Planet Unicorn Heeeeeyyy

You must watch this. This is the ‘Overload’ in Cute overload, People. heeeeyyy

Oh, I’m givin’ it up for Feathers, Cadillac and Tom Cruise. Sender-inner Patrique, I owe you 5lbs of ambrosia salad for this.



  1. shandrewsca says:

    Umm, weird LOL!

    Hey, first comment maybe? Coooool!

  2. tiananmen says:

    lol whattttt

  3. shandrewsca says:

    Trippy huh, but the theme song was pretty catchy – Planet Uniforn Heyyy!

  4. I love how they say “Heyyy”!
    And doesn’t the unicorn Cadillac sounds like Fez for “The 70’s Show”.
    How apropos is this clip for PRIDE week!?

  5. well.
    pass me that bong.

  6. Heyyy…I’m sitting here and I’m hot. I’m hot and I don’t like it. If only I had a unicorn forest! Yay! I love it! The tree, he is touching me! Heyyy. Fun!

  7. Innnnnnncredible. Does anyone else think the theme song sounds like Justin Timberlake’s “Omeletteville” song from SNL??

  8. One more thing though — the blue one (Cadillac?) sounds like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

    [I fixed your duplicate… – Ed.]

  9. This reminds me of another stoopid unicorn vid shared by my 11 year old.

  10. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    This seems totally out of place on C.O.

  11. odeargodno BBoss — SHUN THE CHARLIE VIDEO! SHUN!!!

  12. WTF???

    How stupid is this?

  13. I love the song they sing before they Planet Unicorn show. Catchy and made me laugh!

  14. That was realllllly out there. But funny. Can I have a pink waterfall in my backyard?

    Is there going to be another commentroversy? I hope not.

  15. btw, ambrosia salad is killer……

  16. Wow, that was incredibly stupid. WTF is that being posted on a website for cute things?

  17. Didn’t anyone read the first line of the post? It’s showing how cute can be truly overloaded to the point of redonkulusness, and not in a a fun redonk kinda way, but rather a WTF kinda redonk way.

  18. What slays me (and kept me watching long past the point I should have stopped) was how Cadillac’s pompadour completely obscured his horn. WTF? Somebody needs to get a hobby that does not involve computer animation.

  19. Lol awesome!!

    All you complainers should go watch the super cute video of hamsters getting thrown around and cry.


  20. DumBunny says:

    That is just plan strange!!?!!

  21. *SNORT* Ok someone owes me a new Code Red. Um and I needs something to clean up this mess.

  22. It made me pee a little.

  23. weird………… maybe cool…………… but mostly just odd and slightly scary.

  24. weensicka says:

    Ah…now the Planet Unicorn song is my earworm for the day. Thanks, CO…


    brinnann, *of course* (certain) people don’t read the first line of the post. It wouldn’t be compatible with their righteous indignation.

    Also, I doubt they appreciate the irony of episode 2 being about Trolls.

  25. Lioness says:

    hahahaha…that was wonderfully, bizarely, funny. LMAO! hahahaha. Love the theme song.

  26. Sprinkles says:

    LMAO – Cadillac sounds like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite! Awesome @anon 9:58

  27. Heeyyyyyy!

  28. hibousoir says:

    Oh, great! Now I’m gonna have “Planet Unicorn, heeeeeeey!” stuck on a loop in my head all day! Grrr!

  29. weirdly redonculous. Planet unicorn HEYYYYY!
    Love the green intent of it. And that pompodor!
    Mello, Snicker TMI

  30. jabbadoo says:

    Honestly, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time… I had a Red Bull accident.

  31. Yes! i think it sounds a LOT like Justin Timberlake’s “Omeletteville”song from SNL. it took me a sec to figure out what it was reminding me of…now i can’t stop singing “Bring it on down to Omeletteville!” i love that skit…

  32. “take care of my planet. I am gay. GOODBYE!!!!!!!”

  33. My brain hurts now…. In a good way though. LOL

  34. Heather says:

    This is the epitome of REDONK!

  35. If he’d have been a REALLY nice 8-year-old gay boy, he’d have wished for fur coats for all the unicorns too!

  36. but…but…unicorns already HAVE fur coats!

    [scratches head]

  37. Was I the only one who thought this was the lamest post ever? Charlie the Unicorn is sooooo much better.

  38. Tom Cruise. Not gay enough!

  39. Well, he did mow & make lemonade for Rosie O’Donnell.

  40. Now you all know what theatre majors do in their spare time! And Liz – I think you need to pass that bong down this way. 🙂

    (BTW – I thought it was funny as hell).

