swayed me.)


  163. You silly peeps know what crepes *are*, right? Like super-thin French pancakes? Kinda hard to poke *anything* with ’em, even all rolled up…

  164. BTW: What are corn chip nail tips? anything like this?;_ylt=AsTLY7RCEIIZtv6LDEsg0sJ.KcMA
    *shudders* Ewwww. Don’t look if you don’t wanna be grossed out…

  165. kittehs are the most innnnnntadesting peoples.

  166. OMG EWWWW!

    And OMG are her fingers all bloodish looking? Look how jacked her wrists are from dragging those things around…

  167. Kathy C says:

    Wow ali, you can sure call it! Commentroversy!

    My roommate had an indoor cat and she tried softpaws. The cat didn’t seem to mind at all, and she still rubbed away at her scratching post. As others have pointed out, if the cats don’t like ’em they’ll bite ’em off. Or kill you in your sleep.

  168. please splain-
    “corn chip nail tips”

  169. bunnyslave says:

    When I was a kid I experimented with holding up a Frito to my finger and admiring my own “nail”… is that it???

  170. Perhaps we can use Fritos instead of these SoftPaws things. It makes scratching fun (and tasty).

  171. Bunnyslave- OMG that is BRILLIANT for a kid! we just used dried elmers glue from the middle of our rulers. YOU rule. we were SO stupid.
    Corn Chip nails! WOWOW 🙂
    I love it.

  172. Theo no I think poking Kitties with Crepes even though they are soft and fluffy and the kitty would probably really like eating them. is Cruel and mean… (not)

    Ah I feel better, pass the bananas foster. Yummm

  173. AuntieMame says:

    You mean Bugles, surely, and not Fritos, right? ‘Cos Fritos won’t stay on your fingers. Unless you glue them on with Cheez Whiz or something.

    And Theo, didn’t they use crepes during the Spanish Inquisition? (Not…the comfy chair!?!)

    As for the current commentroversy, I think there are merits to both sides of the argument, but both sides would do well to remember that you aren’t going to convince many people by copping an attitude…

    No pudding for me, thanks. I’m suddenly having problems with overly-sensitive teeth. *sigh*

  174. If you think that this image is “cute” then it kind of negates the whole ambience of this site. Its not cute. Its cruel. Cats are what they are. Have one in your home and you have the whole deal – you cant just decide to neuter the bits you dont like, such as scratching furniture/you/other pets. You have a cat in your family because you love cats and if you decide, well I dont like that and that about about them so I will stop that from happening then you have no right to keep a cat in the first place. Shame on you all.

  175. Mello – you really need to quit eating babies and endorsing de-pawed kittehs

  176. Weren’t corn chip nail clips a skit off SNL?

  177. OOOps “nail tips” not nail clips

  178. And I think they were Fritos

  179. So Sam, you’re saying we cant just decide to neuter the bits we dont like? Should we all leave our animals un-fixed and have to cruelly put down thousands upon thousands MORE unwanted pets? We change things about ourselves, our families, and everything else in our environment. If you love a cat and it simply cant be in your life if it doesn’t destroy your furniture and you cant afford new furniture every year, softpaws are a viable option.

    I love my cat very much, she is happy, she chases bugs and tries to kill our dog, and she has soft paws. I say shame on YOU for implying that we should not change anything about anyone or any animal simply to give it a better life.

  180. gee. they didnt have bugles when i was a kid. i think they barely had fritos…
    but yah, if you wanted the corn chip nails now, bugles would be good and pointy. then you could hang olives from them, and swill them in your mar-tooney.
    its about happy hour , right?

  181. not cute! instead of torturing this cat with “soft paws” the owner should use have trained the cat not to scratch on things…I did it, my cat loves her scratching mat and post. Also, if you clip the nails every few weeks, they are not sharp at all.

  182. These things aren’t cruel at all – especially compared to declawing. With my cat I just trim his nails, and it’s fine – I can’t imagine putting something involving glue on a furry wriggling animal, even if I didn’t dislike the manicure look. And I didn’t start clipping his nails for my furniture; I did it because my cat had a tendency to scratch my legs accidentally when jumping out of my lap, or my hand when playing.

    And my cat is also a chewer; some cats just are. Doesn’t tend to bite me, just chews objects. The best solution is keeping everything tempting (drawstrings especially) out of reach, putting Bitter Apple spray on anything you don’t want gnawed and can’t remove (i.e. WIRES) about once a month, and N-Bone Cat Chew Treats always scattered around the house. The latter are the only product I’ve found that’s meant for the purpose, and they don’t leave a nasty mess like small-dog rawhide chews. This tactic has 99% solved my chewing-cat problems… after losing a pair of drawstring pants and two printer cables to the gnawing gnawing kitty teethies.

  183. ritabby says:

    Just chiming in…I declawed my first cats (my grandmother told me it was fine…obviously, when I learned what it wasn’t, at least for me) My dilemna happened when one of them passed away. Miss Rita was lonely ahd I wanted to get her a friend who wouldn’t slice and dice her.

    I watched Mark Marone (Pet Talk) and took his suggestion – Get a multi-textured scratching post. One with rope, thick, open weave fabric,gunny sack… and encourage kitty to use it. Fortunately for us, it’s worked beautifully. New cat “Benny” loves his post and things that feel like it, i.e. cheap office chairs.

    For the most part, he stays away from
    Miss Rita. If he didn’t..soft claws sound like they would have been a good solution.

  184. Constance says:

    I just ordered softpaws for my kitten (Socrates).

    Let’s see how he likes them.

