We’re looking for a Developer…


I’d like to hire a contract developer! That’s right! There are some improvements we’d like to make to the site. Know anyone?

Ideally, this person would:
• Know the TypePad/Moveable Type platform backwards and fo’wards
• Have experience with custom Typepad template development
• Kick ass in the coding depahtment
• Be available ASAP!
• We will pay in puppies or US dollars, your preference

Write back! meg [at] frostdesign.net, serious inquiries onleh!



  1. WE got some serious steel to move here cats.. err..I mean Men!

  2. ohhh bleeney bleeney bleeney Plbbbt.

  3. Don’t you have one right there with a yellow cap? Looks pretty qualified (and cute!) to me. 🙂

  4. cat’s thinking, “Yeah you’re gonna need this hard hat later….but somewhere’s elssssse!”

  5. I have never wished more strongly that I had some tech inclinations mixed in with my over-riding artsy ones…..sigh….

  6. Rumi – I second that….double *sigh*…

  7. Me, too! *sigh*

  8. ShelleyTambo says:

    I think this dewd was on Stuff on My Cat not too long ago.

  9. If you’re paying in puppies, I’ll do it…not that I have any of the experience you’re looking for, but I’ll learn!

  10. Too bad you don’t want a WordPress developer, otherwise I’d be your guy.

  11. Oh no, I can do all of the above and now I’m starting to picture myself coding with lots and lots of puppies around. Give me a minute, let me just quit my job here.

  12. Theresa says:

    Hey, that’s Union Cat! And he’s on a break!

  13. You might think about posting the project on guru.com. There are many inexpensive developers there.

  14. Renee Shhhhh.! MAybe they will train one of us so we can do eet.

    Union Cat LOL

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hardhat Cat, where do I send my resume? And where did you get those beautiful blue eyes? (not buttering you up for the job, mind you)

  16. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Paying in puppies. I’ll do it. Of course I have no experience in what the heck you’re talking about but I’ll learn.

  17. Loves Cute says:

    Oooo, that’s one ticked-off kitteh!! I’d be, too … yellow is *so* “last year.” 🙂

    However, I can’t do any of the above except code. I know 2 letters in Morse Code and sometimes I help the acctg department code invoices.

    Good enuf for Pay-Pup?

  18. Can you convert those puppies to pudding? You might have more offers.

  19. I am a developer as well,

    I might be interested in this,

    Take a look at my site and see if you like what I have,

    My site is http://www.toyknowledge.com

    I think its a great site, maybe I can do some add ons here as well 🙂

    Either way – Great Blog!

    Oh and btw, I am adding a pet toy area,

    If anyone reads this and wants to send me in there pet pics with toys that we be great , just use the contact form on my site!

  20. mervtheflamingo says:

    Contact me when you need some Cute Overload in-house counsel. 🙂 .
    Or personal vegan chef.

    I’ll send you my extra cute resume.

  21. I’m waiting to apply for CO Sommelier.

  22. WE need a CO gardener too to make a nice place for the pets to play. ME! ME Pick Me!

  23. Oh and Joe if you are really interested you are supposed to email your qualifications to meg see post above.:)

  24. mervtheflamingo says:


    I’d even apply for kitty nail trimmer if it would get me into the CO dream office.

  25. Had they been paying in kittens I might have considered it.

  26. @Annie,

    Yes – I will be sending her and email :)!!

  27. Just had to say one thing-

    “Improvements to the site?” Like it could get any better?!

  28. Meg, might want to try posting this request here…
    free to post, professionals who work.


    Mama says you got hit by a

  29. What kind of wrench is that? Ma-kitteh?

    And could I apply for Puddin Taster? Or is there a line?

  30. A developer, pish. What this site needs is a 17th century Spanish historian!

    What a coincidence. I’m available!

  31. What kind of wrench is that? Ma-kitteh?

    And could I apply for Puddin Taster? Or is there a line?

  32. Oh and Aubrey–I believe it´s a F-wrench. As in ¨ee zpeeaks weet a bad
    Fwrench accent.¨

  33. Martha in Washington says:

    Dale-exactly how old ARE you? And “Dale” is not a very Spanish-sounding name.

  34. 397, Martha. (Remember when Ponce de Leon went looking for the Fountain of Youth but died lost and miserable? Don´t believe everything your read…) Why, is there a mandatory retirement age?

  35. Aubrey, It’s called an adjustable wrench.

  36. Isn’t that one of the Village People? I mean…Cats?

    Hey, it IS pride month….

  37. Martha in Washington , It is all in the perspective Dale is a professor of Spanish History, Not a history Professor who is spanish. Unless I read that Wrong>>> Back at YA Dale

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    Dang, Pyrit asked for my dream job (CO sommelier) Maybe I could do TV show reviews or something. if there’s an opening, let me know!

    Some one said r-u-n-n-o-f-t .. what does that indicate? All I can think of is from O Brother and if so.. ..

  39. Dale: ‘mandatory retirement’? Only if you have a flat, yes – it would have to be mandatory. And you can be any age you want…if you’d tread the manual you’d see that.

  40. Shannon Johnson says:

    Hmmm… a kitteh in a hard hat, I never thought I would see that.

  41. some guy says:

    Perl makes me puke, but I love this site to death. Update if no one comes forward, plz.

  42. R. Moore says:

    I wish I was qualified for this. I don’t suppose you’ll be wanting an English tutor?

  43. R. Moore says:


    Dale has an awesome job.

  44. Aubrey, spare me! (Not really. I love it.)

  45. Dale.

    It sounds like someone has an axle to grind. If someone is going to wheeld such resentmtent, I’m going to have to defender myself.

  46. lil_cutey says:

    Yep that kitty looks like a worker…and a very depressed one too!

  47. Kendally says:

    I will be severely disappointed if whoever gets the job opts to be paid in dollars instead of puppies. WHAT GOOD WILL DOLLARS DO YOU!?

  48. Aubrey, you auto be ashamed of yourself, car-rying on like that, writing such drive-l.

  49. I’d be all over this if it paid in kittehs. Oh, and if I knew TypePad.

  50. I bet 10 kitteh snacks that there is a hammy under that hat … whispering into or snorgling zem kitteh ears.

  51. book_monstercats says:

    If you want an English lawyer, Meg….. ok, I would not be much use to you, but I could clean the CO dream-office floors – I mean, greater love hath no CO-er, with all the puppehs and kittehs, and bunnies, and hedges, and goats, and elephants, and ‘roos… *sigh*

  52. Martha in Washington says:

    Dale-No, no retirement age. And, despite what my children think, I do NOT remember Ponce personally. Although I have been to St Augustine and drank from the “fountain”. I haven’t noticed any difference.

  53. I have experience in blogging, HTML, CSS, photoshop, illustrator, and adorable. I am a crazy cat ladies who enjoys crocheting cheerful yarn pastries.

    I’ve just moved to San Francisco and in dire need of kitty-kibble money.

  54. That cat looks like one I used to know at the Alachua County Humane Society… Garcia by name. If it is by some freakish coincidence him, send him my loves!

  55. haha this cat look’s so funny

  56. Do you pay in kitties? I am a developing web developer. I don’t know Typepad, but I can learn pretty fast 🙂 for a kitten, super-fast.