The real Pikachu?

I think I wanna hire a Pika to prepare me for next winter. They’re like, unstoppable. Yes, they should be called "Tiny barking mouse bunnies" I agree, that is a far better descript-shons.

Titts L., if that is your real name [shifty eyes] gracias for the submishe.


  1. omg i didn’t even finish, i just saw it go “eeeeeeeeeeeeeh’ and i had to say something. squee, bleen, splode!!!!1

  2. Holy crap, that’s some potent cute right there!

  3. I WANT ONE!!!! Done squeeling now.

  4. WOOT, bleen, AGAIN!!!! take that, teho. that’s hilarious. EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!! hehe, that made me laugh, whether it was a warning or not. i’d run up and cuddle it! yay!

  5. WOW!!! Really Cute!

    The little animals, too. ;) Seriously what is cuter than Sir David?

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    What an elite little pika, no bigger than an em-dash!

  7. R. Moore says:

    Awesomely cute. I love pikas. They’re like bunnies, but wild :( And have tinier ears. And make that funny noise.

    I think I’ve seen toys that make that nose. They’re not so cute, though :P

  8. Wow, my cat went crazy when they started the first long string of squebarking there!

  9. thats just 2 friggin cute for words execept for

  10. R. Moore says:

    Ahem, on the name of the sender-inner, have you seen this shirt?

  11. haaha the first clip of the constantly barking pika… best alarm clock ever

  12. can i have one? :(

  13. Am I having a case of deja vu’ or have we seen this before….sometime…somewhere, out there…beneath the pale moonlight….

    Oh, and the PIKA are ADORABLE!! I’m glad they’re not singing outside my window at night though. ;-)

  14. I think the narrator was almost as cute as the pikas, he just seemed so delighted to watch them hop around.

  15. SixFootJen says:

    Ah, God bless Sir David Attenborough.

  16. Wow.. that is a seriously hard-working rodent-type thing. I’d hire it in a minute. A hundred trips a day? Wow.

  17. i think the real pikachu is the jerboa. (google it)

  18. Omg…I saw this the other day and thought about submitting it…right after I saw the groundhog clip. Groundhog, right? :|

  19. cute.. I need one of those to shop for me

  20. R. Moore says:

    There’s also the Kinkachou. I’m not sure of the spelling, though. I just saw one several years back at a zoo… I think Woodland Park.

  21. Elfir, my kitty did too!

    How adorable!! Must squiiiish it!

  22. Yup, my cat’s ears were flailing over the place with the squeak-barking. So cute.

  23. violetgreen says:

    OMG, you did pikas! The cutest wild animal in the world, IMHO! The ex & I had a close encounter w/one at the summit of Mt. Washburn, Yellowstone Nat’l. Park in 1990. Ex just happened to have the camera pointed at my feet when our little guy emerged right beside my hiking boot. Hmmm…time to shake down the ex for those old pics, methinks.

  24. OMG!!! An akchul Pikacu in the wilds!!!!
    Dis is better dan puddin’ :-O

  25. a different Laura says:

    How cute! I think i saw these in Alaska, but they didn’t make the squeeky noise. Did you notice how their ears flap when they squeak!

    Oh, and Sir David kicks Sigourney Weaver’s butt any day!

    (referring to “Planet Earth” narrator in British vs. American versions.)

  26. Hobbit — i don’t think it’s better than puddin’. not in teho’s opinion. unless we dunk him in it like donuts into coffee, that would make it better than just puddin’. all in for puddin’ covered pika? say aye. AYE!!!!

  27. Such overloaded cuteness!

  28. once again, i feel like barfing due to the redonk cuteness.

    eeeep!! too cute!

  29. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My fourth-grade teacher LOVED pikas! His license plates even said “PIKA.” Hey, Mr. Gordon, if you’re still out there… you’re still one of my favorite teachers ever.

