Early Adopter

I can hear them better this way too.

[touches paw to head, cranking Led Zeppelin]


I’ll take two pink ones, Romeo the cat and sender-inner Ferdinand S.



  1. iFeline.

  2. What’s with the RSS feed? It’s stuck in June 16 (Picnic Lonsche). Waah, I want my updates! ;(

  3. The cat looks like he’s thinking: “This loser better take his iPods and Shuffle off!”


  4. Martha in Washington says:

    That cat is thinking “Yeah, dude, you are so dead.”

  5. Nice Christine says:

    Dude, that cat is PISSED. I’ve seen that face before and it resulted in scratches! Eep!

  6. Seriously. Why would you post this? That person actually had to clip something to the poor cat’s EARS. It’s not like it’s even one of those dog outfits that clips to their fur. This is clipped to EARS. Not cool. VERY not cool.

  7. Lillith says:

    Oh yeah, that owner best be sleeping with one eye open for the considerable future…

  8. Michelle says:

    Heheh. Now playing:

    Green Shuffle: Cat Scratch Fever – Nugent
    Blue Shuffle: Katmandu – Cat Stevens

  9. Nah, he’s just mad about having to listen to Led Zepplins. He’s more into Debussy, I ken tell.

  10. Tina Rhea says:

    That is not a happy cat.

  11. Michelle says:

    OMG! when I was a child I wore my gran’s clip-on earrings for dress-up. I didn’t realize until just now how horrifying the whole experience was. Why didn’t someone call social services and get me removed from my home? Dad actually took photos of me like that! How VERY not cool. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the trauma, not ever never!

    *throws arms in the air and runs wailing from the room*

  12. Shannon says:

    You know – it’s a wonder more cats don’t kill us in our sleep!

  13. Bethanie says:

    That poor cat is pissed! He will be ignoring his owner for the next month…

  14. Vannessa says:

    That cat is going to rip someones face off. That is the same look my cat gives to me when I won’t let him get out of the house to chase lizards on the patio. He usually bites a leg on the way past him… I would wear protective clothing for a while until he isn’t mad at you anymore…

  15. Tankini says:

    Torture… how cute.

  16. hahaha, Michelle. I have also experienced the horror of clip-ons (no pierced ears).

    And as for whether this little guy is pissed off – it’s kinda hard to tell. A cat pulls his ears back when mad, but in this case it could just be the clips. He could equally be all “Whatever…!” and bored, if you project where the ears would be sans apple merchandise.

  17. Wow. That look says “I will poop in your shoes and kill you in your sleep” if I’ve ever seen it.

  18. Simonsmom says:

    No, mleiv, this guy is definitely pissed off. You can tell by his eyes. The look says, “I am barely tolerating this.” When my cats get this look, I can expect the toilet paper to be unrolled at some point in the next day.

  19. nah that’s the look of “Ok just remember this moment when I jump with my full magically increasing weight on your full bladder first thing in the morning.”
    At least that’s what my kittehs use for their fave mode of revenge when I’ve inopportunedly laughed at them or didn’t rescue them quickly enough from my children or husband.

  20. Hehehe.Uh that cats human is in for an %@#&* whopping.
    Not because of the clips but because while the picture is being taken the human is laughing so hard at kitty.

    And people if they really hurt kittys ears that much don’t you think kitty (who by the way looks like he can handle himself)would be scratching hissing and biting and making it known that this was not happening.

  21. poor kitty.
    that looks like it hurts.
    bad owner.
    I will be glad to give him a home where no one will torture him if he needs one….

  22. oh and ANOTHER thing!
    whoever that is holding that cat up?
    why dont you clip those little thingies on your nipples and see how YOU like it?

  23. And hereeeeeeeee we go. *rolls eyes*

  24. “The minute your back is turned, I’m burying these in my magic sandbox. Jerk.”

  25. Good pic for stuffonmycat.com

  26. oooh on the nipples? Is that next? I thought this was sort of a fambly show?

  27. Well, I own a shuffle and I clipped it to various portions of my ears and frankly, zero pain … it barely squeezes.

    That being said, that cat is about to MURDER the person holding him. Never intentionally piss off felines … because you have to sleep sometime.

  28. liz might not realize that some hoomans *like* that sort of thing. *wicked grin* Making her demand a little…less effective.

    (also think she needs to get a better understanding of what constitues torture, I can happily link her to a tale about a cat in Oakville who had his feets boiled by a true cruel person. Perspective. It’s a good thing)

  29. Not cute. It probably doesn’t hurt too much (they close pretty lightly. yes, I just tested it on myself lol) but still 😦

  30. At first I was like, “that looks like it hurts!” and was prepared to get upset. Fortunately I have that shuffle model so, after some experimenting both on myself and my dog, I can assure everyone that the shuffle clip does not hurt at all. Even when I clipped it to my dog’s ear he didn’t seem to care (all he wants is lunch). Mostly all you can tell is that there is weight on your ear (or… other parts…); it doesn’t pinch in any way.

    So relax.

  31. That looks like something from http://www.mycathatesyou.com

    “Laugh all you want monkey boy, wait till you see what I do with my iPaws!”

  32. rdbeader says:

    He’s sooooo thinking:
    “I’m going to smother you with my hefty-mongous tabby stripey bod in the middle of the night…I know where you sleep!”

  33. Kar – HA! *snirk* iPaws…that’s HILARIOUS.

  34. coughingpuppy says:

    If that cat was being “tortured” he would be doing a lot more than just staring irritably into the camera. I think his expression is more one of tired, irritated patience. I get that look when I am tickled.

  35. His whiskers are forward instead of back, so I don’t think he’s all that pissed. It’s just the shuffles weighing down his ears.

  36. Wow, I hope you have some leather welding outfits hanging around…kitteh is gonna SHRED you 🙂

    Not for putting the iPaws on him, but for taking a picture and sharing it around. You are lucky he can’t call your mom and get that pic of you she took when you were 4. 🙂


  37. Kiragirl says:

    PEEVEY Kitteh!

  38. “why dont you clip those little thingies on your nipples and see how YOU like it?”

    I like it a lot 🙂

  39. Revenge is going to be so sweet. I wonder if the iPod Shuffle is cat urine resistant…

  40. i hope those did not pinch kitty’s ears.

    i would never do that to my kitty.

    beautiful cat. if those pods pinched his ears, i hope he poops in owner’s shoes.

  41. bwahahahahahahaha

    /poor kitty

  42. cynthia says:

    Looks like it hurts. Not cute.

  43. Okay, so the cat most likely isn’t being hurt but does it really look happy? I don’t think pets should be hassled like this just so the human can take a so-called cute photo.

    I love this blog, it really brightens up my day. But this is the second time in a shortish while that I’ve seen a dubious photo like this and I wish they weren’t posted.

  44. Juniper says:

    Ramble on…

  45. I just (green) ipodded my own ear, as well as the wee flap of skin between my forefinger and thumb, and it doesn’t hurt, I promise!

  46. I’ve assisted many cat grooms (and done a few myself)and I can tell you for sure that this cat is not that upset. He actually looks rather relaxed. His ears being weighted down just gives him the appearance of being mad.

  47. Krystal says:

    this kitty is soooo unhappy.

  48. rpennefe says:

    All the other comments aside, I snerked water through my nose, Denita TwoDragons:

    “The cat looks like he’s thinking: ‘This loser better take his iPods and Shuffle off!'”

    I think you owe me a new nose!

  49. Whitney says:

    Hey! We have a marmalade kitteh named Romeo too! He has no iPods, however, 😦

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    That cat has the “omg there they go again, if I just ignore them maybe they’ll go away” look. Not a “I’m being tortured” look which I’m sure would be accompanied by scratching and a quick escape. I’m sure he’s not being “hurt” except maybe his dignity.

  51. I will keeeell you!

  52. a different Laura says:

    “Nah, he’s just mad about having to listen to Led Zepplins. He’s more into Debussy, I ken tell.”

    De pussy likes Debussy!

