Uh oh EHN!

eeehhnnn.jpg, originally uploaded by constintina.

eeeeeeeeehhhhn! [shifty eyes]



  1. awwwwwwww……………….


  2. Bluefairy says:

    That’s a kitty bridge!

  3. Oh noes! Too far! Kitteh needs an intervention.

    (Oh and whoever stole the furniture out of my step-mom’s trailer needs to return it.)

  4. YAY – bleen!

    want to crawl under kitteh and keeess it tummeh….

  5. Whooaaaa–eeehn.
    Houston, we have a problem.

  6. That is adorable! stretchy kitty.

  7. Why all this talk about the new number that goes between six and seven?

  8. No! Don’t(ehhn) Help!
    I do (ehhhn)et myself! (ehhhhhhhn)”

  9. I wish there was an “after” pic for this submish.

  10. Ehn! oppps!! hey! HEY You big hooman over there! a little help over here. Oh noooooo!!!! Falling HEEEEEELP!

  11. that baby meow didn’t think ahead…

  12. furbabies says:

    Yes…I…can! (second thought) a little help here!!!!

  13. I don’t get it-those windows, the marmie owner with obvious taste, and the furniture? Is it like Retro it’s so bad it’s good? Someone has some splainin’ to do…

  14. CBF: looks like a loft apt. my best guess…mebbe a student’s apt? low budget = get whatcha can sometimes.

  15. i think it looks like an awesome apartment! ya’ll’s crazy!

  16. Reminds me of the old Woody Woodpecker cartoon where the wolf has one foot in the rowboat and one on the dock as the boat starts to move away…

    “Im not licked yet…”

    *boat moves farther*

    “Now, I’m licked!”


    Hang on kittay!

  17. I love it!!!

  18. Ali and CBF — yes, the apartment looks trés cool. That couch, however… well, it was probably free. My guess.

  19. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,poor wittle kitty cat.well it looks like the kitty will be 5 inches longer from the stretch…

  20. Theo- i wish i had that couch. it is awesomeness squared.

  21. Oh it’s SQUARE all right.

  22. I’m tellin’ ya’ll that sofa (and matching sofa table)was clearly stoled out of my step-mom’s trailer. Thankfully I think the thieves left her skeevy recliner. Whew.

  23. …but to be perfectly fair:

    Cobalt wine bottle = AWSUM
    Old industrial windows = AWSUM (tho prolly cold in winter)
    Apple laptop = well, I’ve heard they’re AWSUM
    What might be a wooden easel leaning against the windows in the background = AWSUM

  24. a different Laura says:

    It looks like a matching SET of couches, too, with that lovely wooden scrollwork on the back…

  25. Cassandra says:

    Gah, what a great Thursday morning picture! I lerve the kitty! The right angled tail, the white boots and mittens, the fabulous apartment decor…totally made my day 😀

  26. Welshcake says:

    One’s pet should always match one’s furniture.

    [Well… as long as you swap out your FURNITURE to match, not your furkids… – Ed.]

  27. Do you people have no taste nor a sense of style that extends beyond the furry? That apartment is freaking incredible (Williamsburg?)and the furniture is fab retro.

  28. All I can say is Tummy scritch and tailio pulling are clearly in order. These actiona are not dependant on decor or surroundinga as long as kittys are stretched across a crevas.

    Marmie kitties rule

  29. note how the tiny tail at perfect pointy angle helps with the balancing…
    come on lap-top women! give a lil hand here!

  30. Aww…it’s almost there!

    If you click on the pic you’ll be taken to a flickr site that has more cute marmie pics–especially closeups of the cutie sleeping!

  31. I think the kitten is actually trying to move the coffee table just a tad further from the couch. Push hard with those hind legs, little one!

  32. there she goes again with the apple product placement!

  33. not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  34. Ouch! Iiiiivyyy!! Mom, Ivy just smacked us!!

    [“wah wah wah waaaaah”]

    Well, yeah…she was right & all but ….but….oh okay!

    Sorry Ivy.


  35. Ivy – i agree with you!

    Theo – perhaps it is YOU who is SQUARE! 😉

  36. Hee hee! I remember this one from the baaaaabyanimals livejournal group. Apparently seconds after this was taken kitty went ploop on to the floor – unharmed of course.

