I got yer flying hamsters right here

You thought we had flying hamsters (see background image of this site) Well, here are the REAL flying hams.

Nice work, MC2!



  1. Noooo! I thought it was going to be cute – but it’s a snuff movie!

  2. bleen?

  3. Hahaha awesome. But I thought they would be more realistic. :p

  4. no bleen… 😦

  5. shollia says:

    Rofl… hilarious and totally cute.

  6. I agree with Sarah P. The thought of any animal dying just isn’t funny.

  7. redbone says:

    Couldn’t he just use an RC helicopter? I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t like helicopters?

    Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this.

  8. Oh people, it’s puppets! Hand puppets! C’mon now.

  9. Peg of Tilling says:

    What the video didn’t show was the two nice nice ladies on the ground who caught the hamster and took it home for rounds of hot chocolate and bitter complaint, after which it was all better. Yes, darnit, ALL BETTER. Or at least much improved. Honest.

  10. Sarah P/Zoid…

    Think about it a little more, and it becomes funny!

  11. OMG yay! Nuff city!!!

    This is soooo cruel! There’s blood splattering everywhere! Oh, the humanity!

  12. I -love- the ‘eeeeeeee’ noise.

  13. Sorry. Not so funny.

  14. *splodes*

    too funny.

    there should be a video category.

  15. Is there a term for when the site administrator trolls her own site?

    I’m all for it, at any rate. But I’m a little confused as to what role the hamsters actually played in that system. Couldn’t it have just as easily have been, say, a rutabaga?

  16. that wasn’t cute – it was actually quite offensive. some idiot will now DO THAT to some poor ham. take it down!

  17. You people need to calm down and grow a sense of humor, honestly.

  18. that’s not very nice 😦

  19. Kate B. says:

    Those hamster puppets remind me of the ones that used to play Vyv’s hamster SPG on “The Young Ones”.

  20. Michelle says:

    Yay for flying hamsters! 😀


  21. albatross says:

    wait wait wait… are you people all aware that these are puppets?

    let me repeat:


    i thought it was cute AND funny, especially the “wheeeeeeee” noise.

  22. Tina Rhea says:

    Puppets, I know, but still not cute by me. The hawk that flies down and steals beer from people at the street cafe– THAT’S funny.

  23. Well I don’t know, I thought the girl’s braids were srsly cute. I wanna get some.

  24. It’s hilarious people. Calm yourselves. There’s too many other things in this life to get upset about than a silly commercial.

  25. >>some idiot will now DO THAT to some poor ham.< <

    LOL! Yes, right after they run off a cliff like Wile E. Coyote, slam down a can of spinach to get strong like Popeye, and try to fly like Superman, thousands of people are going to dress their hamsters up with little backpacks and slingshot them out the window.

    Thankfully, at least one or two or two such acts of misguided mimicry will weed the idiots out of the gene pool.

    Alas, there’s no such technique to weed them out of comment threads.

  26. Sorry, I don’t find this funny or cute. No matter how fake the creatures look, he/she slams against a window to her/his death. NOT FUNNY.

  27. I clap for thee, Jaye…And I go pick up the little handpuppet and hug it. And stuff a hand in it to make it alive again.

  28. Funny commercial. the little puppets are very cute.

  29. Hahaha. See, I thought the slamming into the window was THE FUNNIEST PART. But I am a little sick and twisted.

    *snickers off somewhere where the nuffs cant find her*

  30. Along the line of Jaye. People who have pet hamsters do not do those kind of things to their babies.

  31. This is quite old, but that doesn’t make it less awesome!

  32. It’s like this bumper sticker I saw that said “If you’re not OUTRAGED you haven’t been paying attention.” It didn’t even say what we were supposed to be OUTRAGED about. Some people just think it makes them important/moral/modern/elite/better/smarter/etc.
    to be OUTRAGED at everything. I think I enjoy peeps who are cheerful and positive better, but maybe I’m just not payin attenshun;)

  33. I hate to be a troll but I will have to agree with the nuffs. The animals are clearly terrified. They’re sad when one of their number died. This movie was incredibly cruel.

    [yeah, because puppets are like that. – Ed.]

  34. ADifferentPaula says:

    Kind of reminds me of Caddyshack….

  35. Barbara says:

    Just not funny for a site that usually proclaims animal love.

  36. Ok…I think everyone knows that it is not real and they are puppets….but I have to agree….NOT FUNNY.

  37. not an overload of cute

  38. Rowangrey says:

    Not cute. Nor funny.

  39. ROFLMAO!
    At first I was like WTF? then I saw it was OK because they’re just puppets and then it was cute & funny, like slapstick. Either you like it or you don’t. No harm no foul.

  40. “not fucking cute” – that will get deleted b/c the word “fuck” is somehow worse than making a joke out of cruelty.

    yes its a puppet, and yes its a joke. but its still making light of cruelty to animals. and its not fucking cute.

  41. hehehe. funny hamster death 😀

  42. not at all cute.

    yes its a puppet, and yes its a joke. but its a joke at the expense of, and making light of cruelty to animals.

    this is the only thing i have ever personally objected to on this site, but i really think its tasteless.

  43. SayYesh says:

    ROTFLMAO. In a very quiet work space too. What a hoot ! Great vid.