    By all rights, cats ought to be able to sigh heavily and roll their eyes, because I think that’s what this guy would do if he could! 😉

  53. cynthia says:

    In general, why not air on the side of -not- shoving something in a cat’s ears– like the clip part of an ishuffle? Whether or not he tolerates it, it’s not kind to go sticking things in animals for the sake of funny photos.

    Meg, I wish you wouldn’t post stuff like this…

  54. Thanks, llamas, I feel better knowing that it’s been tested on a human and deemed not painful. Now, how about if we run just one more experiment ;o)

  55. Now throw him out the window so your girlfriend gets an iPod!

  56. Redzilla, I’ll do just about anything in the name of science… 😀

  57. Ponygirl says:

    That cat is not in pain. People need to separate cat humiliation and cat torture in their heads and realize one does not equal the other. I have clipped things to my cat’s ears (barrettes, clip on earrings, paper clips, binder clips, etc.) all to various responses (indifference, outrage, purring) none of which was torturous pain. Some people have the kind of relationship with their cats, which result in gleeful cat humiliation. I certainly have it with some of my cats, but not with others. It all depends on their personality. This big ginger tom looks like to perfect candidate for some kitty humiliation.

    That being said, this cat is thinking: “Laugh it up skin-face… payback is hell…”

  58. donutbill says:


    Doesn’t that HURT??!!

    NOT CUTE!!

  59. Oh my god – those aren’t actually clipped to that poor cat’s head, are they? That’s kind of mean…

  60. chet's momma says:

    “i’ve been this way ten years to teh day….”

    i lurve this reference!

  61. Why would you post this? It’s cruel. I thought this was supposed to be about cute. It’s like sticking clothes pins on your ears. Try it. It hurts.

  62. spanglish says:

    I prefer cats whitout earipodsrings!By the way..more than 50 comments in barely 3 h!!!!…….I can offer chocolate chips cookies instead of pudding 🙂


  64. This is not the first time i’ve seen a dodgy photo like this. First you post up photos of cam whores with rabbits between their breasts, and now a poor cat having an ipod clamped on his ears?

    I’d urge the webmaster of this site to have a serious think about the sort of images she posts on here. This isn’t a site for animal humiliation.

  65. Whores? I personally would thank you to NEVER refer to another woman in that manner. THAT my ‘friend’, is disgusting, derogatory and I might add, totally unnecessary to cast judgement on another woman based on one photo of her cuddling her bunnies.

    I simply HATE it when someone casts judgement on a woman that way, ESPECIALLY another woman. It’s wrong. Wrong and ignorant and unhelpful.

    I’d urge anyone calling a woman a ‘whore’ to seriously rethink the language they use.

  66. Loves Cute says:

    I was going to say “If looks could kill we’d all be ded.”


    Joanne is right! It’s not “cute” to humiliate anyone or anything. Nor is it “cute” to hurt them, ever!

    We come to this site for real cute, not cheapo american sitcom-like brainless idiocy.

    Bring back the CUTE!!

  67. Hey, llamas, maybe you could come post about every 30 seconds that you’ve run the old iPod clipped on your ear experiment and discovered it doesn’t hurt at all. Just for those who are too quick to complain without reading the other comments.

  68. I sense Theo about to hit the “locked” button…

  69. Oh noes. Name-calling dimwits are on the internet. Shocked, I am.

  70. anon lurker says:

    I love (really, love) how annoyed and demanding some of you get over a site that’s not YOURS. Is Meg emailing you everyday with horrific photos? Is she forcing you to come here? NO, it’s HER blog and she posts what SHE wants.


    and whoever posted that whore comment: the evil you envision iPod kitty here inflicting on his supposed horrible owners is NOTHING to the revenge I’d inflict on you on behalf of woman kind. Calling someone a “whore” for no reason other than your self-righteous cork-in-butt syndrome is far more heinous than the pet kitty with the iPod ears.

  71. New category!

    Whores with animals in various places!!!

  72. Like the internet doesn’t already have whole domains of that.

  73. Redzilla, excellent idea.

    Y’all: I clipped an ipod, green even for research accuracy, to my own ear and my thumb-finger skin flap, and it doesn’t hurt!

    Don’t make me start ipodding other parts. 😉

  74. Llamas — ow, my mind’s eye…

  75. The cat looks annoyed nothing more. It is a lovely cat even if it’s not exactly pleased with its owner.

    Removing the photo from here is not going to changed what happened to the cat.Those who are crying “animal cruelty omg whats wrong with meg for posting this?!” please realize that others have different definitions of cute and what constitutes cruelty. No cats were harmed in the making of this photo!

    While this picture may not be your cup of tea some of you could phrase it a little more constructively. I don’t expect to find each and every photo on this site to be my favorite but I feel the people who run it have mostly found cute pictures. Who can please everyone all the time?

  76. be_afraid___be_very_afraid says:

    OMG – watch your shoes and bed for revenge. That’s an unhappy kitty!

  77. Don’t forget the uppercase ‘I’!

    The Internet is full of nice ladies and adorable pets in various situations that are not necessarily overloaded with cute.

  78. elliottsmommy says:

    ooohhh…where do i sign up to be a cam whore???

  79. elliottsmommy says:

    i can stick 3 lhasa apsos in my rack – probably not comfortably for all 4 of us, but if it’ll work as my application pic for cam whore, it’s ON, dude.

  80. hahaha, I think elliottsmommy has got the job!

    They should release bras with an extra harness to hold your dog, rabbit, goat, etc.

  81. OMG… I’m helpless, on the floor, snot exuding from facial orifices… at the really grown up “debate” over the content of this picture… I love this site. So much “variety”!!!

    Gawn Yersell Meg! Mair power tae ye!

    oh… I need tea…… and a hankie….

  82. Heheh. okay, The Picture is funny as all get out. but even funnier is all the revenge scenarios everyone is thinking up that the cat is going to foist upon its human. Obviously there are a lot of people here who have Uhhm had kitty revenge directed at them.

    By the way Theo was that Butterscotch Pudding that was your favorite.

  83. elliottsmommy says:

    bwahahaha…mello! i just snorted diet mountain dew out my nose and onto my keyboard when i got to the “goat” part! a bra with a goat-shaped parcel, and maybe a bucket attachment so him can still eat all hims trash!

  84. Mello, Goats. In your bra. (snort Hehehehe)Go on with yourself. I need a hankie too. hehehe

  85. There’s another Lisa on here too now sooooo I’ll add an N to mine to differentiate. Me the Lisa from the couch conversation with Theo on the ham thread. Just FYI I’ve never put ipods on my nips. Just needed to throw that out there – not that I’m judging the other Lisa if she does…….to each his/her own. 🙂

  86. I love the extreme reactions on this site. It’s like everyone is just looking for an excuse to get upset. If I were Meg I would post stuff like this on purpose, just to get a rise out of you folks. 🙂

  87. mervtheflamingo says:

    Note how Romeo is being held. He is lightly sandwiched between arms, and his legs are free to kick and scratch and protest or otherwise get away. He’s just hanging out there, not trying to get away. Uncomfortable cats try to get away.

  88. Annie — butterscotch is my favorite pudding for LAUNCHING.
    In real life I like crème brûlée. Mmmm, blowtorch.

  89. elliottsmommy says:

    ooohhh, LisaN, maybe bras with ipod parcels on the fronts for those who DO enjoy a little kinky ipod action??? okay, i’ve officially gone batty. ta, cute peeps. 🙂

  90. a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste says:

    So, we’re saying it’s cruel to put an ipod on your pussy? (ummm, let me rephrase that…)

  91. Am I going to get in trouble for checking CO from work??

  92. haha, I owe elliottsmommy a soda…and a goat.

    And to LisaN and a dirty mind…

    let’s be friends. 😀 yay to ipods on nips and the p-word!!

  93. Theo, OF course no one launches Creme Brulee. It would be Too Too moishe”

    Besides Creme Brulee is so Yummy.

  94. boy I was so busy watching the flying hams commetroversey did not realize one was going on here.

    *settles on floor all full of pudding and diet coke*

  95. Ya – elliottsmommy – I’m loving the commentary on the “cam whore”s. Just ’cause some people tote their animals next to their bosoms doesn’t mean they’re whores……. Yikes such a judgement! Liked your funny comments regarding trying out to be a cam whore.