    I’ll keep you posted!

    Though, he lets me play with his little feets all the time, so I can’t imagine he’ll have TOO much of a fit.

  185. The last time I looked Cats were like people and not like Oreo Cookies(I like food themes what can I say)and each has a different personality. Some of my cats trained easily and some have never trained, Some like scratching posts and some don’t.
    NOt everything is solved with a quick pat answer and what works for one kitty may not work for another. IF these work for people and resolve issues they have so they can keep their cat and doesn’t hurt the cat then so be it. Clipping nails on cats does not make them dull and they can still scratch and shred furniture.

  186. ritabby says:

    Constance…I believe you saw this same product on “stuff on my cat”.

  187. GC, exactly how are the SoftPaws torture?

  188. Constance says:


    I actually did a google search for “alternatives to declawing”, (when I realized that my arms were looking like I’d gotten friendly with a set of sushi knives) and then asked about it here in the comments of the iPod cat post.

  189. ritabby says:

    Constance..oh, okay. Good luck with them. I hope the colors aren’t too garrish…not to be catty or anything. 🙂

  190. someone asked what cats scratch for. a few reasons:
    to mark their territory with scent glands, to stretch their back and shoulders, to remove the sheath that forms as nail grows. Soft Paws still allow marking, stretching(they’re kinda sticky like a yoga mat), and fall off as the sheath falls off.

    thanks for the rabbit hint! We’ve been keeping my rabbits apart because their have been a few scratches from back paws that drew blood. i’m gonna talk to one of the vets at my clinic 🙂 now what colour shall i pick? i really like this cutie’s multi-coloured nails…

  191. dangit, THERE have been, not their have been. scowls at self. must look at cute kitty again.

    p.s. i’ll have chocolate 🙂

  192. Wow! I would never have imagined a cute picture of a kitty would erupt in accusations of cruelty.

    For the record, I spoke to two different vets prior to using soft paws on my kitty; a local one and one from Angel Memorial. Both were overwhelmingly positive. I am convinced they would never recommend a product that was in any way harmful to an animal.

    That being said, she wore them for several months through young kittenhood until she learned not to scratch inappropriately. I have scratching posts and used sticky tape where appropriate. Never did she give indication of discomfort or pain. Plus she had regular vet visits and they found no issues.

    So… how again are these little plastic sheaths harming animals?

  193. For those who would like to try the SoftPaws but don’t think you can get them onto kitty yourself, you could try your local pet store or groomer. I know that the PetCo near me will put them onto your cat for a small extra charge.

  194. SAS — presumably because it’s a slippery slope. SoftPaws are insidious. They get you comfortable with sealing cat claws in vinyl, and pretty soon everybody starts thinking Well, Why Not Do The Whole Cat? It’d sure take care of all that unsightly shedding, by golly! It’s the same with fluoridating the water supply! Who speaks for our precious bodily fluids??

    [sarcasm, in case anybody doesn’t get it]
    [see also: ]

  195. I use these, and I like them. Here’s some specific advice for application, from my experience, for those of you who are saying you’d like to try them.

    First application: This is the hard one. Create a ‘cat burrito’ by wrapping the cat up snugly in a blanket so that only the head and one paw pokes out. Trim the nails and apply softpaws, then adjust the burrito and repeat on the other paw. The cat will be deeply irritated; give him treats and praise. He’ll chew at the paws, and one or two caps will fall off. Don’t worry about it.

    Once a day for the rest of the cat’s life: Pick the cat up. Tell him he’s a good cat. Scritch him behind the ears. Casually check his paws to see if any caps need replacing (usually, they won’t). Give him a treat. This way, he gets used to having his paws checked and being rewarded, and won’t object as strongly to having the caps replaced.

  196. SAS Sometimes i THink some people purposely carry on.
    Trying to get people all riled up. I now call it Rosie O’Donnell syndrom as she is a master at doing this, making an outrages and stupid statement(that she doesn’t really believe in) and sitting back and watching the fight and then throwing more fuel to the fire.

    IF the comments are mean spirited and rude they are ususally just carrying on. and Nuffing.

    IT gets irritating because they are usually illogical statements.

  197. Constance says:

    I’m at the end of my rope. He’s uninterested in scratching posts (and actually doesn’t scratch the furnature) but has, in play drawn blood on both my parents, and myself, and he’s beginning to get bolder around the dogs!

    The vet suggested laser declawing (citing the balance issues and others as a myth), but i’m not sure i’m comfortable perminantly altering my kitten for my convienance (ok fine, my personal safety).

    It’s not even like we’re playing with him when he does it, i’ll be sitting on the couch (once napping) and he just like, jumps up and starts clawin!

    …then he rolls over and meows to be picked up.


  198. Another Angela says:

    Only cruelty here is to my eyes. Don’t they come in black or clear? Can bunnies still clean their ears with them on?

  199. constance, i wouldn’t say the possible complications from declawing are a myth, more like infrequent. there are many cats declawed with no problems, but some do develop horrible behavioural and physical problems. i’ve seen it through the humane society – very lovely cat gets adopted, family declaws cat, cat becomes grumpy, stops using litter box, starts biting kids, cat comes back to shelter. it never ends well for the cat.

    is it worth the risk?

  200. Rabble Thanks for such a sensible, sensitive and informative answer.

  201. Constance says:

    Worth the risk? Probably, especially since, from what the vet tells me those complications are nearly non existant (oddly enough, he doesn’t do the procedure because he doesn’t agree with it, just on principal but feels it’s perfectly safe). I’m scared we can’t keep a cat that’s going to make us look like swiss cheese, so if push came to shove, maybe.