  41. OMG, I so needed this today. What a hoot! Off to find a lamp so I can have my own unicorn planet…. (Heyyy)

  42. This makes me go wtf. But in a good way. 😀

  43. Cadillac reminded me of a combo of Pedro and the gay latino guy from Seinfeld, remember him? I’m betting these guys barf rainbows all day long!

  44. furbabies says:

    Extremely odd. Should have been pudding instead of ambrosia salad. Cadillac sounds like the guy from That 70’s show, and Feathers sounds like Mr. Garrison from South Park.

  45. omifinggodgheyponieswithhorns!!!!lulz. 😀


  46. Don’t tell anyone, but I just came back and watched it again so I could hear the song,Planet Unicorn, Heyyy…

  47. R. Moore says:

    That was terrifying!


    Ready for pride week, Meg?

  48. Here’s a poll: Any gay peeps? Does this sort of thing make you laugh or anger you? I know my relative who is gay would probably not like this one bit, so I am curious?

  49. Okay…that was beyond ridiculous…lol.

    cutebabyfix…any of my gay friends would be peeing themselves laughing at this, I’m sure.

  50. OK, that was HILARIOUS. Cute overload, indeed.

    And cutebabyfix, I’m gay. And I’m pretty easily offended, too. 😉

  51. sweetpea says:

    I couldn’t tell if this was homophobic, either. I ended up confused, but yet amused (and not quite knowing if I should be). I think I particularly like the part where they snuggle by the waterfall.

  52. Whoa…

  53. What’s wrong? What’s going on here? What was that stupid stuff? Ugh.

  54. Cute, cute, cute. The tree is touching me!

  55. I love it! Reminds me of the “Charlie” unicorn video on YouTube. Mwah to all my gay friends! Ab fab!

  56. I agree with the commenter who said Cadillac sounds like Fez from “That 70’s Show.”

    Also… I agree that Charlie the Unicorn is funnier.

    This would have been OTT cute if it was an 8-year-old girl. With pigtails. And a pink dress. Maybe some puppies chasing butterflies under that rainbow.

  57. Raphael Faunus says:

    I is gay. That was hilarious.
    I laughed. A ridiculous amount.

  58. Errrrrrrrrr says:

    No. Not for CuteOverload.

  59. Christina says:

    That was… disturbing. Not cute. Its only cute when the sound is off. It was definately an overload though, I’ll give it that.

  60. Gay here, and lerved it.

  61. uuhhhh……

  62. Hmmm…. Yeah, I agree with the ‘WTF’ crowd. Not CO worthy, especially not the 2nd vid submitted by bboss. Organ theft & blood involved? Not cute…. to me at least.

  63. Nope — not cute. Well maybe in a weird sort of way, but not cute enough for CO. Just one person’s humble opinion. I guess I just expect soooo much. Sorry.

    Lame… heeyyyyyy.

  64. The little tune was kinda catchy, though.

  65. OMG! Hysterical! I’ve got the earworm, too, but since I waited until a couple of hours before bedtime to watch it, I won’t suffer for long…. I LUFF unicorns!


  66. Elisha B. says:

    Uhm, why? ….. I guess I just don’t get it.

    Maybe it would be better if it were REAL unicorns ?!?

  67. fan-effing-tastic!

    it would never in a million years have occurred to me that this was homophobic…i kind of assumed it was created by someone gay. usually homophobic humor is less funny.

    anyone else totally freaked out by the giggling baby sound every time the scene changes?

    and finally, Cadillac MUST have been modelled after my coworker in the next cube.

  68. This was 20 kinds of brilliant. Serious double-plus goodness, right here.

  69. The little episodes were pretty funny, but it was *definitely* the theme song that stood out. I’ve come back to watch the intro a couple of times because I enjoyed it so much… heyyy!

  70. maralisil says:

    “FA-BU-LOUS!” also “HEY-HEY! YOU-YOU! I don’t like your girlfriend! …” for the gals out there. Happy Pride time, kids!

  71. oh, you gay peeps! I didn’t so much mean it was homophobic as much as stereotyping? I mean, a boy in a fur coat named Shannon? That being said, this was funny all on it’s own. They could have left Shannon off and I would still be sayin heyyyyy….

  72. Wait.
    [re-reads something]
    [yep, that’s what I thought I read, all right]
    Could somebody get Elisha B some REAL unicorns, please? On my tab.