  96. Crap Dirty Mind. I am laughing so hard Im crying.

    Theo, Yes Yes you are going to get in trouble for checking CO from work.

  97. *passes Theo a creme brulee*

    Notice I’m not saying a word about further ipod testing. 😉

  98. I am so NOT going into the flying hams one… I don’t think I’ll survive the rest of the afternoon without asphyxiating in hysterical laughter……

  99. a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste says:

    I am reminded of Mrs. Slocombe on that old british comedy “Are you being served?” who always referred to her cat that way. I was always amazed they got away with some of the things they said!

  100. OK, no comments about putting creme brulee on your pussy.

    oops, damn.

  101. Teri – please aquaint yourself with the internet. “Cam whore” != “whore”.

  102. haha, wow. lots of nuffers AND commentroversy on this one picture. get rid of that, and u’ve got like 20 nice comments. oh well….. yay kitty and led zeppelin!!

  103. Shannon Johnson says:

    I didn’t know that cats could listen to the Apple shuffles. That is really cool.

  104. mervtheflamingo says:


    I’m not sure I get your (2nd) point. I think Teri’s post showed knowledge of the internet.

  105. cat friend says:

    This is NOT CUTE, just mean. I won’t stand for animal cruelty on here, no, I just won’t.

  106. Well, OK then. Have a seat.

  107. spanglish says:

    “Flying hammmies” beat “Ipod Cat” 120 to 105 (comments) at this moment!
    Intense competishon, I tell you!!!
    (I prefer Vanilla icecream instead of crème brulée)

  108. MaliceAlice says:

    Kind of look like the nuff have run off of here too. How come I can never dive in the middle of the action? I always come too late 😦 Can’t say anything that hasn’t been said, although I was baffled by the comment that we should even mildly humiliate our pets. I mean… what are they there for? My little Henry doggy has this face that just begs to be smooshed and prodded. Some aminals just have ‘teh face’.

  109. MaliceAlice says:

    What about ‘ham whore’? (And I feel kinda ickyier than I thought I would, using that word) I like hams a lot, esp pics of the ladies with hams all up in their business. Where’s the ham whore representation?

  110. dandy_warhol says:

    if you look closely you can clearly see the hands gripped around the throat of poor mr. pussums, keeping him from escaping, in fact, most likely he’s short of breath and about to faint, hence the lack of a skeedaddle.

    *e-mails PETA*

    *rolls eyes at alarmists*

    *kisses kitties paws*

  111. mervtheflamingo says:

    Huh? What? I was defending the pic, not claiming it was cruel? Why are you mocking me Dandy_warhol?

  112. Merv — what makes you think Dandy was mocking *you*?

  113. ….are you people serious?

    My God! Get a life! Or better yet, get a cause that’s actually worth hemming and hawing about. You know there are people killing eachother out there in that big bad wide world? IT’S TRUE! THERE ARE!

    There are children (and yes, animals too) being starved to death every day…Go complain about that. Better yet, GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    At least if you are going to get on a soap box, get on one that’s strong enough to support your sorry, armchair quarterback selves!

  114. ..Hum. That was a little more…strongly worded then I’d intended.


  115. Here, have some butterscotch. There’s extra.

  116. (burps)

    Did you say extra? Oops.

    (goes back into puddin kitchen)

  117. ::stairs at aubry, aghast::

    but…but…da puddin’

    ::bursts into tears::

    I never get any puddin’

  118. [sigh]
    OK peeps! Scotch run! Whose car works?

  119. The up side to the nuffers on this thread is that it has begat some of the funniest posts I have ever read anywhere! Mello, llama, elliotsmommy, and the ever-witty Theo! Even poor Lisa-not-of-the-nip-pods! Thank you, thank you for making my day. Special thanks to Romeo, who IMHO couldn’t care less about the pods on his ears or the picture.

  120. Heheh, ya know they kinda look like curlers(or in this case flateners)
    Mabel I just washed my ears and I can’t do a thing with them.

  121. Sorry, Here Aubrey we have some chocolate left and a lovely merlot complements of some raccoon on the chipmonk post.

  122. I mean Constance. We got chocolate puddin for constance grabs it back from Aubrey who has had entirely too much puding already.

  123. Yitzysmommie says:

    Beautiful kitty gato. He has more of an Eeyore “oh well, crazy humans” look to me. Wonder what kind of pudding Mr McIpodEars likes?

  124. Methinks Joanne is the one needing proper Internet Education. I’ll give her lesson number 1.

    Cam Whore. Initially used to describe young women who performed sexually in front of a web camera hooked up to the internet so that people all over the world could watch them. And is still very much used to describe such activities.


    So therefore, Cam Whore DOES at times equal Whore. In fact, every single time I have seen the term used online and offline, it has been used to imply a sense of desperation and overt promiscuiousness on the part of the person in a photograph or video in a very derogative manner. And Whore is a TERRIBLE word to use towards a woman, any woman, even those actually performing such work to keep the semblance of a roof over their heads.

    So therefore Joanne, your use of Cam Whore to describe a specific photo that appeared here on CO a couple of months ago is a vicious, nasty and horrible way to describe a young woman who just wanted to take a picture of her bunnies snuggling.

  125. I gots here so late, i can has no OUTRAGE. I was not payin attenshun. I think someone needs to make a video of the ipod clippy acshun. It will prove once and for all: cruel, or funny? You be the jugde! Hosted by Llamas (also also wik) who may or may not decide to clip his ipod on kinky body parts for our amusement! Will it hurt? Tune in! There should definitely be some kind of voting for the peeps, like who should be next to have the clippeh?

  126. I would like to register the fact that although I have found pictures of varying degrees of cuteness on Cute Overload (purely due to personal preference) I have NEVER seen one in which I felt an animal was being ABUSED.
    And that I am jealous of this cat for having TWO shuffles. The green one looks good against his orange fur.

  127. I am TOTALLY seeing a “Cute Overload Special” episode of MythBusters in my head right now.

  128. UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    (sez Rikki!)

  129. furbabies says:

    Did someone mention pudding?

  130. I has some nice tapioca with the leetle feesh eyes in, with raisins and cream!

  131. Salmon roe tapioca… now there’s something I never want to imagine again.

  132. furbabies says:

    Yum,yum,yum. My favorite.

  133. mervtheflamingo says:

    Make my pudding one of those layered dealy-o’s with bits of oreo cookie.

  134. furbabies says:

    Does any one remember snow pudding? The kind with lemon sauce over it. I haven’t had that since I was a wee nipper.

  135. A wee nipper? Did yer Mom clip stuff to you?
    And Merv, parfaits comin right up!

  136. Hey guys, I need some help.

    I have this kitten, he’s 12 weeks old and a holy terror. I found him under a car when he was only 5 weeks old (poor little dewd).

    We’re getting him neutered and the vet suggested we declaw him as well, as we all look like war vets in my house and he’s only getting bigger! Training has not helped at all!

    I don’t really want to subject my little guy to surgery, especially because there’s risk of infection/pain/kitty discomfort involved.

    Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking of “soft paws”?

    It’s not that he claws the furnature, he claws US while he’s trying to get our attention or play. any help would be appreciated.

  137. Oh! And thanks for the puddins!


  138. dandy_warhol says:

    😦 i wasn’t makin’ fun of merv. i thought merv made a good point. i was pokin’ at the alarmists and extremists.

    constance, don’t declaw kitty. he’s still a baby and learning how to use his claws and what’s too rough or too hard. i bought the “soft paws” for my kitten and it was more trouble that it was worth.

  139. If your getting him neutered won’t that cause pain? I’m just saying you might as well do it all at once and get it over with. We had both our cats declawed, and yes they were uncomfortable, but now they are just fine and much, much less pointy. Don’t feel guilty, he will be happier if you guys can pick him up and play with him more, right?

  140. Yitzysmommie says:

    Constance – we clip Yitzy’s claws about every ten days. It’s a two person project, but since we’ve been doing it since he was 8 weeks old, he just gets annoyed, not ballistic. You might try towel burrito-ing him with front paws out then back. Honest to Goodness, my hubby wears his heavy Carhart jacket to hold the Yitz when we do this, and we have never gotten scratched.
    Good Luck.