    Worth it to me? No. I don’t really think it’s right to do that to the little dewd, so I’m looking into alternatives.

    If it comes down to declawing the cat or getting rid of him (NOOOO!) I’m going to have to go with the former, though I pray that these softpaws will do what they are supposed to! If it comes to that we’ll of course go with the laser option and luff him and baby him and make sure his recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Though I’m thinking it won’t come down to that…

    I hope.

  202. Theo: Woooo! A vinyl covered cat. Now that’s something to think about… If it’s shiny black vinyl I could probably get her into some goth clubs for free!!

    BTW – I’m thinking about getting the French-tip manicure colored ones for my new kitty. ( – second row on the right)

  203. SAS — don’t think about it *too* long. In fact we should probably stop now.

  204. Constance — they’d be little grippy slipcovers for your kitty’s claws, and potentially a very good solution for the difficult situation you describe. I say try ’em.

  205. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Ok, y’all, look, they don’t hurt the cat. Really! I have two cats. Judy wears Soft Paws. Mandy doesn’t. This is because Mandy is almost 100% with using the designated scratching areas. But I’ve never been able to find anything Judy likes as much as she likes wall to wall carpet. Spraying her is fine… if you’re watching all the time. There are lots of other techniques that work if it’s a small area, like a throw rug or furniture, but I can’t put sticky tape on the entire carpet. 🙂 Judy does use things other than the carpet, but not 100% or even close. And I can’t trim her claws far enough to keep her from doing it, either.

    She still gets onto all her favorite places, such as on top of the kitchen cupboards right under the ceiling. She still can hook her claws in things enough to get the exercise (which is part of why cats claw stuff). She doesn’t like having them put on, but it’s no worse than claw clipping. And for what it’s worth, Soft Paws are not an “alternative to declawing” at my house, because I wouldn’t declaw my cats regardless. But I’m glad they are available for people who *would* declaw otherwise and I’m glad they help me and they don’t hurt the cat.

    Anyone who thinks Soft Paws are too “unnatural” — may I assume you do not feed your cats, but simply let them outside to catch birds, mice, etc.? In fact, may I assume you don’t have a cat at all? House cats are already “unnatural.” They are domesticated, i.e. bred for human purposes, as much as cows are, or chickens, or wheat, or corn, or grocery store tomatoes, or of course dogs. Not liking all that is a valid position, but I can’t see how anyone who feels like that could keep a pet at all. In which case I’m not sure why you’re here.

    And that kitty is too cute! And would be with or without Soft Paws. The relaxed crossed pawsitude is toooo much.

    p.s. I usually mail order from the website, but Petco carries a nearly identical product if you want to get it faster. But they only have clear. Also my old vet carried some version and would put them on for you.

  206. Holy mackerel…SoftPaws “cruel”???

    This place, and the opinions of some of the people who post here, never ceases to amaze me.

    Having had an extremely strong-willed cat who destroyed about $3000 worth of furniture, I come out strongly in favor of SoftPaws. Once he got used to them (a quick process) I could actually have upholstered furniture again. SoftPaws are NOT cruel…declawing is, letting your cat outside to get run over by a car or killed by a dog is, continually fighting with a cat’s natural instincts by trying to train it not to scratch is, bringing your cat to a shelter because it scratches…is.

    If you can retrain them to use scratching posts, fine and dandy. If not, SoftPaws can be a wonderful, lifesaving alternative.

    All the above is, of course, just my opinion, and worth exactly the same as any of the other opinions posted here.

  207. Theeeeeeeo,
    Come over here I have a crepe that I’d like to poke you … um, I mean give you.

    I can fill it with spinach and feta if you’d like.

  208. Yo !!!

    demi-bleen plus 10

  209. oops …

    make that DECI-bleen plus 10 plus 2 …

    *slinks off with a scrambled brain*

  210. much better HRH!

  211. karamarie says:

    My indoor kitties use these and don’t mind them at all.

  212. OT: Why did CO suddenly decide that I’m a bot? Is it because of all the traffic today?

    I’m very lucky in the fact that our kitten is okay with scratching appropriately. When she first came home, she did sometimes go after the couch, but a “NO” followed by non-snorgling scoopage and placing her on her scratch box. (Snorgling scoopage is a great and good thing in our house.) When she dug into her box, she was lavishly praised and occasionally treated. But it’s not this easy for many cats which leads to de-clawing, pounding or euthanasia, since problem scratchers are hard to adopt. It’s not fair to the cat. My vet recommends soft claws (the store brand) for his problem pets. It’s safer and saner than de-clawing. I’ve had two cats in my family who wore the claw tips. One of them was a problem scratcher after a dog was adopted into her family (most likely due to territorial marking) and the other was kinda neurotic. The neurotic kitty belonged to my brother and after they moved for the 4th time in a year, she started digging at her fur (not biting at it, using her claws to dig and pull it out) so their vet put the caps on them to protect herself while they worked on her issue. Two years later, she’s off the kitty valium, out of the soft paws and has very little scarring. Though her fur is patchy in spots under her ears and chin. I’d use the product again in a heart beat, if the option was putting my cat to sleep or getting her declawed.