  73. Yeah…um…what?

  74. Hahahaha Well done!

  75. BrianMPLS says:

    Ree-al Unicorns – Heeey!

  76. It seemed oddly South Park-esque hehe

    I loved it. I wish I could have a planet of unicorns 🙂

  77. Did that waterfall look to anyone like strawberry puddin?

    I thought the video was funny. I think we should embrace the goofy (not ‘Goofy’, however).

  78. [embraces gooey]

  79. Oops.

  80. shollia says:

    OMG that was hilarious and just so random! lol…
    Planet Unicorn Heeyy! LOL I love it.
    Yay I’m happy now…. ehehehe

  81. i think i got a contact high after watching that video lol

  82. (embraces Huey, Duey and Louie)

  83. If he’d have been a REALLY nice 8-year-old gay boy, he’d have wished for fur coats for all the unicorns too!

    But if he was a REALLY nice 8-year-old gay boy he wouldn’t have wished for any fur coats at all because REALLY nice people don’t think CORPSES are fashionable!

    (Joke. Couldn’t help it. Thank god he didn’t wish for a cat in a rack.)

  84. hananza says:

    Redzilla – good call on the pompador! I bet he’s actually just a horse… a spy from the indigo planet of desert horses wished into existance by an 8-year-old lesbian.

  85. This thread… is really, really weird.

  86. WTF? This is like the Care Bears and MyLittlePony’s had too much LSD.

    Or maybe some Special K.

  87. annienanners says:

    totally appropriate for C.O.!

    multiple viewings encouraged.

    favorite lines:

    “I don’t like DAT color.”

    “It’s fixed!”

    “Crying is bad. You have to stop crying.”

    “We have a lot to learn… and a lot to find out!”

  88. i think i’m going to have to shun everyone who doesn’t enjoy a good trip to candy mountain. candy mountain is a land of sweets and joy…and joyness.

  89. len sherman says:

    weird, stupid and inappropriate.

    I didn’t know that Cute Overload is a Gay site, marketing homosexuality to 8-year-olds.

    Thought it was just photos of pets and stuff.

    Oh well, guess I’ll just find another pets site. Later.

    [LOL!! Seriously… prolonged, paralytic LOLs… – Ed.]

  90. miss h. says:

    dogs < gay unicorns

    ambrosia for everyone (‘cept the haters)!!!

    … heyyy

  91. chapeaunoir says:

    I don’t think anyone yet has asked the obvious question: WHAT the heck do you need a flying car for when you have A Planet Full of Unicorns?!

    Happy Pride Week from Toronto, everyone!

  92. Another Angela says:

    total overload. I liked it! happy pride month from the west coast!

  93. Errrrrrrrrr – I have to say, it is for Cute Overload because Meg put it on Cute Overload. 🙂

    And isn’t pride a sin? 😉

  94. Shannon (no really!) says:

    Happy Pride Week ya’ll!

    My name feels wierd now somehow. And it did remind of the Charlie unicorn video. After that one was done I was like what just happened to six minutes of my life????

    Deff the Overload in cute Overload!

  95. Shannon says:

    Oh! And while I found this video totally NOT offensive – the Toby Keith add has got to go!!! Please? 😉

    And many thanks for adding the puppy mill link. We can beat this.

    *gets off soap box*

  96. Re: Cadillac’s pompadour. If you look closely, you can see the tip of his horn sticking out.

    What? I’m just observant, heyyy.

  97. acelightning says:

    “The Sixties weren’t good to you, were they, son?”

    (I need a whole lot more drugs before I can watch this again!)

  98. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a heap of crap.

  99. eikoleigh says:



  100. Paincat says:

    God, a planet full of crap – nothing for me

  101. boring.. (singsong)

  102. possumpiratess says:

    So funny. So well done. So gonna get shared with everyone I know.

  103. Michelle says:

    Haha I loved LOVED this video. Giggled through both episodes. Thanks for cutting the edge, Meg. <3


  104. Absolutely brill.

    I think I’ll enjoy this while I can before we all get sued by Tom Cruise for slander.

    Tee hee. HEYYY!

  105. Elizabeth says:

    I’m going to be singing “Planet Unicorn Heeeey!” in my sleep… Definitely redonk!

  106. Posh Tater says:

    That was just too funny. What an endearing and eccentric little cartoon. The only thing missing was the unicorns on a Saturday night out at G.A.Y.! Oooo, I’m hoping for a sequel…


    Thanks for posting, I loved it.