  141. I wouldn’t declaw, it’s like cutting off your fingers at the first knuckle, and I’m surprised at the vet for suggesting it to be honest.

    Soft paws might work, I’ve never used them. I don’t personally recall my own two cats being overly ‘clawy’ when they were kittens, but one did have a bit of a thing for biting. He grew out of it, yours might as well.

  142. Declawing is NOT like neutering. Please, please don’t ever declaw a cat– most good vets will advise against it, or won’t do it.

    There are lots of articles online about why declawing is wrong– basically, it’s like cutting off your cat’s toes. But here’s one:


  143. furbabies says:

    I have 5 kitties and only one is de-clawed. I would not have the others done ’cause I think my old man’s feet hurt. Think twice, and clip his nails frequently. That works.

  144. we had a cat who was declawed when we were growing up. it did not hurt his feet after it was done, and as far as protecting himself(I have heard this argument used too that they can’t protect themselvse) he could whoop all the other kitties on the block he would grab with his front paws hold on and kick the s*** out of any one who came around. That said get a spray bottle of water use it judiciously (or a littel squirt gun) When he scratches squirt. After a couple of squirts all you have to do is go siiistttt kitty will get the idea.

  145. At 12 weeks, all kitties are claw monsters. Just keep them trimmed and use a squirt gun and a noisemaker.

    Sometimes declawed kitties get more bitey in retaliation, too, so you’re still going to be wounded.

    Also, this photo is NOT an abused kitty. He’d like you to believe that, but all cats would.

  146. lol, i knew people would be whining about how it looks like the cat is being hurt because they’re clipped on its ears when this post had 100+ comments. man.

  147. furbabies says:

    Yeah, this has become a kitty commentroversy.

  148. Um… I think this is a little out of character for Cute Overload. I don’t quite care about whether it hurts the cat or not… this is something I would have done when I was a young kid, putting my family’s cats through all kinds of hell. In other words, this is an immature thing to do to a poor cat.

    The rest of today’s photos somewhat make up for this post. Somewhat.

  149. martha in mobile says:

    I have a cynical suspicion that the inflammatory images are put up to encourage high comment numbers to keep the ad revenues up. I could be wrong about that, though…whatevs, the comments are better than the image on days like these…

  150. sorry Teho, i think every1’s too drunk off puddin’ to go driving for more. unless you’d like to volunteer?

  151. oh yea, and WOOT!!!! 150th comment!!!!!!!!! yay, take that teho!!

  152. no we’re sending Cute baby fix she doesn’t drink.

  153. Cute baby fix doesn’t drink puddin’?? scary……

  154. SlaveToThreeFelines says:

    I apparently abused my cat yesterday because I had her almost completely shaved. She’s depressed, Tabby Sue won’t come out from under the bed when I’m here, and Buddy Bob keeps rolling around on the carpet, laughing his tail off at his bald butt sister.

    Man, I’m cruel.

  155. Romeo hates you for stealing the signs to the women’s bathroom.

    “You like your computer? You like the radio? Well, listen for some live streaming tonight.”

  156. nightbird says:

    Talk about torture…My big ol’ orange tom “Chuckie” is currently cleaning his leg with his big ol’ litter clog (hind foot)resting right on my face as I’m trying to type. Now that’s torture.

  157. Hehe, everytime I look at this picture I start laughing again. That look on his face is priceless.

  158. What a -priceless- look there! That’s ADORABLE!

  159. leah b. says:

    this cat is like ok human you have had your freaking laugh I will get you back when you least expect it. My cats know that i scare easy and I hate it when they run under my feet thats how they get me back or caterwall at 3am in morning so annoying

  160. I don’t see how that didn’t actually hurt.
    I must say, I have not attempted to clip ipod shuffles to my own ears, but I don’t imagine that they were designed to feel even as comfortable as clip on earrings.
    To Michelle who made that analogy, go clip an ipod shuffle to your nose and see how that feels.

  161. Okay, we only have one iPod shuffle at my house, so I had to do a multi-stage experiment, but after attaching the shuffle to my earlobe, ear cartilage, tip of nose, underside of nose, eyebrow, and both lips, I can pretty firmly declare this is NOT PAINFUL. It would, however, make some MOST RIGHTEOUS goth or punk facial jewelry. Just a thought.

  162. R. Moore says:

    Hey, if there’s a pudding shortage, I have some almost too ripe peaches that were picked not three days ago. If you take out the pits they’d work quite well.

  163. “Remember the deal – this gets on CO, *I* get the iPhone. Don’t even think about a doublecross!”

  164. Socrates loves water…it’s the darndest thing, I take out the spray bottle or the squirt gun and he just looks at me like “um…what?” and continue what he was doing or roll on his back and play in the water.


    the noise maker doesn’t irk him either. freaking psycho cat.

  165. Redzilla, I am now picturing people always knowing where their tunes are b/c they have them clipped to their face piercings.

    Romeo-kitty is a big ‘un. He’ll be able to leave a giant hairball in that guy’s shoes.

  166. SlaveToThreeFelines: The cat groomer where I work always says there are two reactions to being shaved. They either strut around the house plurting, showing off, and wanting to be petted, or they hide for three days.

  167. That cat’s expression, in a word: imPissed.

  168. this is just ’cause Meg works at Apple. It’s shameless product placement, I tell you! Double dipping!
    I can just see evil Meg pacing in her boudoir, plotting her takeover of the world. “Lessee… I work at Apple, and I do the Qte…if I put them together, the universe will be MINE! ALL MINE!11!!!!”

  169. Sliester says:

    Yeah, the shuffles don’t pinch that hard….as is evidenced by how often they fall off of whatever you’ve clipped them to (sigh).

  170. jezzann says:

    OH!!! the cat looks so annoyed!!! i love it!!!!!!

    i just wish i had two Ipod nannos( thats the name?)

    OR a cat -_-

  171. iPod Fluffles, how sweet!

  172. book_monstercats says:

    It’s a fat, round, shiny moggy, who’s obviously well cared for, and I’m sure the ipods weren’t on long. Are they photo-shopped onto an otherwise p*ssed-looking cat? I don’t think I could have got any of mine to stay still long enough to clip anything onto their ears, even if I’d wrapped them up in something and sat on them.

  173. nonLolcat sez: “pafetic hooman – youze DED!”

  174. CATOWNER says:

    Hey! Some people wrote thinks like: “Oh, poor cat” or “That hurts him”
    Put the Shuffle-Clips are very big and it didn’t hurt him at all.
    So don’t be worried.

  175. A lot of you nuffs obvioulsy don’t like the hilariousness of the “Bad Cat” book either……funny stuff I highly recommend it…

  176. Sorry peeps, Just woke up here and found out I was sposed to make a puddin run. How about some blueberry muffins? Or juice?
    And I still say declaw if you want. I know, I’ve read all the stuff, but my cats are fine, it doesn’t bother them at all, and if they’re mad, they can still do their hind claws, with a vengence. Also, they are strictly indoor cats because we live on a busy street so the only fighting they need to do is warding off the four year old who likes to hug them too hard. When they see him coming, they jump up onto something high. We have never had one bit of trouble with them being declawed, and that’s the truth. Go ahead, people, get back on your soapboxes and yell at me. LALALALA I’m not listening!

  177. I’m with you cutebabyfix. I have two cats (both 15 years old) in excellent health and both neutered and de-clawed. They’ve never seemed to have a problem. They are also indoor kitties – very pampered.

    One did get out once – was missing for three days. I was panicked put flyers out all over – called the vet freaked out that something would happen to my baby. She said they can definitley defend themselves with hind claws….thankfully my kitteh showed up on my back deck later and i scooped him up and loved on him for the longest time. Then kicked my husband’s butt for not making sure the door was shut tight!

    He never made that mistake again!!!

  178. The one that got out prolly had the time of his life, and he’s tellin the other one,dewd, you should totally try to bust outta here for a couple of days! I blame the hooligans over on the hammie thread- they are shamelessly leading naive animals astray with their poor examples and debauchery.