  30. Visit here alot to checkout all the great pictures.

  31. OMG PIKAS!!!1!! One of the great joys of my childhood trips to Rocky Mountain National Park was when we’d hike or drive to a boulder field above the treeline and I could look for pikas and marmots. Marmots are easier to spot, because they’re so fat and lazy (well, industriously eating, I suppose) – it was pretty exciting to occasionally spot a pika!

  32. hmmm…. it seems as if my “first” is now deleted and changed into “bleen.” as if some1’s pet peeve was people yelling out ‘FIRST’ whenever they had the first post.. hmm…… i wonder who changed it. check out the 4th comment, it got changed. i propose a strike.


    (read above comment)

  34. warrior rabbit says:

    musicchick, we had a picture of a pika once and then in the comments someone linked to that video. So you’re not going crazy, we have seen it before. But not as a post.

    Also, Rosie, I totally agree with you.

  35. That is just way to stinking cute!

  36. That was easily the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    I go explode now.

  37. “What an elite little pika, no bigger than an em-dash!”


    Peg of Tilling, I LOVE type geek humor! Am I the only one who got the joke?

  38. Thanks warrior rabbit…. I’m glad I’m not losing it! ;-)

    And Rosie? I agree with you too, but…. *sigh*

  39. My kitten was very interested in the sounds they were making..!

  40. Hehe, I posted this video on my Vox blog a year ago. I’ve watched it so many times, melting each and every one.

  41. Jacki14 says:

    I absolutely loved the double-ear-twitch that went with each “sqwauck”!

  42. Tina Rhea says:

    All we pika fans have yet another reason to demand serious action on climate change– because pikas will have to move up the mountains to get away from the hotter weather, and there’s only so far you can move up a mountain before you run out of mountain and die out. A serious possibility. Sorry to be a downer, but go kick some senators’ and congresspeople’s butts about it.

  43. Alisonchan says:

    When I watched that video, I was thinking of the little Pika saying: “Iz Makin’ U Bouqets!” Also, why has no one made the Pika-chu joke yet?

  44. littledogrescue says:

    Sigh…… I’m SO with you on that one, adifferentLaura. I’ve said for decades that I’m going to be David Attenborough when I grow up. Fersure our MOST snorglable host/narrator (followed closely by Jack Hannah).

  45. Rosie the only way you get to keep a First in the first comment is if it is cleverly added into the coment like that is the first pikachu I ever saw.
    Not if you yell it like a war whoop! That being said it makes it even more challenging to get that first in there and to be first.
    And I have to say I agree with Theos policy. IT makes it infinately more exciting and challenging to get that first post. Course that is just me. But also makes more fun reading than about five posts of people yelling First! First! First!

  46. Shannon says:

    I can’t help it. I just sit transfixed with this show. That is the series that just came out over here ‘cept with Sigourney Weaver narrating? I have no prob with her – I just like Sir David ever so much better!

  47. Suda Nim says:

    Re typography geek humor:

    1) There is a print store in my town that had two cats: (the late) WYSIWYG and Goudy.

    b) In my teens, I read a big in a humor magazine about a Roman woman who was stolen by barbarians. When she was rescued, her heroes said “Sir, I believe she has a Roman-type face.” “True. ‘Tis neither Gothic nor bold.”

  48. Little Lil says:

    There is something really refreshing and heartwarming about watching little fluffy seemingly-helpless creatures bound along with bright pretty flowers in their mouths..! The hills are alive with the sound of Music!

  49. Suda Nim says:

    …and, for an entire novel imbued with typography humor, try “The Truth,” by Terry Pratchett. For example, one character is named Boddony, and another Goodmountain (as in Gutenberg).

  50. NebraskaErin says:

    This one goes on the Birthday Wish List.

  51. My favorite part is about 28 seconds before the end, when all you can see is a big bunch of flowers hopping past the line of rocks.

  52. LOL Missus bee was all: “Bzzzzz, wtf!?”

  53. lymerae says:

    I LOVE when the narrator leaves the bunch of flowers out on the rock for the pica to find. I’m imagining the pica coming up and sniffing and saying “I ACCEPT YOUR OFFERING.”