  107. sweetpea says:

    After reading evryone’s comments I’m off my soapbox now too (English Majors, we always look for injustice!)

    Happy Pride y’all! And hahahah to Kar on the Special K — priceless!

  108. Awesome.

    Anyone else thinking “Gargamel??” in the first episode?

  109. OMG! Yes, definitely Gargamel. I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of.

    Smurfs rule! As well as unicorns (real?? and fake).

    Planet Unicorn Heyyy – been singing it all afternoon yesterday and all morning. My co-workers are gonna kill me……

  110. I was thinking along the lines of gargamel too- the gay bit is almost superfluous, it is funny because it is so like all the crappy cartoons we grew up with.

  111. New York Michele says:

    I just came in after working an 8 hour shift of proofreading. The BF, who is so straight he makes John Wayne look like a drag queen, kept telling me (queer girl that I am) to watch it. Which I did. And now I won’t get to sleep, because I’ll be singing, ‘Planet Unicorn, Heyyy’ every few minutes.

    People- queerness is not evil. It’s not imappropriate- there are gay parents for pete’s sake. Meg has stated before that the site is more PG than G; besides, it’s her site. Even so, that was pretty G rated. The unicorns weren’t having sex. They were just ‘gay’. Anyone who thinks an 8 year old doesn’t have an idea of what ‘gay’ is, is living under a rock.

    I’m planning on sending this to all my gay and lesbian and otherwise queer friends, as well as my fellow-travelers (people who, like my straight boyfriend, would find this surrealistic but wonderful). Thank you Meg, for being who you are and giving us so much fabulousness.

  112. Don’t you mean…. GAYGAMEL???

    I tell ya, I didn’t really enjoy the video (and I *despise* the Candy Mountain Charlie clip) but I do quite enjoy how it’s been flushing the ignorance out of the woodwork, and toying with it.

  113. Gaygamel?! Thanks, teho, for putting the smurfs in a whole new light. Gah! XD

    Personally, I think this is hilarious. I watched it last night and dove for it again first thing this morning, just so I could sing along with that theme song.

    “Heyyy” is totally becoming part of my everyday vocabulary now.

  114. Jane E. Smith says:

    NOT cute. NOT funny. NOT what I expect from CO.

  115. I found this a tad disturbing, actually…

    And, yeah, it reminds me of the Charlie vid… SHUNNNNN!!!

    Which was also a bit disturbing, so… yeah. :/

  116. I agree Theo.
    And the funny thing about how you feel about gayness is, you can be as opinionated as anything until someone you love(like a close relative) comes out of the closet to you with a lot of fear in their eyes. That really makes you evaluate what kind of a person you are, and how much your opinions are not important compared to someone else’s feelings.

  117. hananza – heh!

    Stereotypes can be presented from a loving, insider’s perspective – or in an unfunny hater way.

    For these, I concur that they feature bewildering fabulosity! Thanks Meg!

  118. Gad, I couldn’t watch the second episode, it was just to painful, heyyyy.

  119. kestrien says:

    I guess I didn’t realize homosexuality could be “marketed.”

    Today only, for the greatly reduced price of $19.99, we offer you the chance to be who you truly are at the cost of public scorn and condemnation! Buy one, get one free!

  120. kestrien says:

    PS, Theo:

    Look up top. Isn’t there something that needs to be taken care of?

  121. me=gayish

    loved it.

    I think Feathers is my favorite.

  122. not funny says:

    that was effin gay

  123. Ameliorate says:

    Well, I’m gay. And as I was watching this, I was wondering if maybe I should be offended… until the theme song started.
    Planet unicorn, heeey!

  124. Kestrien — sry, me is dumb, need moar hintz pls?

    PS — would it be possible to get wholesale rates for bulk gay? There’s a breeding population I’d like to try and convert…

  125. Something tells me this is going to be one of those YouTube Classics. It will be right up there with “Shoes” and “Charlie the Unicorn”.

  126. OMG I have been watching this approximately EVERY DAY for 3 weeks straight (pun not initially intended). If you liked it, watch the other episodes!! In one of them, they meet a watercorn and Cadillac turns into a bike. It’s basically amazing.

  127. Anna — at my college, “bike” was GLBT slang for “bisexual dyke”.

    I’m here to help.

  128. OH! I CANNOT believe no one has posted this joke yet:

    What do gay horses eat?



    Meg – brilliant post. I could be fired for how loudly I was laughing just now.