  179. WTF Theo. Unfunny.

  180. For Sure, cutebabyfix!

  181. foxy bingo says:

    He’s just lookin like that cos he’s rocking out to ver Zep. ‘Valhalla I am comeeeee-eeeee-eeeng…’

  182. Not cool – I can’t believe this was posted.

  183. Shall I get the pudding?

  184. sometayms i think there are faux-nuffers who are just posing as nuffers but really sitting here snickering at their computer screens as the par-tay gets started.

    i love faux-nuffers. real nuffers are just murder.


  185. Heather says:

    Please send this to http://www.stuffonmycat.com. It’s too funny not to submit for the 2008 calendar!

  186. faux-BeeCee says:

    this is AWFUL! How darned cruel it is! Police!!!

    He’p this po’ po’ kitteh!!!

    Theo….how COULD you allows this on a “cute” site?

    [you’re right… I’m-a go give that naughty Meggles one heckuva stern talking-to, you betcha… – fauxEd.]

  187. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Not only product placement of the iPods, but I think there’s a good probability the picture was taken with the built-in iSight camera on a Mac. That’s why kitteh is being held up to the camera rather than taking the camera to kitteh. I’ve got one and it looks about right for iSight pictures.

    Oh, and I just tried my Shuffle on various parts of my own self and then on my wuss kitty’s ear, briefly. She didn’t like it because she hates having her ears messed with, but it clearly was not hurting her. The reaction was “WTF is my obnoxious human doing to my ear this time?” not “ow.”

  188. Darn, I missed all the puddins. And Redzilla, glad you could replicate the research findings! Helps to show that they’re accurate and all. Ipods = nonpainful. 😉

    (Yes, I’m a statistics gal.)

  189. a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste says:

    *pant pant*

    Ok, I ran all the way over her from flying hammies. Where is everyone?

    Oh, and tapioca for breakfast is THE BEST. If I can manage not to eat it all the night before…

  190. OMG! That cat is shuddering in pain! Look at eet! And all that blood splatering everywhere! Bad owner, bad! Someone call 911!

  191. How dare you, all of you?!?! No one has even mentioned the disgusting display of heftiness that the owner has forced upon this hapless kitteh!

  192. Um, did anyone remember to bring the poptarts?

  193. I don’t know about you guys, but all the noise has woken the babies! I know I already posted her, but she wants puddin AND Zepplins:

  194. And this sweetie will teach all you people what to have for breakfast! Pop Tarts? I’m so sure…

  195. i gots the poptarts, that is if theys allowed, something about lemon squares? brown sugar cinn the best! Oh and blueberry bagels.
    am I too late?

  196. How’m I doin, Metsakins? I’m tryin to think of sumthin else to say…..

  197. shoot, it’s lunchtime. ummm BLT’s anyone?

  198. sooooo close! *jumping up & down* ehn! come on…just…a…. little…more!

  199. HI you guys >>>>YAaaay I found you.
    Did you save mme a pop tart Please

  200. Sorry don’t eat pork, but a tuna on rye would be good, with lettuce and tomato and a nice sour dill pickle…..

    Annie – strawberry or cinamon brown sugar?


    our work here is done….

  202. maybe it didn’t hurt the cat, but I think a lot of us think it’s mean-spirited to dress up/poke/pester/intentionally annoy pet animals because their discomfort looks amusing. it seems kind of inappropriate for a site devoted to cute animal-loving images, though no worse than some of the ones of animals dressed up in uncomfortable ways.

    also, declawing is unnecessary and really very cruel, even if your cat happens to recover well from it. some reasonable maintenance and consistent behavior training will do as good a job without putting your cat through major, debilitating surgery with a painful recovery.

  203. rainbow says:

    i don’t think this cat looks pissed at all – at best he’s all like “okay there they go again doing these ridiculous things to me that they think are funny”. i noticed that when my 2 cats have that same look – it just means i’m doing anything to them that they don’t like – whatever it may be – from kissing them to clipping on ipods.

  204. Yummmmm thanks MEtsa and Cutebabyfix, thanks for the apple and baby kisses too. She is so cute.

  205. I just love the cat’s look on the face. He must be thinking “And you think that’s funny? *sigh* “.
    He’s more like speechless over his owner’s childish behavior :-D, which by the way I love (hehe, too cool).

    And girls, good idea for use, we could use them as hair clippers, could we? 😀

  206. Rainbow, you KISS your cats? That’s it, I’m calling the ASPCA.

  207. Metsies, wouldn’t deci-bleen be comment number 10?

  208. *blushes*

    Hmm centi- bleen is 100, what’s 200?

    was so excited didn’t think…

  209. sydzg, debilitating my eye. The cat was down and out for a couple of days, and is now right as rain. I find it hilarious how no one talks about how debilitating it is to rip out an animals private parts, which is really major surgery, because it is all socially acceptable, but declawing is not socially acceptable, so we get whining and lectures. I am soooo not PC because it is such double talk. The really amazing thing is, the people who lecture about things that are supposedly not socially acceptable almost always also hate babies. Does this mean babies are not socially acceptable? If so, we are dooooomed….

  210. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh looks completely PO’d.
    The expression says:
    “Go ahead, fool. Make my day!”

  211. cutebabyfix….I am not anti child nor do I hate babies, despite my childless status. I have my cats spayed/neutered, but let me tell you, I could never declaw. As I stated earlier, it’s the exact same as cutting your fingers off at the first knuckle.

    With regards to spaying/nutering, it’s the same as tube tying/hystorecomy/vacectomy in humans. (Yes, I misspelled the last two). Major surgery yes, no one is denying that.

    Which would you rather have? Tied tubes or 3/4s of your fingers?

  212. Oh dahlingk! Zeeze new earringkz match your beetiful eyez! Zeey smooze zee linez of your headz, making eet puuurfect for zee keeses! *mwah*

  213. I hate babies and I love to throw hamsters through the windows!

  214. No, no, no…It’s throw hamsters AT windows. Duh.

  215. *pulls pencil from beehive hairdo & order pad from apron pocket-chomping on gum*
    Ok, so I’ve got one BLT extra mayo, one tuna on rye with lettuce & tomato & a pickle, ya want fries with that?
    Any one else? Takin lunch orders here! Looks like we’re gonna need the energy!

  216. ALERT!! to all puddin’& poptart & lemonbar & vino & cocktail lovin’ peoples everywhere…it appears we have a NUFF TAKEOVER in progress! I repeat, we have a confirmed NUFF TAKEOVER IN PROGRESS!!

    For the love of cute, where’s the puddin’??? WE NEED SWEETS (& booze for some)STAT!!!!

    metsakins…metz…cutebf….speak to me!! salt lake? come in salt lake! this is the stewardess and i’m flying the plane….with my eyes crossed!


  217. Helene you are hilarious.

    cutebabyfix – there’s no winning with the de-claw issue

    no de-clawers are as die-hard as de-clawers…

    both of us love our pets no question and want to do what’s best for them

    As stated before my cats have been with me for 15 years and they are very well adjusted loving animals and my vet had NO problem with de-clawing them both when he neutered them and he’s known to be one of the best vets in our area.

    Do what you think is best and let the others take care of themselves….. 🙂

    I got your back either way you go.

  218. LisaN. I just objected to a couple of the examples/analogies in the declaw/no declaw debate. I personally don’t like being lumped as a baby hater, when I am not, and I find declawing vastly different from spaying/nutering. Spaying/neutering is the same process as is done in humans, and when you are not a certified breeder, generally a good thing for the animal’s overall health (I don’t have time at the moment to go looking up all the fancy schmancy scientific stuff.). Declawing in the end only benefits the furniture. And furniture is replacable.

  219. metz, thank god. i grow weak…must…have…one bleen lettuce & tomato pleeeze…extra bleen…


  220. BLT

    Baby Lettuce Tomato

  221. *to chef*
    Don’t just stand there! Get me the dessert cart STAT!
    *waves bowl of pudding under BeeCee’s nose*

  222. Teri – I would never agree that you or anyone is a baby hater. Of course not. However I object to you comparing a cat’s paw witha person’s hand. Cats do not use their paws the same way people use their hands. FYI – I did not make any statements about you being a baby hater or not. Just addressing cutbabyfix’s right to make her own educated decsion in regards to declawing.