  44. not cute and not funny.

    yes its a joke, and yes its just puppets. but the premise is based on making light of cruelty to animals.

    i haven’t objected to anything on this site before, rack shots included. but i’m disgusted by this.

  45. Mrs. P. says:

    Kate B.: YES! The spy hamster on _The Young Ones_! Precisely!

  46. Cassandra says:

    Meg, you sly fox, how could I never have realized before how much you relish the commentroversy? This…this is why I love CO so much. Sly foxes and baby bunnies, and the occasional flying ham/puppet…best site evah!

  47. Alberto says:

    That video reminded me of this old one:

  48. fish eye no miko says:

    Zoid: “The thought of any animal dying just isn’t funny.”

    Where’s the proof that it died? Maybe it was just knocked out. Or maybe just a little stunned. Or maybe IT’S JUST A FREAKIN’ PUPPET.

  49. I laughed hysterically at this. Come on, guys. They’re bleeping puppets for crying out loud. They’re not alive, so chill. Have a sense of humour.

  50. No offense taken here, because they didn’t seem real at all. I love the “eeeeee” noise!

  51. OMG i can’t believe how long this commentary is going on. I loved it. More flying ham puppets please! Besides who’s to say the flying hamster puppet didn’t have a little parachute in his backpack!!!

  52. Rosey Posey says:

    He’s not dead… he groans when he slides off the window. More to the point… IT’S A PUPPET!

    No one complains when Rizzo or Gonzo or Beanie Bunny gets smooshed in the Muppets.

  53. I’m so angry about this post that I am starting a support-group for all the people were forced at gunpoint to view it: PATAOP (People Against the Abuse of Puppets). We’ll be meeting in my basement every Tuesday night at 8. You bring the juice, and I’ll bring the lemon squares!

  54. donutbill says:

    I don’t know if this is “cute,” but it SHORE is funny!!!


  55. Natalie says:

    This was freaking hilarious! The puppets are cute as hell, too. PUPPETS, people.

    For the people who are offended by this: How do you get through the day? Do you never watch the news or leave your house? You must have a pretty hard time dealing with the real world if you’re so easily offended by a silly video.

  56. Pass the popcorn please….I’m gonna sit back and watch this…. a puppet commenterversy…

    could someone bring me a diet coke?

  57. CorgiGirl says:

    Wow, disturbing.

  58. *hands metaskins a diet coke & settles back with a code red mt. dew*
    lol puppetroversy

  59. oops sorry metsakins I spelled your name wrong

  60. But … why was it on CO? Funny or not aside, it just isn’t *cute*.

  61. Sie, the puppets themselves are cute. The actual point, I think, was to tie it in with the flying hammies on the site’s background.

  62. *looks at the nuffs*

    *giggles and runs off*

  63. Jillian says:

    So substitute the ham puppet with a Baby doll… that would be more offensive why?

    Its not funny, nor cute. I agree, I would expect more from this site. Its usually so pro-animal, and commercials like that only encourage stupidity.

  64. quidamling says:

    eeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeee…. splat!


  65. [yeah, because puppets are like that. – Ed.]

    They are representing real animals. It is just making light of animal cruelty. Frankly I’m disturbed that so many people here are willing to brush it off as “they’re just puppets”. This is not cute.

    A while ago, a friend of mine sent me a PETA video of a mink getting skinned alive. Maybe I should send it in? I mean, the mink was cute (well, it was before the skin got peeled off). Maybe Meg would like it. Perhaps alot of people here would find it funny.

  66. That’s okay Metz, didn’t even notice….Popcorn? (Its the lite kind…)

  67. Baden's Mom says:

    brinnann – Until I read your comment, I was feeling conflicted about the video, as I don’t really care for slapstick humor, but handpuppets make me laugh until I cry. What you wrote makes perfect sense to me, so thanks for sharing!

  68. Diana — regardless of whether or not you welcome it, I pity you.

  69. Seriously, Diana? You’re comparing puppets to an actual animal being skinned? And WHO exactly is making light of animal cruelty here?

    They don’t even LOOK like real animals

    No one here is saying animal cruelty is funny. No one here is saying they enjoy watching animals be hurt. So why don’t you get over your damn self-righteousness and get over yourselves.

  70. Obviously cute and funny are subjective. We’re all not gonna agree. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Not everything I’ve seen on here do I LOVE but I think its a stretch to bring minks being skinned into the picture. There’s no correlation.

  71. Now, everyone who knows me knows I’m a fanatic for animal rights and can’t stand the thought of any type of animal cruelty. I donate my time and my money to the Humane Society, WWF, Greenpeace, and others. And I have to say: THIS COMMERCIAL IS HILARIOUS. The hamsters are very clearly puppets and are obviously perfectly willing to go flying around… there was no blood or anything when the one splatted the window. Lighten up and have a sense of humour. People who want to abuse animals that badly will do it regardless of whether or not they see this commercial. So stop whining about this and try to stop animal cruelty through real methods – like supporting the Humane Society.

  72. Ah the puppetroversy. I knew we were overdo for this. Grabs a big bowl of Chocolate pudding and a chardonay and goes and joins Metsakins and metz on the couch.

    This will be fun.

