Ma’am, your cat appears to be allergic to Mondays

It happens—I see a case every now or then.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.

I suggest access to the remote control and melted vanilla ice cream in large, bottomless doses.


Sigga! whatever shall we do about this!?



  1. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a beautiful coat, I must have heem!

  2. OMG, spots and stripes!

  3. I want this bebeh tiger kitteh! Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. ThreeCatNight says:

    My thoughts exactly today.
    (what gorgeous markings on this little tiger-cat!)

  5. leah b. says:

    This bebbeh kitteh is allergic to mondays because its to beautiful, and sleepies. Let It rest and hide its eyes for the next 24 hours and try tuseday morkings to see if improves patients demeneer and overall general mood.

  6. SPAWTZ!

  7. What a pretty kitty! He/she looks so silky and soft! [puurrr]

  8. Is this one of those toygers?
    So cute!

  9. leah b. says:

    then again it could be that its sad that the man named hank harkress, who say “the lion sleeps tonight” died yesterday, he may have liked that song…..

  10. elizabells says:

    Sooooooo shiiiiiiny…

    I think it’s part of the kitteh’s plan for world domination… hypnotize us with the shiny and the stripey until we do its bidding.

  11. THIS is the SOFTEST kitteh ever! & I feel exactly the same way today. UGH! SO want to be in bed right now….
    *Scrolls up & looks at beautiful kitty again*
    *Sigh* Ok I guess I can drag myself through the day now & then I’ll go home & snorgle my kittehs.

  12. Theresa says:

    A Bengal kitty! And so beautifuls. Indeed, much too beautifuls for Mondays.

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    What a beautiful kitter! That’s exactly how I feel about Mondays.

  14. say it isn’t so…

    prolly needs human companionship on mondays to help it feel better…

    I volunteer my services

  15. shaddock says:

    he (?) looks like a tineh tiggah kitteh! *brainexplode*

  16. O.M.G. The most beautifullest sweetest cat EVAR – I mean, who but the sweetest of kittayns rests his little face in his paws like that? Oh so demure…

  17. What a BOOTIFUL Bengal! And I hear they are wicked smart and love to play in water! Peeps, you MUST look at his Flckr photos! They’re ALL bootiful, but THIS one definitely makes me want to climb back in bed (wif’ the kitty of course) and just skip Monday. But alas, I gots party’s to plan! *sigh*

  18. Oops….fergot the link! D’oh!

  19. woooooooo! A mini tiger-leopard. I think I need one.

  20. Oh, prrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  21. what a gorgeous kitteh! prettiest tigger cololring I’ve ever seen!
    oh, and lots of pets and hugs and snorgels will take care of that “monday allergy”.
    any more pics of this babe available?

  22. Yaaay!!! I love Nikita the Bengal kitty!
    I belong to the same Flickr group, this person’s photos are some of my faves. Nice to see one here! Congrats Siggav!
    You can has puddin’ 😀

  23. WhitneyZ says:

    Gorgeous! This bengal has wonderful glitter. I love cats with spots…

  24. Beautiful

  25. “Yep, let’s play hide n seek, you go hide, an’ I’ll counts to a hunnert. One, two, free, four, zzz….”

  26. BENGAL!!

    WANT ONE!!!

    *grabby hands*

  27. beenclawed says:

    I wonder if he has any idea how beautiful he is? Well… he’s a cat, so yes, he probably does! 🙂
    Toyger, that’s what I thought when I saw him.

  28. OK…allow me to show my ignorance. Is this a domestic kitteh, or a wild one? I keep seeing references to a “bengal”, but that’s a tiger, right? This baby doesn’t look like a tiger. Except for his spots and stripes, which are possibly the proshest thing I have EVER seen.