  129. Tewtelly, utterly, completely redonk – I lurves eet!!! (and there are more episodes…)

    Silly rules, Meg – thanks muchly for this!

  130. y’know, the “gay” part is (I think) more or less irrelevant, in a good way. either you get the humor, or you don’t.


  131. Yes, now I will need to learn the entire song, because only being able to sing “Planet Unicorn-Heeyy!!” is driving me nuts…
    Did anybody else notice when they’re all telling the troll to stop crying at once that Cadillac ends it with “Oh Lord” under his breath? 😀
    “I’m Hot! It’s Hot! I’m standing here and I’m hot! Why did we come back here?”


  132. bees on pie says:

    I’m always amazed at commenters who remark on what they “expect” from CO, like anyone (except maybe advertisers) has any business “expecting” anything from someone else’s blog that nobody is making them visit.

    Anyway, kinda liked the episodes, but mostly enjoyed the theme song. For those who want more than “planet unicorn heyyy” stuck in their head, here’s how I heard the whole thing.

    A ga-ay boy wished
    for a planet full of unicorns
    planet unico-orn
    unicorn planet
    Give it up for Feathers
    Oooooh, Cadillac
    And To-o-om Cruise
    Planet Unicorn, heyyy

  133. See, even the song lyrics are silly and dorky!

    and bees on pie, could you pass the ambrosia salad my way, please?

  134. “I was thinking along the lines of gargamel too- the gay bit is almost superfluous, it is funny because it is so like all the crappy cartoons we grew up with.”

    Ooh, you know it! 😉

  135. Looove it! It was totally gay, in the best possible way (heyy).

  136. bees on pie says:

    *passes ambrosia salad*

  137. Anna – I’ve been watching it way too much too, since my friend and his boyfriend introduced me to it. I am smitten.

    The show was originally on, and this YouTube vid is the first two episodes. There is a third episode on Channel 101, in which, as Anna said, they meet a watercorn. It is also awesome, but nothing in the episodes themselves can match the brilliance of the theme song.

  138. ugh- i couldnt get all the way through it… it wasn’t cute

  139. As a gay-loving, queer-obsessed gay girl from Planet Gay: this rocked!

    And I hate pink. Still rocked.

  140. Theresa says:

    A: “My mother made me a homosexual.”

    B: “If I give her the wool, will she make me one?”

  141. Um….not cute. At all.

  142. AliceTanzer says:

    So, I’m a big ole dyke. And I loves me some Planet Unicorn. LOVES.

  143. Nothing like a little fag bashing with our afternoon ciggie break. Yuck.

    [Um… if you mean that in the Brit manner, maybe, like “stubbing out a cigarette” or something, then hoooo-kay… otherwise, huh? Where? – Ed.]

  144. Hey, if you liked it, it was made for a website called channel101:


    I effing love this website 🙂

    “Planet Unicorn, Heyyyy”

  145. SOOOOOOO bizarre and SOOOOOOOOO damn funny.

    Not cute. But enjoyable.


  146. I must admit the comments made me LOL far more than the video did. OH NOES NOT TEH GHEY UNICORNS! OH NOES I DON’T LIKE IT I DEMAND YOU CHANGE IT NOOOOOW *tantrum* Did people whine this much with the Human Tetris link a few weeks back (which had my whole office in stitches)?

    Also – bisexual woman, and I didn’t think it was offensive either.

  147. Brilhasti says:

    I didn’t find a single funny moment in that.

  148. Changed my mind, maybe because I finally watched the whole thing all the way through.
    Anyway. That… was *silly*.

  149. PS — I want that flying car.
    (I might get it a new paint job, though.)

  150. Um… why is everyone assuming that us haters didn’t like this because of the gayness?

    I didn’t like it because I thought the humor was idiotic, the song and voices were annoying, and on top of that it was poorly drawn. The gayness has nothing to do with it.

    So wait… not liking imbecilic YouTube videos makes us intolerant??? Hello, humor police.

  151. Monica, as cutebabyfix said above, the whole thing looks to be a fairly elaborate spoof of some of the worst cartoons made in the 1980s. I’m with them, and also think the guys who are making the series are just being silly and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. I guess this is one of those things that’s either funny, or not – the “gay” thing is really a side issue.


  152. fluidstatic says:

    giveitup for fea-thers…
    oo-ooh, cadillac
    and tom cruise…
    planet unicorn heeey!

    Best redonkulous gayness ever.

  153. Rocknrope says:

    Back to better!