    Also, slow-motion bounding action at the end!? Too redonk.

  54. “the only way you get to keep a First in the first comment is if it is cleverly added into the coment”
    Heh, I accidentally did that once, & was by coincidence my 1st ever 1st post. I didn’t even know it until later. Heh.

    Suda: LOVE Terry Pratchett!
    Cannot read his work without laughing out loud.

  55. Sabella says:

    At the end when the Pika was running back and forth, I became hypnotized.
    Also, I too love Terry Pratchett!

  56. Kathy C says:

    Yay for pikas! Up near Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks in Colorado you have to be careful or you might stomp one. They’re everywhere! EEEP! Also I’m glad that there’s a group of people that know what the heck pikas are. Even the hikers here are like “look, a fat mouse!” EEEP! Thanks muchly for video!

  57. Awwwwww!! What a sound, what a speed. What a cuteness!

  58. terrytoons says:

    the slo-mo…OMIGOD, the slo-mo! too much.

  59. How cute.:D

  60. so so cute!!! and very industrious.

    aahhh, sir david. many a science class was spent with your soothing voice telling us about the wonders of the wild … fond memories!

  61. Aw, I had one of my rats sitting on my lap while I watched that. He FREAKED when the pika started making that noise.

  62. Sir David Attenborough!!! Lof him!

  63. Yes, this is cute…but is technically old.. i will only dock you 2.3 points.


  64. Eeeee! Eeeee! They are so unbelievable cute. =) Makes me wanna puke a rainbow! <3

  65. One of the best things that ever happened to me was meeting Sir D. when he came to speak at our university once…it’s usually dangerous to meet your childhood idols but I can personally confirm that he really does rule THAT MUCH. I love this clip because of the way that he is being all professional-scientific-naturalisty but in the privacy of his own mind he is *obviously* thinking something along the lines of “OMG!!!111!!PWNIES! Looks at da widdwle eawses and da fwhiskers!!! I WUVS dem! I can haves pika? I snorgle heeeem! Hee, he collects da flowers! I diez!!!” But you can’t say that on the BBC, because the subtitlers get confused.

    Peg – I once saw a ‘female impersonator’ at a cabaret called Lucida Casual. Seriously.

  66. Woo and yay! This is one of my favourite moments from The Life of Mammals series.

    Pikas rock and Sir David rocks, therefor pikas + Sir Dave = rock like Stonehenge.

    Can I have a tiny barking mouse bunny? Can I, can I please???

  67. annebird says:

    Hee! He looks like a little suitor diligently bringing flowers to his lover! FTD should hire these guys. Such undiluted, distilled cuteness!

  68. Of course some of you have seen it here before, I posted it in the comments(& submitted) it months ago. But who is counting, pikas are too adorable.


    No sharesies either.

  70. kimicheese says:

    EEEH-EEEH-EEEH!! Off my rocks, bitches! I need a guard pika for my house. Something to teach my cat a lesson.

  71. If it sneezed (Ka – Chu) it would be saying the whole thing.


  72. Super cute, super smart, and super hard working! Dangit, where’s my pokeball…

  73. Shannon Johnson says:

    What cute little animals. I was trying to listen to it and I couldn’t because the speakers weren’t turned on, so I turned them on and I missed the beginning part so I restarted it and wow.They are awesome little things.

  74. How come no one’s said, “I’m in ur mountainz stackin ur flowrz”?

  75. slow-mo totally takes the cake!


  76. Mos def, Lola, the slo-mo leaping keeeled me.

  77. redbone says:

    I wonder if they think they sound like lions. Except lions’ ears don’t twitch when they roar like these little things do. I bet they’re yapping with all they’ve got. Probably pee a little bit from pushing too hard.

  78. Pikas are pretty close(and adoooorable), but the Springhare reaaaaaaaaally looks like Pikachu. It stands on it’s hind legs, has long rabbity ears, and even has the long kinked tail with black on the end. :D

  79. SeaBreeze says:


    Kate, have you ever seen a pic of … carhenge??!