  223. Mello – I hope you mean “baby lettuce” and NOT baby, lettuce, tomato…….. 😉

  224. I think we should have brownies today with icing. I had my fill of pudding yesteray. 🙂

  225. [sniff…sniff…..sniiiiiiiiff]

    wha’…what happened?? i just had the most amazing dream…there were all these nuffers going on & on about claws and neuticals and…

    AAAAAAAAAAAHH!! it wasn’t a dream!!!


  226. LisaN. I was referring directly to cutebabyfix’s post with regards to being lumped in as a baby hater, not yours. I was simply further explaining my stance on the current debate, not accusing you of anything. Deep breath please.

    Second, I am repeating an analogy told to me by several vets over the years. I am aware of the difference between a cat’s paw and the human hand. However, the analogy came about based on the structure of the claw within the paw. Again, I simply do not have the time right now to go searching for the fancy schmancy scientific stuff that will actually illustrate my point.

  227. We’re out of pudding but we’ve got some fresh ambrosia salad and ham(ster)sandwiches… (bad! bad Metz!)

  228. *takes baby out of mouth*

    um, of course I meant LETTUCE.

  229. mervtheflamingo says:

    Man oh man. Cuteoverload *was* my calorie-free treat. But now there’s pudding, pudding, pudding, and the occasional lemon bar or brownie that’s ruining my pre-wedding diet. I’ll just take a diet celery soda for now.

  230. You are making me laugh out loud Mello. People are looking…….hahahahahah I don’t care. It’s too funny!!

  231. merv – Dish please! Oh, and I mean about the wedding, but you can pass a dish of brownies if you’ve got ’em.

  232. metz…please…pour…puddin’…direckly…onto me…will absorb thru…pores….


  233. or ambrosia salad…or hamsters…it’s all good.

  234. Ok guys this has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time (really! How sad is that? lmao) anyway gotta be getting busy with some work now b4 I get in trouble.
    *waves & takes off apron*
    The Metz Diner is closed for now. OkIluvyubyebye!

  235. did anyone get me that tuna sand. yet?

  236. mervtheflamingo says:

    *passes dish of low-cal, but delish-ious vegan brownies*

    I’m getting married in August. In the ocean room of our local science museum! The tables will be decorated with lollipops (homemade) in all shades of blue.

    Hmm. I’m marrying my best friend, and fellow cute aficionado. (really, he even has ridiculously adorable dinosaur tatoos).

    Not sure what else to share. But that’s the skinny. :).

  237. elliottsmommy says:

    ummmm…methinks this teri sounds suspiciously argumentative just like the teri of the “couch straggler paw dangler catroversy where omg the cat is so fat, throw the owners in with paris” persuauion. hmmm.

  238. elliottsmommy says:


  239. BTW has anyone mentioned how chubby Romeo is?

  240. ElliottsMom — there is DEFINITELY more than one “Teri” in the CO comments.

  241. merv, i wanna see them dinosaur tats! and congrats to you. cute aficianados need to stick togedder in these dangernuff times…

  242. mervtheflamingo says:

    His biggest, cutest tatoo is the dinosaur from the book “Danny and the dinosaur” sansDanny, but with a dangling leash.


  243. I was involved in that particular thread elliotsmommy, but I was not one of the people slamming the cat’s owner for the cat’s weight.

    I also think perhaps that ‘arguementative’ is subjective, especially given this particular form of communication, where you cannot accurately judge the mood/tone of the person.

    All I’ve been saying here is why I personally am not for declawing. Please note that I did not insult anyone for making that choice, just gave reasons for my stance.

    But if I am so horrible a person, I’ll just leave.

  244. mervtheflamingo says:

    I think there is a natural tendency to read tone into comments that isnn’t actually there. Everyone, have some brownies, and extend a virtual hug.

  245. merv, do you have a link to the museum that might have pics of the room? Perhaps a pic of the dress…

  246. merv, the ocean room? That just rocks 10 ways from Sunday.

  247. mmm….

    these brownies are making me very very mellow…and giggly!


  248. mervtheflamingo says:

    The room is prettier in person: Tons of fountains, etc, and the rocks sparkle:


    My mom is making my dress from this pattern (she’s modifying it, but you’ll get the idea)


  249. mervtheflamingo says:

    Oh, and I forgot, the “submarine” interior part of the exhibit is where cocktails and appetizers will be served!

  250. Omg, I haven’t been to COSI in forever! No excuse really, as I’m 20 minutes away.

  251. Wow….beautiful dress and coolest room. You guys rock!

  252. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Metsakins, have you tried Morningstar Farms fake bacon? I actually prefer it to regular bacon even though I do eat pork. I love fake-bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. I’ll take one if someone’s making them.

    And as to declawing, I’m not going to argue, but just give some facts. It’s true cats don’t use their paws as people use their hands. Imagine you walked on your toes all the time. (I mean on the balls of your feet, like most people do when they walk “on tiptoe,” not on pointe like ballet dancers.) That’s approximately what cats do with both front and back feet. They don’t walk on their heels or what would be the heel of the hand. Try it, walk on your toes for a minute, and feel how all your toes work to help you balance. Then, imagine the last bone in all your toes was cut off. That’s what has to be done to declaw, because the claw grows from the bone.

    I’m here for the QTE and I’m not going to debate anybody about the merits of declawing but I do think one should have all the facts in order to make an educated decision.

    Now, who’s got the tapioca pudding? And Merv, I think you should photograph the tattoos and submit them. There’s no rule that the cute on co can’t be tattoos.

  253. mervtheflamingo says:

    llamas —

    You’re in Columbus! Yay!

    PS, adding one final detail — we’re renting the “extreme screen theatre” for the guests to watch a movie in after dinner. Dolphin documentary, of course!

  254. Llamas and Merv — I’m from Dayton, originally… and COSI is… well, it was a sort of mecca for nerdy science-geek kids like I am. I mean, was. Yes. Anyway, VERY cool you’re getting married there.

  255. I can’t get no
    Outraged re-ac-shun!

  256. mervtheflamingo says:

    Oh Theo!
    Have you been to the new COSI (sinced it moved and changed and got all modernized [7-8 years ago, I think])? Did you watch the rats play basketball there when you were a kid?

  257. Ooh, I remember the rats! So cute. 🙂

  258. Merv — nope, that’s all new on me. Haven’t even been to Columbus in 10+ years.

  259. hananza says:

    Wow… two in a row? Theo, whatever did you do to elicit such revenge from Meg?

  260. Hananza — huh?

  261. Wow! Ohioans! It is a CO takeover! I live in Aurora, OH, meself. Now I get you, Theo. You usually only get your level of extra cool geek factor from growing up trying to live thru ohio winters.
    I just got back from the grocery store and had to laugh for about half an hour about Mello eatin babies to OUTRAGE the Nuffs.
    Here’s a dude to whet yer appetite, but watch out, he’s feisty! He might fight back:
    Ok fine Teri, so you don’t hate babies. If you actually read my comment, you would see I didn’t actually attack *you*. I swear people have no sense of humor at all.

  262. Helene darlink, I just reread you post and can now hear the song playin. Is it whats his face with the huge mouth? The rolling stones? Is THAT what the kitteh is listening to now? Bleh what happened to Depussy?

  263. Didn’t think or say that I was being attacked.

    Bloody hell.

    All I bloody well said was that I was not a baby hater despite my stance against declawing in response to your correlation between pro-spay/neuter and baby hating.

    Bloody f-ing hell.

    I’ll just shut the hell up now and not bother with anything online ever f-ing again, since I’m such an f-ing b*tch.

    Thanks everyone. Now I see the bloody light.

  264. This thread has blood splattering everywhere, just like the kitteh. Bloody blood.

    Fixies, I said that because nobody reacted in outrage to my previous comment Where I said that I hate babies and like to throw hammies out windows.

