Ducklette Day Care [head tilt]

On his way home from work, sender-inner Trevor R. noticed "a squirming sea of yellow and brown on the banks of a small lake." Upon closer inspecshe, it seemed these two geese were looking after 37 goslings. Other geese around the lake seemed to be relaxing and sleeping. Obviously, this must be Gosling Daycare:


I wonder what the geese charge per gosling per day of care—prolly like three worms? That’s prolly the going rate.


This guy is all trying to run but his new ‘tocks are getting in the way.




  1. I want to peeeench those tocks!!!

  2. marty smoot says:

    Omgosh! The tiny gosling is ICE SKATING! Too adorable.

  3. SQUEE!! wittle birdies!!!!

  4. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Ha ha! That little guy is having a hard time getting used to those big ol’ feet!

    On my way to and from my weekend job, I pass a park where there’s Canada geese and goslings. This year’s crop, at this time, is past the cute-and-fuzzy stage, unfortunately, and now they’re starting to look like very small adult geese. *sigh* They grow up so fast!

  5. OMGWTF-ADORABLE. Must…not…snorgle…geese…*SNORGLE*

  6. MelissainNC says:

    Actually, geese do babysit each other’s youngsters. Usually when you see two geese with several babies you’ll notice the babies are of differing ages. The other geese parents are off eating or resting. It’s a neat thing to watch.
    Also, it’s insanely cute. I’ve never seen two adults watching this many babehs before though, good find!

  7. umm……. why does it say “ducklette day care” with geese, then say “gosling day care”?

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, the footsie! Love eet! Havin’ a brain fart as to what it’s really called, all I can think of is his paddle, heeheehee!

  9. R. Moore says:

    Glorious. If only you COULD snorgle them, if only you COULD.

  10. thedistractor says:

    Every time I hear the word “gosling” I think of the story that Wash tells in Firefly (the tv show).

    “About a year before we met, I spent six weeks on a moon where the principal form of recreation was juggling geese. My hand to God. Baby geese. Goslings. They were juggled.”

  11. Lunch Lady says:

    oh!!! They are like litty squishy toys!! I…Must…squeeze…*ded*

  12. leah b. says:

    Hey I think it should be a loaf a bread every three days, watching little ones is exhasting work…. lol

  13. Look at those fuzzy bums!! I must squish them!!

  14. Oh geese! We have about 5 goose families at the apartment I live at… we’ve watched them grow into their “teenage”-ness… what we lovingly call their “awkward phase”… I still think they’re adorable!!

  15. Grazing Goslings Gratify Greatly.

  16. Oh my goodness…. this is REAALLY off the charts cute, especially the 3rd pic. Shake it, bebeh, shake it!! 😉

  17. Aaaawwww!! The cutest ‘tocks ever!! *gently squeeze* Ohhh!

    If they should need help taking care of those goslings, I’m available! Dream job!

  18. Shannon says:

    I worked with these guys for a couple of years and never noticed it in my park! *pouts*

    But please do NOT squeeze the tocks!!!! Those little can POOP!!!!! A LOT.

  19. Shannon says:

    Ummm – that was supposed to be “those little buggers can…”

  20. PhoenixSeraph says:


  21. Goosey goosey gander,
    Wither do ye wander …

    to shake my tail-feathers, where else … sheeeesh

  22. It’s like they’re all doing yoga. I’d say something funny but I’m tapped out…

  23. Elizabeth P. says:

    thedistractor –

    Yesterday was Joss’ birthday.

    As such, I spent the weekend with the PDX Browncoats watching Serenity….

    Yaaay Firefly!


  24. Gary Fixler says:

    My mother and I took care of a baby Canadian Goose that had been abandoned once. They make a loud peeping noise continuously. PEEP PEEP PEEP! If you pick them up, they flap their little wing nubs, and peep faster. PEEPEEPEEP!!! So cute. Also, their feet are super soft, and squishy. It feels fantastic to have them walk around in your hands.

    They eat and poo continuously. I made an open bottom cage for him out of wood and chicken wire that was 3’x4′, and even at an age younger than those in the picture, he’d have the grass under it all eaten entirely in about 20 minutes, down to the soil, and all replaced with as much poo.

    My mom and I would lift the cage an inch, and slide it over to the next uneaten rectangle of grass, and put it down, often nudging him gently as we’d go, much to his confusion (and increased PEEPage). We were getting to the point where we weren’t going to have any grass left, but luckily a local woman who dealt with lost geese (only!) came and got him, and snuck him in with another group that accepted, and raised him.

    About a year later, a sole, young adult Canadian Goose landed in our yard, and hung around for an hour or so, before leaving again. We like to think it was him, coming back for a visit.

  25. Emilie B. says:

    That’s really cool that geese “baby-sit”. I saw that the other day when I was riding my bike past a river. There were a couple of geese waching a heaving pile of wriggling goslings. I remember thinking, “geez, I wish I had my camera, I could send some pics in to Cute Overload.”

  26. Fluffular ‘tocks 😀

    And great story, Gary. Sounds like you were an excellent surrogate Mother Goose.

  27. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! too cute! gonna splode!

  28. Rach3 — Haha! Beauty!

  29. Shannon Johnson says:

    That’s a lot of geese. I have never seen that many geese before.

  30. The other day I had to come to a complete stop on the freeway (thereby also stopping all traffic behind me) in order to let a mamma duck and her ducklings cross safely. I am happy to say they made it!

  31. Oh, Shannon, ok. Didn’t cross my mind that could happen. Those ‘tocks don’t look like they were made for pooping. 😮

    That last picture is awesome. I have to come and watch it all over again. Too funny!

  32. Err… I think I know where this is! Isn’t it Stong Pond, near York University? Sender-inner? Isn’t it?

  33. Loves Cute says:

    Gosling arabesque with a pointed foot and everything!!!!

    Feels SO good to stretch out those quads!!!

    … er … do gooses have quads?

  34. I believe they have guads.

  35. I don’t normally
    but this gosling’s bristly-feathered tocks are an exception.

  36. gaaaahhhh!!!!1!11!

    breathe, must breathe…

    yaugh!11 can’t…handle…baby…geeseseses…

  37. phew…breathing normalising.

    this is the coolest thing for orphaned goslings. just find a group with goslings, and sneak ’em in with the others when the adults aren’t looking. they’re great sitters, and they’re bad at math, so they don’t seem to even notice they’ve got an extra one 🙂

  38. Just so you know says:

    The plural of Canada Goose is Canada Geese. Never Canadian. It isn’t my rule. Some international naming convention declares it so.

  39. I think someone’s hiding in here. (Hunch.)

  40. Ah Mahn! You found me!

  41. Next time, don’t TELL where you’re hiding!

  42. eikoleigh says:


  43. petlova#1 says:

    awwwww lol dat is 1 cute dukki boy he is tynee real tynee my duk was hugge