  29. Yay! It’s my birthday today – I’ll take this beauty as my gift. Thanks! (grabs and runs…)

    P.S. Only six months until Christmas…

  30. R. Moore says:

    So… Silky…

  31. R. Moore says:

    Lisa, it’s domestic. Bengal is also a breed of cat 🙂

  32. What a beautiful cat!! I love the shiny golden paws!

  33. It’s it a bengal or a toyger? Or is he trying to be both?

  34. Gorgeous sleepy kitty i am allergic to Mondays too!!

  35. Shannon Johnson says:

    Looks like me when I was in school. Hmmm…. I think everybody looks like that on Mondays

  36. Ooooooh, I love it when my own kitty curls her wee paws over her wee nose like that. Then little “honk-shus” issue from her general direction, lol!

    Also, this kitteh’s coat is just gorgeous….

  37. I realize this is a little redundant at this point but LOOK HOW SHINY! I don’t even like cats much but this guy? Me likey!

  38. Cats I can give or take cuz they swell my face up and make it even less attractive… and I’m at a disadvantage already….


    This is one PrittyKitty…


  39. Even though every cat owner thinks that his/her cat is the best, I must admit, this is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen!

  40. Eee! It’s Nikita!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Gorgeous bengal girl!

  41. Please read the comments and follow the links folks. This is a Bengal cat, which is a domestic breed, not a tiger. (It is not a Toyger either.)
    The shineyness is called “glitter”. Bengal cats are the only breed that has it.

    Lookie here!

  42. hrh.squeak says:

    Why has no-one mentioned the Adorable Tufty Belleh? Must snorgle NOW!!!!!

  43. This is an insanely adorable Bengal. I want to hug her!

  44. Wow what is that? He looks like a tiny leopard, that is extremely soft!

  45. Candace says:

    Oh, I can so relate to this kitty! My office mate must think I am totally bonkers.I keep nodding off in the middle of my research and waking when I hear myself make an odd noise. Move over kitty, I think I need to nap with you.

  46. Tiffany says:

    This is the most gorgeous cat I’ve ever seen (& I have 2 cats (thank goodness they can’t read)).

  47. englishwoman says:

    Thanks very much, Cute Overload, for totally destroying my scary and indimidating image at work today. I surfed over here at lunch, saw this picture and went ‘OMGPONIES!!!’

    Out loud.

    In an office full of geeks.

    Credibility. Destroyed. *sigh*

  48. englishwoman says:

    P.S. For anyone wondering what a Bengal cat is:

  49. Prettiest kitty evah.

  50. Hi Englishwoman. The Wiki article, like most Wiki articles, contains ALOT (!!!) of false information, much of it very outdated.

    For more factual, precise info please see my link, which I also included above.

  51. englishwoman says:

    Ahem. Sorry about that, Hobbit. Have to confess I didn’t actually read the article before posting :/

  52. must…snorgle…belleh!

  53. Whoever owns this cat must immediately surrender the kitteh to me. I must have him. See I bonked my forehead on my compy screen trying to snorgle him as a result I now have head trauma if you don’t gimme the kitteh I’m gonna sue. So yeah.


    Ahem. Please?

  54. Loves Cute says:



  55. No problem Englishwoman 😉
    I had no idea there was a wiki article. At least now someone can correct all the mistakes! Thanks.

    …oh yes and *snorgle! kitteh belleh! snorgle!*

  56. Hobbit – you’ve given me the best cat-fix ever with that link, which led to other links, which led to 2 hours of awwww-ing and drooling …

    my cats talk but they can’t say “yoolalooolaloooowahhh” like this Bengal beauty does:

    and, Nikita kitty rocks !!!

    I love, luff, lurve her SO much …

  57. i know how kitteh feels. i wish i looked as cute as kitteh when i’m struck down with monday blues.

    i want to snorgle kitteh.

  58. HRH, uh-oh! You’re hooked now! That happened to me 3 months ago, now I’m shopping for Bengals!!
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you!! 😀

  59. “…That happened to me 3 months ago …” same here, Hobbit !!! GMTA 🙂

    I’m in Australia and will prolly end up with a retired Bengal as the kitties are SO expensive …

    sob, sob

  60. ritabby says:

    Oh the wonderful thing about tiggers!

