um, bold use of blue, there, Pupcasso…

CBS News is reporting that "Sammy" a foxhound mix, is one of three Service Dogs who does abstract (I bet!) painting in Salisbury, Maryland. Apparently, Sammy holds a paintbrush that is attached to a small rubber bone, and paints that way. Check out all their pics…


Photo by Matthew S. Gunby, and sent in by Judy F.!



  1. Oh, what a talented puppy!

  2. Aww…I want to turn his ears inside out!

  3. Sammy’s painting looks as good as anything done by Jackson Pollock. I think he has a nose for art. 🙂

  4. GMTA, Robbie…

  5. Wow. how fun for that puppy. Can I have a picture please.:)

  6. Theo, Kudos on Hover Text 😀

  7. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pavlov’s Picasso!

  8. 3Cat — DING DING DING!

  9. donutbill says:

    Does Leonardo “dog” vinci have any paintings for sale? I’d be proud to display some dog art in my home!

  10. After looking at all the pictures teh different animals have painted teh one this i would like to know is did the elephants paint that one picture all by themselves or did the trainers direct it. Because it is a jungle scene. And most of the other stuff I have seen is like this pups picture JAckson Polock style.

  11. God Grief I really need to edit before I post.:: The one thing I would like to know.::
    If you haven’t gone to the link go see all teh stuff the animals have painted including some more paintings by dogs

  12. I really like the pup’s work, clean, vibrant and wonderful colors!

    However, aren’t most of these animals color blind?

  13. Great alt text.

  14. Speed-eating hamster? Amazing.

    Backyard club? Super amazing!

    Painting pooch?! My head just exploded!!!

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I’d buy one. Animals never cease to amaze me.

  16. I think the pigcasso (7 of 12 ) Pinto is way cute too!

  17. Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about- where are the screaming Nuffs to complain about exploiting animals now? Look at that Pig! I’m sure he could hardly breathe with all the paint up his nose! call the fire Dept. And the FBI! I want my Mom!

  18. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I believe that dogs can see at least some colours.

  19. Uhhhhh…. seeing as he’s color blind, I assume he’s really into “Grays”

  20. I’m with Annie. The big painting ostensibly done by all those elephants … it looks a little too good. I have trouble believing that was entirely their doing.

  21. sundriedbagel says:

    what a talented doggie!! 🙂

    i love the bright, bold colors!

  22. bunnajenny says:

    The elephants at Perth Zoo paint as well and the zoo sells their works of art in the gift shop. The orangutans used to paint and do macrame projects as well, but I think they’re more into language development these days.

    Off to get some paints and see if I can teach the mad spaniels how to paint.

  23. I’m thinking that the EF-A-LENTS contribution were the white “sunbeams” or “blotches” at the bottom of the canvas. Anybody else?

  24. aww…it looks like he’s really concentrating too.

  25. My very favorite dog painter is Tilly. ( )

  26. I like Merlin the Painting Dog. He paints with his paws instead of his mouth and has a Cafe Press Store.

    Here’s his web page, which links to some of his paintings:

    Here’s his store:

  27. “Listing Vincent Van GoFetch and Marcel DuChomp as his influences, Sammy creates painterly visions of his own. Proving that though a dog is man’s best friend, a dog has only
    one true pal-ette.”

  28. musicchick2 maybe.

    BB/VA I like the Merlin ones too.

    And Tree. Tillie is completely different isn’t she. Being a Jack Russel I am not surprised that she uses her paws.

  29. That’s freak’n awsome. Let’s face it, this isn’t about virtuosity, but something much more primal and possibly more wonderful. 😉

    Dogs can look UP and see certain colors, not to mention they see a lot of OTHER things BETTER than we do so, there you go.

  30. is he trying to paint Mona Lisa? (If so he needs art lessons)or is he trying to mix colors in the wrong place??????

  31. lil_cutey says:

    awww! That is so adorable! If he iz good, he should enter an art competition. That would be cool. Imagine if his art work was sooooooooooooooo famous , it even beat the Mona Lisa! Wow! That pup looks smart.

  32. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    More talent than our Tracey Emin, he should exhibit at tha next Bienale.

  33. lil_cutey says:

    Hmmm….actaually….on second thoughts…..I think he will need to take art lessons by the way he is painting. Mixing all those colours looks pretty unusual. Poor pup.They should make a puppy school that is actually a school. Like our schools. They could have art , spelling , writing and maths….oh and PE!!! That would be HILARIOUS! lol!

  34. Villeline says:
  35. Villeline says:

    They have their own site, too!

  36. Posh Tater says:

    The … concen…. tration…. on that dogs face… is so cute!

    Th furthest we ever got in this house was pawprints and the dog in question was always deeply suspicious of that process! This is great. Do they sell them to raise money for charidee?

  37. I’m pretty darned sure that the elephants didn’t paint that landscape by themselves–but who cares. It’s beautiful and I’d give my eye teeth to have a painting done by any of these talented painters. Here’s a link that shows and tells more about elephant painting style. Cool stuff.
    But has anyone heard of Maggot Art? Paintings done by dipping maggots into paint and letting them wiggle across the paper? Lovely stuff but on the creepy side.

  38. What a talented & beautiful hound.

    Looking through the other pix, I can’t help thinking that Pinto the Pigcasso is even cuter, though.

    [Hope this opinion does not make me a Nuff!]

  39. bunnajenny–did you say, MACRAME???

    i think mebbe the elephants did the flowerz…

  40. The harbor seals at the Virginia Marine Science Center do paintings as well, and there are t-shirts, but I can’t seem to find any info online!

  41. Nuffers should have nuffing much to say about a pig doing what a big does: pushing its nose into things and snarfling around, i.e. “rooting.” If a pig is having fun poking its nose into nontoxic paint it can be cute. And if you doubt pigs will voluntarily stick their noses in some pretty sticky stuff, check out:

  42. Shannon Johnson says:

    I have never seen that before. That is awesome. I wonder how long they had to train the puppeh to hold the brush.

  43. alexandra says:

    He has moles. i love him.

  44. That looks like monet’s painting!!!