Saturday Barbequ—wait a minute

Get out the marinated flank steaks, it’s time fer—WOT THE


Impresive nest buildingks, tho.


Real estate is at an all time premium ’round yer parts, Huh Kat J.?



  1. Sarah Lynn says:

    Guess they aren’t grilling any time soon…

  2. That had to take FOREVER to build!

  3. …nor have they been grilling any time in the recent past!

  4. mervtheflamingo says:

    I’ll take some barbequed robin to go…….

    Eeeeew. Not really.

  5. Oh my goodness! Hope the owners keep us posted on the baby robins’ progress!

    (Don’t know why my previous post was blank…)

  6. Alice Shortcake says:

    You can’t beat a nice robin’s egg. Well you can, but it’s hardly worth the effort…

  7. I´ve heard of robin´ the cradle, but the grill?

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    hehehehe, Dale, good one! Great pic, and i hope the Mom & baby robins to be remain very safe.
    Our grill had a wasp’s nest when we opened it last year – not nearly as cute as this.

  9. Beauregard says:

    I agree with Sissy! We need baby progress photos in the future! This is so cute and I can never get over how beautiful the color a Robin’s egg is. Gah! I need to get that color paint for my reading room!

  10. not a bad nest for such small eggs, eh?

  11. I’ve done research on birds’ nests… that is a seriously prosh specimen… just be sure to keep your distance as you watch or you’ll invite smart predators like crows ( sorry, xo, debby downer). Looking with binoculars from a good distance away is a good plan. GORGEOUS color on the eggs. Baby birds are WAY too cute. You’re gonna overoad fershurr. =)

  12. WOW!

    My dad just has frogs in his grill. 😉

  13. The same thing happened to us! It took them about a month to build it. We called it ‘The Incubator.’ Once the birds hatched, we removed the nest and all was well.

  14. beautiful eggs! aww the baby birdies are going to be soooo cute!

  15. A week ago, I rescued a baby robin from an approaching car. For 2 days I cared for him and called him Fenster after the Munsters. He was such a sweet, tame baby and was easy to hold. I finally located a wildbird rehabber and turned over the baby robin to the rehabber. When these eggs hatch, those baby robins are going to be too cute!

  16. A BEAUTIFUL reminder of the true color of ‘Robin’s egg blue”. Sure looks close to “Tiffany blue” which is the color I want to add to my currently “chocolate” bedroom decor.

  17. Hmmm what a great bird house. with two perfectly sized built in doors one on each side 🙂
    This is not a problem for me as we grill in ours all year.

  18. littledogrescue says:

    Looks exactly like our grill a couple of years ago, except the huge, sloppy nest was full of teeeeeny pinkies (baby meeces) attached to a fat mama mousche. Yes, we sacrificed the grill that summer, and then forever. (The year before, we had wrens.) Such is life in the forest…..

  19. Whoa. That is a ridiculously big nest for an apparently small breed.

    McMansions, they’re not just for the neighbors.

  20. The exact same thing happened to my family when I was very young. The robins loved making their nest in our BBQ it seems because the metal lid kept them nice and warm.

  21. This reminds me of when I was a kid, One year my dad opened the girl after a long winter and we found that…

    When I was a kid it was scary, My dad just gently put them in the woods and I think they all lived 🙂

    This picture reminded me of that , anyhow


  22. those go well with a nice chianti

  23. Well, I know a certain cook who has had to renegg on his BBQ committments.

  24. Suda Nim says:

    When the red-red-robin goes B-B-Q-in’ along….

  25. omg wat if the person scared the mama bird away by opening up the BBQ? mayb it won’t come back for it’s eggs cuz it’s been disturbed…

  26. We just had some catbirds set up a nest right outside our window. I took pictures every day until they left last week. It was amazing..

  27. This could be my back deck as well. I put up fake owls. Didn’t work. One year I took down every nesting bit as fast as it appeared. Didn’t work. The Robins said, “But we looove it here!” Sigh. Fine.
    Robins’ nests on the grill, over the door, in the hanging flowerpots, in the trellis thing overhead. Lot’s of pretty blue eggshells here and there and cute babies. Since this is Cute Overload this is where my story ends. (Unless *you* think bird poop is cute!)

  28. I think it was a scene like this that led to the invention of the grill cover…

  29. Chris, those pictures are AMAZING! I was waiting for a pic of the Momma bird to come and feed them…they looked so hungry! But watching them go from nekkid little bebehs to feathered, furry baby birds was really cool! Thanks for posting those! Was the nest in a rose bush?

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    That’s something you don’t see every day. I hope they figured out what to do with the eggies. I hope they were vewy vewy careful.

  31. Chris.. all I can say is WOW and you must not have cats.(or it is a really tall rosebush) Thanks for posting the link to your pictures. I loved watching them progress.

  32. Actually, those aren’t robin eggs, they’re starling eggs. At least according to my Dad, whose barbecue that is. They had lots of time to build the nest, because it doesn’t get warm enough to BBQ in Newfoundland until late in the spring. (Kat J, who sent this pic in, is my sister.)

  33. Thanks! We do not have cats, just 3 dogs. It was in a rose bush, tall enough that the dogs could not see. They could smell it though and were quite interested in the bush for the last few days.

    I didn’t get many picks of the mama bird- I was trying to be careful to keep the blinds closed while mama was there so she wouldn’t get spooked. In pic 1201 you can see mom show up. She saw me and flew away without feeding them that time. 😦

  34. Ahn. Great big nest, three little tiny eggs nestled therein….

  35. ¨One year my dad opened the girl after a long winter and we found that…¨

    Ummm, Joe? I hope your dad is an MD. And I don´t even want to know what the girl had been doing with a robin.

  36. I agree – we need updates! I want to see the crafty parents as well as the babies when they pop out. This is sooo funny!

  37. For a minute I was like…..whaaaaaaaaaa…somebody stole my pic. Birds did this exact same thing on our back porch in our grill and I took a pic.

  38. I’m so glad to see someone else’s grill in as bad shape as mine. I don’t have a nest but many generations of spiders have found it to be a spacious, comfortable home… possibly July 4th will motivate me to clean it. Then again, probably not…

  39. OMGWTFBBQ! 🙂 So sweet

  40. Nice, Angel — hard to believe, but that internets-ism is 100% appropriate here.

  41. Jay,
    A grill cover would attract squirrels and they would nibble on it too so you would have to buy a new cover next year, oh and maybe even chew on the cord and you would have to buy a new BBQ! said all in one breath!