  80. >>There’s also the Kinkachou. I’m not sure of the spelling, though. I just saw one several years back at a zoo… I think Woodland Park.>>
    R. Moore, that’s kinkajou. They are procyonids, related to raccoons, and some people consider them the smartest of all the raccoon family. If you Google kinkajou, you’ll get lots of CUTE pictures, and I suspect that we could start a LOLKinkajou fad if we tried, because they are just asking for captions!

  81. You know, there was a recent news special on these little guys and how their habitat is quickly disappearing due to global warming. More and more hot air keeps rising up the mountains, which makes for smaller and smaller ranges for the pika. Sad, but true.

    On a lighter note, I want to pet those cute little earsies!

  82. Am I the only person who thought of Sammy the squirrel from Over The Hedge, and the movie where he collects all those nuts?

  83. anomalous4 says:

    I have abso-tootly lu-u-u-u-u-uvd pikas ever since I first heard of them! (Love Sir David to death too.)

    p.s. My bestest bud and I have just recently become Pratchett fans (in fact, the last one of his I read was “The Truth” – loved those printing and typography puns and “The Truth Shall make Ye Fred[/Frep/etc.]“) Check out his collaboration with Neil Gaiman: “Good Omens.” It’s just flat-out hilarious.

  84. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    Ok… that is soooooooooo sweet! I luve the little “Meaeaep!!” noise they make! But When you are done and it shows you Related Material, go to Female Teacup Puppy For Sale, it made my eyes get as big as my fists! I would buy it, but I have too many pets already!

  85. Suda Nim says:

    My fave was “The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret.”

    I discovered Pratchett through Good Omens; I already knew Neil Gaiman, so when I saw this, *glom* and in love forever.

    “When people met Azariphale, they immediately thought….he was gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide.”

    I have all his books, and a Beanie Babies orangutan on top of them. Ook!

  86. Miranda says:

    So flippin’ cute!! I want one!!

  87. I wants a Pika and Sir David with the Pikas?!?!, well say no more….they go together like hot fudge and vanilla ice cream – YUM!!!!

  88. I’ve always thought pikas were neat ever since I saw a pic of one in Ranger Rick.

    The slow mo PLUS the melodic thwop of the drums timed right as the pikas bounded from each rock was quite mesmerizing.

  89. Sounds like he’s going “ehn! ehn! ehn! ehn! ehn!”

    Sometimes mountain sheep/goats come along and steal those little haystacks. Tragic after all that work.

  90. The only thing missing on this Pika-chu is the electric tail and the little red cheekies!

  91. OMG! They sound like little dog squeaky toys being… squeaked! squeek squeek squeek sounds juct like my pit bull playing with his rubber hotdog

  92. riolinda says:

    eeek! sooo cute! I want one! :)

  93. Oh…my…gawsh…I about died when the peeps started. How adorable!

  94. OMG! SOO CUTE! ^_^

  95. as many others noted, the soundtrack on this gave my cat a massive conniption…she now looks dejected the excitement is over!
    dang that was a cute video–i love the hilarious slo-mo

  96. Eeep! I’ll take two, please.

    And, when he laid down the flowers and that little one went “yip”, did anyone else think of the seagulls from Finding Nemo that only say “Mine!” Hee hee hee.

  97. uh oh, i learned something new today! that’s not supposed to happen! ;) lol

  98. leendadll says:

    thanks, violetgreen, for the location. I, too, have seen pikas in the wild but it was a billion years ago and I couldn’t remember where. i’ve always thought it was washington state but I bet it was Mt. Washburn.

  99. jackie31337 says:

    Cutest. Wildlife. Ever.

  100. aww, attenborough luvs teh cute!

  101. elizabells says:

    I wanna nom on them. Nom, nom, nom.