    Teho, I just poked my kitty with a bit crepe that had peanut butter on it. (For purely scientific reasons of course!) She stole it, ate about two bites of it and hid the rest in her bed. Now I have to sneak it out before it calls bugs… ^ ^

  213. Sorry I’m way late in the game, gang, but those things look too tacky. Colorful, but tacky. My two baby girl cats do just fine with all their claws. My baby boy cat(okay, he’ll be thirteen in a few weeks, but still)got front declawed due to our ign’r’nce, but while he was getting “tutored”, too so he was only pissed off at us for like a week. He makes up for it by brute upper body strength. He knocked hubby’s Coke-bottle glasses clean off his head when he got pissed off at him about something silly with a mean right cross! And this cat weighs only like eight pounds(he’s a wee thing, we tend to end up with the smaller kittehs)…

    Sorry for the ramble…but for y’all out there…it’s pronounced “PUU-dn”! Ya doofi!:P

  214. sarai -your cat will eat peanut butter?

  215. i likes both blue and red with brown tabbies like our model, but what colour would i put on tortoiseshell kitty?

    i wish they had orange or yellow to match her flowered collar 🙂 that would be spiffy 🙂

  216. um, just to clarify, that’s soft paws, not crepes. mmmm crepes.

  217. Screw the ‘Nuffs. I think it’s better for my kitty to have her nails done – a PETicure, if you will – and not be traumatized by constant water-bottle-spraying or scolding. She feels quite pretty in her Soft Paws, thank you. She’s a grumpy girl by nature and doesn’t listen to anyone, so getting them on her is a chore, but once they’re on she doesn’t mind one bit.

    And Soft-Paws or not, she tries to sharpen her claws on whatever she can get her widdle toesies on.

    She’s an indoor kitty but was born feral, so she likes to escape whenever she can. We have other cats in the neighborhood, but as cats generally use they BACK paws for fighting (and we use the Soft Paws on the front only) she’s never had any trouble. And she always comes home when she hears a tuna can opened.

  218. Lizzy she does the tuna dance.

    Rabble they have all kinds of different colors including yellow or orange
    and yellow and green combo here are all teh kitty colors including teh french mancure one a pretty dove grey and lots of two color ones

  219. All the neighbor cats must be envious

  220. People complaining about SOFT PAWS?!?! Has the world gone MAD??? I’m thinking maybe it’s time to build that sanitarium for the whole world like in So Long and Thanks For All the Fish.

  221. metsakins…

    Funny you should ask. When we first brought her home, she’d come into the kitchen and beg whenever someone opened the fridge. Usually she got a “no” but if it wasn’t actually poisonous for her, we’d let her try it. So she was begging for some peanut butter one morning. I offered her a bit on a finger tip and she turned her nose up at it. I left the jar out for my roomie, who’s also a peanut butter toast fan. I go out to the patio to eat breakie and I hear my roomate crack up a few minutes later. I went back in, and Pounciful is sitting on the counter, peanut butter on her face, chin, chest and both front paws halfway up to the shoulder! One paw was still in the jar…

    She had few side effects from it, but she did need a bath. Luckily, she goes into frozen mode, not chomp mode when she gets a bath. The vet (when he got done laughing)said that peanut butter’s not the best treat for cats, but it’s won’t poison her either. So every now and then she gets a little bit for a treat. Incidently, the oil in the peanut butter helps her with her hairballs, too. It has the same effect on her systems as Petromalt or Laxatone, except that she’ll actually take the peanut butter and she doesn’t like the drugs.

  222. I use these on my two small dogs. They don’t mind them a bit. I got the black ones and you really can’t tell that they’re wearing them. They work great for pine floors.

  223. Ex-Network Geek says:

    rabble, they do come in orange. Also white and black. Surely one of those would match a tortie?

    I like bright colors because I can tell if they’re on the cat, and also I can see one on the floor when she sheds it. Clear ones are really hard to see in both places (at least on my carpet!). But I’m thinking of switching to white ones anyway for my white-footed Judy cat because I think they would look cool.

  224. sillygirl says:

    Wow, I guess if softpaws are cruel, then that means when all of you dissenters are elderly, and your skin becomes thin and friable that you will not be permitted to have pet felines. Because it is too cruel to cover the claws with vinyl. How sad is that. Pets are one of the few comforts near the end of life and the skin of most elderly folk can’t handle sharp claws. Unless you would all like to go volunteer to trim the claws of the cats that belong to the elderly, at least twice a month. Everything is a tradeoff.

  225. Constance says:

    Update on Socrates:

    Since he got his nails trimmed today at the vet, I decided to stop at pet supermarket and pick up a set of softclaws on the way home.

    Holy crap.

    SUPER easy to put on.

    Socrates didn’t mind them AT ALL! Infact, he didn’t even notice them, and when he wrapped his little arms around my neck to “hug” me
    IT DIDN’T HURT! He had this great habit of reaching around my neck and using his claws to pull my head closer to him to snuggle my face. No biteing, just snuggling. now he can do it till his heart’s content.

    We got the clear ones this time, but next time we’ll probably go with something a little more styleish!

  226. yup. 200+. you nuffers are so predictubuls.

  227. All the people who are spouting off about the “Don’t like claws? Don’t have cats!” are being ridiculous, ESPECIALLY when their main argument is about keeping to what is “natural”.

    If you put it that way, then keeping cats as pets isn’t “natural”, either, because they are being provided for by humans.

    And since you’re arguing that cats need full use of their claws and shouldn’t be kept indoors, then you have to bear in mind that releasing a non-native animal and having it hunt down the local, indigenous wildlife isn’t natural either.

    Additionally, from your standpoint spaying/neutering cats wouldn’t be “natural” either! From a biological perspective the whole point of an organism is to most successfully pass on its DNA, so artificial castration really gets rid of that natural function, no?

