Let’s dance [sing in David Bowie voice]

under the moonlight

the stherious moonlight!


Heather C. and "Foz"—sooooooooo 80’s.



  1. Hehe.
    Awwwww wham bam thank you ma’am!

    (seriously though, Bowie just has one enlarged pupil from a childhood injury)

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    This beauty took my breath away.
    Bleen?? 🙂

  3. put on your red shoes and dance the blues!

  4. Mary 1 — no no, you’re thinking of Berlin.

  5. Kitty Stardust? Acaddin Sane? The Thin White Mew?
    Erm… The Cat Who Fell To Earth?

  6. Hypno-kitteh!

  7. *Whahhhh!*
    I JUST got the Planet Unicorn theme out of my head and now David Bowie! Thankyouverymuch!

    Pretty kitters tho.

  8. What beautiful eyes this kitty has. I could stare at them all day.

  9. *sings* There’s a star-caaaaaaat waiting in the sky…

  10. I would’ve thought soemthing along the lines of putting out fire with gasoline would be more appropriate.

    And catlike.

  11. R. Moore says:

    Oooh, pretty!

    I have a friend (a human friend) who had color changing eyes 😛 While growing up they changed, and at one point they weren’t hazel, they were green and brown. Younger kids really got a kick out of that.

  12. Ohhhh This Kitty Just OOOzes Bowie style.

    The kitty could be in Labrinth… A fairy kitty. Hiding and waiting for Clair(I think was her name) to come by to help her find her little brother

  13. what a gorgeous kitteh.
    pet, pet pet, kiss,kiss,kiss, hug and etc..

  14. “pounce magic pounce! Put that magic pounce on me…”

  15. Annie, it was sarah…

  16. That’s cute. Can I have one?

  17. Annie — http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091369/
    I think you’ll find there are some pretty passionate Labyrinth fans out there. So, quick trivia cram here: Jennifer Connelly played Sarah, the main character. And the little boy, Toby, was played by Toby (Froud). And JK Rowling borrowed the name “Hogwarts” from one of the characters’ mispronunciation of the name Hoggle (Sarah’s guide).

    Creatures courtesy of Jim Henson’s workshop!

  18. Loves Cute says:

    “one eye green and one eye blue” … so cute!!

  19. Lizzums says:

    “Sawah fwiend!” I love Labyrinth!

  20. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ziggy Catdust – with Bowie cattitude. Gotta love those eyes!

  21. Lurve Labyrinth! Sir Didymus! OMG the cutest toughest puppert ever.

  22. Yes, this is a goblin king kitteh.

    The Thin White Floof.

  23. LOL, Lurk. Of course.
    He was good as Nikola Tesla in “The Prestige”, too. (just watched the DVD over the weekend)

  24. Jupiter Star says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (That’s…as coherent a response as I’ve got. DAVIDBOWIEKITTYLOVELOVELOVE!!!)

  25. Theo & Sarai, Thanks… I always liked that movie but it has been several years since I saw it. The swamp scene and the whole labirinth… and watching Sarah grow up on screen very fun. I always wondered if Bowie and the girl(Jennifer Conneley) had some kind of thing going on as there was such chemistry between them.

    My all time favorite Bowie song Space Oddity.

  26. This is Major Tomcat, Ground Control,
    I’m spinning ‘cross the floor…

  27. MissAntithesis says:

    If this cat is wearing crotch-hugging, package-framing tights, I will positively DIE from Bowie overload.

    Never gonna fall for
    Modern love – fish inside me
    Modern love – chicken: fried
    Modern love – feed me Meow Mix on time!

    (okay, it sucked, but it was my first try!)

  28. Annie, since Jennifer Connelly was only around 16 at the time, I hope not!

  29. Whoa, those are some funky eyes!

  30. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  31. Theo, We just watched “The Prestige” too. Bowie was great in it. Tesla was an amazing inventor and scientist. here is a little info on his time in Colorado Springs.(Teslas)

  32. What a beautiful kitty! Blue and green were my wedding colors! LOL!

  33. Alisoun says:

    What a lovely cat! And yes Labyrinth is a great film (as is dark crystal):D

  34. Lillith says:

    Can’t believe no one’s mentioned “Cat People”

    See these so blue and green
    I can stare for a thousand years
    Colder than the moon…

  35. Lilith, I mentioned them earlier, quoting the song.

    However it was lost in the rush of Labyrinth-nostalgia. BTW, who else loved that inchworm? “Come inside, meet the missus. Have a cuppa.”

