The Backyard Club

Pup in front: To join the Backyard Club, you must first go through our test.
Horse: [Shivers]
Kitteh: [yawns]
Pup in front: You must jump on this trampoline fifteen times exactly, jump off, go to the kitchen and get us Cokes. Then we will decide if you can join us.


According to sender-inner Kate S., The Backyard Club is from left to right: Skeeter (OMG PONIES!1!!), Hannah, Jackie, Abby (she has edible ears!) and in the back pretending not to be interested, Stanley.



  1. I wanna jump on and launch them!

  2. I mean, pet them.

  3. joodster says:

    i wanna join the byc!!1!
    i’ll bring the Cokes ‘n stuff. k? can i join, can i huh?

  4. Is this their album cover?

  5. Awwwww….I wanna join! I wanna! I wanna!

    *Head ‘splode from the cuteness*

  6. We always had horses when I was growing up, and one day I was in the back yard sitting on the trampoline and spilled my coke, ice cubes and all. For some reason, Elvis (resident horse at the time) was in the back yard instead of the pasture, and promptly cleaned up the mess I’d made, ice cubes and all.

  7. For our next trick we will begin jumping, Thus launching Stanley into the air, where he will do a perfect three turn back flip and land on the back of Skeeters, who will then run around the trampoline Four times in his famous prancing pony strut. At the end of the fourth turn Stanley will jump and land in the middle of the trampolin. Launching us into the air where we land facing the other direction. Please hold your applause until this difficult manuever is complete. Thank you. ::Doggie panting and laughing smiles all round::

  8. that looks like one fun backyard! check the smiles on the faces!

  9. how awesome! I wanna be their neigh-bor….

    get it? *neigh* bor?

  10. Suzanne says:

    So why 15 times exactly? Does that give Stanley the right amount of velocity? Cuz you know that all the poochies are thinkin’ that!

  11. The first rule of Backyard Club is you do not talk about Backyard Club.

    The second rule of Backyard Club is you do not talk about Backyard Club….

    And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first night at Backyard Club, you have to jump.

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    “and in the back pretending not to be interested, Stanley.”

    He’s a cat… he’s not “pretending”.

  13. Suzy's Mom says:

    That’s one awsome back yard. I wanna join the club too.

  14. Redzilla — I believe that’s actually Rule #15.
    You skimmed, didn’t you? Fess up.

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    First puppeh: “Are you ready?”
    Second puppeh: “Oh, I am SO ready!”
    Third puppeh: “Yeah, yeah, ready. Whatever you say, guys!”
    Poneh: “Er – is hay involved here? I need an incentive, you know.”
    Kitteh: “What a bunch of maroons! I jump all the time; no big whoops. (yells) Hey, let me know when you’re starting! I’ve got an appointment with the couch! (yawn)”

  16. I soooooo wanna join their club!!!

  17. LOL! I love the cat and “can’t be bothered” look his/her face”

  18. Suda Nim says:

    “Do you want to come to my place, bouncy bouncy?”

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    A dog named “Jackie” (Onassis?) and a cat named “Stanley”. I love it!

  20. newmoonpie says:

    is it JUST ME (probably), or does it ALMOST look like JUST behind Jackie (the shepherd), there’s a goat lurking? like sorta over her back and under her ear.

    maybe it’s me. maybe i WISH there were a goat. named elmer. and not because of any glue puns, either. but because elmer is a kickass name for a goat.

    i digress.

  21. Suda — my spigots explode with delight!

  22. I reeeealllly want to play in that backyard. 🙂

  23. What a fantastic picture. I agree, it could be an album cover. Does the Backyard Club do 70s folk songs?

  24. I will jump and fetch Cokes and snorgle them all.

    Best. Backyard. Ever.

  25. I am totally channelling the song Dead Beat Club by the B-52’s now:
    Get a job?
    What for?
    I’m trying to think…

    I was good, I could talk
    A mile a minute,
    On this caffeine buzz I was on
    We were really hummin’
    We would talk every day for hours
    We belong to the deadbeat club

    Anyway we can,
    We’re gonna find something
    We’ll dance in the garden
    In torn sheets in the rain

    We’re the deadbeat club
    We’re the deadbeat club

  26. ummmmm, Theo – exactly where do you have spigots ???

    and newmoonpie – methinks ur correct …

    it sure does lurk like a goat …

  27. One on the front of the house, one on the back. Of course.

    What were YOU thinking?

  28. Suzanne says:

    Newmoonpie…yes, I believe there IS a goat. Being a Cub fan, I have a “thin” about goats in general, but this one would make a fine addition to the byc. As long as it stays far, far away from any baseball fields.