    Domestic cats aren’t wild animals, period. They exist because humans want them as companions. One reason cats are popular pets is because a lot of people who live in places that don’t allow dogs (like most apartments) are allowed to own cats–which are pretty much always indoors. They are also lower maintenance than most dogs, which allows people who are elderly or infirm to keep them without outside help.

    Saying that people shouldn’t restrict any use of cats’ claws, or else don’t have cats at all, means that a large number of cat owners should not have their pets… which means more animals in shelters, and less animals adopted, and more animals killed, etc.

  228. I used these for a couple of months for my new cat. He likes to make biscuits on bare skin, so they seemed to be necessary. He was annoyed by the SoftPaws the second time I applied them and he gradually nibbled them off. The instructions say to trim claws before applying the SoftPaws, and I think it works out better for me and my kitty to just leave it at the nail-trimming stage. Claws do less damage when they’re blunted, and he’s not annoyed by the nail caps.

    Too bad he doesn’t like them much–they were very stylish!

  229. Charlotte says:

    To the people arguing that if a cat’s claws are considered a problem by the owner, then that owner shouldn’t have a cats: that’s a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face, isn’t it? My aunt volunteers at a shelter in rural Kentucky where about twenty animals – dogs and cats – are brought in each day. Only one or two are adopted out each day. You do the math. She has had to euthanize thirty animals in one afternoon before (no, they don’t have the money to be a no-kill shelter – at this point in time, everybody’s just happy that people are actually bringing in animals to the shelter, as opposed to dumping them by the side of the road or killing them themselves, which used to be the local way of dealing with unwanted animals). And most of the animals that are coming in and subsequently getting euthanized weren’t strays – they were family and farm pets which simply became too “inconvenient” for the owners. There was one case in which a man brought in a female dog because she just “kept having puppies”, and he wasn’t willing to get the male dog he had roaming around his property neutered! If that doesn’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what will.

    So yeah, if you’re willing to have shelters that kill thirty animals a day, go ahead and advocate your claws or no cat at all policy. There are plenty of people who would take you up on the no animals at all offer. Not that I’m for declawing – I think it is cruel, and I’m a little shocked that we still offer the surgery in the US. But then again, we’re really behind on animal rights. SoftPaws seems like a humane alternative, and if it can keep cats from going to the shelter, then I’m all for them. None of my cats I have now are big clawers, but I used to have a male cat who ruined several wooden doorframes in my house. Those were costly to replace. If I had known about SoftPaws, I might have tried them out on him, particularly as he was uninterested in the outdoors.

    One other thing: some people have been complaining that cats shouldn’t be allowed to roam free or even go outdoors, as they hunt birds, bunnies, and other smaller animals. To those people I say: live in the real world for a second. Cats are predators. They are designed by nature to be perfect killing machines. Hunting small animals is as instinctual as scratching is. How do you think they ate when they were in the wild? For that matter, how do you think feral cats eat? They hunt, kill, and eat birds, rodents, and yes, bunnies. One of my cats is a former feral cat who had a litter of kittens in the wild. How did she feed them? By bringing them birds, chipmunks, and yes, the occasional baby bun. Some people may find that sad, but it’s the way the natural world works. Circle of life and all that. And it isn’t as thought cats decimate population of animals, either; animals populations are such that they rebound from predators. If you can’t stand the thought of your cat killing another animal, don’t let it outside. And if you see stray cats killing animals, just think about the fact that they’re probably killing as a way to survive. To me, though, it’s madness to use that as a reason for keeping cats strictly indoors, or on a leash. I can understand if you live in a high traffic area, or in an apartment, but cats are still wild animals at heart and in my opinion deserve the chance to run about outside for a bit. Trust me, your cat will be much happier for it.

  230. oh. my. goddess. i’m getting orange soft paws for my Lirilith. not that she even really needs them, but it would be nice to have nice furniture some day 😉

    I’m so glad to hear the happy news Constance!!

  231. sarai – I’m just shocked by the peanut butter thing b/c Miss Huggums, official sandwich inspector, understands colds cut, tuna, cheese, but she’s sorry to report that every so often (about once a week) her human takes this horrible brown stuff out of the fridge and then puts some sorts of fruit upon it as well.

  232. Bunnygirl says:

    As a caretaker to rabbits, I really think these things are a waste of money and time for rabbits. First, rabbits don’t claw things like cats do. Second, rabbits need their nails to clean their ears. Third, most rabbits don’t like to be picked up, so if you’re doing this to avoid getting scratched when picking up your rabbit, the better thing would be to not pick up your rabbit unless necessary. Fourth, non-bonded rabbits will fight w/ their teeth and nails. Getting these so that non-bonded rabbits won’t scratch each other won’t help the situation. It would be better to keep the rabbits separate or slowly work on bonding them.
    Again, we have several rabbits, and none of them have ever scratched our wood floors or damaged our furniture w/ their nails. The thing about rabbits is that they are chewers. If they’re going to damage something, it most likely will be their teeth. Hmmm–I wonder if they make bunny caps. Just kidding!!!

  233. I just want to say Thank Kew!! to R. Moore for the national holiday link way up there. I’m sad to learn that I missed national “Something on a Stick Day” (I think everything tastes better on a stick), but national “Tapioca Day” is coming up on July 15 which also just happens to be national “Cow Appreciation Day” (AmyH–right? Didja know?). I’m keeping track from now on–festivities every day of the week…

  234. Monica a few posts up basically said everything I was thinking about those “softpaws are the cruelest things ever” people! good job 🙂

    However, SoftPaws should definitely be color coordinated with the cat’s fur. How will they face other cats if they are fashion wrecks?