  37. Is that a spider web by the woman’s right shoulder? EEEk!

  38. fish eye no miko says:

    “Wow, this seemed like *such* a good idea thirty seconds ago…”

  39. Went & looked at other photos as recommended. Couch is actually pretty cool. The whole place is cool. Wah I wanna live in a cool place. (looks at frumpy ranch house) Wah!

    pjk: I don’t think it’s a spider web, might be a webbed crack in windows maybe or just shadows of something else on the window.

  40. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Ma’am, I regret to inform you that the excessive distance between your table and couch is in contravention of the Kitten Welfare Act of 2002”

  41. Michelle says:

    Laughed til the tears ran on this one! Adorable. It looks like an Italian loft for some reason. Maybe it’s the hand-blown glass and cool cowsche.

  42. jackie31337 says:


    This picture from the same photoset may just be the most perfect cats and racks picture ever.

  43. elliottsmommy says:

    yay! cats NEAR racks!!

  44. I can’t believe that owner is making the kitteh move the furniture all by himself.

  45. riolinda says:

    totally cute kitty bridge! awww…i would have to hlep him bout, by grabbing him and snuggling him.

  46. love the cats by racks photo. lil kittie babies are so very snugglie and loveable and this one is just so purrfectly purrect!

  47. Ok, nuff with the marmie kittays!! You aren’t helping my marmie kittay fever at ALL with all these pix. My cat will disown me if I bring another one home.

    PS – The tail slays me.

  48. Mr. Cutie Pants: “I sthuck!” *legs wobble* Heeeeeeep!!

  49. Kitty isometrics.

    jackie31337–you are so right! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I wanna kitty!

  50. ps I LOVE the couch!

  51. Okay you under 30’s to you the couch is uber cool and very retro but to us over 30’s it is still mom or grandma’s couch and it is that late 60’s early 70’s gold color(that we saw too Moishe of). To us square. The thing in the window is a crack and yes it is a very cool apartment.

    Love the Italian glass etc.

    [Amen sista… – Ed.]

  52. Ohhh and the Marmie Kitty is the most uber cool of all. She makes this apartment.

  53. It is a loft (i live in one :P) and it is a gorgeous loft! as for the furniture, leave people alone. they can have whatever couch they want. you dont know what the whole room looks like, it could be amazingly put together thanks to the couch.

  54. Tullia2 says:

    Kitties will do just about anything for a good stretch…..

  55. My eyes are strangely drawn to the upper right quadrant of the photo. Niiiiiice!

  56. Hey, at least the coach will go purfectly with that little one’s coloring.

    Like a good setting for a jewel.

  57. this is my fave post ever. for now. teh belleh!!!

  58. I’m over 30. Does that mean I’m young at heart…or just an unregenerate decorator?

    [reflects on fact that she bought her first (non-futon) sofa at age 38]

    Err, whatevvs. I love the tufting, the scrollwork, and the apparent velvet(?) softness (oh, and I still like the couch too).

  59. MargeAggedon says:

    Super kitteh, the early years. 😀

    .oO(Hmmmm this ‘single bound’ thing still eludes me.)

  60. Heyyy, Cutebabyfix, zat you behind me? I’ll pay yer kitty bridge toll for ya!
    (plunks 8 quarters in toll booth basket, doesn’t wait for green light)
    Is this the bridge to Kittery? The Golden Cat Bridge? A Bridge Too Far?

  61. Honeybuns bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, My Fair Kitty…

  62. I just went “OHMYGOD” here at work, thanks. 😉 Absolutely precious baby marmie picture!

  63. i totally lufs this wittle kitty!<3 :D

  64. Pyrit…..Bridge over the river Kwai? Bridge over the (most likely) shag carpeting? Laptop lady, scoop up the bridge and snorgle it already!

  65. Hannarrr says:

    mmmmm white macbook. just what i have =]

  66. I’m def over 30 and the couch is still rad.

  67. in a couple of his other pics he looks like he might have a tiny little kitty eye infection. hope mom and dad take him to get some eye medicine if he does. (pretty typical for babie kittehs I’m thinkin)

  68. OMG look at the chubby kitty belly!!!!! love.it.

  69. MC2 – Ew, shag carpeting.

    Either way, let’s spray paint some graffiti on that bridge.