  36. LadyHope says:

    Oh Litith , I am with you gurl—
    those who feel me near
    close the blinds
    and change their minds

  37. ” ‘allo!”
    “Excuse me, did you just say hello?”
    “No! I said ‘allo! but tha’s close enough… Come inside and meet the Missus!”

    I so know what movie I’m putting on tonight.

  38. kevin h. says:


    /pick pick pick

  39. I DOUBLE-DARE you to blink …

  40. mjr chapin says:

    Mostly trivia, but white cats with 2 blue eyes are generally deaf; they have developed the mismatched eyes for better survival. Rare in other cats.

  41. Shannon Johnson says:

    WOW two different colored eyes.

  42. It makes me happy to know that so many people out there love david bowie too! 😀 Seriously, I giggle at the mere mention of the man’s name.
    And the “childhood injury” was a fight with his friend over a girl when he was 15. The friend was awearing a ring and punched bowie in the face… he only got prettier… Only Bowie…

  43. Grumblecakes says:

    mjr chapin, I’ve heard that a white cat with one blue eye is often deaf on the side of that blue eye, but can hear on the side with the green/brown/yellow eye. Weird, eh?

  44. Grumble, Mjr Chapin, et al:


    So does this owl turn into an equally cool-looking barn owl and fly away…? Just don’t feed him beans or you might end up in the Bog of Eternal Stench! 🙂


  45. Ack, I mean CAT turn into a barn owl…*sigh* It’s all rainy here and it’s making me sleepy and mentally uncoordinated…


  46. acelightning says:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous cat, although I don’t think s/he looks very much like David Bowie. They’re both extremely attractive, each in their own way. I’d like to sit down with this beautiful kitty in my lap, and watch Labyrinth 😉

  47. Denita TwoDragons: Hehehehe

  48. Mewy Christmas Mr Lawrence!

    ‘He wants the young Ameri-cat…’

    ‘Beware of the diamond dogs’

    Stopping now…

  49. We could be feral, for only one day…

  50. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Mmm, David Bowie… Mmm, pretty kitty-cat… Mmm, Labyrinth…

  51. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    My Ziggy Stardust Kitty isn’t deaf, but I think he’s blind in his blue eye. I can slip a treat up on his green side, and he pounces right on it-on his blue side, he has to sniff a bit to find it.

    http://junkdrawermindCheryl.blogspot.com for a photo of my odd-eyed beauty.

  52. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    uhmmm, apologies, you’re gonna have to scroll down further than I’d realized…

  53. furbabies says:

    A most beauteous feline. My wish is that it were mine.

  54. Shouldn’t it be … “stherious moonlight”?

    [Why, I do believe you are correct. Fixed! – Ed.]

  55. Nurse Ingrid says:

    My Violet is a (mostly black) tuxedo with one blue eye and one gold eye, and her vision and hearing seem unaffected. I’m told by her vet that “heterochromia” is much rarer in cats than in dogs.

    Her kitty song goes:

    “My fur is still furry
    and my eye is still blue
    So why don’t you skritch me
    like you used to do?”

    (apologies to Hank Williams, Sr.)

  56. Seneida says:

    ur cat is beautiful!! i love everything about this cat.

  57. Lerrinus says:

    Man, oh man what a beautiful cat! I just love the eyes, fur must be very soft!

    *happy sigh*


  58. little gator says:

    Oh poop. someone already got Major Tomcat. My left eye is blue, and there’s nothing I can do…

    If you should fall into my arms, I’d snorgle you like a kitteh…

    I feel the purrs rumble, loud as thunder…

    I kill the paper bag, but things don’t really change…

    sorry. the good ones were taken.

    an animated video of the song. No kittehs though.

    ps: Planet Unicorn hey!

  59. Lizzums says:

    Actually, Jennifer Connoly was 13 when she made Labyrinth. (Sorry, movie geek check!)

  60. JNO – Awwww, Cheez N Crackers is so cute!!

  61. Adrienne says:

    Those eye are kinda weird looking.

  62. little gator says:

    We’re the Maine Coon squad and we’re coming to town, beep beep!

    [Very nice, LG. Turn to the right. – Ed.]