  265. And no, he’s listening to the Pussycat Dolls. DUH!

  266. Don’t you wish your kitteh was HOT like me?

  267. a different Laura says:

    Wow, cool spot for a wedding! I am getting married in August as well; lucky for us we’re in Maine and can have the wedding next to the ocean, but that place looks fantastic!

  268. mervtheflamingo says:

    CBF – Where is Aurora? Is that near Lancaster?

  269. Um… Teri? Tantrum.

  270. CBF — Ohio winters aren’t exactly up to Minnesota standards.

  271. a different Laura says:


  272. Helene LOL.. You can throw babies out windows but not Hamsters. No No NOOOOOOO!
    Where is my squirt bottle you bad kitty.
    and Loving the pussy cat dolls that this big bruiser is obviously listening to.

    Teri Chill girl. Here sweetie have some chocolate pudding better yet have some brownie you will feel better. But really we all know you are voicing your opinion okay. but, Cutebabyfix did not attack you, really! not you personally, she was voicing her opinion too and it just wasn’t the same as yours. and if you have been around the site much you will see that alot of(Not all) the folks on CO do hate babies and voice this opinion quite often on the posts here.

    Take a deep breath and come sit on the couch with us. Theo a little Merlot for Teri please.

  273. oaklandcat says:

    c’mon you guys, he’s listening to the Stray Cats.

  274. furbabies says:

    Let’s not fight, let’s eat puddin’. Luscious, creamy, cool, chocolate puddin’.

  275. I don’t know about y’all, but this is Margarita Wednesday for me. In a few hours I’ll be sitting at the Chili’s bar with my friend, being served margaritas by my favorite bartender, watching UFC or some similar activity whilst the other bar-goers whine ‘cuz they wanna watch baseball or basketball. We always get our way, though, since we’re there first. Now the bartenders just hand us the remote.

  276. Yes Helene, we do wish our kittehs were hot like you, and you know what? I think your doggie dominatrix thing is starting to sound about right. I feel all, I don’t know, powerful. Teri! You’re grounded! Now git in here and clean up this mess! Whew, that felt really good.

  277. Teri, I can save you a seat if you like. Salt or no salt?

  278. mervtheflamingo says:

    I take my magaritas with a sugared glass, not salted. The bartender at the local dive bar *groans* when he first sees my friends and I, and then rolls his eyes and says, “Sugar?1?”

  279. And Helene here is one for you to throw out the window, I’m pretty sure she will bounce…

  280. My margaritas are sugared too, because I like strawberry ritas. Not daquiris, can’t stand rum. The bartender doesn’t even ask what we want anymore. He just fixes it as soon as we walk in.

  281. oaklandcat says:

    Laney, Aggghhhh! Major and persistent earworm!!!
    I’m walking around the office going, “doncha wish yer GF was hot…”

  282. Brinn, do two guys named Cliff and Norm hang there????

  283. OaklandCat, Really I am still getting
    ::says in singsong voice:: Planet Unicorn, HEYYYY!

  284. Seriously, knock it off with the ZOMG ANIMAL CRUELTY comments, people. The cat could bat those things off if they were bothering him so much. I have seen cats in distress and this does not look like one.

    I come for the cuteness, not for the wank.

  285. well maddy, you may’ve come for the cuteness….but please, do stay for the wank!

  286. Stay for the wank ,just sounds, I don’t know, questionable…

  287. hm, well my boyfriend’s never had my saying it….

    thank you thank you! i’m here all week! barkeep, another round of margie-ritas pleeth!

  288. [sigh…edit time…damn margie-ritas]

    …”never had a problem with my saying it”

    drinking while commenting is always risky, peoples.

  289. buckynuts says:

    lol- “tank cat is not amused.”

  290. lauowolf says:

    Nuffin left but sammich crumbs.
    Pats kitteh, borrows me an ishuffle, an I shuffle along.
    Nice pix.

  291. Can I has puddin’ ?

  292. Hobbit, you are supposed to say I can has puddin?
    THis is the proper pronunciation of this phrase ;D

  293. wow. between flying hams and iDisapproves, this has been an interesting experience in commentworld.

    pass the puddin, plzthnx.

  294. Here’s three bowls of puddin fer ya pinkwolf!

  295. [deftly snags two of CBF’s three bowls]
    [whips out two spoons]
    [brandishes them chopstick-style]

  296. That is terrible. I bet that’s hurting the poor cat’s ears. Please don’t keep posting pics like this. It only encourages dumb pet owners to irritate their pets (and hurt them sometimes in the process).

  297. [clips iPod to tongue]

  298. Oh my will the nuffularness never end?
    CBF. IS there another bowl of pudding hiding behind the couch for me perhaps?????

  299. If I am handing out the puddin, you are in trouble. Here at allergy land we will be having organic strawberries and yogurt for dessert. Bon apitite!

  300. So much OUTRAGE, so little puddin.

  301. I was going with it encourages stupid remarks form people who don’t bother to read all the comments that came before they posted their comment but (tilts head to side) that might seem unusually harsh. Well CBF I guess I will be eating organic strawberries and yougurt. I hope the yougurt is home made or at least stoneyfield farm Plain.

  302. furbabies says:

    I shares my puddin’ with my kitties. Jes a little bit. Them likes yogurt too. People wouldn’t be so cranky if they eated more puddin’.

  303. I can has strawberries and yogurt AND puddin? Plain yogurt, chocolate puddin. Strawberries in both. Yum.

  304. Gah. I think I got puddin in the internets.

    [I cleaned some of it up… – Ed.]

  305. hananza says:

    Theo – I was referring to the two commentroversial postings in a row from the head Cutetator & thinking it’s enough to keep a moderator on’s toes…

    But now that I’m back, can I just say how cool it is that commentroversy has evolved into a spectator sport / social venue. Kinda like the way people will go to a baseball game as much to hang out with friends as to watch the field…
    “Hey, 150+ comments! I bet I’ll find someone I know!”
    The webscene is so fascinating…

  306. Han — OK, I get you now. Hehe. Yeah, it’s been even more of a hoot here lately than usual.

  307. Well. It took me about two days to read all this and I still don’t know what “Early Adopter” means. If this important matter was addressed sometime yesterday, I missed it and I’m not going all the way back to find out. LOL.

    I do loves me some commentroversy and puddins!

  308. SoxFan — an Early Adopter is somebody who desires to be on the absolute bleeding edge of technology, and gets all the new nifty gadgets while they’re still *gadgets* (as opposed to proven tools, or sometimes even actually useful at all).

    It’s not a term applied perfectly here, because iPods aren’t exactly new, but what the hey, it’s a joke. And these are the latest design updates of the iPod “Shuffle”, so it’s not too far off.

  309. Ahh. Fank you very much, Teho. Is clear now. I cannot believe I’m the only one that didn’t know this, after tricentibleen-some posts.

    [laffin’ at myself]

  310. Soxfan, No one said what it was. They were too busy nuffing or eating pudding.

  311. *stepping from the shadows* Soxfan, I was wonderin the same thing…

  312. “the people who lecture about things that are supposedly not socially acceptable almost always also hate babies.”

    hahaha, what???

    So if I think declawing is cruel I… hate babies? Holy moly, that’s a new one.

  313. LOL, normal…that’s ’cause you’re trying to apply logic and common sense. I think it helps if you first take a lot of drugs and then watch that unicorn video.

    (Pssst! I’m down on declawing myself, but don’t tell my kids. They think I actually LOVED them when they were babies.)

  314. Y’all are too funny. I wonder when this will end. Never I hope!! Need a brownie here – or in lieu of that I’ll take some pudding.

  315. I think that death rays are shooting outta this kitteh’s eyes. *Ouch*

  316. OH come on peeps, you know people at this site hate babies. I came here, innocently enough in the beginning to pimp my blog shamelessly. To my utter horror, many many people here despise and detest babies with a passion. I was unfortunately sucked in by the cute, and now I can’t leave. Ever. The cute- it burns.
    All that being said, it was a JOKE. I am guilty of feeding the Nuffs, so sue me.
    And Annie darlink? It *is* Stoneyfield farm. Delish….