    Kitty Was Here

  70. fish eye no miko says:

    musicchick2 said: “Bridge over the river Kwai?”

    More like “Bridge Over the River Kawaii”.

  71. HALP HEEM! ;p

  72. sundriedbagel says:

    I want to kiss cute little stretchy kitty!!!!!! *mwa* *mwa* *mwa* sooooooo cuuuuuteee!!!!! *implodes*

  73. Suda Nim says:

    It’s the Golden Cat Bridge!

  74. Dude, how cool is that apartment?

  75. swat team catlady says:

    Look at that purty piece of art glass in the foreground. Look carefully, because it’s prolly already smashed into a million bitz. That’s what liddle kitties do. They are weapons of mass destruction.

  76. acelightning says:

    Aww, little marmie kitty… try that again in a couple of weeks, and you’ll have no problem!

  77. Look at that belly!!

    I’m sure kitty had no trouble getting on the couch…kittens are like Velcro at that age…hee!

  78. Whut whoa (in Scooby voice)

  79. Peg of Tilling says:

    A story in Warner Bros. sound effects:


    …where “wubbawubbawubba” = kitten shakes off fall, ears flapping.

    Marmelade Planet Hey!

  80. Nice product placement… 😉

  81. What couch? What window? What loft? I saw none of these things. Just kitten.

  82. Awww, look at that teeny tail! What a sweetie!

  83. fish eye no miko says:

    Deb said: “Whut whoa (in Scooby voice)”

    You mean, “Rut roh!”?

  84. Margaret says:

    Kitten? What kitten? I’m with the furniture people. I want that apartment in a bad way. If that apartment were a woman I would send her flowers at work and take her to dinner somewhere with a coat room and table linens.

  85. sundriedbagel says:

    I realize I’ve already posted a comment, but I CAN’T HELP IT – this little kitty is driving me bonkers!!! it’s so cute, I just wanna squeeeeeeze and kiss him all over his furry little round belleh. 🙂 SUPER CUTE. This pic really made my day. 🙂

  86. sundriedbagel says:

    and on a totally random note, I’ve been meaning to ask you all…. WHO IS THIS MEG PERSON WHO RUNS THIS SITE? I’m curious to know more about her. She’s like the mysterious wizard of oz behind all the magic. Where is she from? What does she do? How did she come up with the idea for this site? What’s her favorite ice cream flavor??

  87. Comment all you want sundriedbagel- then you can become a serial commenter and have to go get some therapy for it like the rest of us…
    Hey Pyrit thanks for the toll $$!
    I think Theo is right, I’m over thirty and that is so my grandmas couch, but my twenty year old sister would love it. But none of that matters peeps, because I got the skinny, the Kitteh picked out the furniture! He’s all like, Now I just need to move this coffee table so it is 18 inches away, and everything is purrfect! *Kitteh hops down, fluffs the couch pillows and puts some edgy branches in the art glass.* Now where’s Paige Davis?

  88. SunDriedBagel — here’s for starters…

    Then, check out the CBS podcast interview…

  89. R. Moore says:

    The thirty thing is probably right. It’s ugly, but I love it. It goes with the glass on the windows and was probably dirt cheap.

  90. “When you’re weary, feeling small,
    When tears are in your eyes,
    Paws will dry them all;
    Snuggled by your side,
    My coat’s not rough
    When peeps just can’t be found,
    Like a bridge over troubled water,
    With my tail so high
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down.

    When you’re PC’s down,
    Can’t access puddin treats,
    When evening falls so hard
    I will knead on you.
    And make happy paws,
    (I’ll watch my claws)
    When cuteness can’t be found,
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    From table to couch
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down.

    Sail on silvergirl,
    Sail on by.
    Your time has come to shine.
    The kittehs are on their way.
    Hear how they mew.
    They just want a friend
    They’re trailing right behind.
    You’re their bridge over troubled water
    With cat nip in hand.
    You’re their bridge over troubled water
    With Meow Mix in hand.”