  63. Posh Tater says:

    What a beautiful cat. (Sorry, dull posting but true!)

  64. isn’t this cat a Turkish Van?
    I always thoughtthat was a beautiful breed
    anyone know if it’s true that they swim?

  65. thought I would answer my own question–check out http://www.swimmingcats.com
    for picture of swimming cat

  66. Noelegy says:

    MAJOR David Bowie and “Labyrinth” fan here. I first saw “Labyrinth” in the theater when I was about the same age as Jennifer Connelly’s “Sarah,” and she was a character I really identified with, except at the end I was muttering, “She had the choice between David Bowie and the baby, and she chose the BABY?!?!”

    “It’s a godawful small affair
    To the cat with the floofy hair…”

    “Cats who’ll give you anything
    They bear the cross of coeur de leon…”

    “Time and again I tell myself
    I’ll take no more cats in
    But the little green eyes are following me
    Oh no not again
    I’m stuck with a valuable friend
    I’m fluffy, hope you’re fluffy too…”

    (all apologies to David Bowie, who is The Man now and forever)

    [Well done! Bright flash of light, but no singeing whiskers… Ed.]

  67. Yitzysmommie says:

    Soo, I feel like an eedjit ’cause I don’t “get” most of the comments. May I offer my humble opinion that this is a beautiful kitter cat?

  68. I had a cat with two different color eyes like that also and solid white and he was deaf!! Alot of people told me there was a connection.

  69. My kitty Sammo is a huge white kitty with eyes just like this one! He’s not deaf though, just very needy.I lurve him.

  70. YitzMom — there’s just an awful lot of Bowie lyrics banging around in peeps’ heads.

  71. You have a page and spectacular photographies.

  72. Noelegy says:

    I am abashed…I got so caught up in finding cat-compatible Bowie lyrics that I forgot to compliment Foz on his? her? beauteousness! Not only a gorgeous kitty, but a great photo as well.

  73. little gator says:

    So Teho, are you going to give him teh Beep?

  74. LG — I hadn’t planned to, but I *did* catch your reference.

  75. wow… eyes.

    so pretty!

  76. WOW! (I wanted to say something more profound than just WOW, so…) allure, attract, beguile, bewitch, cajole, captivate, delight, draw, enamor, enrapture, ensorcell, enthrall, entrance, fascinate, grab, hex, hypnotize, inveigle, kill*, knock dead*, knock out*, magnetize, mesmerize, please, possess, send*, slay*, spell*, take*, tickle, tickle pink*, transport, turn on*, vamp, voodoo, wile, win, win over, WOW*

    *bows, anticipating thunderous applause*

  77. Stands Up and Begins applauding MusicChick2 for her fine vocabulary and usage of it to describe this adorable snorgable KitteH

  78. *whispers politely* Thanks Annie! But I DID have help… the thesaurus tab on http://www.dictionary.com. 😉

  79. What, no references to “Practical Magic”? You know, where the girl wishes for a man with one green eye and one blue, thinking he won’t come?

    That’s certainly a handsome cat.

  80. anomalous4 says:

    I’ve never seen an odd-eyed that wasn’t all white. Bee-yoo-tee-full!

  81. Is there some genetic reason why white cats seem to two differently-colored eyes? I know this cat is only partially white, but when I was looking at pictures at an adoption site, I noticed two white cats with one blue and one green eye each.

  82. This cat is beautiful, although I do have to say, I think it’s odd how humans we can look at an animal that has an imperfection and see how the animal is perfect.. but we cannot look at each other and see that even though we are imperfected we are perfect in our own way….

  83. I think that this is probably a Van Cat. These cats are known as “Van cats” or “Van Kedisi” in Turkish. They are known for having white fur and mismatched eyes, and come from Turkey’s Van region. You can see the Wiki article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Kedisi

  84. I love this kitty she is so beautiful and that stare. SO intense. IT is the “You will feed me that entire can of tuna” stare.

  85. totalblammblamm says:

    Ah to cuddle with this cat… and David Bowie… that would be heaven…

  86. Darcy (aka Bowie fangirl of doom) says:

    i am close to obsessed with teh Bowie. THANK YOU MEG. just…thank you. XD it was so much fun reading the comments.

  87. Darcy (aka David Bowie fangirl of doom) says:

    btw Kaci you sound just like me! i am also reduced to giggling fangirl status at the mention of Teh Bowie. 😀