  29. Haha! Redzilla that’s a hoot! I hope BrownSugar sees that!

    AmyH – this one has your name all over it!

  30. Newmoonpie, I don’t want to harsh your goat-buzz, but to me that looks like a fallen plastic patio chair. But I’m willing to pretend it’s a goat.

  31. Theo – What were YOU thinking?
    ummmm, exactly that, but then again I’ve been known to fib …

    and Redzilla, thank you for the pretend-goat …

    we had a goat named Mary when I was a kid (snort!!!) so I see goats everywhere as we loved her so much …

  32. I agree with Redzilla but a goat named elmer rocks.

    IT is the backyard club so I don’t see why we can’t pretend it is a goat.

  33. leiabelle says:

    For the benefit of Mr. Kite
    There will be a show tonight on trampoline
    The Hendersons will all be there
    Late of Pablo Fanques Fair
    What a scene!

  34. Theresa says:

    OMG!!! TOTALLY NON-IRONIC OMG!!!!!!!!11!!!!!

  35. HeidiLynn says:

    OK, any body remember the farm animals from 101 Dalmations (cartoon version)? Sgt Tibbs the cat, Major was the dog? and the horse was the Colonel? Anyway, these guys reminded me of that crew.

  36. Redzilla, you are correct. It is a fallen plastic chair. But we did have goats! But they didn’t want to join the party. Silly-billy-goats.

  37. Suda Nim says:

    I think you should photoshop the chair out, just to give the nuffs something to chew on. The mental equivalent of a Nylabone.

  38. Is anyone brought RIGHT back to the 8th grade with *rules* Pup In Front makes? LOL!

  39. eikoleigh says:

    I can’t believe they all sat still for this.

    Cute family pic.

  40. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Oh, to be a kid again, with an endless summer stretching out in front of us… backyards to play in, trampolines to bounce upon, random animals to snorgle…

    *runs off into picture, waving hands above head happily*

  41. I would LOVE to be there and join in the fun and frivolity! I wonders how many puppies can ride on horsies back and if horsie allows the kitty to ride (more likely to sink in the claws, ya’ know). Dey definitely can’t ALL ride at the same time. At least I think they’d be tooooo beeeg all together like that.

  42. Nice to see the Blue Heeler action there – and OMG!!!!!!!!!! Stanley the cat looks exactly like my beloved Cleo-kitten who died several years ago!!! :schnorgles kitteh:

  43. McHorsersons is sad ’cause hasta take off its shoes before getting on the trampoline.

  44. hananza says:

    I, too, would like to see a goat in the picture. I mean, why didn’t the goat want to join? Does the Backyard Club sustain an atmosphere that is hostile to goats? Or perhaps the goat TRIED to pledge, but didn’t make it back from the kitchen without eating the coke cans.
    (Don’t worry, little goatie. You’ll start your own club. and it’ll be so much cooler.)

  45. Carlisa says:

    pyrit—-Is that a Jack Russell in the front? (Not the one standing on the ground, the one sitting on the trampoline;)

  46. Well, we did aquire a orphaned mouflon lamb, named lambchop, but he was not present at this club meeting. I hate to say but it is a fallen chair that is pictured and I am full of smiles that ya’ll enjoyed this picture that my daughter sent in..

  47. And yes the 2 are Jack Russells mom Hannah, daughter, Abby and Jack short for Jackie the blue Healer who is now 16 so this was a bit ago..

  48. I envy her life: a horse, dogs, a cat and a trampoline! I could be perfectly content and happy with a life like that…sigh.

  49. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tipped-over chairs not being goats.

  50. LOL – a Goat really would make this group complete.

    As a tender/litter-changer/feeder/petter/toy-buyer/brusher/poopie-brommer or picker/wheel-fixer and all-’round care-giver for a muli-species family, I LURV this picture times 12THOUSAND!

  51. hananza says:

    Aww.. I’m just jealous I couldn’t be there trampoleening the day away myself.

  52. Whatever floats your goat, T.

    hananza – Trampo-bleen?

  53. Suda Nim: you should chew on your Nylabone while the goat club kicks in

  54. alexandra says:

    Stanley is my favourite part. I don’t know why…

    This pic makes me think of being a little kid too! But my backyard was never THAT cool.

  55. Carlisa – Why yes, yes it is!

    Theo – Are trying to get our goat? I don’t mean to be gruff.

  56. Pyrit — baah.

  57. Skeeter on the tramp! Skeeter on the tramp! Video now!

  58. cullen k. says:

    Woo Hoo Hoo! Jackie Blue. An Ozark Mountain Daredevils’ reference!

  59. victoria says:

    ahahaha! cute!!! My entire neighborhood is like a backyard club. I love it