  235. I tried the “water squirting” methond on my cats. You know what I ended up with? Cats who love water. Not even kidding. I love my two cats, but hate getting a wake up call at 4:30 in the morning because one of them is using my leg as a scratching post. (I guess I’m a twitchy sleeper.) I’m not getting rid of my cats and I will never ever declaw EVER. Really, these things don’t look so bad.

    And in response to what Charlotte said a few comments up, I’ll agree and add this for good measure.

  236. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wow, whoda thunk it, commentroversy on SoftPaws!
    Happy to learn that today is Chocolate Pudding day. Must stop by the store & get some for dinner.
    Kitter in the pic looks like “SoftPaws/SharpClaws, WHATEVER”

  237. choc pudding YAY…

    if I had realized I wouldn’t have made hubby butterscotch…we won’t tell him….

  238. metsakins, just mix in some chocolate, trust me it’s YUMMY!

  239. shollia says:

    Lol, I think it’s hilarious how many people want to get up on their high horses and decree this product as cruel when they have absolutely NO knowledge of it at all.

  240. linders says:

    oivey. Another commentroversy….

    btw, I read in a CAT magazine that bathing a cat is humane and there is a correct way of doing it.

    *feeding more fuel to the fire =P *

  241. does the humane way to bathe involve chocolate covered rusty pliers

    or puddin?

  242. Charlotte: I don’t know where you live, but where I do we have a number of very fragile bird populations which are not naturally accustomed to dealing with predators like housecats. Respecting your cat’s instincts is not more important than respecting the ecosystem in which you live. The birds have a right to be there – the cat, who can have a happy life indoors if its owner makes a small effort to make their home indoor-cat friendly, really doesn’t.

    Bunnygirl – My particular problem which necessitated putting SoftPaws on my boys is that the younger rabbit (Burr) was a rescue I adopted, and the older rabbit (Hamilton – possibly I cursed myself in my name choice for them!) went through a territorial phase that went down like a lead balloon with Burr. The vet suggested putting SoftPaws on them in addition to other methods of easing the tensions, just to make sure there wasn’t any actual blood drawn.

    They’re mostly getting along now, but it’s been slow going training Burr not to get vicious whenever Hammy starts getting surly at him, (that he gets so violent should give you a picture of what his situation was like with his previous owners), so I’m keeping the SPs in until I can feel safe that they won’t be drawing blood every time they socialize together.

    My vet, by the by, says that’s one of the biggest things she uses SPs for, regardless of species. When there are other animals or children that might be at risk, you can’t always just wait until training finally kicks in and the animal learns to not go for the claws all the time.

  243. I think you use the chocolate covered rusty pliers to hold them down in the puddin.
    *tosses another hamster on the fire*

  244. Metz, I hope you remembered his red helmet and backpack.

  245. To all those that were wondering how the heck you put these things on without having an ambulance on standby:

    I wait until my cat is asleep on the back of the couch, then I VERY QUIETLY get everything ready on the coffee table. I can usually do both front paws and part of a back foot before she even wakes up! Of course, once she wakes up, then there’s a kerfuffle, and she ends up with glue on one toe, but I just wait a day or two and try again. It works out pretty well, really. 🙂

  246. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I have my kitty, Dingy, who is de-clawed. We got him that way. His little paws are not deformed, he seems quite happy and has no problems jumping down from the windowsill or from the top of the kitchen cabinets across to the table and then to the floor. I’m sure it wasn’t comfortable for him at the time, but I’m sure the “fixing” wasn’t very comfortable either.

    I did have a cat, that if we wanted to keep her, we needed to have her de-clawed. She liked to use my diabetic grandmother’s leg for a scratching post. Apparently her $50 sisel one wasn’t good enough, it didn’t bleed. So when it came time to spay, we had them do the claws too. Would I do it now? Not on your life, I’d get these things. At the time, I had no idea what de-clawing was. Now, I’d have just gotten these little things…

    But I’ll say it again, Dingy is quite the happy cat not having claws. And so was my other little girl (who I lost way too early to kidney issues). I don’t think it’s deforming. But I do think that these little thingys are a WAY better alternative.

    And just to be clear about this, I will not ever de-claw a cat again, it was me not being educated enough not to do it in the first place. 🙂

  247. Brie – silly girl. the helmets and backpacks are for tossing hamsters out the window.

    Metz- I’ll take my hammie medium rare. What sort of wine goes with that?

  248. I’ve just sat back… pud and champers in hand and read this whole post again…. tears are still flowing down my face. May I congratulate many of you on your sensible posting… as for the nuff?? Well Nuffing will be “satisfactory” for some, I spose!

    NOW!!! What came to my mind is… I don’t have a cat (allergies… but I suppose the total vynil wrap could be the answer for that…) but I do have a beautiful husky (Gaelan… Celtic word for gentle wind or little storm… he has both characteristics..)he hasn’t got a claw problem… perhaps a little clicky on the tile floors, but not a problem..) he has however, chewed the back deck, doorstep and stairs.. (all wooden)… do you think there’s a sort of soft paws equivelant kinda gum guard out there I could shove into his face…….?

    The Cap’n and Nannas was a good addition to the pudding trolly…. I’ll have mine on the rocks please… hold the nannas….