  73. just to tick more ppl off because it’s harmless fun-


  74. Shawna Bravo, and nicely stated too I might add

  75. Let’s all jump on the sofa and watch the fun with our chocloate pudding and chardonnay………..that sounds like more fun. 🙂

  76. Annie —
    1) “Puppetroversy” = WIN
    2) um, girl, you either need to switch to butterscotch pudding, or a full-bodied red.
    3) it’s spelled “overdoo”


  77. quidamling says:

    hey, i just noticed: they have little hampster crash helmets! it’s only cruel if there’s no safety gear.


  79. OH. MY. GAWD.

    Commentrovery on THIS video??? It’s NOT REAL, people! What if you substituted Tickle me Elmo for the hamsters with the little helmets? Would you guys rise up and protest that too? Geeezzz……

    Changing the subject just a skosh…. For pinkwerewolf who suggested that we have a video category… WE DO! It’s Meg’s video site, CUTECAST! Never fear! I didn’t see the flying hammie video on there. http://cutecast.ning.com/
    …..signs off anonymously and slinks away before they start throwing tomatoes at me. 😉

  80. rsncrntz says:

    *snork* The comments are funnier than the video! The ham puppets are cutest though.

  81. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, the first time I watched it I did not have “sound” so for a few seconds I thought they were real hamsters. With the sound, it was very clear these are puppets.
    And while I’m a definitely an animal lover, I thought it was funny. Would it have been cuter if he’d caught the hammie instead and camera go to his face while he turns to mush or something? yeah, probably. But this was ok too. And the wheee noises made me laugh.

  82. Whatcha mean, Theo???? You’re not gonna let me on the couch?

    This is the blue couch of FABULOUSNESS. Thou shalt be so, or be upon some other couch.

  84. Hahahahahah, you make me laugh. I know how to eat pudding on a couch without making a mess. But if you are worried…….I’ll sit on the floor..

  85. Theo I would have gone with a Pinot Noir but didn’t want to advertise the greatness of this wine(More for me you see) Also I did one of those Due or do things. and forgot all my spelling tests from school.

  86. Lisa — you misunderstand.

    Chocolate demands a full-bodied red. Mint, vanilla, butterscotch, tapioca… Chardonnay is acceptable with these. But once you start crisscrossing your complementaries, you need to go find the RED COUCH OF OUTRAGEOUSNESS.

    Clear as bleen?

  87. Rina, hahahah that was awesome!!! 😀

    here’s another:

    ok, mine is a little worse. yay!

  88. How about my BROWN COUCH OF NEUTRALNESS……..that i have in my house…. 😉
    I will try to remember my lessons on what puddings go with what wines…….

  89. Hmm.
    Well, we could always paint it…

  90. Mello – No you di-int!!! Yikes! 😉

  91. is it okay if I stick with popcorn and diet coke? (or does someone have cinamon rice pudding with raisans…yummy)

  92. hehehe 😀 I mostly like that video because I have both a Focus and a chihuahua…I just switch the roles and I sit on the car instead.

  93. Metsakins for you I will make homemade portuguese rice pudding. IT is oh so creammy and cinnamony delicious. IT would go fine with Diet Coke.

  94. What kind of pudding goes with a Riesling?

    Oh, and I’m still waiting for my score on Kitten Cannon to load, 620 feet, but the high score list is taking forever.

  95. Mello now there is a commercial to get het up about.

    oh and it is from england not america.

  96. OMG Mello!

    does anyone remember the Saturday NIght Live fake commercial where they have a mohl preform a circumcision in the back of a car?

  97. Brinn definatly Vanilla I think. Or tapioca. and of course the popcorn the salty with the dryness of the Reiling should go nicely

  98. OMG I remember that SNL skit!! The car’s ride was so smooth that he could perform a circumcision in the back. 😀

    haha, awesome. Now we’ll have some kind of PETJKC (People for the Ethical Treatment of Jewish Kids in Cars) controversy going on…

  99. We seem to have run the nuffs off fairly quickly. Are they all back to complaining about the iKitty?

  100. I think we were having 2 much fun for them.

    Good pudding, thanks Annie

    Guys have you tried Annie’s homemade rice pudding it fabulous…

  101. For that, I think we’ll need RUM.


  102. Natalie says:

    I like these comments better. Mmmmm…pudding…

  103. I have yet to try this RPG style pudding. Does it give +3 HP?

    *eats pudding and walks to ipod kitty and steals one ipod with stealing power*

  104. Ohhh RUm and Rice pudding I hadn’t thought of that. That would be yummy.

    Ahoy matey pass me the rice pudding and me rum.

  105. Hey, were did the nuffs go? What’s this talk about pudding?

  106. Sheesh, gonna have to get more mt. dew (don’t do wine)
    anyone up for some cheese & crackers to go with the wine & pudding & Popcorn?
    2 commentroversy(ies?) in one day? whew!

  107. metsakins, I remember the SNL skit of the kitty driving the car! LMAO

  108. Toonces was a *bad* driver.

  109. I used to think wine & cheese was just a cliche, until I tried it. It’s really quite good.

  110. Helene you are too late we got tired of it and chased them away for a little while any way I am sure they will be back later.

  111. Brinn you should try pears and cheese. with a white wine. Both fruity and dry work well

  112. Metz -don’t remember that one but I’ll never forget the circumcision one…

  113. gotta go back to visit hubby again…

    Shall I bring back some pizzas for you guys?