  61. Ah. It is *shuffles papers* a beautiful Bengal kitty. *adjusts spectacles* what a lovely spotted pelt. my cat’s a bengal, but he has less striking colours. Beautiful leetle wild cat! ^_^

  62. acelightning says:

    Allergic to Mondays, or allergic to morning? (I’m allergic to morning, myself.) Morning is the time to pull the covers up and go back to dreaming about beautiful Bengal kitties…

  63. book_monstercats says:

    Le sigh.

  64. This is definitely a Bengal. I had a Bengal cat. Her name was Kayla. She passed away a month ago from liver failure (possibly cancer). She was only 4 years old. As much as I love Kayla I would never get another pure breed cat because I am afraid he or she would die young like my baby girl did 😦 I am not trying to be a downer- I am just warning anyone who is looking into a pure breed to be aware of potential health problems in a pure bred pet.

  65. Brak_Silverbone says:

    SUCH a pretty kitty, and so very well-attuned to our universal dislike of Mondays.

    Plus… so soft-looking! *pet pet pet*

  66. Yay! Nikita! One of the loveliest Bengals on the internets!

    Ganesh Bengal Cat says mrow mrow, sigga 😉

  67. Now that I’m home from work I have to be careful or my kitties will see me eyeballing another cat. I just can’t stop she’s so BEAUTIFUL! Can’t look away.
    (I feel so dirty–I’m a cat cheater but I WANT THIS KITTY!!!!!!)

  68. *sniffle* I had a hideous day at work Mis’er Kittums. Can I come snorgle you?

  69. This is the most beautiful cat I love the glistening long thick fur and the color, amazing and it looks like a mini tiger cat mix.

  70. I recognize this beautiful girl from kitty_pix on LiveJournal. She’s one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever seen. Great picture.

  71. Michelle says:


  72. Yay, I loves me some Nikita action!!

  73. Two of my cats sleep like this. I call it the “I’m so cute, I snorgle myself” pose.

  74. englishwoman says:

    “Invisible teddy bear”

  75. pat_the_bunny says:

    Something that gorgemous should not have to face Mondays, evar!

  76. It’s tuesday kitty, you can peek now. Can we see her face?

  77. Here’s the original poster’s Flickr set for the kitty including the pretty face! Aww.
    (I assume it’s Kosher to post this link, sorry if it’s not)

    Michelle, not a Toyger. Read the comments and follow the links. 😉

  78. Ok I was afraid of this, I am officially in love with this cat. How am I going to explain this to my resident kitties?

  79. oh wow… this cat is cute… That’s one thing about being a cat owner you want to sit and watch them 24hours with a camera because they do the cutest things… interesting creatures.

  80. omgits coat is like friggen GORGEOUS! : D I MUST HAVE!!!!

  81. Yay! I’ve been very busy at work and haven’t been checking cuteoverload and I’d forgotten all about when I sent Nikita’s photo in. So seeing this now is a very pleasant surprise.

    First of all she’s a she and a purebred bengal cat not a toyger like has been pointed out already.

    I’ve just given her a big snorgle and passed on all the compliments. She’s Queen of the Known World in her mind anyway so I don’t think it can inflate her ego much.

    Thanks everyone, yay! and yes she is hugely cute. She’s bigger now but still just as gorgeous.

  82. We have a lot in common allergic to mondays! Such A Pretty Kitty! I love Tiger bengal look cats Looks almost like my kitty except with out the white boots! 🙂

  83. benvenuta says:

    I`m a Nikita fan, but I haven`t seen this pic yet. And the caption is perfect!
    Congrats to Siggav and Nikita!
    benvenuta (prelud on LJ and Flickr)

  84. watch4whales says:

    Yay Nikita!!! Also from LiveJournal kittypix,
    had to check out the link.

    Congrats Siggav!!

  85. this may not be a toyger but its perfect toyger material, they are derived from bengals after all.

  86. Flamenca Mama says:

    What a beautiful kitty!! I’ve never seen a cat like her.

  87. ElectricOrange says:


    It is sooo CUTE!
    I want a cat now.



  88. “I’m so cute, I snorgle myself” … LOL, Gillian!!

    Great Flickr set, did y’all see the TOES??



  91. OMG! I got to have this kitteh

  92. What kind of cat is this? Its markings are beautiful!