  249. Byraway… for those of you with the Sensohumourectomy… tongue was firmly in cheek about the Pup……..

    ice…. any one….. or if the Cap’n is running dry… I’ll take a wee Drambuie on the rocks instead…. just a wee one mind you…

  250. Mets hammie will prolly be quite tangy…. so something with body, I think

  251. I wonder, do hammies taste like ham? Or do they taste more like squirrel? FYI, never had squirrel, but I know plenty of people who have (for those who don’t know, I live in Texas where people eat what they hunt, then stick it’s head on the wall).

  252. Hazel, sensohumourectomy…Too effing funny!

  253. *bows in embarrassed fashion towards Brinn*

    Thank you…

  254. *Bobby Brady voice*
    Hamchops & Applesauce.

  255. I have a cat with a severe personality defect. She is a tortie and is prone to unannounced and rather vicious attacks on family and especially visitors. Prozac was tried and made her irritable (just what we did not need, obs)and I am trying Feliway now, but some kind of claw control is definitely in her future. Softpaws seems a possibility, but would definitly need to be done under some kind of calming influence at the vet’s office. They are already frightened of her there. What exactly is lazer declawing? Is it any different than the regular surgery? I swore I would never declaw a cat, and furniture, and other household objects, are not an issue, but the possiblity of someone being seriously injured looms large, not to mention the possiblity of being sued.

  256. I’ve heard its basically the same as regular declawing just using a laser instead of scalpel but I haven’t done any research on it.

  257. Lisa N said: “Hmmmm I didn’t think banana pudding could get any better but with Captain Morgan’s I think it could.”

    Considering that my boyfriend Morgan is a Captain in the USAR, I gotta say YEP! Captain Morgan makes everything better, and covering him in pudding sounds intriguing. 😛


  258. Durh, that’s *Peter Brady voice*
    (slinks back into corner)

  259. bearlet says:
    Corn Chip Nail Tips – (Tracy Morgan and Maya Rudolph) Parody of “hip” potato chip commercials, featuring corn chips that can be used as fake fingernails.

  260. Bearlet – I KNEW it was on SNL just couldn’t remember who was in it…hahaha

    Laura – Woot! A captain morgan covered in pudding……..ENJOY!!

    I’ll take some corn chip nail tips and some bean dip please…….

  261. guineapiggin9 says:

    WOW!!! The commentroversy…I Lurve eet. BTW, those look very cute and useful for those of us with expensive, newly-refinished hardwood floors.

  262. I want some nail tips! they look hot n style-ing

    Plus my nails wouldn’t break n hurt….

  263. You know… I read someone saying slicing and dicing their cat… but what about spaying or neutering? Isn’t that slicing and dicing too? Where do you cross the line?

  264. susanp: We had a cat that started doing that when she got to be about 16. We think it was some kind of fit caused by her age. She’d tear in circles like she was trying to get at something that was hurting her. I thought maybe something inside was hurting, causing her to act like that. Problem was, you could never tell when it was about to happen. She was on Mom’s lap several times when it happened, and once Mom got bitten very badly on the hand. Huge infection. Of course, we never found out what it was because my parents didn’t believe in bringing animals to the vet unless they were deathly ill (which she could have been). Oh, except for Dad’s horses. They got special visits from the vet because they were his. They thought I was weird ‘cuz I keep my dog and cats up to date on shots, etc. Then Dad got a new dog ‘cuz he misses mine (we moved out), and that dog has been to the vet more times than all of the previous ones combined.

  265. susan, sorry. What I was getting at is have they checked for an infection, tumors, etc that might cause a fit? If you’re feeling brave you could try the burrito thing to put the SoftPaws on.

    hm: Spaying & neutering are most often for the welfare of the animal. I’ve heard (no, I don’t have proof) that it can prolong their life, and it drastically cuts down on the animal population, meaning less unwanted animals in shelters.

  266. hm – spaying/neutering is done not so much for the convenience of the owner as for the welfare of the animal itself. That’s the biggest difference. It prevents cancers of the reproductive tract, which are a common way for older pets to die. It also makes pets much calmer, which can make all the difference between a crazy cat someone can’t keep and a nice housecat. It also prevents unwanted babies, which is great, considering the huge pet overpopulation problem we have.

  267. Umm, excuse me, but could someone explain 2 things to me?
    1. Rusty pliers? (aka chocolate rusty pliers)

    2. Nuffs?

    Sorry, I can’t follow these comments.

    PS I think a cat owner who: 1. takes the time to put those little tips on her cat’s nails,
    2. takes a picture of the cat all sleepy and cute, and then
    3. sends the pic into CO,

    is prolly the type of cat owner who can tell if her cat is unhappy or hurting. AND, would take off the tips if they were a problem. That’s just my two cents…

  268. Izzy —
    1. ask Helene. I believe it’s an anti-Nuffing tool. Which brings me to…

  269. I see… A “Nuff” says, “Hey, that ain’t Cute Enough” to post.

    Interesting- thank you!

    Theo, aren’t you a Big Wig over there at CO Headquarters (CO-HQ) ?

    I am honored by the personal response to my post!

  270. [imagining self in various wigs]
    [big ones]

  271. Izzy – its not just a matter of saying the picture isn’t cute enuff. (Bear in mind, I have no wig or CO affliation).

    But nuffers generally say stuff like “I can’t believe you would post this picture because it so cruel to (insert what the picture is) to animals.

  272. (imagining Theo in various wigs, of all sizes)
    (trying very hard not to laugh)

  273. Sarah_annej says:

    Susannp- Be careful with the Feliway. I purchased some from my vet and it caused one of my cats to have a heart attack and die the first time I sprayed it. He was just over 1 year old. He was allergic to it and it made him have heart palpitations. Of course, I didn’t know it would do that. He was an EXTREMELY aggressive boy. But I still loved him and miss him. Here’s to you Ozzie! 🙂

  274. sarah-annej I had had a dog named Ozzie!

