You must chill.

[Places paw on knee]

Seriously, everything is going to be fine.

Would you please just calm down.


For crying our loud, Cre, what did you do!?



  1. Thank you cutie pants.. I feel much better ^_^

  2. Is it wrong that I want to lick him right betwixt his eyes?

    [Hell no. You might regret it afterwards, but only a little. – Ed.]


  3. Julie Raven says:

    I totally need a kitty paw of calming right now D: *grabbie hands*

  4. Those little needles have a much needed tranquilizer, ahhhh I feel MUCH better. Zzzzzzzz.

  5. acelightning says:

    I’ll just wipe your little ears clean before some Nuff goes into a rant about them, and *then* I’ll relax. C’mere and snuggle with me… aaaahhh, that’s *much* better… purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Jen said: “Is it wrong that I want to lick him right betwixt his eyes?”

    No. ^_^
    Awww… Everyone needs a Calming Kitty.

  7. calm down???? more like “wow, your nose looks deleecious. i shall eat, now.”

  8. any1 else notice the ginormuous ears?? looks like kitty’s part fennec fox. yay fennecs!!!

  9. robofunk says:

    Reminds me of this flash music video.

  10. Hee hee! Like in “Say Anything…”

    “You must chill! You must chill! I have hidden your keys!”

    …Okay, maybe that’s just me.

  11. Can I borrow this kittums for a while? Pwease? 20 first-graders running around the zoo … the life of an intern… I will need a herd of Kitties of Calming.

    … which would make an awesome RPG critter. Like a field of poppies, only way way snugglier!!!

  12. ears so cute look tasty

  13. AHhhh Feel teh ohm of the kitty eyes. And breath deeply an drelax… There don’t you feel much better. Now all you need is a cuddle and my famous purr to send you right to dreamland.

  14. I wanna therapy session with this cutie pie. That face is way better than xanax.

  15. R. Moore says:

    Awesome. I want this kitten to clam me down when I get stressed out.

  16. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Pretty green eyes, and I bet there’s pink jellybean toes, too!

  17. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Oh, and look! CINNAMUM NOSE! Numnumnumnyum numnumnum!

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    Gaze into my eyes, you are getting sssslllleeeeeepyyyyyyyy…
    R.Moore, I too need to “clam down”.

  19. I need a baby like this to take to work! Actually also for home, in the car, etc etc! She/he is too sweet!!!

  20. Really cute, but I’ve got to be the one to say it: The kitteh needs its ears cleaned or to be checked for ear mites before I go nibblin onnum.

  21. R. Moore says:

    Ooh, hey, looky there.

    Maybe I’ll get pearls 😛

  22. Kitteh is applying a-cute-puncture, and it is most apprciated.

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    Rosie, I see what you mean about the ears. “The better to listen to your problems with, dear”.

  24. Those look like the kind of ears that will pick up a can opener in the next county…


  25. G-retch says:

    this is so needed at the moment. like i need someone like that right now

  26. Aubrey, A-cute-puncture? You mean I coulda tried that wif my kitties all ‘dis time! Why d’int you TELL me?!?

    Little kitteh, please climb into my lap and I will read you “Puss ‘n Boots” and we’ll both nod off to dreamland!

  27. mc2, I think your kittehs need a PhSquee to practice any type of physical therapy.

  28. We adopted a kitty JUST like that one a month ago! His name is Flea. Very sweet and a purring machine!

  29. Lizzums says:

    Alison, that played out in my head, too! 🙂 I luv Lloyd Dobbler.

  30. Aubrey – Could be.. but I think Paws-ical Purrapists only need a B.S. O.T’s too. But SLP’s (Speech Purrapists) need a PhSquee. (I worked for a Purrapy company in the early 90’s). I was the Catecute-itive Assistant. But hedgehogs…. now THEY do full body massage, right?? Maybe THAT’s the ticket! 😉

  31. oooohhh… I feel leetle pinpricks on my knee…

    got two more scratches on my tummy over the weekend from launching kittehs…

  32. The one problem with this post, in a vast and mighty SEA of pluses, is that I simply cannot believe that THIS kitten would be telling ME to chill. [snort] I remember Mr. Bounce when he was this size.

    But maybe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  33. Shannon Johnson says:

    Wow, pretty kitteh. I want him.

  34. furbabies says:

    Kitty has ESP. Feeling the love.

  35. I’m telling you! All cats have tranquilizers automatically released when they make the happy paws.
    zzzzzzzzz *ouch-snuggle-snuggle* zzzzzzzzz
    *ouch-snuggle-snuggle* zzzzzzzzzz

  36. I have no idea why, but this kitty reminds me of this pic,

    Probably the outstretched arm and that “I’m cute but I’m still dangerous” gleam in his eye.

  37. ThreeCatNight says:

    When I first saw the ears, I thought that this was a fennec (desert fox), until I saw the rest of the picture, that is.
    I can imagine him saying
    (in a Bela Lugosi sort of voice):
    “Look deep into my eyes. Deeper, deeper. You vill not be able to resist my power. Vait, I vill now climb all over you. I may even leeck you, but I vill not bite you because I am a vegetarian. Please vatch out for my claws; I do not vish to shed your precious blood. Ahh, I haf reached my destination, and you taste de-leeshus!”

  38. ThreeCatNight says:

    That’s what I get for watching “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (etc.)” for the umteenth time!

  39. just beautiful!!!

  40. lol i want a PhSquee in Purr-apy 🙂 i miss my massage purr-apists..

  41. A Marmy huff, ohhh yeah, totally chill out

  42. purrrr. i jus want luv yous! sit still!

  43. KimberlyDi says:

    Seriously, this picture and caption has kept me sane through our end of fiscal year inventory. I have it printed out (in color) and taped to the cabinet. I read it hourly.

    Thank you.