  114. I will NEVER refuse pizza.
    Well… hardly ever.

  115. MaliceAlice says:

    You know what I’m thinking? Commentroversy section. So that all the nuffs can find something to be offended about as soon as they come to the site! You know, just cut staight to the heart of the matter (oops! Just violent imagery. I better knock it off before someone get the wrong idea!) I would not disagree that Meg knows when something is going to be controversial. See, all that time saved!

  116. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is funny! I laughed so hard, my fiance asked me what I was doing.

  117. MaliceAlice says:

    Also, please pass the butterscotch and a cold beer. Those go together, right?

  118. M’Alice — actually, yes. (Pale ale.)

  119. MaliceAlice says:

    Mmmm, pale ale. It’s only 2 in the afternoon and already I’m being tempted! Damn you, pudding!

  120. oh noes, animal cruelty!!11! ;p

  121. Metsakins, PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA. we want Pizza. Especially A Combo Please

  122. Meg is trying to start a controversy with this ‘submishe’.

  123. Oh ishe?

  124. MaliceAlice says:

    @Noelle: ‘trying to start’? Oh honey, is has already be broughten.

  125. Suda Nim says:

    “Do you like Reisling?”

    “I don’t know. I’ve never Reisled.”

  126. Suda Nim it is a dry white wine.

    [in this case, I think it was a dry wit… – Ed.]

  127. Theo Pretzels can sometimes be dangerous too

  128. coughingpuppy says:

    I think about half the commentors on this site have no need to sleep – they are sustained by self-righteous anger alone. I thought this was pretty clever, and strangely, I’m not feeling the urge to fling my hamster out the window, either.

  129. My sock drawer is strangely empty, though.

  130. There’s no Reisling to deny oneself a nice light white wine.

    Especially when it’s washed down with a meat-lover’s pizza.

    While reading comments on The CO.

  131. You’re weird, sir.

  132. Ahahaha what a brilliant little comment thread to read. Thanks, all. Loved the Kitty Cannon game and all the youtube links, too.

  133. Annie, I wasn’t late, I was early. I announced the upcoming commentroversy! See comment # 11.

  134. Helene, Hang on a tic Runs up the thread all the way to comment…..#11 oh Helene that was you spattering blood on the window when there was none in the commercial. You is so funny. WHere did you go? Why didn’t you hang around. Iknow you love the puppetroversy

  135. kestrien says:

    Is being Reisled like wrassling, except with a lovely sweet white wine instead?

  136. Yitzysmommie says:

    AARRRR, I’m sittin’ here waitin’ for patients who are no showing. Can’t see vids here so I’m missin’ out on the cause of the hamoversy, dagnabit!
    And now I’m hungry & want puddin’ in various flavors, on any color couch, but one with Rikki kitten would be nice.
    My 7+ years of sobriety suggest I should pass on the vino, tho….

  137. Cassandra says:

    Am I the only one who kind of misses the nuffs? *ducks to avoid flying pudding* seriously tho, this has been a pretty amusing couple of hours…

  138. nonnymouse says:

    “Ok…I think everyone knows that it is not real and they are puppets….but I have to agree….NOT FUNNY.”

    Ditto. Not funny at all. I think I’ll try to sell my business with human baby puppets as an illustration for cleaning toilets. Yeah! The new toilet baby! Cleans and shines your toilet. When will it stop being acceptable to think violence against anyone (humans or animals) is funny? Yeah, it’s just a stupid fantasy commercial. DUH, but it’s still NOT FUNNY!

  139. Yitsysmommie, I don’t drink either. You could come hang out w/me on my snowy white sofa and we can drink nice cold milk with my floofy white kitteh. Sounds lovely, eh?

  140. Ponygirl says:

    nonnymouse, I think toilet babies sound really funny.

  141. Wow Casandra, ask and ye shall receive, nuffs hate babies, don’t they? So here is my gratuitous baby for you nonnymouse:

  142. Ok I’m not going to be obnoxious like some of the others but this didn’t make me laugh it made me sad. I know they’re just puppets but still I couldn’t help thinking awwww poor lil guy.

  143. I agree with the comments that say that someone will try this with a real ham.

    Believe me, as a former owner of a black cat who had to keep her under very tight wraps at Halloween because we all know what kind of cruel things stupid kids will do to black cats….I wouldn’t put it past people to do something just that stupid and harmful. People CAN be very cruel. What’s the point in tempting fate?

  144. Again, MythBusters in my head, suddenly…
    “Give us a break!”
    “DON’T try anything you’re about to see at home.”
    “We’re what you call EXPERTS.”
    “That’s right… we run Air Hampster eXpress for a LIVING.”

  145. wile e coyote says:

    if wile e coyote getting blown up, falling to his “death,” or maimed is funny (and we all know it is), then this is funny too. the end.

  146. yeah Theo, and also:
    These are specially trained stunt hampsters, who each have black belts and accredidashun from the hampster school of aeronautics. Do not try this with your garden variety hampster from Sheboygen, doncha know.

  147. Actually, that ad was kind of dumb. Aside from the fact that I have that very hand puppet sitting on my dresser, the ad wasn’t terribly clever. I guess it was going for the controversial/shock factor and looking at all your comments, it did the trick. Perhaps we can do a poll… was it offensive/funny/dumb?