    We all miss our departed pets…


  275. Theo, Briann,

    some people will say wig SIZE doesn’t matter… tho i’m not sure i agree

  276. *cracks knuckles*

    Hello Izzy. Chocolate covered rusty pliers are indeed an anti-nuff tool. In potential commentroversies (when the post is still fresh), I like to pretend to be really offended by the picture, or I like to go and say outrageous things that nuffs will freak about. So I said in a recent post that I liked to declaw cats with a pair of rusty pliers. Unfortunatly, the fishies didn’t bite.

    The chocolate covering came in later when talking about pudding, chocolate and yogourt.

    So my very fertile imagination is to blame/applaud here.

  277. Thank you Helene! Also, if you can’t find your rusty pliers, chocolate or plain, just bite those kitty nails right off.

    I know, I know, it’s old fashioned, but it still works.

  278. *imagining Theo in big wigs of various colors*
    Right, I’m not at work now, don’t have to smother my laughter any more.

  279. Ewww, kitty nails that have been scratching dirty litter!!

    Wait, those DO look yummy. Blueberry and grape flavor?

  280. Soft Claws absolutely saved my relationship with my cat. We were both so much happier once she could “scratch” and I could put all of the spray bottles away. I never saw the slightest indication that they were uncomfortable for her in any way.

  281. HeartlessBastard says:

    These seem fine.

    Inside cats don’t need claws, and if we hadn’t gotten my cats declawed, (my mother forced us)I would have gotten the pink ones.

  282. Michelle says:

    My kitten doesn’t even notice his SoftPaws, he claws and scratches the furniture and runs around like the crazy baby he is. It’s so painless, he even purrs while I put them on (Start young, start often). He only has the front claws done, though, he uses the back claws for “traction” and is quite good at climbing door jams.

    Because he’s so active, I actually find that they come off more often, maybe once every 3 weeks or so, but they’ve really been a live saver! Have you seen tatami mats? It’s basically a giant scratching post!

  283. So, I’ll admit I just skipped over the last several posts but had to put in my $.02. I didn’t see (maybe towards the end?) anyone mention HOW declawing is mutilation. They do not declaw a cat like they remove toenails of people. They don’t just burn it off at the base. They’re cutting the tips of their toes off. It leads to all sorts of problems too. Once looking at a bottle of that no-scratch stuff at the pet store I realized it was essentially just clove oil, garlic oil and sodium laurel /eth sulfate(an often times natural solvent). So I had an idea. I mixed some clove essential oil with water and a couple drops of sal suds (google, it people). Shake it up, spray it on the furniture. Smells alright and keeps the kitty away. Honestly, and this one is funny. I caught my kitty scratching my chair so I said loudly, “NO!” Then walked over to her scratchy thing and talked sweet to her instructing her to scratch that, and did so myself. She walked over and scratched it instead. I petted her and she purred.. The End. what a happy ending 😉

    To me, bringing up declawing is like saying. “well, we’ve tried grounding my son for staying out past curfew, but its not working, I think we’re going to have to cut off his ear.” It shouldn’t even be considered an option. You just try to find other means to correct the behaviour.

  284. LisaN thank you for your explanation of lazer declawing.
    Brinnann, we have already had the cat to the vet to be checked out, and she is only about 4 years old, she bit her first vet before her first birthday.
    Sarah annej I already tried the feliway, and she seems fine with it, unaffected, but healthy.
    Jo, some of us are talking about animals who are scratching people, not furniture.
    Thanks for the feedback, all.

  285. Appauled veterinary nurse says:

    Declawing and “soft paws” is cruelty towards animals. Learn to clip your pet’s nails, does the trick just fine without mutilating the poor thing.

  286. Appauled veterinary nurse says:

    Declawing and “soft paws” is cruelty towards animals. Learn to clip your pet’s nails, does the trick just fine without mutilating the poor thing.

  287. Appalled Dictyonary says:

    Don’t be cruel
    Blue Suede shoes for your pets are the answer.

  288. Maijasservant says:

    Must comment on this one. Re the comments about the kitteh being upset about the softpaws, ever heard about projecting ones feelings on another being? I think the kit in the pic is just fine. Re declawing — I worked for a USAF veterinarian (Lt. W., DVM) and he was morally opposed to declawing, but was ordered to it by his commanding officer (it was the commader’s wife’s cat). I assisted and it broke my heart. Basically, here is how it goes: you slice the toe skin open, peel it back, and crack the toe off just after the first knuckle with a device that resembles a tin snip. This is necessary to completely remove the nail matrix or the nails will grow back. Then the incisions are stiched up and packed until they heal into deformed little stumps. It was horrifying. Years later, I adopted a darling stray kit that had been declawed and it broke my heart when she would wrap her crippled little paws around my arm when she wanted to cuddle. She had alot of trouble jumping up on the bed etc. She was always slipping and falling back to the floor. And she would often take a tumble when jumping down to the floor. Since she was unable to defend herself against the other cats, she took the “best defense is a great offense” and usually repelled aggressors with a terrifying yowl. If you think it does not affect the cat, ask a frostbitten human how hard it is to walk without toes — they are very crucial part of ambulation. You can make all the excuses you want for declawing a cat, but in the end, it is a cruel vanity. There is nothing cute about it. I think the Softpaws are a happy alternative. Or, nip the sharp points off occasionally with pet toenail clippers. It just takes a little patience…

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