  154. Candace says:

    As a lover of My Little Pony, Care Bares and even those bears that would drink magical juice and then bounce all around the forest, I found Planet Unicorn to be hilarious! The insane cuteness, the plots that make no sense, the weak little lessons thrown in at the end, and the corny lines…ahhh, the 80’s. I found the gay thing to be no biggie–they were unicorns for pete’s sake. All they did was hang out and eat ambrosia and sip bubble tea. Lighten up—-heyyyy.

  155. Candace says:

    Lintilla–what is this human tetris of which you speak? Post a link–heyyy.

  156. Cadillac: “Look, we better do something.”

    Tom Cruise: “That sounds dangerous!”

    best lines ever.

    my good-natured coworker agrees that Cadlillac talks just like him, and confesses that they used to call him “Fez” back in the day.

  157. It’s funny, but I wouldn’t say it’s cute. Just my opinion.

  158. Brilhasti says:

    I just kept waiting for the funny part… or the jokes… and nothing ever happened.

    It’s not just enough to be gay. That alone doesn’t make something funny. This wasn’t funny. Sorry, people.

  159. darkshines says:

    I’m a bi sexual girl, and I adored it. I love unicorns, I love the campness, I love the randomness and I LOVED the music!

  160. I believe the Human Tetris reference was referring to this previous post. I took me a bit to figure out what they were referring to also.

  161. Dramatic Prairie Dog says:

    Oh, kestrien. If it was a “buy one, get one free” deal, I would be a lot luckier in relationships.

  162. This made me so happy.

  163. So what we’ve got here is…the usual crew of post-worshippers (nuffin wrong with that, just sayin’), several people who thought it was dumb, a couple people who made sarcastic bashes, one or two who didn’t get the sarcasm and then a bunch of people who responded to teh presumed hate in thsoe posts. This is how rumours work…only here you can actually scroll up and read it for yourself, so there’s even /less/ excuse.

    Ahem. Heyyy.

    This was made by a couple gay guys to be enjoyed by a lot of other people who enjoy poking fun at stereotypes, 80’s cartoons, and themselves. Good on ’em, even if I didn’t find it all that entertaining past, oh, about 90 seconds.

  164. must be fun to watch when HIGH

  165. *blinking confusedly* says:

    Not quite my brand of humor. I usually like things that set out to be campy… but I think this definitely hit the “overload” and was no longer funny to me.

    And I didn’t find it quite so much cute as just… er… bizarre.

    Personally, I would really prefer to see photos and vids of real cute animals than badly drawn/animated pictures of fake ones (even if they are badly drawn and animated on purpose). I wonder if there could be a category started for this genre of stuff (Charlie the unicorn also fitting in here) that’s not quite what you call cute, but IS what you’d call Overload. That way us peoples who prefer hammies and bunnies and the like can see the tag and be forewarned to watch at our own risk of walking away nonplussed and perplexed. Just a thought… 🙂

  166. Candace: me too!

    Gummy Beeeaaaars
    Bouncing here and there and everywheeeerrre….

    byke and i loved it.

    (off to watch it again)

  167. Ok 4 days of this song in my head and I gotta say, maybe we should get the guys who made this to write the CO theme song.
    Cute Overload
    Overload of Cute
    Cute Overload

  168. Ponygirl says:

    I know I am late to this party (Having put off watching the video out of fear of it being stupid) but I decided I was a CuteOverload completist and gave it a watch.

    OMG PONIES!!!!!11!1!!1 – Greatest post of all times (except for the one with the cat and the monkey)

  169. Ponygirl says:

    blinking confusedly,

    Are you suggesting a rating system?

  170. katie sandiego says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. It made me happy all day – and we can all use a little HEYYY now and then!

  171. Blinking confusedly: try reading the comments before watching the clip. Then you’ll probably get a good idea of whether or not you’ll be confused or entertained. I’m with those who said the comments were funnier than the movie, I’ve laughed a lot more at them than I did at it! So in the end, still entertaining to me. 🙂

  172. alex spence says:

    Thought it was funny until my little sister (who recently learned what gay means) asked why they were making fun of the gay boy. Youngsters are wise.

    I agree Charlie much funnier.

  173. Alex — they weren’t making fun of Shannon… but it’s tricky explaining that, and how to tell the difference between benevolent satire and malicious ridicule.

  174. Coleman says:


  175. Evie the Commenter says:

    Hey that was GAY like that Shannon
    Tom Cruise and Cadillac and then Feathers?
    I get were you got Tom.C. but feathers and Cadillac what the heck1?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?