  91. [waves lighter]
    [right along with the rest of the Central Park audience]

  92. lauowolf says:

    A kitteh’s reach should always exceed its grasp.
    Or not.

  93. ok aubrey. you win.


    that was my mom’s favorite song. she hated cats. i’m laughing so hard, i think i just had an anyurysm (sp).

    thanks, i needed that!

  94. fish eye no miko says:

    [joins Theo in waving a lighter]
    [sways and mouths along with words]

  95. sundriedbagel says:

    thanks for the links theo! and cutebabyfix, who says i’m not already in therapy? LOL. I am SO addicted to all things cute!!! 🙂

    btw, are you the person who runs the cutebabyfix site?? I recently found out about it and just bookmarked it as one of my fav sites! I get my daily fix of all things cute from sites like yours. 🙂

  96. Emmerly says:



    You know, it sort of looks like a kitty superhero, all stretched out like that. As if the coffee table had suddenly taken on malevolent animate life and was slowly creeping towards the owners’ legs, about to crush them with 10,000 pounds of force, until SHUNK! Superkitty squeezed in to save the day, holding it off with nothing but the force of his mighty paws!

  97. acelightning says:

    I don’t have a lighter (I don’t smoke), so I’m waving my cell phone with the screen brightness turned all the way up…

  98. Waves Barbeque starter. I know it’s big but I didin’t have a lighter and my cell phone is in my purse.

    Aubrey the Rocky Balboa of CO commenting.

  99. Can I nominate this pic for the “Cats & Racks” category?

  100. *Waves cellphone screen alone with Ace*

  101. along….yeah, thas’ what I meant

  102. lil_cutey says:

    mmmmmm…yea…that feels good. A nice stretch to get me back in shape! What a cutey. I wonder if it ment to do that. I wonder if it can do the splitz! lol!

  103. Hey we made it to over 100 with just minor ‘versey over the couch….

  104. The photo just gets funnier the more I look at it.

  105. Owww! My head asploded.

  106. i want to sqwwweeesh his fuzzy wittawl boddikins!!!!


  107. sally mae says:

    kick ass couches! oh..cool kitteh too.

  108. book_monstercats says:

    I think the couch is “retro” (polite expression), but then again, my eyes are watering thinking about the proximity of soft furnishings that would match up to the awesome glasswork, and that marmalade kitty. His/her claws probably need a lot of exercise at that age!!

  109. I would drape myself in velvet, if it were socially acceptable.

  110. wow that person has a awsome apartment. and all you people who say its ugly HAVE NO TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and kute cat too.

  111. hananza says:

    This picture made me inadvertently speak Wookie. (as did Jackie31337’s link.)
    And count me in for apartment envy. (Ivy – maybe Greenpoint?)

  112. Thanks sundriedbagel! That would be me! We have the cutest babies on the whole internets! But Friday is the best day of the week cause then it’s Hot Daddy Friday:

  113. Noelegy says:

    Apparently-vintage sofas still in pristine condition by the looks of things = awesome.

    Stretchy marmie kitty with teeny potbelly = even moreso.

  114. Ok that will do says:

    kitty bridges falling down falling down…..

  115. beenclawed says:

    Teeny tail that ends in a point, li’l belly, curious face, white pawsies, widdle pink nose, “bridge” position… really, does it GET any cuter? Looks like my Niki when she was a wee one.

  116. Mary (the first) says:

    Loved Aubrey’s song although I would change it to “when you’re weary .. feline small .. ” cuz it IS a small feline, get it? 🙂

  117. Ok, mommy is hot. Distracts me from the kitteh, its a shame daddeh is taking pictures, cause otherwise I’d be chasing mommeh

  118. francesca says:


    That is sucha cute kitty, my Ralphie looks just like that, just chubby now!

  119. i would pay oh so much money for those awesome couches. seriously.

  120. alice shortcake: are you in the sf bay area? because i think i may want to has coffee w/ u. 🙂

    also: the person with the laptop does not look like she is working. she looks like she is looking at the kitty so she can grab and snorgle it for a while before she goes back to work. i understand her.

  121. ikitty13 says:

    Cute kitty, even cuter apartment.

  122. love the kitty AND the sofas!

  123. WOW!!! What a cool apartment. Very cute kitten.