  317. And Jaye? I think I said people who lecture about stuff hate babies, not people who are down on declawing. I don’t think I have ever heard you lecture…

  318. Declawed babies notwithstanding, our cats are *overdue* for a claw trimming.
    [eyeing arms]

  319. Yeah, I need to trim the buns nails, they are getting creepy.

  320. Persephone says:

    Oh commentroversy. God help me, I love it so. 😀

    Sometimes CO comments remind me an awful lot of this Onion article: http://www.theonion.com/content/news/majority_of_parents_abuse_children

  321. Persephone -that was a great article. (I see how wrong I was in treating my children the way I did….)

  322. Persephone, that was too funny!

  323. I hate babies and I trim my cats’ claws with a rusty pair of pliers. AND I fling hammies out of windows.

    (I almost said I declaw cats with rusty pliers, but it was too much)

  324. Ok, let’s see: I don’t care for human babies, I’m mostly against declawing, and I don’t lecture. Where does that leave me? It’s like one of those damn overlapping circle chart thingies. (Are they called Venn diagrams? I don’t remember.)

  325. the important thing is

    do u like puddin’?

  326. Yes. Lots o’ puddin. 🙂

  327. Pssst… *whispers* Rusty pliers!

  328. Heyyy Helene, here’s a baby for you who is breakin the law, watch out! She doesn’t care about traffic laws, who knows what she may do next?

    And Llamas, every time I see your name, I think, also also wik.

  329. Is it a bad thing that I know it’s time to trim the dog’s nails by how loudly my children yell when the dog steps on their feet?

  330. I never knew it was necessary to trim a dog’s nails. When I lived with my parents it was never necessary ‘cuz the dogs always wore them down on the sidewalk up to the house or the shell driveway (BIG yard, country, etc). But now that I live alone (aside from 2 cats & a dog), my yard isn’t as big and I know it’s time to trim Honey’s nails by how loudly I yell when she jumps on me.

  331. Mynd you, moose bites Kan be pretti nasti…

  332. Hi Annie,
    I bin to grammr lessins, I can has puddin now? 😉

  333. Hobbit, you may have yogurt. That’s what is on the menu today. They put me in charge, and i am a health food freak. It is yummy. Stop looking at me like that!

  334. *whispers* Pssst. Hobbit, over here.
    I gots caaaaandy….

  335. Metz is ma pusher.

  336. Have you ever had Stonyfield vanilla with fresh berries….as good as puddin’……

  337. …and better for ya

  338. Ya but I never did develop a taste for yogurt, and believe me I tried. (shuddders)

  339. Yogourt is yummy, but you can’t beat chocolate. Especially chocolate covered rusty pliers. Yummmmm.

  340. Damn, I think I came too late for the declawing discussion. I occasionally consider getting my cat declawed, but I’m not sure about it. The argument that it’s like cutting off part of your finger is not at all convincing to me. It’s a nicely shocking image, but otherwise doesn’t weigh on what the actual consequences of declawing are.

    What I would like to know, and what the sites linked in other posts do not tell me, is how often declawing has adverse effects on pets’ behavior. They say that it does happen, and I believe that, but it doesn’t give any rate of occurrance.

    Because for me that’s the only consideration: will my cat become even more insane if I have him declawed? Is that even possible?

  341. SarahK Its A cat of course it can be more insane WE are talking CATS here. They see ghosts and chase bugs :::quicly Turns around yelling:::and for gods sakes Lilac get that damn Lizard out of my House. Stupid Cat.

    as I was saying bring critters in the house when you let them out. Of course they could be more crazy.

    all that aside.
    If you are really not sure about it, don’t do it. If you are questioning it that much perhaps you should not get it done.

    We have had one declawed(came that way) and several with claws some claw the furniture some don’t I get those cardboard scratchers. They love those and **mostly** leave the furniture alone I have a friend with a rope scratching post that her cats love. You could probably put a log down on the floor and they would happily use that too.

    But if you are really worried about it don’t and tho I don’t say boo one way or the other I am for as little alteration of the kitties as possible.

  342. The main drawbacks realistically, if you like, are that cats will associate the pain of digging in the litterbox after surgery with the litterbox itself, not their feet and may stop using the litterbox. This is especially true in older cats. The other big one is that they often become biters. I was bit very badly in the leg by a declawed cat that I thought was just playing. If I’d been scratched I would have realized the cat was upset.
    Also because they do lose the first digit of their toes, their balance is effected and they may be traumatized, again mostly in older cats who are used to life with intact feet.

  343. Ok, the fear of him not using the litterbox alone is enough to make me not want to do it. I’ve only gotten him to use the damn thing reliably in the past couple of years (the little monster’s 5 years old).

    It’s not like we’ll be able to afford an expensive couch anyway until after he’s long gone (boyfriend getting Ph.D.).

  344. Constance says:

    Thank you for all the kitty/declawing advice. I really don’t think I’m going to do it. I love the little dewd too much to risk harming him unnecessaraly. Neutering is a health issue, so we’ll be doing that but I’m going to give the soft paws a try. I was playing with him last night and held him like a baby in my arms and pressed his paw pads to extend his claws and played with each individual claw for about 45 seconds solid and he didn’t even flinch, just purred. So that’s probably a good sign.

    Wish me luck.

  345. mervtheflamingo says:

    Sarah K,

    Get a nice wood futon. Pads easiliy replaceable when shredded, and the main body is not scratchable, chewable, etc. And they are not as expensive as a couch!

  346. Thumbs down on the cat torture.

  347. *Stuffing my fist into my mouth to not wake the children because I’m dying over chocolate covered rusty pliers!*
    *deep breath*

  348. Thank you thank you.

    *waves to the cheering public*

  349. How on earth did I miss this the first time round (note to self: never take vacations again).

    Clearly, the cat is listening to an audiobook and couldn’t wait to hear how it ended. Duh!

  350. So Fixies, to summarize, I hate babies and I like to declaw cats with a chocolate-covered pair of rusty pliers. *licks pliers*

  351. CBF – no haz bunneh slippies…

    I haz kitteh ones!

  352. CBF (you didn’t invite Lanie did ya? cause she’s mean…..)

  353. *hides*

  354. Ahem, we do not talk about the fight club…You know who you are, and name-calling counts.

  355. Well well, I’d say in the battle of the posts, that IP*ssed has won hands, er paws down, er up…*scratches head* what was I saying?

  356. The Fight club????? HEhehe. Hi Brinn. Watch out IF Lanie offers you some chocolate be careful there are rusty pliers under it and pulled out.. well that is better left unsaid

  357. Sorry I just lost my head for a minute or two

    C’mon Lanie Group cyber hug

  358. snif snif, I haz no fwendz.

  359. HElene I love love love the rusty pliers. Thanks for making an exciting week on the posts at CO this week. IT was fun

  360. Thanks Annie. I have a feeling the rusty pliers will become a classic like cow orking and gardening.

  361. That’s not cute. That’s appalling.

    Someone thought it “fun” and “Cute” to subject that cat to such a situation (painful, according to my vet). And this site reinforces the sicko by posting it.

    Some sociopath desperate for attention, and devoid of any empathy for others.

  362. Vanessa says:

    I don’t think you should have clipped the iPods in his/her ears….

    That looks painful. Have you ever done that to yourself? You should if you’re going to do it to your cat.

    Mean…it’s a cute pic, but it’s painful looking.

  363. Vanessa says:

    I don’t think you should have clipped the iPods in his/her ears….

    That looks painful. Have you ever done that to yourself? You should if you’re going to do it to your cat.

    Mean…it’s a cute pic, but it’s painful looking.

  364. HAH! Oh, I got so much out of this pic and ensuing discussion. I LOVE the pic. But I don’t think the cat hurts. This pic wouldn’t have happened if the cat hurt. The guy would be busy bandaging himself. I think cats think about the big picture more than say, dogs. A dog will snap and bite if the situation warrants it, and then they’re over it. Cats? They’ll wait a week after you’ve had your fun with them then toss themselves down at your feet while you’re going to the fridge at 3 am for a drink of water.
    Also…the last thing I got out of this? I love that you guys will just clip your Shuffles onto body parts just to prove your point in a discussion on a website with “Cute” in the name. ::snicker:: bahahaha!!
    ::bookmarking this site::