  148. Cassandra says:

    Ooops. Sorry team, I should know better than to tempt the nuffs. I just can’t HELP it, it’s like putting a piece of tape on a kitten’s paw and watching it try to remove said tape (wonder what the nuffs will think of that).

  149. Yitzysmommie says:

    Loud snort of amusement from YM after finally watching the video.
    cutebabyfix, I’ll gladly join you for a glass of milk and a snorgle of your floofy white kitteh.

  150. I’m truely amazed that some folks got their knickers in knots over this. It was hilarious!

    And for the record, people and kids are no where near as stupid as some of you have been convinced of. Unless you are comparing them to your own yardstick….which never does anyone justice.

  151. OH MY GOSH! I will never read this site again. This is obvious cruelty to puppets.

    Come on. It’s fake for goodness sake. The little “wheeeeeeeee!” noises the ham makes while flying makes the whole thing.

  152. Cassandra, Throws butterscotch pudding at cassandra when she turns to look. quit feeding the nuffs girl.

  153. Theo, I haven’t seen anyone ask about Gewürztraminer. What kind of pudding goes with Gewürztraminer?? Or would jello perhaps be a better option with this varietal?

  154. EVERYTHING goes with gewurztraminer.

    Even hammie puppets in helmets.

    Well, maybe.

  155. Music Chick I would suggest a lovely bread pudding with that. with ghiardelli Chocolate chips in it. i Know, I know, not traditional but almost everything is yummyer with chocolate chips.

  156. Not Jell-O. You’re thinking of vodka.

  157. Cassandra says:

    Annie, you forget that you’re throwing pudding at a bigmouth, I just caught that butterscotch pudding with my giant gob and swallowed it whole. I can has more plz? I promise to quit teasing the nuffers…*puts on best behaviour*

  158. Yumm Jello shots.

  159. Cassandra, well I guess now would be good time to make that pudding run Theo mentioned earlier

  160. Lurker…. LOL! I thought they were adorable! Woulda thunk that they’d spark a commentroversy! Annie – Bread pudding? NUM!!! Me luuuurrves bread pudding! Can we use white chocolate chips? And macadamia nuts?

    Theo…who me? Vodka? Jello shots??? I’ve been alcohol free for almost 2 yrs now. Us preachers daughters can be SOOO boring.

  161. I wonder if it’s possible at all to make Jell-O with some sort of carbonated beverage, though, like Sierra Mist or Vernor’s or something. Would that not be wild?? Fizzy Jell-O!

  162. you can make jello with seltzer…no problemo

  163. They actually did have it a it was special jello a few years ago it was actually kind of icky.


    Ahem. Yes.

    You know, guys and people, there are many, many smart folks out there. Folks, who, say, watch Sin City, play GTA, and read creepy-arse stories like Babycakes. And we folks are pretty well-adjusted, who will in all likelihood not go out and smack people with shovels just because a movie or story told them to.

    Howzabout that.

    Heck, if puppets incited kids to do crazy stuff, then Sesame Street ought to be Public Enemy Number One.

    (Avenue Q doesn’t count as “crazy stuff.”)

    If we censored everything that might inspire one or two silly buggers to do somethingm stupid, let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t have a computer right now. 😉

  165. fairywench says:

    Pretending to deliberately hurt an animal is not funny, sorry.

    Here, try this – make the video again, but replace the hamster puppets with, say, puppets representing black people. Oh, suddenly it’s not funny, is it?

  166. (leans forward on the bar counter)

    “Another hard day at the computer, sir? What was it this time – puppets?”

    (rolls eyes at the other bartender)

    “Ah, yes sir, they can be the very devil…flying were they, sir? And what was the word – redonkulous? Yes, they must have been.”

    (takes gun out, lays it under the bar counter, just in case)

    “Sir, this establishment does not carry ‘puddin’. Butterscotch or otherwise. Scotch, yes…jello? FIZZY JELLO? With a splash of Vernor’s?”

    (puts gun away)

    “Coming right up, sir.”

  167. boy how’d thought I’d still be hungry after all that pudding popcorn diet coke. But I’m back and I have pizza for all. I like the veggie delight, but I brought a meat lovers special 2. Its gonna be a long night….

  168. Sarah E says:

    Hated it. Hate that Canadian douchebag. He prolly tried to do that with real hammies.

  169. *reads comments for third time, laughs harder at nuffs than at vid*

    do ppl have lives? stheriousthly.

    my highest on Kitten cannon’s 1,016. sheer hilarity. wait…i do not have aforementioned life, yet I don’t whine over puppets….huh.

  170. Excuse me? Canadian douchebag?

    And fairywench…wake up and smell reality. Bringing race into a video of a commercial that used hamster puppets is just plain stupid.

  171. nightbird says:

    Oh Pulleeeze. Crash helmeted hampster puppets flying through the air? Mighty demmed dumb and funny as hell. Pass the chocolate pudding. Have you ever tried it on pretzels? Salty and sweet. (SNL-Sweet and Salty Balls)

  172. mmmmm pretzels dipped in chocolate pudding….

    nightbird – would you lile veggie or meat pizza.