    And I lurrrrve the Attenborough for the narration, and have spent many a happy hour with his BBC documentaries, but does watching him make anyone else really nervous? He sort of twitches and roils around in a way that makes me concerned he has Parkinson’s.

    Aw, crap, was that Nuffy of me?

  102. We have these little cuties up in Canada, too.

    Check out the pics at “Pika News”:

    It’s primarily a greeting card site, but the subsite devoted to pikas themselves (and the pika e-postcards! omg!!!) is utterly adorable.

  103. Muffles says:

    So DAYAMMM cute!
    That is all.

  104. Dr Fang says:

    SRSLY. I mean GAW. Do you expect us to take this at face value?! This can’t be real! Those “EEEEP”s are just the work of the multitalented voice actor Frank Welker (best known as Megatron on Transformers, or Freddie on Scooby-Doo, but also the voice of about 99% of all cartoon animals since the 60s)! No animal on this planet is allowed to make such a cute noise. It’s gotta be a fake. =D

    Between this and Drama Gopher, I think CO this week might’ve broken me.

  105. Posh Tater says:

    Brilliant! Clever creatures. And my cat LOVED the clip. Ahem.

  106. Adorable AND educational! Can it get better?!


  108. Pika = Tiny barking mouse bunnie. Most definately! I luv eeet! Sooo cute!


  109. Sir David… almost as cute. :)

  110. one of the erins says:

    I think I’ve been deprived… I’m not exactly familiar with Sir David… but upon this introduction, am I the only one who thinks it would totally rock to meet him in a coffee shop, all curled up in my favorite sweater (me not him), while I listen to him tell me about pikas, or whatever because it doesn’t matter, he’s just great to listen to!

  111. Nanette says:

    Am I the only one hoping it was going to turn into some really funny Monty Python skit with a huge Pika that appears out of nowhere and eats the narrator?

  112. Sir David Attenborough (yes, his brother is Sir Richard) is a legend of British television, and he makes handsdown the BEST animal docs! The pika scene is from an amazing high-budget series called the Life of Mammals:
    It followed the Life of Birds, Blue Planet, Life of Plants (trust me, it’s incredible)and recently Planet Earth. When you see a REALLY good nature show on Discovery, it usually, because they just bought it from the BBC.

  113. Oh, and David was director of BBC Channel 2 when Monty Python was picked up as a series. They believe it would never have been allowed if it weren’t for David.

  114. While we’re talking about Attenborough works of genius, don’t forget Life in the Undergrowth! I netflixed it after someone recommended it in the comments here, and it is GENIUS. It’s all extreme closeups of bugs and stuff. Which doesn’t sound that cute? But it is! (I now own the DVD.)

  115. pat_the_bunny says:

    Awww, the squeak-barks! And not the teeniest bit shy about their vocalizing. This truly made me COL (chuckle out loud). What are these little things anyways, bunnies or rodents?

  116. pat_the_bunny says:

    Fans of David Attenborough, do watch the Bower Birds episode if you haven’t already seen it. It is truly fascinating!

  117. :o I want one! :o

  118. fluidstatic says:


    This reminds me of a funny PIka story I should have shared with yall a long time ago… My ex bf and I were hiking up a mountain trail one late summer day and we came across a pika den by the side of the trail. We couldn’t see the little buggers, but we could hear them, sho’ nuff. We stopped to listen to them SQUEEP for a while, and then one of them started up his little machine-gun warning call. The noises were so rapid that it sounded like the P on the end of each SQUEEP was getting stuck in his little throat. Gradually he slowed down, so this is what we heard:

    “SQUEE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E–E–E–E…E…E…E… …E… …E…EEP…”

    My bf and I looked at each other and I said, “awh, his battery ran out.”

    Every once in a while I’ll make a really high-pitched “squeep” noise in his presence and he’ll laugh so hard that he’ll cry. XD

  119. Damn, that’s cute. Especially the exciting “winter storage” montage. You’ve gotta have a montage.

    I’ve suddenly developed an obsession with pikas (pikae?).