    I’m still sticking with diet coke, but there is a whole wine bar over there by the couch…

  173. Did you say vegi pizza. I love that stuff. and did some one get more Pudding by any chance

  174. Aubrey, Snicker.

  175. .. Please! Won’t someone think of the PUPPETS? Oh, the Pseudo-Fabricated-Animalesque-Inhumanity! What will they tell that puppet’s family? *teardrop*

    Ahem. *I* thought it was funnier than all dickens!

  176. Victoria says:

    this should definitely go in the cute, but sad category.

  177. I know it can’t possibly be true, but still…


  178. R. Moore says:

    I have no wine, but I have slightly fermented peaches. It’s like pudding AND wine all in one!

  179. Well… gosh. Just spent the last half hour reading this thred. (Was supposed to be doing laundry.)

    Um… well, video was kinda silly… yeh dumb. But it was a commercial, right? Aren’t all commercials dumb? Silly people doing silly things. That’s what commercials are for, right?

    Anyway, it was kinda cute, I suppose. K, I’m going to go snorgle my real hammies, now.


    Sigh… I luv pudding.

  180. *slightly fermented peaches*


  181. PandaGirl says:

    Well I just about fell out of my chair laughing. That was hilarious!

    C’mon people. It’s like watching cartoons. You laughed at Wile E. Coyote getting smushed by various methods as kids, right?

  182. one more thing…this commercial appears to be from UK, or non-US TV.

    i dont think the standards cops in the USA would allow an ad like this on American telly.

    it is funny though.

  183. This was not funny. 😦

  184. Good lord, what a storm of commentroversy!

    I meant my first comment to be light-hearted; I certainly didn’t *really* find this offensive or bothersome.


  185. book_monstercats says:

    I thought it was very funny. The hams jumping up and down and then putting their paws over their faces… In the UK we tend to have running stories in adverts, like coffee, and the guinea pigs for the credit card and, at the risk of the ‘Nuffs (and be fair, they are entitled to their opinion)jumping up and down, I’d like to see these hams getting their own running advert

  186. pistache268 says:

    Heeeeee cute paws.

  187. Morning!

    *floor covered with empty pudding bowls, people dosing off in wine caused stupor, empty pizza boxes and crusts everywhere*

    who’s doing the coffee run?

  188. c’mon peeps, everyone up… just *look* how close we are to 200 commentinos.

    [rolls up sleeves…butter-fly kisses kitteh on nose] if we all work together, (yes, nuffs too…you makes us all laff so much) we can push this bebeh over the 200 mark.

    let’s do it!!


  189. haha, awwww dead ham-pilots.

    I giggled out loud

  190. Yeah, yeah, the video made me chuckle but I’m so sad I missed the party!! I could have contributed some shakers of dirty martinis and olives stuffed with cream cheese to make them really dirty. It’s 5 p.m. somewhere in the world right now isn’t it?
    I wonder if we could lure animalmommy back to this thread….

  191. I’m back. Sorry I missed the pizza 😦

    I see the nuffs came back. I knew they would.

    Pudding was good – wine was good – maybe i’ll make the pizza party next time….

    Y’all make my day as much as the cute pics (and the funny flying ham videos….)

  192. Well, it’s morning peeps. I hope you are all proud of what you’ve done. According to my calculations, Yitzymommy, MC2, Metsakins and I are the only ones with out a killer puddin hangover. Look at this mess! And Theo is asleep under the sofa! And The Dog is eating the paper out of the bottom of the pizza box. And no, I won’t get you any coffee, I don’t drink that either. At this point, I think everyone is grounded. No TV for a week!

  193. finally an irish mention on CO! wayyy i’m with that network. I assure you no hamsters are harmed 😉

  194. Valerie says:

    I think that was the first post I DIDNT like.

  195. *brings in fresh supply of pizza, wine, and grandma’s butterscotch-and-marshmallow pudding*

    let’s hit 250 comments today, peeps.

  196. pop tarts, bagels, & fresh fruit, & bloody marys (virgin for me) all around. Sorry I had to leave the party just as it was getting good. Thanks everyone for giving me a reason to smile this morning.

  197. Hey, Theo – your name brings you close to my heart. One of my kittehs is name Theo…..just thought I’d let you know. 🙂 Plus your funny comments help toooooo

  198. …sooo…..cloooooose…..

    who’s gonna do it, huh?

    *waves arms to get people on their feet to chant*


  199. Hey, I’ve been up for hours and hours, I’m loaded with caffeine and looking for action!!!! Nuffs must be sleeping in. Maybe I should do something constructive instead of lurking here…nah…

  200. a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste says:

    I’m gonna wait one more post so’z I can be number 200!



  201. Yitzysmommie says:

    Gooooood Morning, Cute Overloaders!
    Is everyone awake? Coffee in the bloodstream? Leftover pizza n puddin’ finished up?
    Watched the hammie video again and snorted with laughter again, this time disturbing Yitzy who is snoozing on my lap. I hope the nuffs have found their senses of humor again. If not, perhaps Wiley Coyote and his Acme bombs can blow some sense into their heads.
    TTFN, peeps.

  202. *ding-ding-ding-ding*

    YES!! yitzysmommie you are the winner!!! lucky #200 poster.

    theo, what she get!??

  203. Yitzysmommie – You are the winner of a years supply of KozyShack Pudding and a gift certificate to the wine store of your choice….

    And for our runner’s up we have gift certificate to Pizza Hut…..

  204. *Throws strawberry poptart at Yitzysmommie*
    That’s for disturbing your kittey by laughin. Don’t you know better than to disturb a kittey who’s using you as a bed?
    (plus jealous you got the 200 mark) 😉

  205. i said LEMON SQUARES, people! LEMON SQUARES!

  206. *hides poptarts*

  207. Peeps your help is needed over at ipod kitteh…with just a little effort we ccan have decibleen…

  208. and while your heading over there, did anyone get brown sugar cinamon poptarts….? cause I can make a run..(I know Lemon squares, 2)

  209. Dat’s okay Metz…we all know how dee shoogarz from dee poptaaartz can make peeps a lil crazy. That and being scooped on the 200th posting. *patting you gently on dee shoulder*

    Hey!! I bet you can be #200 over at the ipod kitteh ear mangling debacle commentroversy! Go fer eeet!


  210. *blows into conch shell*


  211. HEllo… Hellooo…. WHere is everybody????? oh over at the IPod Kitty boo hoo i missed the pizza and beer. Off to the Ipd kitty to join the fun..

  212. This is NOT good…how much you wanna bet there will be idiots who try this with LIVE hamsters….I think that to put it on your site is questionable…although most of us would never think of it..others would, do, and will copycat it, but with the real thing.

  213. Angus, gotta love your faith in human kind.

    Trust me. People aren’t that freaking stupid. Or there’d be a lot more incidents of anvil dropping.

  214. well, i think it is NOT good to censor the ideas of people because of the tiny possibility that some idiots with copycat.

  215. will*

  216. Well, I just tried it. I can say with confidence that regular hamsters work better than Siberian, and I found that helmets actually improved my accuracy very slightly.

    Also, tiny backpacks are a B!%@# to sew.

  217. Theo, do you find that the backpacks create more wind resistance, or are they worth it for the effect of weight on the fall?

  218. Theo for shame, didn’t you read all those posts saying you shouldn’t try it? LMAO
    Got any extra hammies or backpacks you can send my way? . . .
    Since you tried it, it must be ok.

  219. Oh, instead of commenting to reply to the nuffs, we can start sending them Theo’s hammie-grams! Bet they’d lurve that!

  220. monkeyman says:

    Guys, this is the real story behind this ad–it is a spoof/homage/ripoff of a very famous spot done for outpost.com many years ago, wherein gerbils were shot from a cannon through the ‘o’ in the logo.

  221. Boring.

    I decided to act out this commercial with real hamsters because I can’t think for myself.

    I did save $0.10 on a text message.

  222. So does that mean gerbils fly better than hammies, but hammies were cheaper? Or does it mean the hammies do a better job and replaced the gerbils?

  223. Brinn — if you can AFFORD the Gerbil Cannon, then by all means, go for it. All *I* got is this puppet-sized slingshot (and of course the ol’ Tapioca Trebuchet).

  224. Gerbil Cannon sounds good, but Hammie-Gram sounds better. Maybe we could start up a courier service.

  225. As some of you may know, yesterday I flung all my duaghter’s old puppets at my sliding glass doors, however I am at work today. We have quite a large squirrel population around the office and I think they would look just like Rocky if dressed appropriately…

  226. Plz to be watchingks, kthx.


  227. Brinn:




  228. Brinn, Totally awesome I need something along this caliber to get the gophers at my house. Oh yeah I have kitty Magneto::Never mind::

  229. meg, hope you’re keeping brinn’s vid link in yer back pocket for a slow day in cuteland. or when you particularly want to see lots of nuff heads EXplode!

  230. Oooh, Annie, you should even be able to take out ROBOT gophers!

  231. *resurfaces from under the pizza boxes & popcorn bags & jello cups &…..*

    Uh, guys? A little help ovah heah? Help me up pwease?

    Cutebabyfix, I can’t POSSIBLY be grounded!! I passed out before the party really got goin’!! *pouts*

  232. Brinn!!11!!!
    MC2, you are forgiven, This time. And theo, it was very rude of you to cut off the catroversy like that, Helene was just getting warmed up!

  233. But…?

  234. Sorries- maybe some computer weirdness going on, it was closed for a while on my end?

  235. R. Moore says:

    I had trouble commenting yesterday, too.

  236. [raising hands]
    [shaking head]
    ‘Twarn’t me.

  237. Stand back ladies- I live with a computer guy, I know what to do…
    Theo, it is ok. Just because the computer doesn’t do what it supposed to all the time does not call your manhood into question, or make you less in any way. Take a deep breath, and say, Even though the computer is down, I am a lovable capable person. There, that’s better isn’t it?

  238. *snickers quietly across the room*

  239. Doesn’t even bother to snicker quietly…Guffaws.. because she has to deal with everyone coming to her when the network is down (which she has no control over) and ask like every five minutes when is it going to be fixed…

    I hear your pain Theo..

  240. Aww, I’m just kiddin, but at our house if I even say hunny, the compy is being a little flaky, he looks all hurted and POUTS.

  241. fairywench says:

    @Teri – why is it okay to pretend to abuse animals, but not black people? But okay, then…let’s change it to gay people.

    It’s not funny because it’s about someone who in real life has traditionally been subjected to abuse.

  242. *taps on microphone* Testing….testing….. can everyone hear me? I just wanted to let you know that there’s a big C.O. event coming up, but since plans aren’t complete, we haven’t posted it here yet. For a sneak peek and an opportunity to share your ideas, check out: http://musicchick2.vox.com . For those who aren’t Vox members, you can email me at: CuteOverloadEvents@gmail.com

  243. I must admit…I am waiting breathlessly for fairywench to crank the Ridic-u-meter ALL THE WAY UP TO 11 by bringing the Holocaust into this discussion of a hamster puppet commercial.

    She’s nearly there already. I *know* she can do it!

  244. Ummm… So in real life puppet hamsters were traditionally subjected to abuse????

    ::thinks to self this must be when they were flung against windows without a helmit on::

  245. Jaye you slay me. I would love to sit quietly under the table and listen to the conversations you and Theo have at dinner with the family Schmoops. I think I know who would win any arguments…

  246. CBF — actually, tonight’s dinner conversation had a lot of “Rikki get DOWN!” and “Could you shoo him off?” and “NO!” this evening. There was turkey, y’see. (The kitters did get SOME turkey treats, after, but NOT straight from the table. No beggins!)

  247. Jaye: Godwin’s Law.

  248. HAHA we tried that rule at our house, but now the corgi-dogpants parks himself right under the 4 year olds chair and snarfs up everything he accidentally drops. My floor has never been so “clean”.

  249. furbabies says:

    Did I miss all of the puddin’ at this commentroversy? Darn!

  250. Furbabies, You missed some but if you hang here for awhile I am sure some more will come your way. There has been a steady stream since the begining.

  251. quote :”that wasn’t cute – it was actually quite offensive. some idiot will now DO THAT to some poor ham. take it down!”

    I saw a video of some stupid dudes actually doing this for real, on you tube. Using snacks to trick squirrels into an elastic catapult, and…well, you know. Even if I don’t sympathize with censorship, I had to report it.

  252. Posh Tater says:

    In context (i.e., humour) that’s a very funny video. I did laugh at the hamsters in crash helmets. Especially the little noises they made, and the “Ahhngg” when their compadre didn’t make it back to base. Beatrix Potter does blockbuster with FX….

    Out of context, for people who don’t get that this is only funny because the hammies are puppets, then of course it’s a training video for numpties.

    There will always be numpties. All we can do is catch them, and fire THEM out of a catapult at a tall, hard, unforgiving building.

  253. OMG Jaye – there are now tears rolling down my face. but here’s my question, how can you tell if a puppet is gay?

    (do you think some of my daughter’s puppets were gay?)

  254. okay gotta go see and hubby and then to work.

    Stopping for more diet coke, are we goin’ with pudding today? I was thinking of a nice tray of italian pastries from the bakery near me….

  255. Metsa, DON’T TEASE! It’s not nice. I’m hungry, and pastries make me wanna cry ‘cuz I want some.

  256. I could go for some croissants. 🙂

  257. It’s okay, I just went to get breakfast for the office. Kolaches, croissants, pastries, all kinds of good stuff. That’s what happens when a hungry woman walks into a bakery.

  258. Kolaches? is there a fattening source of carbohydrates I have missed?

  259. Come on peepls this one is seriously laggin behind the “I-P*ssed” post.

  260. Gah! I don’t think i can keep up people! The pace is grueling! I gots Buddy, and now hammies and iP*ssed too?
    *passes out from cute*

  261. Buddy?

  262. Quick someone get a baby pic to revive CBF!

  263. Metsakins, have you really never heard of kolaches?

  264. me neithers…brinn no taunt us no mo! what are dees galoshes you speeaks of?

  265. galoshes! LMAO!
    i looked it up…wasn’t too sure myself, so here we go…similar or also known as a danish?

  266. Nope, those look like sweet rolls to me….or buns….

  267. Down here, kolaches are pastries or breads filled with sausages, ham, eggs, cheese, and those kinds of things. If something’s filled with fruit we more often refer to it as a danish, even if it really isn’t.

  268. Cheese bun yummy

  269. Oh I see, they’re savory, not sweet…never had them

  270. Yum! Just finished an ice cream sandwich snack…all this talk about food made me hungry for real.
    BTW: I showed this vid to my kids (9 & 4) last night. When it was over they were laughing and then promptly forgot about it. Actually my daughter was more interested in what they were selling than the fate of the puppet hammie. LOL
    And at no time did they show any interest in sending one of our pets out the window.

  271. ACK! Metz, ice cream sammiches are one of my secret food addictions, though since I have a %$#@! freezer I haven’t been able to enjoy them for almost 2 years. But all is not lost! I have MUFFINS in the kitchen….blueberry even!! So since YOU tempted me with the I.C.S., I am compelled to go scarf that muffin. If I gain a pound I’, blamin’ you…. 😉 heh, heh..

  272. It’s just not what I come to CuteOverload for…

  273. Michelle says:

    Wow. Just read this thread today. Seems that the most self-righteous people on this thread are those who can’t accept that others don’t find the ad funny.

  274. NOT CUTE.

    Leave this crap on Youtube!